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Naked Kombat was one of the few real gay wrestling sites out there, so I was disappointed when they stopped updating the site in late 2011. In September 2012 they launched a new season of wrestling and hot domination sex, and I couldn't be happier. Wrestling fans will be excited to have this powerhouse fighting site back on the block. We last reviewed Naked Kombat in March 2013, so we're taking a look to see what's new.

The guys on Naked Kombat have always been picked from the stable of gay porn performers, men like Tyler Saint, Diesel Washington, Dak Ramsey, Samuel Colt, Race Cooper, Brenn Wyson, and Christian Wilde, and that hasn't changed since the site started updating again. Still, alongside well-known performers, you'll find newcomers, as well. The men are in good shape with athletic to muscular bodies, pretty handsome, they're competitive and confident, and they come in a variety of flavors: smooth and hairy; cut and uncut; white, black and Latino; and blonds, brunettes, and redheads.

The action at Naked Kombat surpasses any erotic wrestling site out there. The wrestling is real, not just a couple guys faking it, and it's obvious the fighters are there to win. Each episode begins with the guys introducing themselves and talking about their fighting experience and how they've been preparing for the match. There's hot trash talk like "I'm going to dominate him on the mats with my strong body then make him suck my big cock".

There are three rounds of wrestling, 8 to 10 minutes each. Round one has the guys fighting in spandex underwear, round two is the jockstrap round, and the third round features nude wrestling. There are rules and a point system which is too detailed to get into here; briefly, the wrestlers are awarded points for control, submission, and wrestling moves. However the fighters can also earn bonus points for things like ass slapping, pulling an opponent's jockstrap over his head, sitting on his face, or fingering his asshole during the bout. So while one fighter may appear to be the better wrestler, his opponent could win the match by racking up these "dirty" bonus points.

The fighting is intense, with ripped bodies struggling and straining, heaving chests gasping for air, and bodies glistening with sweat; this isn't play fighting. The camera work is good so that we really get to see these fighters from all angles. I'm not sure how these guys sustain their energy for the final sex round because they're clearly exhausted. And the sex is hot, with the winner making his opponent suck his dick and submit his ass for a hard fucking, all the while trash talking and making sure the loser knows he's got a dick up his ass because he wasn't a good fighter.

Naked Kombat now offers 215 episodes in the member area. You can download the full episode in WMV format and these are shown at 960x540. There's also an HD version in WMV format and both iPod/iPad and HD versions available in MP4 (512x288 and 1280x720), but all of these are clips (6 of the them), and each clip has to be downloaded individually. You can stream the videos in a Flash player at 720x408 and you can select low, medium or high speeds. The videos played well, looked good and had good sound so you can hear all the grunting, yelling, and panting.

Each Naked Kombat episode comes with a selection of pictures that are digital stills or very good quality screen captures. They're available in two sizes (1030x687 and 966x644) and older picture sizes are slightly smaller. These are good quality and catch all the action; the galleries are broken into their accompanying fighting rounds. You can save pictures individually or downloaded a zip file.

When it comes to updates, the episodes are no longer dated, but judging by the dates on the comments, the site is updating between 6 and 14 days apart, depending on the episode, and there are 57 more videos than there were about 19 months ago.

Your membership also gives you access to a forum where you can discuss the wrestling matches or the fighters and talk with other members. The tour advertises a monthly live show, but that's on a brother site (Bound Gods) and requires a separate membership. There's also a pre-checked email list option, so if you don't want to hear from them, simply uncheck it.

Naked Kombat's set-up takes a bit of getting used to. For each episode, you can view the trailer, view picture galleries, watch scenes online, or go into the video area. I found their video section confusing and at first I was right, clicking each of the video options, i.e. Windows Media HD, to download the videos. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that each of the video format option actually presents thumbnails of clips that you download separately. In this day and age of high-speed Internet and fast computers, I'm not sure I see a need for clips. And if you want to download the whole scene, you only have the WMV option.

Naked Kombat delivers what I think is by far the best wrestling and male submission scenarios I've seen in an adult site. The men are wonderfully masculine, athletic and attractive, the matches are handled in an organized way with a ref to help keep things honest. The wrestling is sweaty, hot and real and the final forced submission of the loser is all the hotter because he must now service the winner. The videos and pics are big, good quality, and downloadable, and it almost goes without saying that they are all exclusive. The site updates between 6 and 14 days apart, and all the videos are almost an hour long. If you're into wrestling and domination with strong muscular men sweating and grappling in competition, be sure and check out Naked Kombat - you won't be disappointed!

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