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Naked Kombat is one of the few real gay wrestling sites out there. The guys are usually picked from the stable of gay porn performers - men like Tyler Saint, Diesel Washington, Dak Ramsey, Samuel Colt, Race Cooper, Brenn Wyson and Christian Wilde, and the more recent updates include Lance Hart, Tyler Rush Brian Bonds. Still, alongside well-known performers, you'll find newcomers, as well. The men are in good shape with athletic to muscular bodies and handsome good looks, they're competitive and confident, and they come in a variety of flavors. You'll find smooth and some with hairy bodies, you'll find both cut and uncut cocks, and there's a mix of white, black and Latino men in the wrestling action.

And let me tell you, the action at Naked Kombat surpasses any erotic wrestling site out there. The wrestling is real, not just a couple guys faking it, and it's obvious the fighters are there to win. Each episode begins with the guys introducing themselves and talking about their fighting experience and how they've been preparing for the match. There's hot trash talk like "I'm going to dominate him on the mats with my strong body then make him suck my big cock".

There are two to three rounds of wrestling, several minutes each. Round one has the guys fighting in spandex underwear or jockstraps; if spandex, round two is the jockstrap round, and the third round features nude wrestling, although sometimes jockstraps get pulled off so there's nudity in that round, as well. There are rules and a point system which is too detailed to get into here; briefly, the wrestlers are awarded points for control, submission and wrestling moves. However the fighters can also earn bonus points for things like ass slapping, pulling an opponent's jockstrap over his head, sitting on his face, or fingering his asshole during the bout. So while one fighter may appear to be the better wrestler, his opponent could win the match by racking up these "dirty" bonus points.

The fighting is intense, with ripped bodies struggling and straining, heaving chests gasping for air, and bodies glistening with sweat; this isn't play fighting. The camera work is good so that we really get to see these fighters from all angles. I'm not sure how these guys sustain their energy for the final sex round because they're clearly exhausted. And the sex is hot, with the winner making his opponent suck his dick and submit his ass for a hard fucking, all the while trash talking and making sure the loser knows he's got a dick up his ass because he wasn't a good fighter.

Naked Kombat offers 305 exclusive videos in the member area. The videos are all MP4s, the largest sized at 1280x720 at good quality, and there are four smaller sizes to work with pretty much any device including desktop computers, tablets, laptops and phones, and these can also be streamed at 830x468 and enlarge to full screen well. You can stream the older videos, too, but the streaming versions are offered in clips rather than streaming full scenes. The videos they play well with good sound so you can hear all the grunting, yelling and panting.

Each Naked Kombat episode comes with a selection of pictures that are digital stills or very good quality screen captures. They can be viewed in a slider on the episode page; the pics can be individually downloaded or saved in zip files. The pics are sized at 1200x675, and they look good, the newer better than the older. By the way, the older sets have a lot more pics - often over 100 per set - and while zip files are available, each of the older pic sets are offered in multiple zips rather than one large zip file.

A big change has been the addition of 14 bonus sites and feeds. There are five Kink Men sites including Men on Edge and Bound Gods (both of these sites currently update), as well as three sites from Kink.com that no longer update but still have plenty of videos, 30 Minutes of Torment, Butt Machine Boys and Bound in Public. And there's a mix of kinky sites including two foot fetish sites and some hardcore gay sex sites.

Now let's talk about updates, because there's a bit of a history here. I was disappointed when they stopped updating the site in late 2011. In September 2012 they launched a new season of wrestling and hot domination sex, and I was a happy camper. Unfortunately the most recent update was added in June 2017, and that's 17 months ago, so it appears that the site has stopped updating for good. All is not lost, though - there's enough videos to keep members busy for a month or two. And a couple of the bonus site still update - just don't expect anything new from this site.

Let's talk about issues. I was disappointed that they're no longer be updating. The forum is gone, but it was removed to protect the studio from legal issues. I do wish the older streaming videos and the pic sets that are only offered in parts were available as full scenes or full sets. The model index - which shows all the models in the network, not just the guys from Naked Kombat - is missing preview thumbs, and there are no model profiles or info. Something worth noting is that the join page says all memberships recur, but the yearly membership says it's a one-time membership. And last, there are a couple rows of ads at the bottoms of the pages.

Naked Kombat delivers what I think is by far the best wrestling and male submission scenarios I've seen in an adult site. The men are wonderfully masculine, athletic and attractive, the matches are handled in an organized way with a ref to help keep things honest. The wrestling is sweaty, hot and real and the final forced submission of the loser is all the hotter because he must now service the winner. The 305 videos and pics are big, good quality, and downloadable, and it almost goes without saying that they are all exclusive. Updates have ceased, but members now get access to bonus sites and feeds. If you're into wrestling and domination with strong muscular men sweating and grappling in competition, be sure and check out Naked Kombat - you won't be disappointed!

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