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Butt Machine Boys pits horny bottoms against some pretty nasty fuck machines for intense ass pumping sessions. And since a machine has a never-ending supply of stamina, these bottoms get long and hard ass drillings until they finally shoot their cumloads all over themselves. This site stopped producing new scenes, but it's now a part of the Kink Men network, so there have been some positive changes and lots of extra BDSM content for you to enjoy. It's been six years since we reviewed Butt Machine Boys, so it's definitely time to head back and talk about what's going on.

The guys on Butt Machine Boys were mostly well-known gay porn performers when the scenes were produced. Some of them were newcomers at the time and may have gone on to have porn careers, while others didn't. But some of the more recent guys to film with the site included familiar faces like Alec Mecum, Brendan Patrick, Jaxton Wheeler, Race Cooper, Tyler Saint,and Sebastian Keys, who has gone on to become the full-time dungeon master filming scenes for Bound Gods and Men on Edge. The guys sport athletic to muscular bodies with hot butts in need of some heavy-duty action. Most of them are nude, but some wear leather chaps or jockstraps, and there's a good variety of both smooth and hairy men.

Older scenes often had a brief story line. For example, a military recruit heads into the doctor's office for his physical, and the doctor asks him how much he's willing to take for his country. Newer scenes tend to keep things simple - just a horny guy getting his ass machine-fucked. The guys are in a variety of settings like dungeon playrooms, workshops, basements and bedrooms. And they usually try out a variety of different machines with names like The Buddy Fucker, The Ass Master, The Satisfier, The Dragon Machine, and The Scorpion. Sometimes the guys are tied up or restrained while these machines work over their holes, but in many scenes the men are down on all fours or lying back while these machines piston their asses with big dildos.

Butt Machine Boys has 148 exclusive episodes. The newer videos are available to download in five sizes of MP4 ranging from 1280x720 to 512x288. These are full scenes, but you can also download each video in clips if you prefer, available in one size at 1280x720. The older scenes are available to download in three sizes, the largest at 640x480, and you can only download the clips in MP4 format as the links to the WMVs no longer work. You can stream the newer videos in MP4 format at 832x468, and the older videos are available at a smaller size of 816x624. The videos play well at average to good quality and the sound is good so you can enjoy hearing all the moaning, groaning, and yelling as these machines ravage horny butt holes.

Each episode also comes with a gallery of around 16 to 20 good screencaps available at 1200x675; older pictures are in slightly smaller sizes but come with larger numbers of 100 to 250 pics. The pics are good quality for screencaps and let you preview all the action you'll see in the videos. You can save pictures individually or download all the pics for each set in a zip file; older episodes had several different zip files to choose from as they were pulled from the various clips.

You can no longer join Butt Machine Boys as a standalone site, which is a good thing since they stopped producing new scenes in June 2017. Now you join the Kink Men network, and this gives you access to six Kink sites and 1,586 videos in total. Bound Gods has 553 videos, Men On Edge offers 295 scenes, Naked Kombat features 305 vids, Bound in Public gives you 222 videos, 30 Minutes of Torment has 60 videos, and of course, Butt Machine Boys gives you 148 videos. Two of these sites still produce new scenes - Bound Gods releases one video every week and Men on Edge releases two new scenes a month, so that gives you six fresh network sessions every month.

The Kink Men network also offers nine bonus channels from other producers of fetish and BDSM content like Boynapped, Bound & Gagged, Str8 Hell, Nasty Daddy, Gentlemen's Closet, My Friend's Feet, SW Nude, Alternadudes, and Bonus Hole Boys which features trans men and cis men fucking. Also worth noting is that Kink's straight BDSM content isn't included in this network; your membership only gives you access to the gay sites.

Are there any issues here? Well, in spite of site launching in 2002 and being open for more than 15 years, they only have 148 episodes, and 20 scenes of the original 168 scenes have gone missing. This would be a problem if Butt Machine Boys were a standalone site, but it's not. And over the years, the site had many stops and starts in production, but since you have over 1,500 network videos to watch, this isn't a problem. The older scenes are offered in smaller sizes, and while the links show WMVs as being available, trying to download these produces a server error, so you'll have to be content with the MP4s.

If you've never been a member of Butt Machine Boys, and you like extreme assplay, you should enjoy this site. I was amazed at the punishment some of these bottoms took, and watching the way each machine moves and pistons in a unique way is almost as much fun as seeing the dildos sliding in and out of the buttholes. It's a shame they're not updating with fresh scenes because these sessions are hot to watch, but the 148 videos on hand do give you a lot of hot ass action to watch. Of course, the biggest attraction here is that Butt Machine Boys gives you access to the entire inventory of Kink Men, so that's five more Kink sites, two of them still producing content, and nine third-party video channels.

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