I had just had a shower, the sun was beautifully setting and I was looking thru a magazine while setting on the back porch of the bunk, just in my under shorts. Pete was taking his shower and just getting out and the phone rang, It sent a shock wave thru me because it had been so quite, and the phone hardly ever rings. I jumped up and answered it and it was Uncle Frank, they had just finished up in Alaska, and had finalized Aunt Eliza's estate, and he asked how things were going and I told him all was just fine, Pete had taken a load of cattle to the stockyards in Billings and got a hell of a deal and picked up a couple new steers and everything was just fine.

Uncle Pete then told me he was pleased and knew Pete and I could take care of the Ranch, he told me to use the meat in the freezers in the big house so it wouldn't spoil, and then told me He and Aunt Peg and my Mom and Dad was going to St. Thomas Island off the coast of Florida to look at a peice of land and a house trailer there to purchase for a winter getaway or something like that.

I told them bye, and tell Mom and Dad hello for me, He said fine and they would not be back at the ranch untill probably Sept. or Oct. I said bye and hung up.

Well Pete was standing drying his hair and said who is that I told him the scoop and he said sounds fine with me.

The next morning we got up and made breakfast and I told Pete I needed to go to town for a few things, He said o.k. That he needed to do some fence mending in the back pasture and He had things to do while I was gone, He kissed me and said drive carefully.

While I was in town I ordered Pete a nice birthday cake, and then my cell phone rang and it was Pete's Little brother, Scott, from Texas, He said he would be getting into Billings on the nine-thirty flight and his boyfriend was with him, I looked at my watch and damn, it was almost that time now. I rushed to The Airport and finally located Him, which wasn't hard since he looks like Pete only more blond headed.

Well he introduced himself and his Lover Erik, and I said Welcome to Montana, I'm Kevin, Pete calls me Kev. I said Pete's gonna be so excited to see you.

Well we got back to the ranch and went into the bunk house, I showed them the extra bedroom and I got things out for supper.

Pete looked on the counter and said what are these four Sirloin Steaks for? are we expecting guests and I said well 'something like that', Pete said is your Uncle and Aunt back then , I said you'll see. Well I cooked the steaks and baked the potatoes and set the table and then I yelled, Suppers Ready, Come and get it, and Scott and Erik came running out of the bedroom and Scott yelled, Hey Bro,, Pete just stood there with his Jaw dropped open and looked as stunned as if he had been shocked with a high powered wire. Then he just kinda studdered Wha--Whe--Howd---Kevin how did you do this without me knowing, I just smiled an said, I have my ways. Pete grabbed Scott and hugged him and said, Scott it's so good to see you. And Scott said you to brother,. Hey man this is Erik my boyfriend, Pete said Hi Erik, Eric said Scott has told me all about you and talks about you all the time, and the pleasure is all mine.

We set down and had a really nice supper and the Pete wanted to take them around the ranch and show them all the sights, then they came back and we all went to bed, Scott ask Pete if it was alright to have sex, Pete just said hey is there something wrong with either of you, if not, enjoy yourselves, we plan to.

We had a night of excited sex, and we could hear Scott and Erik in the other room enjoying themselves.

The next day we decided to go up to the Lake, there is an area thats like a beach and a nice place to swim, Erik jumped on the idea of swimming in the nude, I think by the way he kept ogling Pete, I suspected he was wanting Pete sexually, I had also noticed every time he got around Pete he got a boner. I was also wondering if Scott had a cock the size of his brother's and I soon foundout. Well Pete said It's alright with me if it's o.k. with Kev. I said fine with me, I wanted to get a shot of Scott's dick anyway, so we all stripped and I saw Erik about to swallow his tongue when he saw Petes cock. hanging there like a radiator hose. He gulped and said to Scott, Fuck man he's Huge. How does Kevin take that, I guess with love, Scott replied.

WE were swimming about ten minutes and I noticed Pete walk up to the jeep and bring back a beer cooler and a couple blankets, he spread the blankets and sat down with his knees up and his elbows resting on his knees and his balls and cock head just layed down on the blankets.,Fuck he was gorgeous and I felt such love for him,

Hey man we want to fuck here in nature Scott said, I looked over to Pete and said Hey man go for it.

Scott reached into his fanny pack he carried and pulled out a pack of condoms and some lube. Scott I then noticed had a boner and I realized he had about the same sized cock as me, uncut too but, not near as large cocked as Pete. He pulled on a condom and lubed it up real good and then lubed up Eriks ass hole and then he Started to slip his cock into Eriks poopshute and started pumping his cock in and out like a breading stud, Pete kinda started watching and I noticed Petes cock was starting to straighten up, throbbing hard as a rock, then I noticed mine was too. I leaned over and started sucking Petes cock and then Erik saw us and spoke to Scott something and Scott looked over and said Erik wants to know if you two would like to swap for a session and have a foursome, Pete looked at me kinda strange and said Ill leave that up to you, but remember it's you I love. I said If you want too, fine by me. So I got up from Pete and I took Scotts dick pulled off his condom and started Sucking Him, Erik spoke up and said I can't wait for that cock in my ass, to which Pete said It will be worth the wait for at least one of us and smiled. then He leaned over Erik and raised his ass up and slammed that almost ten inche x six inches in circumference cock into Eriks asshole and Pete just smiled and Erik let out a yell and Pete just keep on fucking him and Erik, I could tell was quite uncomfortable, He said his ass was on fire and would probably need an Ice pack tonight before bed. Pete just laughed and kept on ramming it in to the hilt. He looked over to me an winked and smiled as then mouthed the words Kevin I love you. When I saw that I got so excited I shot a load into Scott's mouth. But I really was thinking about Pete. WEll Pete started snorting and I knew he was about to cum and soon he shot a huge load up Erik's ass. And All little ole Erik got from it was a very sore ass.

The next day Pete took me aside and said Kevin, I love you, but no one else does for me what you do. I Said Pete 'Ditto'

Well we had a very nice Party, we had to go to town and get Erik some Hemmoroid medicine, and Scott thought that was funny, The following day Scott and Erik had to leave and go back to Texas, Pete and I drove them to the Airport and we said Our goodbys and they boarded the plane and left, On the way Home Pete said Kevin, Your my life I need just you and only you, When we got home to the bunkhouse we rushed into the house and Pete said Kev I want you so bad, and He started crying and said I have never loved anyone like I love you and Pete started undressing and then undressing me while tears were running down his cheeks.

I layed back on the bed and got myself ready for Petes beautiful cock. It was stiff as a Wrought Iron rod. then Pete did something I had never thought he wouldever do, he went into the bathroom, and came out in a few minutes and came over to the bed where I was, slipped back my foreskin and then He started sucking my cock oh how wonderous it felt Hot, sensous, so very loveing and I was writhing on the bed and Pete kept up the pressure, I was lost in paradise, then while I had my eyes closed Pete stopped and got up on his knees and straddled me and raised up his body like an Olympic Gymnast, raised up on his hands stiff armed, and lowered his gorgeous ass over my stiff throbbing almost aching cock and slowly,oh so very very slowly kept lowering his asshole right over my cock I finally felt something I have never felt before, My cockhead punched thru and I saw Pete just wet his lips and smile with his eyes closed and said oh fuck baby that feels so fucking wonderful, he just kept lowering and lowering his beautiful ass and as he did he started milking my cock with his sphincter muscles like a milking machine, I didn't know someone could do that,I was feeling every movement of his rectum as he milked my dick with his ass hole muscles, I had never read or heard of anyone doing this, No words could explain that feeling, If my cock had been a cows udder He could have milked me dry, which is exactly what he was doing, I had never fucked a guy before but if this is what it was like I wanted all I could get I was slowly being brought to the brink and taken back down again with this muscle movement in his ass, I have heard of someone having an ass so tight they could have cracked walnuts, but this was really out of this world, I was thrashing groaning, wimpering, and saying Pete, oh Pete, I love you so much I was about to unload when Pete leaned over and started just plain fucking me with his asshole, and squeezing, It was unexplainable and then I felt my cock head hit a lump up inside of his rectum, and Pete let out a loud groan, Oh Fuck Kevin thats the spot and he started moving his ass all over my cock, I couldn't hold it anymore My cock was aching for want of release. and Then Pete started grunting and moaning and sayin That's It baby, that's it, I saw his cock, without me even touching it starting to buck, and jump and blast a load all over me and him I was trying to catch it in my mouth and then I started to unload, I was bucking, grunting and blowing a blast of sperm into Petes Asshole like a horse and the feeling was like no other, a blow job, especially from Pete was awesome but His asshole was beyong words to express the feeling,

Pete leaned over onto me and started gently kissing my all over my face and chest, licking off the cum and sharing it with me, telling how much he loved me and never wanted to loose me, I Looked up at Pete and said 'DITTO' he just smiled. We layed there like that and fell asleep and rested beautifully the rest of the night.

Then next Morning I presented Pete with a little black box with a wedding ring for his birthday and we once again renewed our committment to each other.

As the weeks went on I got treated to so many other experiences of interesting sexual exploitation with Pete there's always a new road just around the bend and a beautful new sunny day that starts each morning.

I never knew Just what love could feel like until I met My Cowboy, Pete.



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