We were laying in bed one night, and had just got the lights turned off I was already down between Petes legs licking on his cock thru his briefs, smelling his awesome manly odor, and getting turned on to the point of my cock splitting and felt like the head was going to come off, God Petes body felt awesome, I was noticing ever little thing about this awesome man that I loved so very much, Pete had stolen my heart, I reached up with my hand and could feel his body as his muscles hardened like steel, I felt his light hair on his chest as I brushed and rubbed his torso and the heat was transferring to my body, I could feel it as Pete would slightly raise up and lightly lean his head back while resting on his elbows and moan and whisper awe Kevin, your making me crazy, oh fuck man, I had slipped Petes briefs down and taken them off and lifted them up to my nostrals to get a smell of my Pete, God was I in Limbo, fuck my stomach was doing lurches and I was wanting him in me so bad, I reached down and wrapped my hand around that awesome feeling cock of his and looked up with my eyes to his and while staring straight into his eyes leaned down as I stared, an started licking his exposed cock head like it was an Ice cream, and Petes just moaned and said awe fuck Kev, and I slathered his cock with my saliva mixed with the pre-cum oozing out of his cock and I moaned my pleasure at his taste, Pete just leaned back and reached down and started moaning and rubbing his awesome, manly ,strong, hands thru my hair, I had feeling of love going thru me like waves of the ocean, lapping upon the shore line, and kinda going back out and comming again. I was enjoying sucking his cock and making love to this awesome wonderful, man so much, I didn't care if he returned the sex to me or not, I was in Heaven. Pete started saying Oh Fuck Kevin, God that feels awesome, and then I felt his body start telling me how much it loved what I was doing for him. He started taking gasps of breath, and moaning, and started noticing his very muscular lightly hairy stomach muscles doing a little jerky dance as the impending ejaculation started taking place, I was in a complete state of euphoria, and I felt that awesome cock of Petes start doing it's leaping spasms as each contraction of the ejaculatory muscle took place and sent a volley of cum into my throat and just kept repeating itself, the finest taste in my world was Petes cum and I was starving for it as I sucked and swallowed, and as I finished I kept sucking and swallowing every little morsel of his nectar, I felt his wonderful, gently hands gently massage my shoulders and just feeling his body just lightly still making those light jerking motions and finally, no movement, just complete quiet, and Pete layed back totally spent, exhausted from the love that I had just given him, He was a thing of beauty, I watched as his tighten nutsack just sorta came back to normal, and his cock started deflating and I saw a little spot of his cum appear at the opening of his cock and I leaned up an licked it off and slid his foreskin back in place, and looked at my Pete with so much love, totally satisfied, and Pete just layed there so beautiful, and manly looking and I got up beside him, Not even needing a return act at all totally satisfied, I then realized I had shot off while sucking Petes cock and I had to get up and go clean myself off, It was really a wonder night of loving at least to me and Pete sure as hell seemed to enjoy. WE feel asleep in each others arms.

We awoke to the sunlight comming thru the bunkhouse window and Pete was already up in the kitchen drinking coffee, and When I saw my man, setting there in his briefs I just felt like, I guess it would be like a newly wed on their Honeymoon, the first morning after, because every moring with Pete was like the first, there was just something about him.

Pete looked at me and smiled and said 'Morning babe' I said Morning Luv, I said Hey babe What's on the adgenda for today? Pete said we have to go into Billings to get some More feed ordered and some mineral block for the cattle, and some medication for those calfs in the back forty, a couple of them look a little sheepish and weak and I need some Vitamin poweder for the cattle wastering tank too, I said alright Pete when we going, He said we got to take a pickup load of hay out to the cattle in the back pasture grazing area, the grass is about gone there and we have to feed with hay now, I said ok I'll have some coffee and be right there, and we had our coffee and some breakfast and got dressed and took off in the pickup and took the hay into the back range, I had just jumped down from the pickup and I heard a strange sounding noise and Pete said dont move Kevin stay perfectly still, I said O.K. What the fuck, and I heard the sound, then, and Pete took his pistol out of the truck and I saw him point it my way and wondered what the hell and I jumped and almost pissed my pants as he shot, It looked like he shot at me, and I didn't feel anything that would have felt like a bullit hitting me and I looked around and right behind my left foot was about a four ft. long rattlesnake coiled ready to strike me, I almost pissed my Pants. Pete had shot it's head perfectly clean off, Hell I didn't know Pete was that good a shot with a pistol, Pete just said Kevin that was a close one. I said Hell yea it was I looked at Pete and Said thanks Pete, He said Well I know you would do the same for me, I said you know it.

Well we got the Hay put down for the cattle and I was still shaking from my ordeal with the snake, I felt such apprecitation for Pete and his ability to shoot that I didn't know how to respond but just say thanks again Pete, he said Kevin calm down Its all right and it's over.

We got done with the ranch chores and jumped into the Wagoneer and Drove to Billings and Pete said Kevin You never told me what Uncle Frank and you talked about When they were here last month, and I looked at Pete and said Man your in for a story, and I told him the Whole story and Pete just stated laughing and said well Fuck me, aint that a bite in the ass, and I just giggled and said sure is. Pete never said another word about Uncle Franks little disclosure and I didn't either we drove on in to Billings and got the things done there that we were going to do, and then went to the grocers and got some food and supplies for the bunkhouse and went and went to a Wal-mart store and Pete laughed and said Kevin I need some new Hanes briefs, I said really and he punched me on the shoulder and said yea man my boy friend has been about to eat the pants off me, and just laughed, I smiled Yea man you better get several packages this time.

we did our business at the store an then decided since it was a sort of hot and dry afternoon we'd go to a local bar to get a drink before heading back to the ranch,.

WE walked into the bar and set down at the counter and Pete went over to the juke box and punched in a couple tunes and just stood there waiting untill an Alan Jackson tune started and he looked up and smiled. We noticed there was a table full of looked Like Biker Dudes setting and staring at us, really didn't give them any thought, but I had to take a piss, and I went to the john and was about half way done pissing and in walked a couple of these dudes, big, grungy, dirty, mean looking bikers, one of them walked up to the pisser besides me and whippes out a fairly nice looking cock and I noticed he was stroking instead of pissing and the other on was just standing behind me against the wall, The one besides me says Hey you fucking fag why dont you lick and suck me off, It been a while since I had a fairy suck my cock for me, I need to get off, and he reached up and grabbed my head and shoved it down to his cock and I let out a fuck you man, I said let me go and I started fighting back at him I Head butted his groin, and he fell backward against the stall behind him and the other guy came at me, and about that time I saw the door come open and I was Pete, I got punched in the mouth by one of the biders and then I say Pete like an explosion went to smacking and Kicking like a Karate expert and tearing the Hell out of these biker dudes. I was absolutely stunned and when it was over they both were laying on the floor groaning and Pete came over lifted me up and said come on babe lets go. I got up and went out the door and I saw Pete and the other bikers followed us out of the bar and into the street and One of the bikers said WE know your a couple of dick smokers and Pete said Yea man the only thing I like better that sucking cock is Kicking Bikers asses, and if you want what the others got go ahead bring it on, no one moved and Pete and I got into our wagoneer and started on down the road I had a bruise on the side of my face and when we got home Pete fixed it for me with a poultice and It felt better, Later that evening Pete and I sat and I said, Pete where the hell did you learn to fight like that? Pete said, Well as a gay man In back In TExas you had better know how to defend yourself and I said yea but that was Karate, Pete said yea I wanted to learn to do it well so I studied Marshall Arts for nine years as a young man, I had a seventh degree Black belt, and as you just noticed It has come in handy at times, I said yea It sure the fuck did.

Pete said Kevin I owe you something, lets go to bed, and Pete started undressing and turned the lights out and just as the sun was setting, and I knew this was a little early for bed, and I felt Petes warm mouth on my neck and his hands rough, strong, powerful, yet so gently they wouldn't even bruise a rose petal, start to rubb all over my body, and Pete said Kevin I love you so much, I said 'Ditto' babe, and Pete just kept up the kissing and rubbing, got down to my nipples and I thought I would cum there and then, Man His touch was electrifying, I was wimpering and he was kissing my bruised face gently and licking my lips with his tongue and making me feel totally weak, fuck I was about lost, he said babe I want you to make love to me, I leaned over and I started rubbing Petes, body, God was I in awe HIs beautiful ass was calling and I was rubbing his awesome hard huge cock slipping the foreskin and rolling my hand around and down and back up and feeling the pre-cum as is came from the head of his cock, then I noticed my cock was dripping it also and i leaned over the top of Petes body he rolled over onto his stomach and raised his ass up to meet my cock and I slid my seven and a half inches into his love canal and he reached around with his hand and grabbed my hand and said oh fuck Kevin that feels so friggen good, and he started fucking back up against my Body, and groaning and grunting like a rutting bull, man my cock was on fire, Petes asshole was like molten lava, so fucking Hot and slick from my pre-cum and I was pumping my hot cock into and pulling back and My cock was getting harder and hotter I felt Pete start to stiffel his breathing and he just Yelled, Oh Fucken UGhMMMMMMMMM baby and I felt his asshole as it started convulsing around my cock and he was shooting a hugh load all over his bed covers and grabbing my hands behind him and pulling at the bed covers with the other one, I felt this imensly in my cock and I started blasting a load into his hot, moist love canal and started Jerking, and Pete was saying , Oh yea, baby, thats It, Oh Fuck man, AWEsome, I just collapsed ontop of Pete and stayed there until I got finished. Pete looked up and smiled an said I love you babe. I responded by kissing Pete and saying Pete I love you so Much. He said Ditto,

Well Life has really changed for me since I found Pete, and now he is not only my Lover he his my Hero as well, I just am crazy about my Pete.



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