The Sun was very warm on this July morning, and I was just getting out of bed, Pete was already up and setting at the kitchen table of the bunk house drinking a cup of coffee just staring out the window.

I walked into the kitchen in my white briefs and walked up behind Pete, gorgeous as ever and bare chested, shirtless, and I put my arms around his shoulders and spoke gently into his right ear, 'Hey gorgeous, wanna come out and play?'. He just looked around into my eyes, kissed me and said good morning Kevin, I said 'A penny for your thoughts', He said I was just thinking about my Mom and family.

Now Pete had never spoken about his family before, Hell I didn't even know he had one, but I said what about them, Pete then spoke up and said, I got a call last night on my cell phone, from my sister, that my Dad has passed away, and I need to go to Texas to be with the family, And I'm not sure what will happpen, because My Dad had thrown me out and told me I wasn't welcome Home anymore, and I didn't have a family as far as he was concerned, because I was a fucking queer, I don't know how he found out but he did, but I haven't seen Mom or My sister or two brothers for almost ten years.

I spoke up and said Wow Pete, You had never told me that, but then we haven't been together for very long, Shit Uncle Frank and Aunt Peg isn't even back from Alaska yet.

I told Pete to go ahead and go and I can take care of the Ranch while he was gone.

Pete packed up his suitecase, and as we got ready to drive up to Billings to the airport, we were just about to go out the door, Pete Grabbed me and stared straight into my eyes and said, Kevin I have never Loved anyone before you, and Please know that while I'm gone you will be on my mind every moment, and I noticed tears in his eyes, I Hugged him and kissed him. Then we got in the wagoneer and took off for the airport.

After about three days I got a call from Pete, and He was so happy all his family was elated to see him and he had been accepted back into his family and then he laughed and said he found out that his little brother who was about 25, was gay too, and living with a nice young man, Mom had totally accepted him and was longing for Pete to be reunited with the family and now that his Father had died Pete was welcomed back, Pete then told me they wanted him to stay in Texas but He had told them his Life was here with me and the Ranch, that made me feel wonderful, Then I told him Hurry home, I miss you so much, He said Ditto! and we hung up.

Two days later I got a phone call from his sister saying Pete had told them all about me and that They were anxious to meet me ,but that would come some time later. And she wanted to tell me Petes birthday was the 17th of August, Just in case I had not known that. I thanked her and hung up, I had to get to the Airport and get Pete, I was totally excited about seeing him again.

Well the Plane was just landing when I got into the Airport luggage area and I was waiting at the gate opening for him, I saw him and I could hardly breath I was so excited, My hands were even shaking, When I saw him I felt so much love, and wanted to make love to him there on the airport floor, (I really knew that was impossible, just a desire).

Pete grabbed me and I thought he was gonna squeeze me to death, He even kissed me passionately right in the airport Luggage area and people just stared at us, Pete said who gives a shit, let um stare, I'm not ashamed of my love for you Kevin.

He hadn't eaten yet that day, and we stopped at a McDonalds and got a couple burgers and a Soda,and fries, then headed for Home, Pete Said I can't wait to get home, I have missed you so much, to which I replied, probably about like I have missed you.

Well we reached the bunkhouse about dusk, and we went into the bunkhouse and Pete just threw his bags over on the loveseat, and turned around and grabbed me and planted a huge, hot, wet, Kiss on my lips and he immediately started undressing me. Damn I spoke up and said, with a little chuckle, Hey fella am I about to get raped, and Laughed. Pete said If you only knew, Well Pete yanked off his shirt, and again I saw his beautiful chest and nipples and he grabbed my shirt and yanked it off almost violently, I loved it. He just kept licking all over my neck, my nipples, my chest and then he reached down with his right hand and started rubbing my cock thru my slacks, God Damn, I want you so bad Kevin he said, I need to make love to you so bad, He was almost like a wild man, I was in total submission because the thought of his love for me was like wildfire inside of my body. I was almost shaking from the lust in my loins and the rest of my body, Pete just kept going he reached down and undid my Denim shorts, unzipped them, and yanked them down, then he undid his and let them drop to the floor, Pete dropped to his knees and started chewing on my dick thru my white underwear, which by now was like a peice of granite stone almost hurting it was so friggin hard, damn my underwear was wet from Petes saliva, and I thought I would die, my heart was beating with pure unabated lust and desire for Pete, I reached down and felt that Huge, uncut, beautiful cock of Petes and started rubbing it, Now I know I had had it in my mouth, my ass and had jacked him off with my hand several times, but for some reason It seemed harder and thicker and longer than I had remembered, feeling Petes huge cock throbbing in my hands gave me a burst of energy and I grabbed Petes shoulders and spun him around and threw him on the bed, flat of his back, I reached into the drawer and grabbed some lubrication and slicked up his cock, like a monument sticking up straight up hard as a concrete pillar and then stuck some very quickly into my man tunnel, and then got straddle Pete, laying flat of his back, and just sit down on his hard throbbing cock, I wasn't gentle I just rammed it in with my own bodys movement, Pete said 'Kevin, where the hell did this come from'? I said I have missed you and needed you for almost a week, I kept myself for you, I didn't even want to jerk off, I needed your cock in me for the last few days, Pete I love you, then Pete rolled me over and started to Plant that tower of love all the way to my heart and I started to thrash and writhe and hump my ass up against his balls as hard as I could, Damn was I was in heat or something? I have never felt like this before, my body was on fire.

If Pete could have crawled up my ass with his whole body I would have loved it. I could feel his gorgeous cock head as it bumped against my prostate, and I was about to pass out with pure pleasure, and I felt the buildup of semen comming on, I whispered into Petes left ear and I hugged him,'Baby cum at the same time with me, Please'! Pete said softly and gently I'm almost there Kev and about that time we both started to grunt and grown, Oh jeeze Kev, Oh fuck, Pete was wimpering and groaning, and I felt Pete ram his concrete Dick all the way to the hilt up my rectum and his cock head hit my prostate one last time and I felt his cum splash into my Love tunnel As Pete groaned and grunted like a Hog on a feeding frenzy, It felt like Pete had turned on a hose of warm liquid into my intestine, and that made me Blast a load of cum like no other, I looked up and It was all over Petes face and hanging in his hair and even some went into Pete's mouth, Pete just looked into my face with pure, raw lust and wiped the cum off his face and chest and licked it off with his tongue, then he leaned over and licked my cum off my chest too, and shared it with me by putting his tongue into my mouth, and I tasted my own cum for the first time, it was fucking awesome.

We layed there for about 25-30 minutes and then Pete kissed me and told me I've got you a gift for you, I spoke up and said Pete you just gave me the most wonderful gift I could ever get. He smiled leaned over on the bed kissed me on the nose, and said lets take a shower and then I will give you the gift.

We took a shower together as we have been doing since that first night together and of course my cock got hard and Pete knelt down and gave me an awesome blowjob during the shower and I thought I would choke him with cum when I shot. Pete laughed and got up and said you owe me one good buddy, and giggled.

We dried off and put on some clothes and He said lets go for a drive, and he took me to a butte overlooking the big Lake on the backside of Uncle Franks property and we set there on a large rock, under a tree and Pete took a little box out of his pants pocket and opened it, it was a gold wedding band, He said Hey, I know Montana doesn't recognize gay marriages, but I want you to at least wear my ring, because I promise you my faithfulness and Love as long as I live, I looked up and he had tears in his eyes and so did I. I spoke up, Looking into Petes eyes and I said 'Ditto' I truly Love you Pete, I truly Love you. Then He kissed me.



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