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Next Door Entertainment dabbled in bareback sex fleetingly; then, at the beginning of February 2016, they launched their first full-fledged condomless sex site called, you guessed it, Next Door Raw. It's been over a year and a half, and the site has been updating weekly with plenty of bareback action and gives you access to their entire network of 16 other sites. It's been a while, so join me as I log in and tell you what's new.

You'll recognize many of the guys here as they're regulars from Next Door's other productions, guys like Markie More, Brenner Bolton, and Johnny Toro, and you'll also see lesser-known guys like Dante Martin and Wesley Woods and newcomers Jack Hunter and Quentin Gainz. They're good-looking guys in their twenties with athletic and well-defined bodies. Most have trimmed pubes, but there are a couple of untrimmed guys and a few sporting huge cocks, too. And there are a couple mature men including Dean Phoenix and Mark Long to play more authoritative roles.

All of the action here is hardcore, and most of that is duos, but there are also six threesomes and a couple of foursomes. As you might expect from a Next Door site, Next Door Raw's content is shot professionally with good lighting and camera men that make sure the shots show off the guys the action so that you can see those raw dicks plunging into hungry mouths and asses with plenty of closeups. The performers sometimes take loads in their mouths, sometimes shoot all over their freshly-fucked holes, and the tops usually plunge their cummy cocks back in to finish unloading their nuts.

Johnny Torque and Dante Martin are supposed to be going to the gym but Dante is dawdling. They end up wrestling on the bed and Johnny has a fit when he accidentally touches Dante's hard-on, but he's even more upset that Dante was trying to take off his pants. They both deny that they're gay, but then Johnny pulls Dante's face into his crotch. Before letting Dante suck his dick, Johnny makes him promise to bottom raw. After some very horny 69 sucking, Johnny sticks his long cock inside Dante's beautiful ass and fucks him vigorous for the next 25 minutes, in every position imaginable, too. Johnny drills Dante backwards until the bottom cums in his own mouth, then he spunks Dante's hole and rams his cummy cock back inside. I'm impressed - this is one of the dirtiest scenes I've seen out of Next Door Studios.

Next Door Raw has grown from eight to 91 exclusive, DRM-free videos in about 18 months thanks to weekly updates. You can download the videos in MP4 format, and they're offered in seven different sizes that play at from 480x270 to 1920x1080. The largest are bandwidth heavy (but worth it), and there other options like the 960x544 and 720x400 versions that are not as demanding in bandwidth, and the smaller vids look great played on mobiles. You can also stream the MP4s at 1358x770 and they're also offered in seven different speeds, but only the picture quality changes, not the playback dimensions. The videos here are full scenes; they're good quality studio productions with crisp picture and good sound.

Each scene comes with a gallery of pictures, most with from 47 to over 100 pics. There are glamour poses of the models before the action starts as well as action pics; the pics are sized at 1280x1920 and are very high quality. You can view the pictures one at a time or use the hands-free slideshow; you can also save them individually or download each set in a zip file.

As mentioned, members get access to 16 Next Door Studios sites with 3,407 videos, and you can expect the same quality of performers. While the sex in the other sites isn't bareback, there's plenty of good quality content in videos to download, stream, or play on your mobile devices. But there are some issues regarding the network. Only four of the sites are updating regularly (either weekly or biweekly), one more updates about once a month, and the rest are no longer adding new content. While your Next Door Raw membership includes the 16 bonus sites, the same cannot be said in reverse, so if you're already a member of one of the network sites, Next Door Raw will cost you extra if you want to add it to your existing membership.

Now let's talk about issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, so take a look at that before completing the sign-up process. Joining automatically adds you to their email list which you should be able to opt out of later. There is a nag pop-up when you try backing out of the join page. Please note that trial members can only stream the videos; downloading requires a full membership.

If you're a fan of Next Door Studios and their stable of sexy regulars, you'll love Next Door Raw and enjoy seeing some of your favorites sucking and fucking in bareback sessions. I was pleasantly surprised with the dirty-talking guys begging for their buddy's raw dicks or their cum loads - and usually both. That Johnny Torque and Dante Martin scene was on fire, and Torque fucked Martin for a good 25 minutes - talk about stamina! The site has grown, now offering 91 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile, and you have just over 3,400 network videos and several new updates every week. I'm happy to report that Next Door Raw continues to deliver hot men and even hotter bareback action in very high quality videos, just as you'd expect from a Next Door site. I give this one a thumbs-up.

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