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Dink Flamingo's Active Duty has been around for years, bringing us hot all-American military and amateur guys from 18 to around 26. They're fit with athletic to muscular bodies, sturdy cocks, and they're just oozing horniness. Many of the men are straight and experiencing their first sex with another guy, although some come back again and again and become member favorites. The site updates twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays, once a week with a solo jack-off video (sometimes two guys side by side), and the second update features two or more guys in suck and fuck action.

While billed as a military site, you won't always see a lot of military trappings. The site's design is militaristic with some army green and language like "The War Chest", but if you're expecting action in the barracks with guys in military gear, that's not what this site is about; at least, not in the newer episodes. What IS happening is a lot of hot guy-on-guy sex and first-timers doing solos. Take Ripley - the site says he has the "consummate serviceman look", and with his short hair, build and attitude, he does, but nowhere does it claim he's in the service. On the other hand, some guys - like sexy tattooed Quentin - are actually soldiers or other military men.

I watched a fourway with three Active Duty alumni ushering a newbie into his first gay sexual experience, and it was fucking hot. I've always had trouble with the whole "straight guys" having sex with guys thing, i.e. if you're sucking cock, are you really straight? But as I watched these four guys talking and playing together, I realized that for them, it's all about making their cocks feel good - it doesn't matter how they're doing it.

In this foursome, one guy was lying back on the bed cuddling with two others. A fourth guy slipped his cock through the crevice between his buddy's outstretched feet and fucked them for a good five minutes while everyone else kissed and sucked cock. The guy getting his feet fucked was getting off knowing that he was making his fuck buddy's cock feel good, and the guy doing the fucking was in heaven. Then they all started sucking dick and fucking - everyone topped and bottomed - and they all shot their loads one at a time with all of the guys giving the guy cumming their complete attention. It's one of the hottest scenes I've ever watched.

Active Duty has guys jerking off solo in their first on-camera experiences. If they're comfortable with that, they're asked back to go further; Devin is a recruit who gave a smoking hot masturbation session, jacking through his underwear, rubbing his balls, then finally grabbing his cock in his fist and really going to town. But Dink wanted to bring Devin back, convincing him to let another guy suck his dick. They chose Lance, who's also new to the whole "sex with a guy" thing, and Lance worked Devin's rod, sucking and stroking till he blew his load.

Active Duty has grown to 1,369 videos. You can find them all listed together in the video section or if you prefer to view a particular type of action, hundreds of hardcore scenes are also found in the DVD section and 562 audition / solo videos also found in War Chest, now renamed Recruits. That's 49 more videos than there were on our last visit about half a year ago. While the site now shows update dates on all the episodes, rumor has it they were recycling some updates for a while, but these days the numbers add up, so it appears that nowadays the updates are all new productions.

Each episode also comes with a set of pictures. Most of the newer are digital stills, while some galleries are a mix of digital photos and screencaps, and the oldest galleries contain screencaps. The newer pics are sized at 1280x1920 at good amateur quality and the oldest digital stills at 960x720; some of the newer updates are actually remastered, so expect smaller pics from them. And some of the oldest screencaps are sized at 480x360. You can view the photos online in thumbnail galleries, as hands-free slideshows, and you can download each set in a zip file or save just the pics you like individually.

Something new is that the site now offers scheduled live shows. There are 15 shows scheduled across the next 12 days featuring Active Duty stars Scott Finn, Spencer Laval, Donte Thick and Princeton Price, all of whom have appeared on the site multiple times. While not all days have shows scheduled, some days have two or even more guys scheduled to do a show, although two of the shows are for studios other than Active Duty. 

There is also the FREE SCENE listed on the members menu that is a single streaming scene from another site. I don't know if the free scene updates, but my guess is that it does.

Now let's talk about site updates. As mentioned, the site shows it updates twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays. There are 49 more videos than there were five and a half months ago, so while the site had been recycling some updates previously, it appears that all the updates now are new productions.

There are some issues worth mentioning. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for an additional site membership when you join this one. Next, trial members get limited access - they can stream the 10 latest videos but can't download any. And when you join the site, you are automatically signed up for their email list with no way to opt out until after you've signed up. There's a notification pop-up on the tour that, if you sign up, will pop-up notifications in your browser at any day or time; if you share a computer, this might be something you'd want to black. And there's the pop-up you'll get when you exit the billing page with a bot pretending to be a site rep.

There's a little more I wanted to mention regarding the live cam shows. You'll have to sign up separately for the live cams, and when there are no scheduled shows, there are free shows, but it costs money to go one-on-one or have the guys do requests like dildo shows. Since I've signed up, I've gotten two emails per day from Active Duty Cams reminding me to sign up to get my 120 free credits. The reason I didn't sign up for the free credits is that the 120 of them only pay for about two minutes of one-on-one AND you have to use your credit card info in order to get them. For me, it wasn't worth giving all my card info for two minutes of time. Your mileage may vary.

Dink Flamingo's Active Duty offers plenty of horny all-American military studs and amateur guys, mostly straight, in a mix of solo jerk-off sessions and hardcore gay sex including the guys giving or getting their first gay blowjobs or fucking another guy for the first time. With 1,369 exclusive videos that can be downloaded, streamed and watched on most mobiles, not to mention picture sets and two weekly updates, this site has enough to keep members busy, and the new live shows adds even more. While you won't see many of the guys in their uniforms, Active Duty's guys and the action are smoking hot, and they offer excellent value for your membership dollar.

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