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Men On Edge is one of the sites from Kink, the same studio that brought us Bound Gods and Bound in Public. This site is all about men tied up, tormented and played with till they're begging to cum. The performers are a mix of hunks, straight boys, guys next door and lots of porn stars; the bondage is creative and beautifully done. Expect plenty of rope bondage, blindfolds, gags and suspension. This leaves the victims helpless as their cocks are stroked and throbbing till they're willing to do just about anything - or, more to the point, to allow just about anything to be done to them - so they can blow their loads.

Since they're so willing, some of the men are coerced into sucking on some very good-sized cocks; they get very hard spankings or floggings and may find themselves tied in even more awkward positions as well as suspended. You'll also find some foot worship, tickling, nipple play and large dildos inserted up the bound guys' asses. Every one of the bound men gets a handjob while tied and helpless, and if you love watching guys get their cocks stroked, you'll find plenty to watch.

Gay BDSM fans will probably recognize Van Darkholme, a dominant top who was the original director here. He's the one who welcomed members to the site in the forum while it was still around, and some of the rope work looks like his very professional bondage - we've seen it before inside Bound Gods, and it was obvious that Mr. Darkholme knows his stuff. The more recent videos are directed by gay porn star and kinky fucker Sebastian Keys. He's a regular on the Kink sites who certainly knows the ropes (pun intended), and sometimes stars in the videos, showing off his bondage and edging skills on his willing victims.

Men On Edge now offers 288 exclusive episodes. These videos are offered in MP4 format, the downloadable vids offered in five sizes, the largest sized at 1280x720 and the smallest at 480x270, the newer at very high quality and the oldest still quite good. Several of the video sizes played on my phone and tablet. The vids are also available to stream in a couple resolutions; I found they played smoothly, and like the downloadable videos, they look good, too. The largest high-quality videos can take a while to download, though, as they are often over 1.5Gb, but in my opinion they're worth the wait, and the second largest versions are good, too, with less download time involved.

Something I really liked is that the full scenes are all over 30 minutes - many are over 50 minutes. Of the 12 most recent updates, all are over 45 minutes and three are just over an hour. And since the movies are all DRM-free, that means members can save them to add to their permanent collection.

Each Men On Edge episode also comes with a set of pictures. These are good quality digital stills shown at 675x1200 or 800x1200. Each set is viewed in a player, and you can easily move through the photos using the arrows on the left and right side of each pic. While the full sized pictures are available in downloadable zip files, the site will show you the photos at a smaller size to fit your browser. The older episodes' zip files are broken into several chapters, the newer episodes pack all the pics in a single zip file, which is more convenient.

Members now get access to 15 bonus sites and feeds including sites from the Kink network. You'll find Bound Gods (over 500 exclusive BDSM videos), Naked Kombat (more than 300 videos), Bound in Public (over 200 vids), Butt Machine Boys (148 vids) and 30 Minutes of Torment (over 60 vids), although most of the sites no longer update. There are also the feed versions of other gay fetish sites including Gentlemen's Closet, Boynapped and My Friends' Feet. The feeds offer from just over 20 to just over 30 videos each. It's worth mentioning that the extras (and Men on Edge itself) can be found via the Channels section, and that the feeds and sites are mixed together and there's no way to tell them apart.

Now let's talk about Men On Edge's updates. On our last visit, the site was updating weekly. More recently it's been adding two to three updates per month, and the past four months each had two new videos added. Good news is that another Kink site, Bound Gods, is also updating three to five times per month, so you'll have more than just Men On Edge's new videos when it comes to kinky fetish and BDSM updates.

There are a few issues and, er, kinks worth mentioning. First is the animated banner directly above the player on the video pages that I found a bit distracting as it kept moving while I streamed the videos. Then there's the claims of access to "over 50 Kink Channels", "10+ Updates a week" and "Over 10,000 hours of HD video". These claims seem to refer to what members get with the straight sites. The gay sites seem to have 15 channels, not 50, maybe one to two updates per week max rather than over ten, and there's probably less than 2,000 hours of video, a far cry from the claim of over 10,000 hours.

Navigation is a bit clunky, so when you click to a site after going to the Channels page, you'll need to click "VIEW ALL" to get to the video listings, and there are two sections listed for each site - KINK EXCLUSIVES and KINK FEATURES, only the KINK FEATURES are included in the KINK EXCLUSIVES listings. Also the live shows featured on the top of the tour pages are not included in the price of membership. Below the KINK FEATURES is a row of ads for sex toys and below that is a row of animated ads for other kink sites.

Men On Edge has a lot going for it from the high quality videos to the hunky men amd hot gay porn stars who are tied, punished, stroked and ultimately beg to cum. There are 288 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the videos are satisfyingly long and DRM-free, and there are plenty of good quality pics; The site currently updates twice a month. The edging, fingered asses, submission and cumshots are red-hot, the BDSM adding another dimension. And members get access 15 kinky bonus sites and feeds including some sites from Kink itself. If you love watching men tied, stroked and begging for release, Men On Edge delivers edging sessions that will have you squirming in your seat.

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