Father's Story

After an urgent call from my brother's wife to say he had some bad news and I had quickly arranged to visit him, and on route I had pulled in at a service station to fill up on diesel and get a hit of caffeine. A profound sense of my own fragile immortality filled my mind as I suppose it often does for those whose family members or loved ones fall seriously ill or pass away.

As I filled my coffee cup at the machine in the canteen I noticed a large group of squaddies dressed in their green military fatigues. I found myself glancing over a few times as I queued up to pay, admiring the way there uniforms fitted snugly around their backsides showing off firm buns of steel. Most had short crew cut hair and looked to be between their early twenties to early thirties.

I sat myself on a plastic chair at a table near the window and looked at my reflection in the glass, admiring the distinguished look that my new beard gave me, but my attention soon drawn back to the group of military men, and the one member of the group that occasionally glanced right back at me, his eyes daring to flit over to meet mine between looking at each of his colleagues as they engaged in light banter and conversation.

He had short cropped light brown hair and he stood about 6'2", his body clearly fit and lean from years of training. His large black boots highly polished and his fatigues looking immaculate as he stood perfectly straight, his sultry gaze lasting for longer each time we made eye contact.

I had drunk about three quarters of my black coffee when I noticed he left the company of his friends and headed for the exit, and four times he looked over at me as he walked the long length of the canteen before finally exiting.

I stood up and figured I would make my way back to the truck, and maybe just happen to see where he had gone, this intriguing stranger in his army gear.

There in the parking lot I instantly saw him about 50 metres away stood next to a group of large lorries facing me. When he saw me he turned and headed towards a grass bank and disappeared between a narrow gap in the tall hedgerow.

I followed, instinctively feeling that is what he wanted, and I looked around to check nobody was watching before I made my way through the thick set hedge and down a steep well worn dirt path.
There were a number of tissues strewn over the ground, some caught up and wrapped around branches. I noticed a number of old condoms pressed into the soil, evidence of previous seedy activities within this location, and then another that looked more recent, and it's milky white contents still visible at the tip.

I slowed my pace as my eyes caught him stood facing me, his eyes willing me to approach closer as his hands sunk deep into his pockets. He nodded and a smile transformed the serious austere look upon his face to one that was more charming and welcoming
"Hi" he said as I stopped in front of him our eyes locked on each other
"Hi" I replied taking in the beauty of this good looking fit young man
"I only have 5 or 10 minutes" He added, his hands fumbling and fidgeting awkwardly within his pockets
"We better make them a good fucking 5 or 10 minutes than" I responded with a smirk.

Without further hesitation he dropped to his knees and his fingers reached for the button on my jeans. He quickly undone the zipper and my jeans dropped to my thick thighs as he burrowed his face against my cotton clad groin, his mouth opening making the fabric moist against my stiff aching prick that had been fully erect from the moment I had followed him in the car park.

He made satisfying whimpering sounds, his lips and tongue working up my still concealed shaft that throbbed to be released and feel the unhampered sensation of his warm open mouth against bare flesh.
My hands run over his short cropped hair that felt like the soft bristles on a brush, and his fingers gripped the narrow elastic waistband of my white Y fronts, and with his tongue protruding and pressed against my bulge he looked up at me with wanton eyes.

"You want that boy?" I asked in a low seductive voice
"Yes Daddy" He responded as the look upon his face transformed again from that of a strong man to a boyish nature.

I wondered if this is what most of the younger men whom are attracted to older men want and desire, a Daddy, a father figure. To speak the word Daddy aloud, feel the pleasure from its passing their lips. That fantasy of the forbidden realised and dared to be explored and expressed like I had done with my real son and with his mate Dan. Is that what this grown man had seen when I had captured his attention back in the canteen, that someone to refer to as Daddy for just a moment, to fulfil a deep down urge and fantasy.

I must say I was surprised, an older, rather ordinary looking overweight bloke, like myself getting the attentions of this fit young stud. Maybe it was the new dark beard that Dan suggested I grow. Whatever it was that attracted him I was certainly not complaining as his mouth eagerly worked my bulge.

"All yours to enjoy son" I said seeing his face light up as his fingers slowly unwrapping my package, revealing inch by inch the bare pulsating flesh beneath until my fat Daddy cock pushed free and stood proud and erect.

His eyes seemed to just look in wonder for a while at my manhood as if he wanted to imprint every vein and detail to memory. Then his soft moist lips parted and his mouth opened as the head of my swollen member felt the warm wet embrace.

I watched as his lips slipped further down my length until my whole length throbbed within his cavity and his lips perched at my balls, my cock head nudging the back of his throat as his face reddened and attempted to hold himself in place.

Then he backed off, gasping for air, his wide eyes watering and tears of joy streaming down his cheeks as he began to suck and move his head eagerly up and down my shaft. His hands grabbing my hips and motioning me forward to plunge ever harder and deeper down into his throat, defying his sounds of gagging and heaving as he aimed to pleasure me fully.

"Yeah Daddy likes that" I whispered as I watched him

I hear deep sounds of retching as more tears fill his eyes and flood down his cheeks, but still he forces himself upon me hungrily, tugging at my hips to thrust every inch of thick pulsating meat down his throat and it does not take long before I begin to feel my orgasm arise.

"I am close boy" I announce through laboured breaths that only seem to add to his enthusiasm at the task at hand, his pace increasing
"I am going to cum" I groan as I gasp for air and feel the impending pressure build
I hear him gag violently and veins protrude on his temples as his red face turns almost purple. He does not let up in his duty to drain me dry and take my fresh Daddy seed. That which he clearly wanted from the moment our eyes met.

My body quivers and one of my hands rests on his shoulder to help me keep my balance whilst the other rests on the back of his head, and I hear his gulps as my spunky loads pass down his gullet.

Once he is sure I am spent he pulls away tenderly and the flat of his tongue ensures not a single drop goes to waste as my cock begins to slowly soften.

He stands up gasping and out of breath, his face glowing with pleasure as he looks at me now unsure what to say, if anything at all.
"Thank you son" I say and instantly he responds
"Thank you Daddy" and again he smiles, but this time a big beaming satisfied smile.

I put my softening wet cock away and zip up my fly as he stands straight backed with his hands placed behind like he is on parade and ready for inspection.
My hands go to his wide green webbed belt that unhooks, and he remains head held high allowing me access
"I don't have much longer Sir!" he announces promptly as I begin to undo his zipper on his army fatigue trousers
"I know, but Daddy wants a quick look and feel before you go. Is that OK?"
"Of course Daddy, whatever you want sir".

He wears regiment issued boxers that his cock tents against, pulsating and throbbing with a damp patch at the tip of his dick head that glistens from his excitement. His trousers drop and he remains stood perfectly still at attention looking ahead.

I yank down his boxers and watch his firm 6 inch cock spring upwards and stand equally straight and proud. Two small perfectly formed nuts hang in their freshly shaved ball sack and a neatly trimmed bush of light brown hair crowns his cock. My hand grasps his stiff erection and I give it a few strokes as I feel it respond.
I am in no doubt I could have him cum in the allotted time, but then the memory of me would fade as quickly as his ejaculation. No, far better to leave him wanting more and wondering what it would be like to shoot for me, his new found Daddy.

My hand releases his cock and slips between his clammy muscular thighs and my fingers rest against his clenched hole where I can feel a copse of soft hair.

My fingers linger for a moment against his entrance. I see his eyes close and mouth open willing me to penetrate him but instead I pull my fingers away, ordering him to pull up his trousers.

I watch as he straightens himself up and then he looks at me
"May I ask where you live Sir?" he asks in a military style tone
"London" I reply
"I have family there I visit sometimes" I see him look at the gold ring on my hand before he asks "Are you married Sir?"
"Oh right" he says nodding his head
"I can give you my number if you would plan on using it"
"I would like that Sir. I would like that very much"
I reach in my pocket and grab my wallet and pull free a card with my number on which he takes and looks at before placing deep in his pocket
"Thank you, I will definitely call you Sir!" there is a pause as he looks at me before adding "Daddy"
"Good boy, you do that".

I turn and make my way back towards the car park aware that he is right behind me following. We climb up the bank and as we reach the open he looks around nervously and nods
"OK, chat soon" he says constantly scanning around the car park before our eyes meet for one more moment. He smiles and mouths the words thank you Daddy before turning and walking at a quick march back to the canteen.

As I continue my drive I sit smiling smugly, occasionally raising my hand to my nose, the smell of cock on my palm and the scent of man cunt on my fingers, both lingering teasingly on my skin. It is good to feel so fucking alive.

Son's Story

Dan had pretty much moved in with me and my Dad and we were all enjoying lots of sex and fun, sometimes between the three of us and other times separated in pairs.

Dad had gotten an urgent phone call from my aunt about his brother and had to leave at short notice to visit, leaving me and Dan alone in the house. We decided to have a quiet weekend and Dan suggested we pay his cousin a visit Saturday morning to borrow some DVD's to watch.

Dan and I stood at the front door of his cousin's apartment as he looked down at his watch before ringing the bell for a fifth time
"I am coming" come the croaky voice of his cousin William as we heard the door unlock
"You said late bloody morning geezer" William said stood in the open door way rubbing his sleepy eyes wearing just a skimpy pair of light grey briefs, his thick blonde hair all scruffy and stood up on end in places
"It is 11am, how much later morning can you get?" Dan replied laughing as we watched his cousin turn and walk down the hall, the fabric of his briefs stuck up between the chunky cheeks of his arse. We both entered and I closed the front door behind me.

We walked into the living room and it was in the state Dan had predicted it would be given that his cousin's wife was away for a couple of weeks. Empty beer cans footie magazines motorbike magazines and pizza boxes littered the coffee table, and on the shelf under the coffee table was a stack of porn DVD's that I caught Dan eyeing the titles of quickly before turning to look at William.

"You want coffee?" William asked still looking half asleep as he rubbed the palm of his right hand up and down over the small amount of light coloured hair that coated his chest
"Sure" we replied in unison both catching a glimpse of the bulge at the front of his cousin's briefs that stretched along beneath the fabric. Clearly he had just woken up.

Dan crouched down and began to read the titles of the porn films as his cousin went to the kitchen and Dan smirked.
"Family reunions, family bonds, kissing cousins, saucy sisters, all look to be pretty straight stuff mate"
Dan picked one up and flipped over to the back cover
"but then again judging from the images on the back the films are a little bisexual in nature" Dan looked up at me and winked. We both remembered how once upon a time his cousin had been more than eager to let us see his cock erect, and how he had encouraged us to touch and stroke it. Not that we needed much encouragement back then to have a grope and fondle and even a suck.

William was three years older than us and I recalled he had been in his late teens when he had to be circumcised due to his overly tight foreskin. He had been happy to show us the result of the procedure to, the overly large mushroom shaped cock head free from the tight encumbrance and looking even more impressive than before as it swelled, stood perched on the long slender curved shaft.

Dan glimpsed something else under the coffee table and put back the DVD he held and reached for it. It was a phallic shaped semi transparent soft silicon object that was smooth on the outside and ribbed inside. Dan looked down into the jelly like walls and we suddenly heard his cousin's voice that made us both jump
"Hey cous, I have had my knob in that and have not washed it out yet" William said as he made space for two coffee cups amongst the junk on the table
Dan chuckled still holding the object
"So that is what it is" Dan responded not at all freaked out by his cousins admission.

"Well with the Mrs away you know a bloke has needs. You ever used a fleshlite?" William asked as he held out his hand for it
"Nah, never. Seen them online though" Dan responded placing it in his cousins open palm
"Feels pretty damn good, you fill it with lube and jerk away buddy" William said as he held it in front of his crutch and ground his hips back and forth to simulate its usage
"Cool" I responded watching as the thin fabric of his cousins briefs pulled taut against his still erect cock giving a clear silhouette.

"So what DVD's did you want to borrow?" William asked as he got to the reason of our visit
"Just your latest Sci-fi stuff. We planned a weekend of beer and box sets" Dan responded his attention still at his cousin's groin.

"OK I have a couple of series to choose from. And you are welcome to borrow one of my more colourful DVD's if you want, I know you guys are not into birds boobs or pussy but there is some pretty horny bi action too" William reached down and pulled free one of the stack with his free hand before holding it up.

"This is a kind of kinky weird but a hot horny film" William said as he handed it to Dan
"It is about some bird and her husband. She gets off with the father in law, than her boyfriend gets off with her brother, and then there is a threesome I think, involving her, her husband and his granddad. Not that I want to give away the story or anything" William added with a chuckle.

Dan glanced up to look at his cousin after reading some of the text on the back
"So you think of Granddad joining you when you bang your Mrs" Dan stated with a dirty grin
"Not our Granddad no, that is fucked up" William responded defensively
"So you do think about some old grey haired geezer joining you when you are on the job with your wife" Dan replied still grinning, and I could not help but break a smile as William squirmed awkwardly before changing the topic.

"So either of you fancy trying one of these things?" William asked holding up the fleshlite.
"sounds fun" Dan say still smirking mischievously
"Let's see you give us a demonstration" Dan added in his usual blunt fashion.

"I can do that if you guys have the balls to follow my lead" William responded calling Dan's bluff which I know will backfire
"Sure, tell you what cous, you show us how it is done and we will see if we can stick both of our knobs in it at once afterwards" Dan replies cockily
I saw Williams cock throb against the thin fabric at Dan's suggestion. The truth is William was always open about his bisexual nature but had always been shady about any male sexual partners. We had met a few girls he had dated before he got married but never any of the blokes.

"Let me go and get my lube" William announced as he left me and Dan alone
"Been a while since he has been up for anything" Dan commented once his cousin was out of ear shot
"A long while" I replied as I tried to recall when we had all last fooled around as a threesome
"Guess he has the horn because his wife is away" Dan added looking at me
"Does he ever hook up with other guys?" I asked curiously
"I don't know. If he does he keeps it very secretive".

William returned with a large bottle of lube that he opened and squeezed a generous amount of into the fleshlite and then put the bottle down and looked at us both in turn
"I feel a little over dressed here guys" William stated looking us both up and down.
We began to undress, chucking our clothes in an untidy pile on the floor until we was down to our underpants. Quickly they came off to exposing the fact that both Dan and I were already aroused at the prospect of our planned actions.

"Better?" Dan asked his cousin William as he held his palms out by his side and his erection bobbed up and down
"Much better" William responded as he slipped off his own briefs exposing that impressive swollen mushroomed head that I remembered oh so well.

William slipped the rubber sheath down over his erect prick slowly and began to grind his hips in and out as he held the fleshlite stationary with two hands. His chunky blonde fuzz coated buttocks clenched together with each thrust into the soft pliable receptacle and Williams face was filled with pleasure as he groaned deeply
"Fuck that feels really good".

I wondered what he was enjoying more, the feel of the fleshlite or the act of doing it with an audience while buck arse naked, being watched by two aroused openly gay guys as he plunged his slippery greased member in and out of the transparent silicone membrane, his balls swinging back and forth in there clammy sack and occasionally slapping against his thighs as he thrust with increasing force.

"I could add some of my own special lube to this if you want guys. Some of my own brand of man mayo" William said with a big dirty grin
"Yeah fine" Dan responded as he began to stroke his rock hard cock catching William's attention.
Dan matched the speed of his cousin's thrusts and it was clear that William was captivated by watching Dan jerk off his manly member.

I joined in, stroking my length and watching William's attention switch constantly between us as he thrust his hips ever faster into the fleshlite, both of his hands gripping tightly as sweat oozed from his pores and he groaned again, this time louder
"Oh fuck yeah. Just us blokes whacking off together, fuck feels so good mate" William said as he began to huff and puff a little, his strong thick set muscular thighs tensing along with those sexy chunky arse cheeks as he gritted his teeth.

"That is it cousin. Fucking stroke that big knob for us" Dan said seeing how the words added to William's arousal
"Yeah, love seeing you work that big bell end fella" I added seeing his eyes still flittering between my cock and Dan's as we continued to stroke
"Fucking hell" William said as he suddenly came to a halt, his hands clenched tight and trembling
"If I don't stop I am going to fucking jizz, and I don't want to just yet" William announced as he eased off the silicone shaft from his erratically throbbing member.

William had bullets of sweat dripping from his forehead and he grinned from ear to ear, his face flushed red as he passed the fleshlite to Dan
"Here you go cous, your turn, both of you together as you promised" William said with an eagerness in his voice.

Dan held the jelly like mould and we faced each other and shuffled closer, Dan guided the underside of our erect peckers together with one hand before holding the opening to the fleshlite above our cock heads.

Dan squeezed our cocks together as he stretched the pliable membrane over our members, the sensation of the many ridges and nodules of the inside of the fleshlite a contrast to the feel of the ridges and veins of Dan's pulsating pecker.
The further the fleshlite moved down our shafts the firmer our rigid cocks were pressed together and we both groaned at the pleasurable sensation.

William watched closely as he began to stroke up and down his own length, his mouth opening as he encouraged Dan
"Yeah cous, get both of those hard pricks in that thing, all the way, yeah".

My thighs pressed against Dan's as he moved the fleshlite down to the base of our aching cocks and we could feel each other's every throb and pulsating vein, a knock on effect that made our cocks throb even more in response.

Dan looked me in the eyes and I could see that evil grin as his mind worked overtime, and then he leaned his face forward and our lips touched, our mouths opening and our tongues exploring each other.
"Oh shit" William said with an aroused gasp
I could feel the blending of our pre cum that oozed from both of our cocks as we become more aroused by our actions. A homoerotic display that Dan's cousin was clearly enjoying as I could hear the squelching sound as he rubbed his lubricated cock frantically.

Dan rubbed the fleshlite up and down our pricks as we continued to kiss passionately, an exchange of saliva built up between our mouths and I could feel Dan's groans and gasps as he continued, our thighs quivering against each other as he picked up the pace now using both hands on the fleshlite in a firm clenched grip.

"Oh yeah" I gasped into Dan's mouth as the sensation become overwhelming, two stiff throbbing male members forced against one another in a confined transparent cocoon of textured silicone that stimulated us both as we kissed.

"Go on guys, spill both your hot loads in there" William cajoled as he crouched down to get a closer look at our silicon encapsulated cocks as we both clearly got closer to shooting our spunk.

It was my spunk that pumped out first into the restrictive silicone recepticle as Dan continued to slide it up and down our greasy pricks that now to become covered in my fresh cum. Dan quivered and shook as he pushed his tongue deep in my mouth and I could feel his fast laboured breaths, his body jolting as he added his own juice to the mix.
"Oh fuck!" Dan groaned as he slowed the pace gradually until stopping completely still panting.

Dan pulled away the fleshlite and William held out his hand
"Put your hands behind your back cous" Dan ordered holding onto the fleshlite
William put his hands behind his back and Dan glanced at me and winked.

I positioned myself behind William and gripped his arms behind his back as Dan began to slide the jizz filled fleshlite down over his large mushroom head. I felt William shaking as Dan began to pick up the pace of his motion, the swollen cum coated cock visible through the transparent silicone.

"Oh fucking hell!" William groaned as I felt him tug against my grip whilst Dan thrust the fleshlite up and down with force.

I position myself closer and put my arms up under Williams armpits to get him in a hold with my hands pressed behind his head, my semi erect cock now nestled between the fuzzy crevice of his arse as his cheeks clench against me and he tried to pull away.
I know if he wanted to he could get loose but this is all part of the game for him and I whisper in his ear
"Just blokes being blokes right?"
"Yeah" he whimpers as he tugs against the hold I have on him and I feel his body shaking
"Your cousin tossing you off with a fleshlite filled with a blend of our man mayo" I add as my lips brush his ear lobe
"Fuck no!, no!, stop!, no!, stop!" William gasps and I feel my cock begin to grow and expand at the feeling of this married mans hairy arse crack brushing against my penis.

Dan continues to work the fleshlite up and down ignoring his cousins constant pleads of no and stop and I feel his body contract and tense as I make my own grip firmer allowing him to put up more of a struggle.

William is close and Dan can feel it too and as William pants and groans uncontrollably still begging us to stop Dan pulls the fleshlite and replaces it with his mouth. Like a sword swallower Dan takes every inch in one quick movement making William shout loudly

I feel the distinctive contractions of his torso as he shoots his own load down Dan's oesophagus and Dan no doubt is enjoying the full blend of flavours, his own spunk mixed with mine and now his cousins with an underlying taste of cock. A real cocktail if ever there was one.

Dan remains with his cousins cock rooted in his mouth as it softens and finally he pulls away with the biggest of grins upon his face
"I was not expecting that" William gasps still trying to catch his breath as I begin to loosen my hold upon him aware that I am erect again
"Shit you not had enough" William comments looking down
"is there such a thing?" I respond with a chuckle as I feel him give my prick a playful tug and a few gentle slaps.

I look at him curiously, in all the years I have known him he has never touched my cock, and I can't help but wonder what else he might be willing to do.

"I needed that" William says giving Dan a full on frontal naked hug
I wrap my arms around the back of William and my hands grab around to Dan's back as I encompass them both, my stiff rod finding its way between Williams strong hairy thighs as we remain stood.

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