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Since 2009 Chaos Men has brought us well-built and hot jocks and hunks, as well as regular guys and a few twinks. For the most part the performers here are good looking, either handsome or cute - some are gorgeous - although there's an occasional update featuring an average guy. There's no single type here; there are smooth muscle men, hairy guys, tattooed amateurs, slender boyish hotties, and while many of the models are college-aged, there are also a fair number of guys in their thirties. You'll find some boyish performers, but there are also some very masculine men, and more recently the site's been adding some men with beards. When it comes to cock size, there's quite a range - from average to "Oh, my fucking God!" huge, some with bulging mushroom heads, and there are over 130 guys with uncut dicks.

There's also plenty of variety when it comes to the action. You'll find kissing and lots of oral, plenty of fucking including some bareback sessions. Expect men rimming, some sex toy play, flip-flop fucking, facial cumshots, massages with happy endings, and there's also kinkier stuff including edging and cum eating. There are about lots of solo shoots of guys showing off their asses and cocks, then getting themselves off on camera. There's you'll also find some threesomes. One more thing you'll find is that the owner of the site, Bryan Ockert, also appears in 181 of the videos, and he's an experienced and talented cocksucker.

Chaos Men now offers 2,147 videos, and the site continues to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday like clockwork, plus there's a fourth weekly update every so often. The downloadable videos are available in MP4 and WMV formats, the newer MP4s sized at 1280x720 (some of the newest are also offered at 1920x1080), and the newer WMVs sized at 1024x576, both at very good quality with smaller sizes available. The older vids are good amateur quality, the WMVs at 720x480 plus two smaller sizes and the MP4s only offered in one smaller size at 320x240. The MP4s should play on most mobiles including iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and there are also streaming videos available. The videos here have good sound, play smoothly and are DRM-free.

Each video comes with two sets of pics - a set of digital stills sized at about 683x1024 and a set of screencaps. The newer digital stills look super - they're sharp and well lit - while the older ones still look pretty good. The newer screencaps aren't quite as sharp as the digital stills, but they look pretty good, too, while the oldest screencaps are average quality. Both types of pics can be downloaded in zip files. The newer episodes also come with a set of animated GIFs. These are pretty sexy and well done - each is like watching a mini-section of the highlights of the video, and while they're not available in zip sets, I was able to right-click and save them. Some had only three or four GIFs, while some episodes come with as many as 12.

Chaos Men members also get access to 14 gay feeds covering such niches as cock swallowers, fetish, hardcore and military men. Each feed includes four full DVDs which are changed every month. The quality of the feeds is so-so, but they do add 28 more full DVDs' worth of content for members. Also worth a look are the "About Chaos Men" and "About Bryan" pages, which are found under Xplore. You'll find yourself learning all about the site, its owner and how both got started.

The site does offer category search in Advanced Search, and it also offers a search box. How useful that is depends on how you use it; searching "uncut" and selecting models got almost 130+ results, while searching "uncut" and selecting videos gave over 500 results. When I tried "threeway", "threesome" and finally "group" I got no results even though there are threesomes. Luckily threesomes can be found in Advanced Search where they're called "Tag Team". There are also tags listed for each video to help you find more of what you want.

There's no real problems here, and not much to quibble about, either. The older videos are smaller, and aren't available in HD, but the site launched in 2006, and back then these vids were actually pretty good sized. And yeah, the oldest pictures aren't as sharp and clear as the newer, but they're still pretty good and well worth checking out.

Chaos Men is a site that goes from strength to strength, and its team is focused on providing an ever-improving experience for its users. It features hot guys, including lots of jocks with great bodies, in super hot action; there are frequent updates, great photos and 2,147 videos that you can download, stream and watch on your mobiles. The site is easy to use, and the three weekly updates help keep members happy. In fact, this is one of our favorite sites, and I'm happy to note that Chaos Men keeps getting bigger and hotter as time goes on.

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