It was another beautiful, hot sunny day on the Ranch and I was getting myself a drink from the fridge and Pete walked into the bunkhouse and said, He man I just talked to Ryan Madison and he plans to come for that barbeque this weekend, I said, Oh Shit man I had forgotten all about it, Well we will just have to make do with what we have here, we'll be alright. Pete looked up and smiled and said that He really liked Ryan and the last time he had come out we had a friggen great time, didn't we? he asked, I said Yes we did, and kinda left it at that. I was just about to walk outside the bunkhouse and the phone rang and It was Uncle Frank, I said Hey, Uncle Frank good to hear from you, He said Kevin, how are things there, I said, just great, couldn't be better He said great, great, and How's Old Pete?, I said Old Pete is just wonderful, I said He's standing right here if you want to speak to him, Uncle Frank said yea put him on, and Pete came over and took the phone, Hey Frank, whats happening, Pete said, sounds like ya'll are having a really great time one the island, O.K. I'll tell him, and Pete hung up.

Pete looked over to me took a swig of his beer and said Your Uncle Frank and Aunt Peg will be home, Here this week end. I said No shit man, I gotta get up to the big house and clean it up, I haven't stayed there in almost two months, Pete said calm down dude, I will help you get it done, I love Playing the fucking maid, and he started giggling, I winked at him and said I love that part too sweetie, especially seeing you in that cute little skirt, Pete said Screw you, you queen, and I said but yea cutie at least I'm your queen, and Pete just giggled and said whats for supper? and I said Hey man, your the maid, its your turn to cook. Pete jumped over and punched me on the arm and I said torture and cruelty are becoming part of the daily life on this ranch, how much more do I have to tolerate, Pete just smiled and said fuck you, I said 'NOW' or after supper? He said maybe both, I ran out the back door and Pete ran after me, when he caught me he spun me around and lay a wet sloppy kiss right on my mouth and started rubbing all over my body, Damn Pete had the ability to make me hotter and more aroused than anything or anyone I could think of, Shit I was already breathing heavy and my cock was about to split my Levi's open and Pete was massaging it thru my trousers as he kissed me like a love starved hound, I said lets at least get into the house, He said why? no ones around and It might be the only chance we have to fuck here on the porch, I just let it happen, Pete stripped me and before I could get my levi's down he was on my cock like a wolf on a rabbit.

For some reason, and I can't explain it but every time Pete and I had sex, It was like the first time, just as exciting and just as fulfilling, and erotic, Pete just had a way about him that got to me, And I loved him more each and every day. I was leaning back against the post to the porch and Pete had my cock buried in his mouth and I noticed his cock straining in his Levi's too, I said Pete, he said umm, I said we need to get into a position so that I can reach your cock too, Man, I want it really bad, Pete just layed down on the porch undid his Levi's and had to manuver his cock until he could get it free and slid the Levi's down to his boots and said Is this better? and I went wild, I layed down in a sixty nine position and had it in my mouth before he could my cock back into his. He said awe fuck Kevin, and I just went to work and I wasn't on his cock but about four minutes and He lifted up his ass and pushed my head down and said awe fuck, aw FUCK, And I got a mouthful of his sweet love cream, and It tasted like a mouth full of honey, Damn it was awesome, I finished slurpping his cum off his cock and I felt the same thing comming on, I grabbed his head and shoved my cock into his throat and just leaned over his head and grunted like a boar, fuck the climax was intense and completely fulfilling, and When Pete finally took his mouth off my cock He looked up at me and said, What the Hell you trying to do? Drown me, and smiled a great big beautiful smile, and then stood up and we both stood on the porch with our pants around our ankles with polo shirts on and our bare asses and cocks showing all nature, and he started kissing me and saying thanks babe I loved that.

Well Ryan came over the next night and spent the night and we sucked him and fucked him dry and He of course Had a friggen wonderful night, we had a delicious bar-b-que and He stayed untill Saturday night and left saying I'll be back for more and Pete just said it will be our pleasure. Ryan just smiled and said every time I have been here it had been completely MY pleasure. And got into his car and left.

The phone rang and Uncle Frank said Kevin our plane will be in Sunday afternoon at 4:30, meet us at the airport in Billings. I said sure Uncle Frank we will be there, Well that put a rush on things, We had to get to the house and clean it up, I hadn't stayed in it at all, but I needed to dust the furniture and make sure the Air conditioning was turned on and just mainly get it ready for Uncle Frank and Aunt Peg,

We got to it and I noticed Pete had stripped to his briefs and socks and was running the vacuum cleaner in the Living Room and I said hey cutie, I would love to have you cleaning for me, I walked over to him and walked up behind him like I do some time and leaned over to kiss his earlobe and lick his neck, I did and Pete just said UGHMMM, I reached around and slid my hands into his briefs and wrapped my hand around his quickly hardening cock, he said, Now How the hell am I suppposed to get my housework done when you won't leave me alone? all you want from me is sex, sex, sex, I started laughing and He said You little biatch, You think it's funny do you? and He grabbed me and layed me over the kitchen table pulled my jogging shorts off and licked on his hand and spread saliva on his cock and started shoving it up my wanting ass, damn man it felt so friggen good, Pete said, you little whore is this what you want? of course I knew Pete was just playing a role for my sake and he just kept up the pumping, Im gonna fuck you real good bitch, and he started ramming it all the way to the hilt, now may I add here, Pete's cock is an ass full, if you know what I mean, but His hammering my ass and talking Like I was a slut was really turning me on, shit man I was about to blow off on the table, and his hammering my ass movement, mixed with the pre-cum leaking out of my cock and the back and forth movement of mycock, My dick felt like I was fucking something it was sliding on the table top and My stomach at the same time and I was feeling like I was gonna shoot it, I let out a yell and Said Mother Fucker Pete, and I started blowing a load of cum all over the table and clean off the other side, It was so intense, Pete saw it and said Holy Mother, and He rammed his cock into my ass and felt like it almost came into my throat, and started blasting, and I could feel each flex of his cock as it shot it's several vollies of semen into my intestines, and Pete layed over stomach down on my back and just layed there for a few moments and said Now, can I get my housework done? and smiled and I said Pete, your an asshole but I really love You man. He just smiled and said, Ditto!

The next day We Picked Uncle Frank and Aunt Peg up from the air port, and was glad to see them, and I explained that I was staying with Pete in the bunkhouse since it was kinda lonely up there by myself, They had no problem with that.

Thy came home and we talked about different things about the ranch, things that needed fixing and restored and or replaced and Uncle Frank said Kevin I'm putting you and Pete in charge of this ranch I am getting too old, and besides Your Mom and Dad and I and Aunt Peg will be mainly staying at the new place we bought On ST. THOMAS island off the coast of Florida, I said permanently? He said pretty much, most of the year, It is so beautiful there, except in the Hurricane seanson at which we will probably come home for a month or so out of the year. I said, sounds good to me.

Well a week had elapsed since Uncle and Aunt had come home and I Was walking to the Big Horse corral and Uncle Frank said Hey Kevin come, take a ride with me, I said you want Pete too, he said no, just you.

He took me out to the lake and we just kinda drove around and then we stopped overlooking the lake, and He said Kevin theres something I want to know, so please tell me the truth, I said I will if I know it, he smiled he said Oh, you'll know it, I said o.k. shoot. He said I was wondering and he paused a moment, and Then he looked me in the eyes and said Are you and Pete having a love affair, you know gay sex and all, I thought my stomach would cramp, I asked him Uncle Frank, What ever gave you that idea, He smiled and me and said I saw you two out at the barn last night, I had needed something from the tak room, and I said, exactly what did you see, He said, Kevin I don't care about your sex life with whom, or what kind, I just want you to be happy with whoever, Pete is a great man and I really like him and I saw the two of you in an embrace and kissing in the barn yesterday afternoon, and Your Aunt Peg will never know, at least not from these lips, I said Uncle Frank arn't you afraid you'll let it slip sometime? He said I have kept a secret from Your Aunt Peg for over thirty years of marriage now and ain't slipped yet, I said you want to share it with me, he said Yea, that was the other thing I wanted to share with you, Well the truth is Kevin, I understand your love for Pete, you see, I have been having an affair with another man since before Peg and I got married, but I love Peg, don't get me wrong she couldn't give me children, but she had been a great wife and I love her very much, but I have this need to have another man for sex, I said Uncle FRank I would never have thought it, and he said well that ain't all son, the other man that I have had sex with is your Dad, I said what did you say, He said yes Kevin It's your Dad, He and I have been having sex since before we married Peg and Mary, I said Well Fuck Me, with a stove pipe, I just started Laughing a funny laugh, and I said no shit man, My dad, He said yes sir, your Dad and I thought you should know and he left the telling of it up to me, and since I found out you and Pete were having an affair,of at least expected it, I thought now would be a good opportunity, I said now aint' that something, He said Kevin other than you knowing this truth, nothing changes, I said I know that, but it explains where I might have gotten the desire, Uncle Frank said It don't happen that way, It just so happens there are gay men that have had children that don't turn out gay, I said, well one thing for sure Uncle Frank I love you and My Dad more for knowing the truth, and He said, Kevin the ranch Is already yours it will be finalized upon the death of the last one of us, Me or Peg, which ever one is the last. I said I love you Uncle FRank and he said We both love you too Kevin.

My outlook on life has changed since this shocking report and updating the family record, I Love my dad and Uncle Frank even more now and can't wait till I can talk to my father about it. Untill then I will go on enjoying the ranch, and My wonderful Lover Pete. isn't it amazing How a little knowledge can change everything. One thing for sure and it's a constant is I love Pete and Pete loves me.



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