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Kink Men is a network featuring content from powerhouse BDSM studio Kink, a megasite brings six popular sites under one roof. They are Bound Gods, Men on Edge, Naked Kombat, 30 Minutes of Torment, Butt Machine Boys and Bound in Public, although Kink Men actually calls their sites channels now instead of sites. The action is a mix from gay fetish and BDSM realms and varies from site to site. It's been over two years since our last review, so let's see what's new since our last visit.

The men vary quite a bit, not only because the content comes from six different sites but because it's been produced over more than a decade. For the most part, the men in these scenes are a mix of well-known porn stars and performers who are just getting started in the business. The performers include guys from 18 to their late forties, a few maybe a little older, and they're sporting all kinds of bodies from slim and athletic to beefy and muscular. Smooth and hairy, clean shaven and bearded, cut and uncut, big cocks and average ones, top and bottoms, Masters and slaves, white, black and Latino ... you name it.

And if you have a favorite porn hunk, he's very likely performed for Kink. Among the newest are Pierce Paris, Arad Winwin, Michael Roman, Dallas Steele, Trenton Ducati, Dominic Pacifico, Riley Mitchel, Mason Lear, Brian Bonds, and many more. And we've also seen guys who don't perform much anymore including Rocco Steele, Christian Wilde, Dirk Caber, Ricky Sinz, Rikk York, Spencer Reed, Parker London and Osiris Blade. The site also attracts newcomers, as well as a few straight male performers who often appear in the Men on Edge series.

Bound Gods features traditional dungeon sex with Masters restraining their slaves with ropes, chains, duct tape and stockades and working them over with all kinds of toys and implements from dildos to floggers and from electrified butt plugs to riding crops. These perverted sessions take place in dungeons, hospitals, warehouses, play rooms and even some outdoors.

Men on Edge features guys willing to submit themselves for bondage and cock edging sessions. The guys are restrained and then teased and tormented until they're begging to cum. Their doms use their hands, mouths, masturbation sleeves (like Fleshjacks), and whatever else they can find to bring these guys to the edge. And their butts aren't off limits, either, and they see quite a lot of dildo action, but not a lot of real cock fucking.

Naked Kombat pits two guys on the wrestling mats in rounds of both clothed (singlets, underwear and jockstraps) and naked fighting, and the winner dominates the loser right there on the mats. Most bouts are duos, but there are some tag-team fourways. Bound in Public offers us guys being used in full-on bar room gangbangs. They're tied up and force fed dick by horny groups of men, and even onlookers from the audience get involved. 30 Minutes of Torment was around for less than a year, but was an interesting premise pitting slave against Master in three grueling and punishing segments lasting a total of 30 minutes. Butt Machine Boys is the oldest of the six sites and features horny men going a few rounds with a variety of mechanized fuck machines.

There are 1,586 exclusive videos on Kink Men: Bound Gods has 553, Men On Edge offers 295, Naked Kombat features 305, Bound in Public has 222, 30 Minutes of Torment has 63, and Butt Machine Boys gives us 148 videos. Spanning more than a decade, the video sizes, formats, and quality have naturally gone through some changes. Bound Gods updates once a week, while Men on Edge releases two new scenes every month, so you're getting six fresh sessions every month.

The newest scenes from the two updating sites are offered in five sizes of downloadable MP4 ranging from 480x270 to 1280x720, and these are full scenes. For a long time, they offered the scenes broken into clips in both MP4 and WMV formats, and while they still exist on the older sessions, the newer ones no longer offer them. Older scenes are now available in the same sizes as their newer counterparts; they used to be offered in various smaller sizes and even some antiquated formats like Real, but this has all been done away with. Each video has a written description, and the model names are clickable so you can see all of their scenes on the site. You can also rate the scenes, post comments and read other member comments.

You can stream the videos as full episodes that play at 830x467 regardless of the age of the scene. These generally play well, but the older episodes aren't as crisp. There's a full-screen mode, and while the newer ones play well, the older scenes lose a bit of quality, but they're still quite watchable.

Each episode has a picture gallery that displays in a slider under the video player and shows you three pictures at a time. You click a forward arrow to proceed to the next three photos. These are good quality screencaps that display at 830x467, and you can save the ones you want individually. The site has added downloadable zip files since our last review that display at 1200x675 to 1200x800, depending on the age of the scene. Unfortunately these aren't traditional thumbnail galleries, so you can't preview more than three pics at a time.

In the Models section you'll find all the performers who appear here, but it's of limited use. Many of the men didn't pose for a portrait, so their pics are a generic hooded figure. Not all of the men appear in the gay scenes offered on Kink Men; many of them are on the straight side of the network, so the odd female performer pops up, too. There used to be a sort feature that allowed you to limit results by gender, ethnicity or body type, but this no longer exists. There's also a workshop area where you can preview upcoming BDSM workshops being held in the San Francisco area. There's also a BDSM Resources section that provides you with links to a number of social groups, as well as educational and advocacy groups, and others.

Your Kink Men membership gives you some bonus content, which Kink Men also calls channels. You'll also get eight additional channels of fetish and BDSM content from other producers like Boynapped, Str8 Hell, Nasty Daddy, and My Friend's Feet, along with four others, including Bonus Hole Boys which features trans men and cis men fucking. And while there is a whole other straight production side of Kink, the Kink Men membership only gives you access to the gay side, which is 14 channels in total. 

Does the network have any shortcomings? Ads are run-of-the-mill on membership sites, and Kink Men is no different. While there are lots of them, they're easy to spot and avoid if you wish. The forum is gone, although there's still a link; it leads to the page explaining why they no longer have a forum. I did notice that some older episodes had two versions of each of the five sizes of videos, and I'm not sure why. Other episodes only had the five sizes. While the older episodes have a full version to stream, they also offer duplicate versions of five clips in both MP4 and WMV formats, which is confusing.

Finally, I'm disappointed that Kink Men's production has been reduced to two active channels and only six videos a month. In its heyday, the network had six gay fetish sites updating either weekly or several times monthly. But Kink Men stopped production of one of them in 2016 and three of them in 2017. Still, their full libraries are featured here. And Bound Gods was always the centerpiece, and it continues updating weekly and Men on Edge's two monthly scenes are nice to have as well. And by the way, you can ignore the tour claim that you can "Get new scenes 3 days a week".

Kink Men brings together the whole world of Kink's gay BDSM porn in one huge megasite. Offering six sites (now called channels) with over 1,500 videos available to download or stream plus the newer videos are mobile compatible, so there's a lot to keep you busy and keep your spine tingling. With a mix of dungeon sex, cock edging, wrestling sessions, bar room bangbangs and fuck machine sessions, you'll have lots of nasty sex to watch. And you can look forward to six new videos every month. Why not check out Kink Men - it's a great site if you love kink and BDSM.

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