Son’s story

It was the Christmas party and I was bored out of my fucking brains.

 The truth was I would have rather been getting my end away at home and was damn sure my Dad was bonking his brains out at this very moment. My Dad had some young army stud visiting for the weekend. I had left before he had even arrived and my mind was filled with what he was up to as I stood in a room full of breeders.

 But hey, work is work and sometimes that means making an appearance and being sociable with the hetro’s.

My stiff aching prick would just have to wait till later.

Toby the new young lad in the office started flirting with me a little. Or maybe the mix of drinks I had already drunk had just made it seem that way as we chatted and his hand rested on my shoulder, his eyes twinkling and the tip of his tongue licking his lips in what I interpreted as a seductive nature.

At 19 Toby is younger than I usually go for, but still I want to tell the young lad to put that mouth and tongue to some good fucking use rather than wasting his time telling dumb dirty jokes.

I figure this is neither the time nor the place. Maybe a few more drinks down the fuckers neck and I just might invite him to slide something else down his throat, a different kind of shot for him to swallow as eagerly as he had knocked back shots at the bar earlier.

He stands at about 5’6” with a nice chest that tapers down to a narrow waist, a nice compact little number with a cute boyish appearance, scruffy auburn hair and large puppy dog eyes.

Then I see the wicked witch of the office. Her name is Colette but her nick name is Clit because she can be a total cunt, although we never say it to her face. And there by her side is her husband Chris. How the fuck is it possible that such an uptight bitch could get such a hot looking geezer.

He stands 6’4” and his blue tailored suit fits snug to his bulky stocky frame in all the right places, and from where I am stood I can see the silhouette of a healthy sized package that is dressed to the right. I suspect he is either free balling or wearing some loose fitting boxers enabling his manhood to hang free, and as Colette approaches I try to avert my gaze from her husband’s groin.

She smiles that false fake smile with her pearly whites and crimson red glossy lipstick as she walks like she is on a frigging cat walk. Her long hair is bleach blonde, and her huge fake knockers look like two kittens in a sack that are fighting to get free. Truth is she looks kind of like a cheap tart but I doubt anybody has told her that. Especially considering the fact that even in a smart suit her husband looks like a right bloody bruiser that you just don’t want to piss off.

“Darling how are you?” She says looking right down her nose at me with that look that is like she has just discovered shit upon her £900 shoes
 I see out of the corner of my eye that Toby has made his getaway and so I do my best to charm her.
 “Wow” I say stepping back and looking her up and down
 “You look fabulous” I lie convincingly before I see her husband reach out his extremely large hand.

I feel the firm grip of his warm rough callused hand that lasts longer than is usual as our eyes make contact. My gaze drops down to his crutch momentarily and then back to his eyes that pierce deep into mine.

“I am off to the bar to get a drink” Colette announces and turns before she sashes off and I suspect she will be some time.

My hand remains gripped by her husband’s hand as he asks how I am, and every cell in my body wants to scream out I am feeling horny

 “Yeah I am doing well. And you?” I search the depths of his eyes for a hint that he might be feeling the same way and for a fleeting moment I think I see it reflected back

 “Can’t complain you know” he replies as the hand shaking motion pauses and we find our hands still locked together.

Chris is a labourer and is about my Dads age with a shaved head that has started to grow back a little in places giving it a bristly look.

He leans forward and says in a low voice
 “In truth I would rather be anywhere then here if you know what I mean but the Mrs dragged me along” and he squeezes my hand

 “Yeah I know where I would rather be” I reply honestly as multiple sexual positions flash through my mind.

 His mouth curls up at one side as he smirks and I wonder for an instant if he can read my dirty thoughts.

I am captured by his rugged muscular aura.
 He is unpretentious and ordinary looking in a way that adds to his attractiveness.

He leans in again and asks
 “And where would you rather be mate?” and I see a cheeky look in his eyes.

 I ponder on blurting out the truth. I want to be on my knees sucking his knob so hard that his nuts get inverted up in his body.

“Oh you know” I reply coyly as his grip finally loosens and our hands fall to our sides
 “Getting noshed off somewhere no doubt” he replies bluntly before quickly looking around to ensure nobody was in ear shot.

I grin from ear to ear as our eyes fix again and I nod my head before responding in an equally blunt fashion
 “Or noshing off some lucky bloke”
 “Oh really?” he says shuffling from side to side as one of his hands slips deep in his trouser pocket and captures my attention as he has a good rummage.

“Funny I always imagined a masculine fella like you on the receiving end of a blow job”

Maybe it is the alcohol that makes me respond so quickly with a remark that should have been filtered somewhere between my brain and mouth

 “You often imagine me getting sucked off do you?”

His smirk drops away and he goes quiet as I wonder if I have said too much. He raises his pint to his lips as he maintains eye contact. I begin to feel a bit uneasy about my remark and there is a moment when I wonder if he is going to thump me.

“Maybe” he finally responds in a low husky voice that sends a warm tingle up spine
 “Oh!” I reply clearly surprised as my eyebrows raise
 “Lots about me you don’t know” He comments his face looking serious
 “I could certainly say the same” I say forcing a smile but not getting one returned.

Chris leans in and I feel his warm breath against my ear as he speaks
 “You could say I am a little curious about things sometimes”

My eyes widen as I yearn to hear more

“I am going to go outside to have a fag. Coming?”
 “Sure” I reply and we begin to make our way to the exit.

I follow Chris out into the car park where a group of people are smoking. We walk passed them to find a more private secluded space.

“You guys have it pretty easy” Chris says before he places a cigarette to his lips and lights up.
 Of course by you guys I know he means gay men and I just chuckle and nod

 “I mean it is far less complicated. You have the same equipment and the same primal urges” Chris adds as he puffs away
 “Yeah well grass is always greener right” I comment
 “Come on. Tell me it is not easy to get your rocks off with no fucking drama”
 “Sure it is possible any time of the day or night to hook up”.

Chris nods before adding
 “Take for instant webcams. I can go online and whack off, and sure I know 99% of the audience are guys, I am not like that or anything but it feels good, being watched and getting comments and requests from strangers. It is the blokes that seem to be on the same page and know what I want to hear like”

I delight in his confession as I ponder on asking him what site he jacks off on.

“And I tell you something else I have always fantasised about”

Chris pauses and leaves me hanging, eager to hear him finish the sentence

“I have been fantasying about stripping naked in front of a group of poofs, being tied up and totally restrained so I can’t move. Being teased and edged until I am begging them to stop. Nothing I can do as I feel a number of hands groping and fondling me all over, until finally they milk me of my jizz. Forcing me to spunk a load not once or twice, but three or four times”

Just hearing Chris describe his fantasy and saying the words ‘spunk a load’ is enough to get my cock hard, even if he does use the word poof that usually gets my hackles up.

He stares at me as if waiting for me to respond, and for once I am speechless.

My eyes catch his hands move down and he undoes the zipper on his trousers
 “Just telling you that made my pecker fucking rock hard I swear. Slip your hand in and cop a quick feel of how stiff I am at the moment”

I glance around nervously before looking back at Chris

“Go on mate” he encourages me as he stands with his hands opening his fly invitingly.

 It is dark enough were we are stood as not to be seen so I step closer and slip my hand within his open fly. Instantly I feel warm bare flesh and a mass of thick hair. I feel the sensation of his long rigid pulsating shaft, the feel of the blood pumping rapidly through the veins and the moistness at the tip from where he is already beginning to drip sticky fluid.

“See, told you I was fucking hard” Chris whispers in his deep husky tone as my hand remains inside the confines of his trousers holding his prick

 “Fuck! It feels like an iron bar” I say giving it a firm squeeze and looking up to see his eyes close and mouth open as he gasps approvingly at the attention

 “So?” Chris says as he opens his eyes

I look at him quizzically

“Do you have any of your type of mates that might be up for that sort of thing?” Chris asks as I feel his cock throb and another healthy drizzle of sticky pre cum releases over the palm of my hand

 “Sure yeah” I reply before I hear him groan deeply as he steps back and I pull my hand free before he zips up his fly.

Chris gives me a business card with his number on and throws his cigarette on the floor before he puts it out by crushing it under his highly polished black sized 16 shoe

 “I will tell the Mrs you want some work done or something” Chris says and with that he zips up and smirks before he casually turns and walks away.

 Now I am fucking hornier than I was earlier in the evening and the palm of my hand is covered by Chris’s snail trail. I lick it away slowly and savour his salty flavour as I recall how his prick felt within my grasp.

I make my way back in the venue and then to the toilets where I stand at one of the row of oval ceramic white bowls that hangs on the wall. I have barely started to release my stream when Toby saddles up beside me.

“Shit, I think I am a little wasted” Toby slurs as he sways a little and unbuttons his trousers before unzipping
 “Yeah you are” I remark chuckling
 “You ever pissed on anyone before?” Toby asks

The question catches me by surprise.
 Looking like the kind of cute lad next door it is not the question I expect to hear from his lips.

“Yeah sure I have” I reply casually as if it is the most normal question to have been asked
 “My boyfriend wants to get pissed on while we are having sex but I have never done any water sports before” Toby responds as his own stream misses the bowl and splashes over the tiled floor.

OK, now he has really surprised me and my head turns so quick to look at him that I nearly get whiplash.

 He had never before gave any indication he was gay, and now it dawns on me that he never specified any gender when he discussed his partner. I had just assumed he was straight and talking about a female partner

“What?” Toby slurs seeing the look upon my face
 “Nothing. Nothing at all” truth is I don’t want to tell him I thought he was straight.

Toby had not once set off my gaydar since starting at the office and now I see him in a whole new light.

“So would you?” Toby asks looking down and redirecting his stream as he wobbles a little from side to side
 “Would I what?” I ask taking a quick look at his cock
 “Would you fancy joining me and my partner? You can bring your partner if you want”

Toby looks up at me before asking
 “You have a partner right?”
 “It is a little complicated” I reply not ready to explain my current living situation with Dan and my Dad
 “Well if you want to involve anyone else that would be cool, if they liked that sort of thing you know”

So one not so boring work Christmas party and two kinky dates to line up. Not bad really I guess, but I still feel fucking horny and want to get home and shag my brains out...

The Father’s Story

Troy was due to arrive at any moment and yet I felt anxious about his arrival and had butterflies in my stomach.

The doorbell rung and I opened the door to see Troy stood at attention in his army kit.
 He was even better looking than I recalled and as he entered I closed the door and I wondered if I was how he remembered, or was I just some overweight ordinary looking older bloke with whom he had had a fumble and a feel with in the bushes and looked back on through rose tinted glasses.

“You are looking good” I said as I wondered what thoughts were going through that head as he looked at me for the first time in over two months

 “You are as handsome as I remember Daddy” he responded making me almost blush and clearly setting the stage for the events I had already planned for that evening.

“Come on threw into the lounge son” I said and as I went to take a step back.

 Troy dropped his large khaki coloured canvas bag to the floor and lunged towards me and before I knew it we were engaged in a tight embrace and a passionate kiss.

I felt the warmth and moistness of his mouth and tasted the distinctive flavour of his saliva as my hands reached down and grabbed at his firm arse cheeks through his trousers. The self doubts that had filled my mind quickly faded as I quickly moved my hands to the front of his trousers and began to undo the row of buttons at the fly.

My hand slipped inside his boxers to feel his already rock hard arching cock that had clearly been leaking for sometime judging by the saturated damp patch in his boxer shorts. My other hand slid up under the two layers of his khaki coloured t shirt and jumper and felt his firm toned body. My fingers located a protruding nipple and gripped it between thumb and finger making him gasp into my open mouth as our tongues continued to explore lustfully.

I could not get over how good his mouth tasted as I rotated my forefinger around his nipple whilst gripping the girth of his rigid member that pulsated within my grip.

 My hands went to his webbed belt that I unhooked and his trousers dropped to his knees.

I pulled his cock out through the opening of his boxers and then our mouths separated momentarily so I could pull his t shirt and jumper up over his head exposing his muscular smooth torso. I grabbed the back of his head and forcefully pulled him forward for another kiss, feeling the saliva and spittle dripping down our chins as our tongues docked ever deeper into place.

Our mouths separated and we looked deep into each other’s eyes as we grinned
 “Get your trousers and boxers off son” I ordered
 Troy knelt down and began to unlace his boots
 “Not your boots, they can stay on” I quickly added as Troy glanced up at me with those big sorrowful looking eyes
 “Sorry Daddy” he said quickly knotting his lace on his boot before struggling to get his trousers over each large black highly polished boot.

Troy pulled away the second leg of his trouser from the boot and after removing his boxers he took a moment to fold all his gear meticulously before standing before me. His kit neatly presented in military style fashion that no doubt came as second nature even in these circumstances.

Trousers, t shirt, sweater and boxers all folded and cradled in his arms as he stood at attention wearing only his boots and thick socks. His 6” cock stood equally at attention as I examined the perfection of his chiselled sculptured body that could have been carved from marble.

It would have been easy to be intimidated by his body and looks but for the look of desire that glinted in his eyes and that reassured me that he was enamoured. I did not understand truly why but it made me feel good inside and it would be just as easy to be just as besotted by this lad who stood before me.

In an instant I had a flashback to when I was younger. It was Christmas and I had received an action man, I think for the American market it was called G.I. Joe. Within moments of unwrapping the present I discover the boxed manly army figure with short fuzzy hair and moving eagle eyes. I removed the packaging and began to undress him, everything apart from his black boots. I recall the feeling of disappointment as I pulled down his camouflage trousers to reveal a plastic bump where his male genitals should have been.

It is funny how that memory had been lost in time but now I recalled more. How over the days and weeks my mother had constantly put his clothes back on and I just as quickly took them off preferring him to be in just his boots.

I even took him with me in the bath and insisted on soaping his hair.

 Then suddenly after a few weeks he was missing.
 My father said he must have had to go on a secret mission but no doubt they were embarrassed about my fascination, and suddenly I remembered it all. Jeez all those years ago before I was even married I knew what I liked.

But now it was like I had my own real life action figure, and true to form I had instantly undressed him out of his uniform and down to just his highly polished black boots.

There he stood before me, fully equipped and certainly not a disappointment. It was like Christmas had come early as I gazed upon his fine figure and I felt my raging hard on throb.

“Just what Daddy wanted for Christmas” I said under my breath
 “What?” Troy asked not hearing my comment
 “Oh nothing, I will tell you later” I replied with a smug smile.

I walked Troy through in to the lounge to meet Dan but did not even get a chance to introduce the pair. Dan was already naked and instantly the two lads were all over each other like a rash, and judging by how quickly Dan had gone from flaccid to fully erect he clearly approved of Troy.

Their naked bodies embraced as their hands explored and their stiff sticky pricks rubbed together erratically like a scout master trying to light a fire by rubbing sticks. Each took turns glancing over at me, seeking my approval as they explored each other.

They could be in no doubt by my wide eyed gaze that I approved of the show they were putting on for me. Getting their Daddy horny and wanting them both even more as I sat fully dressed on the couch.

It was like my own personal live porn shoot as the two young men without need for instruction performed various sexual acts. Occasionally I guided them in the direction I wanted them to go, telling them and encouraging them to do certain things as I groaned my appreciation.

“Yeah Daddy likes it when you do that”.

I stood up and the pair paused in their actions as they both looked to me longingly to join their coupling, but I had something else in mind. A special act I had watched on an online video and was keen for them to do for me.

From my toy box I retrieved a long double ended dildo, one I had chosen with Troy specifically in mind. Troy had told me over the phone that his experience with getting fucked was limited, but that on the few occasions he had done it he had enjoyed it.

 With that in mind I had chosen a dildo that was not so thick in girth but yet long enough for Dan to still get his fill in his greedy hole.

Their eyes lit up and they both smiled as they saw the toy I had chosen.

 I ordered them both on their hands and knees with their buttocks towards me side by side and in turn I indulged in spreading their cheeks and rimming their holes. Exploring and comparing that most intimate part as I lapped my tongue up over the quivering aperture and up each trench.

 Savouring each unique manly sweaty flavour as I probed their arseholes with my moist mouth piece, ramming my tongue as far as it could go, their potent musky arse scent and flavour lingering against my nostrils and on my taste buds as I left a lasting clear glistening glaze of saliva and spit between both of their cheeks.

I stuck a forefinger in each hole and felt each one contract around the circumference of my digit as I watched, each finger sliding in to the full length before slowly turning and hooking within the rectum, feeling the soft fleshy walls of both of their holes as I fingered them simultaneously with one finger, two fingers and then three, adding cooling wet lubricant in between and spitting on their eager holes.

Joyfully I fingered and tongued them for over an hour, working them both into a state of frenzy. Their two rounded buttocks presented to me side by side as they snogged and kissed, their mouths slobbering as I to slobbered over their assholes.

Both holes primed and stretched I looked at both in wonderment, the magnificence of that which I previously considered out of bounds now an indulgent delight.

I ordered the lads to change position and to kneel with their backside towards each other and they eagerly complied whilst both adding a stern “yes Daddy” for good measure, making my already aching cock throb.

I held the long dildo between them placing each end at the puckered entrance and watching as they both began to ease themselves backwards, the head of each end of the dildo quickly disappearing from view as they backed up upon it.

I had assumed Dan’s ever hungry hole would take the lions share over Troy’s lack of experience with objects in his butt. Then I realised I had not accounted for Troy’s competitive nature and it was Troy who was first to reach the ribbed half way mark as he surpassed my expectations, his face grimacing as he vocalised loudly his pleasure.

“Yes Daddy” Troy groaned in appreciation of his hole being so deeply penetrated and his words were quickly echoed by Dan’s.

Their buttocks touched as the entire length of the dildo disappeared from view and I had never felt so incredibly turned on, the now soaking patch of pre cum in my boxers filtering through to my jeans.

 They began to motion back and forth on the rigid latex member, shunting together and creating a satisfying resounding sound from the rhythmic contact of their firm clammy arse cheeks. Two sexy men skewered on a phallic toy for my personal entertainment.

I took turns kissing their open mouths as they continued to back up on each other with force and then I knelt at their sides and grabbed their two stiff pricks. Feeling the throbbing of their arousal and cajoling the pair with dirty talk as I synchronised my strokes, two rigid cocks throbbing with blood as their arousal built.

“Yeah! Daddies good sons!” I said loudly hearing the fervour in their groans as my stroking rhythm increased.

I knew they were both close to ejaculation. It was just a case of who would be first.

I could see their bodies quivering and trembling as they continued to impale themselves, groaning and grinding hard against each other as they huffed and puffed.

Dan let out loud cries of ecstasy as he spoke loudly
 “Yes Daddy, yes Daddy. Yes!!!”

I felt his cock throb as his rapid fire released several shots of thick spunk and as he did Troy began to ad his own groans to the erotic symphony.

“Of fuck yes please Daddy!” Troy cried out backing up hard and pushing his arms straight as his back arched.

I watched as Troy too sprayed his youthful load of juice impressively over the floor as he huffed and puffed his breath short and laboured.

I sat on the couch my thighs spread with the two lads knelt at my feet nuzzled at my groin and rubbing against hard on through my jeans. It seemed their shooting of a good load had not dampened their mood and soon I was stood allowing my sons to undress me so as to tend to my needs.

Finally I collapsed on the couch after two hours of both lads noshing at my cock, balls and arse. I had fucked them both, and to my surprise both had fucked me, yet I felt no less in control and very satisfied.

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