Oh shit, I'm gonna blow a wad, was what was going thru my mind as I awoke from a very sexy dream.

My eyes came open too soon and the feeling of blowing off from the dream was subsiding, but the hardon in my shorts was still there, throbbing, aching, wanting release. I slowly reached down and began twisting my nipples, which was always a turnon of great magnitude for me, and massaging my lower abdomen, And of course thinking about Pete's hot sexy, body.

I slid my hand down over the engorged throbbing member in my briefs, damn there wasn't enough room in my briefs to hold it, and I lifted the elastic band up and released a very rigged, hot needy cock, I massaged my nuts, and then wrapped my hand around my rigged memeber and slid my foreskin down, fuck man I was breathing so frantic and heavy, needing release, and then the thought hit me, Where's Pete?

I really needed Pete right now and then I got out of bed, I slid my foreskin back over the head of my cock, and noticed that I was producing slick, lubricating pre-cum like an artesian well, out from the slit at the end of my cock.

I noticed that the Gorgeous Sun was just coming up thru the window and I could smell coffee brewing in the kitchen.

I got up slipped my briefs off and stood up naked and looked in the mirror and saw my hardon jutting out from my body, I really was rather sexy looking, If I do say so myself.

When I walked into the kitchen I Looked at the Kitchen sink and there stood Pete in all his gorgeous, sexy, and oh so desireable beauty, leaning over the sink, looking out the window, sorta leaning over with his hands on the counter, and his Beautiful ass about to burst out of his Hanes white briefs, I saw the sillouet of Pete against the whitening sky light of the window.

My cock did a leap and all I could think was I want my lover Pete. I slowly walked over to Pete and wrapped my arms around him from behind, He said Morning Babe, I just leaned over against his back and started kissing his neck and licking his earlobe, sticking my sex starved tongue into his ear, then I reached around and started rubbing his chest hair, and those magnificant chest muscles, I let my had slide onto his nipples and he started that light moaning and sorta grunting and said Oh Fuck Kev, what are you doing, I said, Making love to the man I love. He just started making a wimpering sound, I started licking his back and slowly slid my mouth down to the edge of the waistband of his briefs and then I gently reached around with my hands and started massaging his balls and cock thru his briefs, he started lightly thrusting his hips forward and saying I need you baby, Pete leaned back upward toward my body and I slowly slipped his briefs down and I saw that beautiful, muscular ass with the light smattering of just perfect hair and I went balistic, like I do some time when I'm needing sex in a bad way, I bent Pete forward over the sink and I reached up and parted his ass cheeks and started licking his anal opening, and Fuck I thought he would asphixiate, he started grunting like a rutting buck, and just sorta sexually wispered Kev, I need your cock, and I responded, Yes Pete and I need your ass.

I was sloppy wet from pre-cum and Needed no lube, I stood upright and gently but greedily, placed my cockhead against Petes rectum, and then I punched it thru the orafice, and Pete grunted and shoved his ass back towards me and burried my seven and a half inches all the way to the hilt and fuck the game was on.

Pete was snorting and grunting and going fucking wild and My cock was on fire, fuck man what a way to start the day, I was in Heaven and I could think was Pete man I really love you and I know you love me, I was stroking, and pumping and feeling, Well just plain sex crazed at that moment I wanted to stuff all of me up that beautiful ass of Pete's, Fuck, I couln't get enough. I rammed my cock to the balls at one point and Pete Yelled Oh Fucking, Shit man That feels out of sight fucking wonderful. I reached around and massaged Pete's nuts and they felt like they were gluded to his body up tight, like just before you blow your load, and his cock was as rigged as iron.

As I pumped my engorged cock into his hot ass, I could feel each movement inside Petes intestines and I was getting close to blowing a massive load, Pete was sounding like his was close too, and I reached up and wrapped my hand aroung that very thick ten inch cock of Pete's and started stroking in unison with my pumping and Just as I started grunting and blowing and Incredible Load up Pete's ass, Pete started blowing his load too, and I didn't want to loose it so I cupped my right hand over the head of Pete's cock and caught it all in my hand, It was so fucking massive a load I felt some of It dripping off my fingers and with my cock still lightly jerking, throbbing and completely satisfied and still up Pete's ass I reached up with my hand and started licking Pete's cum off my hand and fingers. Pete said that was fucking awesome then my softening cock dislodged from Petes anal cavity and Pete turned aroung and started kissing me and said that cum don't taste bad Kev. wish it was yours. I said Pete maybe later babe, we need to clean up, got to go to town this morning, Pete Looked up and said Just like a man, get your nuts off and get up and leave, just like that, Then he started laughing, I looked at Pete and said I'm so glad You came into my life, I really love you.

Well we showered and got dressed totally spent and nearly exhausted from the mornings romp and set down to the table for coffee and rolls, we usually had a light breakfast and Pete said, what time we gonna be back from the city, Hot shot? I just smiled and said, When we get finished with our business, Cold Shot? and started laughing, I loved sparing with Pete in words. Pete giggled and we went to share a shower. We played around in the shower and gave each other hardon's again but didn't do anything sexually, we had to get to town.

We got to town about ten a.m. and Pete went and picked up a few cases of beer and I bought some supplies for the bunkhouse and we had a bite of lunch and then headed back to the ranch.

The ride was really a nice one, the senic view is really gorgeous and Montana is a very senic State in some areas.

WE got back to the ranch and Pete took care of the supplies and I went into the bunk house. I had just got into the bunkhouse and the phone started ringing and it was our new Insurance man, needing to come out and take care of some paperwork concerning the ranch and its insurance, since Uncle Frank had put me on the Insurance of the ranch, and Some papers had to be signed by me and something about adding Pete also, that needed signatures, Well the appointment was set up for about two thirty that afternoon and then I hung up and told Pete we had to be here for the insurance man about two thirty this afternoon, Pete said O.K.

He went out to the barn and started doing something and we went to take some mineral blocks out to the cattle a did some other odd chores around the Ranch.

It was nearly Two thirty and Pete said Hey Kev we need to be headin back to hte bunkhouse, the guy is supppose to be here from the insurance Company, I said Oh shit, that's right, so we headed back to the bunk house and Not a minute to soon. his little sports car was comming up the roadway to the House and when he parked, Pete walked over and said Howdy, I'm Pete, and this I Kevin, The young man introduced himself as Ryan Madison, insurance agent.

We went into the bunkhouse and he pulled out some Papers, and I noticed Ryan was rather cute and nicely built, not overly muscled, but well built, very nicely dressed and very sexy about 24-26 looking and rather a rookie agent.

Well Pete and I signed the Papers and got the business done and I said Hey Ryan, would you like something to drink, It's rather Hot out there and You look a little parched, Pete looked at me and winked and then I said Ryan do you have anymore appointments today, if not why dont you stay for supper, unless you got a wife or girl or something, He said no girlfriend and nothing was planned, sounded like a nice offer. He got up and I said Hell man take off that tie and unbutton that shirt, go ahead and take the shirt off too, since you have a white undershirt on underneath it. Shit man make yourself comfortable, he said Hey man sounds like a good idea, we had a few beers and Ryan started loosening up and said man this is really cool, I could get used to this.

Pete kinda worked the consverstation into sex and Ryan started coming open about the subject, He said He got dumped by his last girlfriend and had not had one for over a year and Pete ask him how was his sex life and Ryan said, just mostly beating my cock with the old hand, Pete said man that has to get rather boring, I love to feel the touch of someone else on my cock,and Ryan said yea man that would be awesome and Pete got into the converstation a little deeper, Pete said man ever have a good blow job or a good fuck, Ryan said na My ex wouldn't do the blow job thing, mostly just my hand, but I have been needing something else lately, Pete said man just think about the feeling of a pair of hot lips on that throbbing hot cock of yours and having your balls massaged and handled gently and kissed, haven't you ever had your ass hole licked and kissed and made love to.

Ryan made a hard swallowing jesture and said I'm sorry guys but your getting me turned on and I havn't ever even come close to that kind of pleasure, Pete said would you mind If we show you some pleasure like that, Ryan said, your kidding right? I spoke up and said It's your choice, but the pleasure would be all ours, and possibly yours too. Pete walked over and set down by Ryan, and said I noticed you had an erection, lets see that beauty, and Pete started unbuckling Ryans pants and took off his shoes and Ryan just set there looking stupified with a beer in his hands.

Pete took off his undershirt and started sucking on his nipples and Ryan, leaned back and said, that feels just awesome, he'd never had that done to him before and Pete said just wait there's more, Ryan just kinda set back and let it happen and wimpered and moaned, and a few times even said Oh Shit, man that feels awesome, His breathing was becomeing eratic and he was lifting up his ass and then Pete reached down and slid down his boxer shorts all the way to the floor an Ryan was sporting a very stiff, circumsized cock of very nice thick porportions about seven inches, and then Pete said Ryan Lets go to the bed room, and we all three went to he bedroom where Pete and I stripped down to our birthday suits, Well, Ryan saw Pete's cock and said Muther Fucker did you steal that from a horse, and Pete smiled and said Not really, It came with the package. Pete layed Ryan down and started kissing his chest and rubbing his nuts and I lifted Ryans hips up on a pillow, and started rimming his asshole and He started pushing it up against my tongue, He said I guess if I'm gonna have gay sex I might as well go all the way with it, and Pete just smiled and kept on kissing Ryan, Pete said just lay back and let us show you pleasure you've never had before, and Ryan said 'awesome' and he just let us have his body.

I was working on Ryans asshole with my tongue and It felt tasted just fucking awesome, and Pete then leaned down and started sucking on Ryans cock I could tell He was really getting into this action and I noticed his balls were slowing drawing up and Pete just kept up a gentle, slow, up and down movement with his mouth and a light sucking pressure, Ryan was Hunching ,and his arms were grabbing the pillow behing his head and saying oh muther fucker that feel just awesome, I've never felt anything like this before, And by this time I had slid a finger up his asshole ,and he really loved that, and I finally found that spot that Pete always talked about and then I started rubbing that little button spot, And fuck man Ryan started Humming and almost singing his fuckin pleasure, Oh fucking jesus man, Oh God, Shit and he started grunting and Pete just kept up the pressure on his cock head and I started feeling his raised his legs up with the knees to his head snd Pete had to shift positions to complete his sucking and I started rallying rubbing his love nut and he just Yelled OH FUCK , and just HUMMED really loud, and I felt his asshole start to spasm and felt his cock jerk and he started shooting, and fuck I looked at Pete and his mouth was bulging from the load of cum Ryan was injecting into his mouth, Fuck, Outside of Pete, no one had ever turned me on this much I reached over and took Petes cock into my mouth and about three thrusts with my lips were all he could handle and Pete shot a load into my mouth, I felt my cock being manhandled and I looked up and Ryan was stroking my cock and the thought of it was all I could take I started shooting a load all over Ryan and Pete and Pete started to lick it up. Ryan spoke up and said Hey guys, No woman ever made me feel like that, God Damn, It was unbelievable, I never knew gay sex was that awesome.

Well we all three calmed down and Ryan looked up at both of us and started giggleing and said Guys, that was fucking awesome. Can I come back for seconds, soon. Like maybe this weekend.

Pete and I made arrangements to have Ryan out for the weekend and a bar-b-que.

After Ryan thanked us for the insurance we purchased and the wonderful time he had, he left.

Pete and I were setting on the back porch together just in our undewear, and Pete said You didn't get upset with the sex with Ryan thing did you? I looked up to Pete and said, were you mad or upset with me, cause I enjoyed it as much as you did, Pete said, You know, I feel it's allright as long as were both involved in it, doing someone else I mean, and we do it as kinda of a party thing once in a while Kinda like getting a box of candy for each other, As long as we remeber we love each other and do all of it together. Pete then said Kev, lets go to bed I have something else I want to give you sweetheart, and Pete stood up and his cock was Hard as Rock and sticking out straight full mast in his shorts. I looked over and said Pete I really Love you.



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