During the Summer of '96 I was setting at home doing absolutely nothing, bored as hell and being from a small midwestern town feeling like I was rotting away. I was nineteen, never had a girlfriend, had very few buddies that weren't in the Army, Navy or Marines, most of those that weren't in the Military was in College.

About late June or Early July Mom recieved a call from Aunt Peggy and Uncle Frank out in Montana,saying that they would like for me to come out and spend a month or two with them on the ranch and help around the place, since they had no Children, Uncle Frank and Aunt Peg had decided they wanted me to get aquainted with the Ranch since they would be leaving it to me when they died, which was quite a shock and suprise to me.

I took a flight to Billings and they picked me up at the airport and drove me back to the Ranch.

We Had supper and then retired to the fireplace room (living room we called it at home) but it had a wagonwheel chandelier, and a huge fireplace in a sunken family room type of setting, very nice.

We had coffee and a piece of cake and made small talk. They showed me to my room and told me that they would show me around the Ranch, about 3000 acres of sprawling outback type of land, A beautiful river meandering thru and a gorgeous Lake about a hundred acres big, a huge lake.

The next day I woke up at the crack of dawn and looked out the bedroom window of the ranch house and saw a sort of smaller house kinda away from the main house, close to some of the barns and outbuildings. I ask Aunt Peg what it was used for, she said Its a bunk house for the help, they had a hired hand that had been working for them about ten months and His Name was Pete.

Uncle Frank bragged on Pete, what a strong, well built rugged hand he was and very efficient and dependable, and what a very necessary part of the ranch he was. He said they couldn't make it there without him.

After coffee and breakfast we took a jeep around and checked out the layout of the land and then came back to the Bunk House for me to meet Pete, He came out and stuck out his hand to me and Muther F--ker he was, how shall I say ruggedly handsome, built like a brick shithouse, and smiled like his face came out of the sunshine itself, Damn I felt a stirring in me I had never ever felt before.

I forgot to add that I was still a virgin in every sense of the word, if you exept jerking the old schlong with your right hand and looking at Hustler, and Cheri magazines ect. Well the problem with those magazines is this, they catered to Heterosexuals, with pictures of Women and sometimes men too, My desires and eyes centered in on the men, and they're beautiful cocks and asses. Oh yea I jerked off with a friend named Ricky once, Just young Kid stuff but never anything else, So my experience was very limited.

Well Uncle Frank kinda turned me over to Pete for some Ranch Learnin (as Pete called it) and He begin to teach me the ropes.

But every time I got close to Pete I started feeling somthing strange, I would notice his muscular arms, his tight buttocks in the Levi's, his shoulder's and the gorgeous pec muscles of his chest, damn I even noticed his nipples on his chest, showing thru his polo shirt, I was going nuts and didn't know why.

About the third day there Aunt Peg called me into the kitchen and told me that my Mom and Dad was comming to meet them at the airport, their Aunt Eliza from Nome, Alaska had passed away at 89 yrs old and had left everything to Mom and Aunt Peg, and they had to go up and make arrangements and disposal of the property she owned, since she had no children.

They ask me if I wanted to go or if I wanted to stay there with Pete and work on the ranch, since I had never met Aunt Eliza, and the trip would be rather boring for me. I opted to stay with Pete.

Well they took a Plane to Nome, Alaska and they left me there on the ranch with Pete.

I went out to the Bunk house and told Pete that I was staying with him and he invited me to have supper with him, so we had supper, Pete was a fairly good cook, and we cleaned up after the meal. Pete then ask me If I wanted to come with him into town to pick up a case of beer, you do like beer don't you? He ask, I replied is a Frogs ass water tight? He laughed, and we took off in his Jeep Wagoneer.

We got into town and Pete stopped and ordered some feed at the grainery for some of the cattle on the ranch, and then went to a liquer store and got a case of his favorite brew.

We headed home, Pete had made no mention of ever needed some pussy,or liking women, like most macho cowboys do, but just drove on to the bunk house and pulled up in front, and said, hey lets go in and have a brew, O.K. by me I replied.

we put the beer in the frig and Pete took his shirt off and said to me 'make yourself at home' I'm gonna shower first I smell like the north end of a south bound bull, and he started laughing, I said I need to go to the house and shower too. He said, Hey man why don't you go get your clothes and shower here and you can sleep in my bunk here while they are gone, no need to be up there in that lonly old house by yourself, I said that sounds like a winner, I'll be right back.

I went and got my clothes and came back, Pete was just getting out of the shower, and since the bunkhouse just has a cloth curtain over the door of the shower room and toilet room (which by the way was pulled over to the side and standing open) I got a full nude shot of Pete, Now Pete was about maybe 32-35ish and built like nobodys business, and He was bent over forward drying his lower legs and feet, and God Damn, His balls hung to about his knees and looks like a Texas Longhorn Bulls nuts, I had never seen a picture like that and I got a beautiful shot of his asshole, well needless to say I got a Hardon like solid glass. I couldn't take my eyes off of his ass and those nuts, He stood up and turned around, that's when I saw a horse cock on a grown man, It had to be seven inches soft and almost as thick as my wrist. He stood there smiling and I noticed his dick was starting to bob with each heart beat and raise up gradually, He said Hey man the showers all yours. I stuttered and said uh,uh,uh, O.K. and I started to strip and then I remembered I had a fucking boner to end all boners, I got a little problem down there I said, Pete just laughed and said, seems like we both get that sometimes, don't we? It don't bother me, be proud of what you've got, and enjoy it while you can I say, and then he walked pass me totally naked, went to the frig and got himself a beer.

I took my shower being afraid to wash my cock cause if I touched it It would probably go off in my hands. My mind was going back to those guys in the magazines with boners and I couldn't get my cock to go down. Finally when I had finished the shower I told Pete I hoped he didn't mind but my dick won't go down and I would just have to let it stay that way untill it did, when I walked into the living room of the bunk house, there was Pete just in his fruit of the loom whities, the outline of his gorgeous, big, long uncut cock just hanging there in his underwear. I got a lump in my throat, and fuck, My cock just got harder. finally I put on my tidy whities, and sat down in a chair next to Pete, My cock about to split and Pete walked over to the frig and got me a cold one. It was nice and cold and I just took a swig and stuck it between my legs to cool things down a bit.

Finally it went down a little it was still about three quarters hard and leaking clear liquid from the piss slit, it looked like I had pissed in my underwear.

Pete finally said lets hit the sack, So we turned off the T.V. and crawled into the bed . We layed there for about an hour talking, the moonlight was from a full moon and almost as bright as daylight in the bunkhouse.

Pete began to ask me questions about girls how many I had screwed ect. and I was a little shy and ashamed to answer, then he told me not to be shy there was a first time for everything, then I told him about the disire I had for men and how turned on I got when I looked at the magazines and pictures, not from the women, but from the pictures of the men and their cocks, and asses.

Pete ask me If I had ever had a blow job from a man or if I had fucked a guy in the ass, or been fucked by a guy, I said never. Just jerked off with a kid when I was about 14, then he said Is that why you got such a boner a while ago when you was getting ready to shower? I answered yes I saw your big balls and cock and I got so turned on I didn't want to touch myself while I was showering. He laughed and said hey man we need to do something about that right away, and he rolled over and looked at me and said, I like men too, but I have had experience so If you will let me I will teach you the ropes of man to man sex, I quickly replied really WOW! First off You just lay back and let me show you how it feels to have a man make love to your body, which I might say, is just beautiful, and yes I have noticed your body and wanted to have sex with you since I first was introduced to you.

Pete leaned over and with very strong, firm hands took my face into his hands, drew my face to his, and slipped a tongue into my mouth and kissed me like a god would kiss a snowflake, gentle, loving, warm, moist and my heart began to race like it was going to explode, he then gently, oh so gently slid his tongue down my neck and onto my lightly hairy chest and began to lightly kiss my chest muscles, sliding his tongue down to my navel and sticking his tongue into the opening and It was like nothing I had ever had before. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, then he slowly kissed my abs licking and kissing his way back up to the Nipples on my chest and took the nipples into his mouth lightly biting each one, nibbling, sucking, and gently moving to the other, then sliding back down to the treasure trail of my stomach hair leading to the top of my jockey shorts and with his mouth he lightly nibbled just above the waist band of my shorts and then took the waist band into his mouth he pulled them down and then caught them with his thumb and slowly to pull them off my legs and feet. then he began to slowly kiss his way back up the inside of my thighs, I was moaning like a mare in heat, and felling like I had never felt before, I wanted to touch Pete like that and I started to grab him and he said not tonight, tonight it your night son Let Pete make love to you. I just layed back down and let it happen. Pete licked up the inside of my legs and got up to my nutsack and gently opened his mouth wet his lips an gently sucked my nutsack into his hot, wet, mouth, gently rolled my nuts around in his wee warm mouth, and I like to lost it, I yelped like a pup that had been stung by a wasp. Fuck man, Never, ever had anything felt so good.

Pete then took his hand Licked it with a good amount of saliva and mixed with my own pre-cum began to rub up and down my extremely hard throbbing dick, Now I have a pretty good sized cock too, about 7.5 inches and quite thick as the standard goes, Not as big as Petes but big enough. Well ole Pete was gently sucking on my nuts and slowly stroking my cock up and down sliding my foreskin back and forth, I could feel the buildup of pleasure and I started groaning and panting and snorting just as Pete took my cock into his mouth and slid it up and down about four times, and then took the whole cock to the back of his throat, I felt it as it slid down Petes throat, I started blowing off a volley of cum that would have shot to the other side of the bedroom, Pete just groaned a very pleasureable groan and kept sucking like their was no tomorrow. He drained every drop of my mancream from its source even rubbing up the piss tube underside of my cock to get every little morsel of my cum and licking it off with his tongue.

I was totally spent and totally in Love with Pete and I told I would do Him the same way if he wanted me too. He just smiled and said, calm down a bit and I'm gonna show you somthing else to show you what the love of a man is all about. I just said whatever you want your in the drivers seat. We layed there and got our breath for a few seconds an I noticed Petes Cock looked he could play baseball with it, I was sticking out like a tree limb on an oak tree and just a rigid.

I leaned over and started touching it, I had never touched another guys cock before and Never even seen one this big even in magazines, Pete just let me play with it for a few minutes and then he layed over on one side and reached over to the drawer and got a tube of something out and a condom. He said I want to make love to you and break you into anal sex and show you it can be wonderful for the receiver as well as the giver. Pete layed me back and started to kiss my balls again and I started to get a stiff cock all over again, I never knew you could enjoy so much sex in one day.

Pete raised me up and started licking my ass, he kissed and spread my ass cheeks apart and slowly started kissing my asshole with his tongue and slipping his tongue into my asshole, fuck man, I was about to loose it, I felt like I was gonna cum again and started to feel the buildup again, but no one was even touching my cock. Pete then lubbed a couple fingers and slowly slid them, ever so gently into my rectum, He was so damn loving, gentle and careing, I was amazed as sexual as he was he was so slow an gentle wanting to make this experience for me 'wonderful'.

I jerked and grunted and wimpered in pleasure and he found 'that spot' I later would find out was my prostrate, and he began to rub, Oh fuck! How the fuck did a guy know how to do all this stuff I had never read about or heard of? Just was blowing my mind, as well as exhausting my body, He just kept rubbing that spot and then he stopped and said I think your ready for the next step and remember just to let it flow, go with me, push out like you taking a dump and relax, I know it will hurt a little at first but bear with it and pleasure will take over in a few minutes and you will injoy it, I Promise you. Well he lubbed me up real good, put on an extra large condom and got up onto his knees and moved close to me, I was on my back, and he started moving his cock head, with his hand up and down on my asshole and gently pushing in at the same time, I started to push out for him, I wanted to make him as happy as he had made me, He pushed a little harder and then a little harder, and finally his cock head punched thru, I felt a sharp pain and a burning sensation, and I remembered his telling me to wait I will go away, and as he slowly and ever so gently pushed more and more of his enormous cock into my anal cavity, I started to feel the pleasure he was tell me about. I then told Pete shove that horsecock into me, and let me have it. God did he ever, but he was so caring and gentle after about five minutes He had it burried to the hilt and his cock head was rubbing my prostate, driving me wild, I was snorting, grunting and pushing up like a nyphomaniac on a friday night fuckfest. Damn I had never had anything like this happen before, this was a night of firsts. Pete then began a slow steady rythmic stroking, fucking like a professional breader and I went into a trance of pleasure like never before, About twenty minutes into this fuck, and a second climax of hot sticky cum blasting out of my burning cock, Pete began to pick up the pace and say, Oh Fuck Baby, Oh Fuck Baby, UGHMMMMMMMM,Oh Baby, And I felt his cock grow larger and harder in my intestine and then It felt like he had turned on a hot water hose into me, his climax was so strong that it busted the condom, and He collapsed onto my chest. WE layed there and kissed like a newly wedded couple.

After we layed there for what seemed to be a half hour, His dick slowly going soft in my ass, Pete rolled over and Looked with love into my eyes and said, That was amazing, I hope I didn't hurt you, Your so beautiful, and then we took each other into one anothers arms and fell sound asleep.

Then next morning I woke up and Pete was standing at the window, Naked, and looking out the window at the deer playing in a pasture out back of the bunk house, I got up and said we need to wash off the sex from out bodies and Pete said not me, I will be able to smell you all day on my body tell I get home tonight back here, and with each wiff of the smell, remember the wonderful night we have just had.

I spoke up and said, what for? I'm staying right here with you, I love you Pete.

P.S. Since the condom busted during the anal sex, Pete went and got tested for me, and to My and his delight he was negative.



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