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Introduction to

Next Door Studios brings together jocks, hunks, newcomers, and porn stars this gay porn network which now stands at 60 channels. Featuring hot oral sex and anal action, as well as masturbation sessions. 5,334 mostly exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, plus six weekly network updates.

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Since Last Review

  • Site has added 312 updates in 24 months
  • Site is now part of a larger gay porn network
  • Various membership option & pricing changes

NextDoorStudios Topics

Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

5,334 mostly exclusive videos in MP4 format. Newer downloads offered at 4K at 3840x2160, plus 7 smaller sizes at good quality. Oldest sized at 720x480, plus 1 smaller size at average quality or better. Streaming, mobile compatible videos available.

Picture info

4,500+ picture sets. Most pics are digital stills, newer sized at sized at 1280x1920 at good quality, older at 800x1200 at average quality or average or better screencaps. Zip files available, no slideshows. Pics can be saved individually.

Bonus content

Access to the ASG Max network.

Site issues

Pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) on right side of billing page. By joining, you automatically agree to receive commercial emails with no way to opt out until later. Members must cancel at least 48 hours (trial members 24 hours) before their membership rebills or they may be billed one more time. Pop-over when exiting billing page. Members land on a full-page ad when logging in. Members must cancel at least 48 hours (trial members 24 hours) before their membership rebills or they may be billed one more time. Notification pop-up on tour.

Membership cost of Next Door Studios

Trial membership only gives you limited access. There are pre-checked options on signup page. If left checked, you will automatically be subscribed to another site.

  • Monthly Streaming: $5.00 (recurring at $19.95 every 30 days)
  • Monthly: $14.95 (recurring at $29.95 every 30 days)
  • Yearly: $119.40 (recurring every 365 days)

Next Door Studios Review

Next Door Studios has been producing gay porn since 2004 when they launched their first site called Next Door Male with mostly straight jocks jerking their cocks. They grew into a massive gay porn empire with 21 sites, and in summer of 2023 they had another growth spurt when Next Door Studios was added to the company's new network, ASG Max (Alpha Studios Group), which now has 60 channels with over 12,500 videos. There's a lot to talk about and update in this review, so let’s get logged in.

The performers are usually 20-something jocks, studs, athletic and muscle men, but there's the odd guy in his thirties. Many start off as amateurs or fresh faces but quickly become mainstays like Brandon Anderson, Dakota Payne, Justin Matthews, Roman Todd, and so many others. These guys are usually good looking with physiques ranging from athletic to muscular, and many of them have been billed as straight, although this seems to be less of a focus these days. There’s the odd twink, too, like Trevor Harris, Cristiano, Luca Ambrose, and the very well-hung Drake Von.

Most of the new releases feature suck and fuck action in duos, but there are over 500 threesomes and a little more than two dozen videos with four or more guys. There's plenty of performers sucking cock and getting their asses pounded, some rimming and kissing, and a little gym sex and flip-flop fucking. Masturbation solos were the draw back in 2004, and while the newer updates focus on hardcore action, solos made a brief comeback during the pandemic when at-home filming became the norm on the now defunct channel Next Door Homemade. 

Next Door Studios was the catch-all for videos from all of the Next Door sites, so Next Door Raw, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Twink, Next Door Taboo, although the occasional video was produced under the Next Door Studios brand, too. A couple of other gay porn sites like Rod’s Room and Stag Collective joined this network. Now, with the launch of ASG Max, you’ll find so much more here from 60 channels, but more about that later.

Next Door Raw is the studio's bareback site, and it was launched to test the raw sex arena, but these days, almost all of the Next Door Studios scenes are condom-free. While the site featured the odd video from Next Door Taboo, this company’s fauxcest offering with stepbrother fucking or stepdads having sex with horny stepsons, all 190 videos found a home in the site’s new channel, and it continues to update. Next Door Buddies and Next Door Twink offer lots of guy-on-guy sex featuring guys of varying ages, although the guys in Next Door Twink videos aren’t often twinks. Rod’s Room features gay porn stars in creative fuck sessions from director and photographer Michael Vegas. Stag Collective, which featured many guys in first-time gay sex scenes, no longer updates.

Next Door Studios offers 5,334 videos in MP4 format. Most of the videos are good quality and offered to download in six or seven sizes, the largest at 1920x1080 at good quality, and the newest are also available in 4K at 3840x2160. Older videos are sized at 720x480 at good amateur quality with three smaller sizes, and the very oldest videos come in two sizes with 720x480 being the largest. You can stream the videos in a player at 1158x652 if your screen is big enough, but the videos automatically resize to fit smaller screens like tablets and cell phones. You can enlarge the videos to full-screen with varying results depending on the age of the production. It's worth mentioning that when available, you can even stream the 4K version, and these played flawlessly on the network's very robust servers.

With the launch of ASG Max, there are now 9,424 picture sets in the Photos section, up from the previous 4,429 galleries on Next Door Studios. The massive increase is because the Photos section now includes picture sets from all of the producers. It’s no longer possible to sort them by studio, however, each video’s episode page has a link to its photo gallery  Many of the pictures are digital stills sized at 800x1068 at average quality (older) to 1280x1920 (newer) at good to very good quality that are bright, crisp, and well lit. Some pics, like those from Next Door Homemade are screencaps at average to good amateur quality. The pictures are shown in galleries with unfortunately tiny thumbnails, and the viewer has forward and back controls, but there’s no slideshow feature. You can also use a full-screen option (located top right) which gives you super-sized pictures if your screen is large enough. You can save the pics individually or download entire sets in zip files.

Let’s talk about the ASG Max network, which Next Door Studio is now a part of, because it factors into the updates and bonus content sections. There are 60 gay porn channels here including Next Door Studios, and you’ll have full access to 12,538 videos. If you were previously a member of Next Door Studios, you’ll now find several new sites here like Disruptive Films with its edgy and often chilling story lines, well-hung men from Extra Big Dicks, mature men at Men Over 30, gay military sex at Active Duty, the new and exciting gay animation series Sodomy Squad, and fauxcest action from Family Creep, as well as some videos (but not entire inventories) from Chaos Men and Blacks on Boys. Many of the channels feature smaller numbers of videos from a particular theme or series filmed by one of the studios like Taboo Men and True Male from Disruptive Films or Fraternity Fantasies or Bro Code from Next Door Studios. There’s also a Bonus channel with a couple of dozen third-party videos.

With many of the 60 channels in ASG Max updating, it’s difficult to talk specifically about Next Door Studios updates. The ASG Max network has added 24 videos a month for each of January and February 2024 and December 2023. With four days left in March, they have updated with 22 videos, but three of those were bonus sites not from this network (Icon Male, Chaos Men, Blacks on Boys, and there have been Adult Time updates occasionally, as well), and the other was a compilation video, so they seem to be on track for this month as well. This breaks down to six video updates each week.

There are some issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the right side of billing page, but it's easy to uncheck if you're not interested. There's a pop-up if you back out of the billing page, but it's easy to close. When joining this site, you are automatically added to their email list with no way to opt out until later. Members must cancel at least 48 hours before their next rebill, otherwise they'll be renewed one more time. When logging into the site, you’ll pass through a full-page ad, but there's a very obvious link leading to the members area. There's a notification pop-up on the tour; if you share a computer, we recommend you block this or you'll get porn notifications in your browser at random times. Navigation is complicated and sometimes not very intuitive. Finally, when joining Next Door Studios you’re actually joining ASG Max - it’s no longer possible to join any of this company’s sites on their own.

Any way you look at it, Next Door Studios is a now a better deal than ever. This site itself has added 312 videos since our last review nearly two years ago, and now that it’s a part of ASG Max you’ll get a total of 12,538 videos from 60 gay porn channels featuring  hot jocks, twinks, gay porn stars, horny twinks, amateurs, daddies, and men of color. You can download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, although take note that there is a streaming-only membership, so make sure you get the one that’s best for you. There are also loads of pictures, behind-the-scenes videos, and the network adds six videos a week or 24 each month. This gay porn network gets a big thumbs-up from me for all the sexy guys and hot sex and years and years of content.

Things we disliked

  • Picture gallery thumbnails are tiny
  • Some updates are bonuses & compilations
  • Complicated, clunky navigation

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