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Bound Gods is the benchmark from which all other gay BDSM and fetish sites are measured. The people behind this site present some of the most exciting, kinky and ball-tightening scene play you'll find on the web. Make no mistake, Bound Gods offers heavy-duty, real scene play with dominant men who know how to bring their subs and slaves in line.

The Bound Gods performers are real men in their mid to late twenties and thirties; they're masculine, some hairy and others smooth, with slender to athletic or muscular bodies. You'll also find some boy types, guys in their early twenties who like to be used, but you're just as likely to find a mature daddy or muscle hunk bottoming. The men wear a variety of outfits including leather, rubber, uniforms and jockstraps, but I've also seen plain denim, workman's clothes, and even a few "aliens". And many of the performers here are well-built porn stars, men including Trenton Ducati, Hugh Hunter, Spencer Reed, Rocco Steele, Christian Wilde, Jessie Colter, Ricky Sinz, Parker London, Jeremy Spreadums, and of course Van Darkholme, to name just a few. And there's Sebastian Keys, a kinky man who also directs the newer videos.

About the action, where do I start? If your kinky mind can imagine it, Bound Gods has probably done it. Most of the action takes place in their dark, dank and dirty dungeon, but there are also home invasions where men are tied up in their own bedrooms. And that's not all. The site features medical scenes in a hospital setting, as well as scenes that take place in prisons, workshops, locker rooms, public rest rooms, and there's even the odd outdoor scene, although these are rare. Prepare to be impressed with real and intense action, and hearing those bottoms screaming will get your balls tingling or send shivers up your spine. I often found myself thinking "I had no idea you could do that". So this is a great place to fuel your own scene-play sessions.

The action is quite varied - bondage with ropes, restraints, duct tape, plastic wrap and subs in suspension. There's extreme ass play with insertables, hands and cocks; corporal punishment with hands, belts, paddles, floggers; mind games, BDSM, and Master and slave scenes plus all manner of torture with electric devices, hot wax and water. Most scenes follow a dungeon format where a master is training a new or experienced slave, but one of my favorite scenarios involves the Perverted Janitor who takes out his frustrations on disrespectful college guys in the school washroom or locker room, or from his private sleeping quarters where he watches the guys from his series of peep holes. He's a real nasty fucker!

Bound Gods offers 538 exclusive DRM-free videos in MP4 rormat, and the site continues to update once a week. The downloadable videos are offered in five sizes, the largest of which is shown at 1280x720; the newer videos are good to very good quality while the older are good amtaeur or better. There are video sizes compatible with a variety of mobiles, and you can stream the videos at two different qualities. All the videos can be streamed, also in MP4 format, but the oldest videos list a streaming WMV option; these are actually no longer available on the server, but that's not an issue since the MP4s are. The lighting suits the dungeon atmosphere, but it isn't so dark that you can't enjoy the action, and the sound is good, so you can hear every belt crack, groan and scream.

Each episode comes with a photo set. The newer pics are offered at 675x1200, although they're shown smaller online. The zip files contain the full sized images, and each of the newer zip files contains entire sets. The older zip files each offer part of a set, so you'll have to save a few if you want all the pics. The older pictures are good amateur quality or better, and they're available at 800x1200. The photographer really knows his stuff and not only captures the guys and equipment, but also the humiliation and painful experiences of the submissives. Pictures can be downloaded individually, but they're smaller at around 830x467.

When it comes to extras, there are five more sites from Kink plus 10 newly added feeds. The Kink sites include Men On Edge, Naked Kombat, Bound in Public, 30 Minutes of Torment and Butt Machine Boys, altogether offering 1,564 videos, although only Bound Gods and Men On Edge currently update. The rest include the feed versions of sites like Boynapped, My Friends' Feet, Str8Hell and the feed version of Trenton Ducati's Gentlemen's Closet.

There have been three changes since our last review worthy of note, one we've already mentioned. First, the membership prices had increased on our last visit; good news is the prices have gone back down. Second, the addition of 10 fetish and kink-themed feeds. And last, the forum is gone due to legal restrictions.

I didn't find any major issues here. There's an animated banner directly above the video player, which can be distracting. There are three animated banners near the bottom of all the pages that could, if you're new to online porn, be mistaken for content; the episode pages have another row of ads, these for sex toys. Navigation adds an extra step or two to get around, but if you use the "Browse" dropdown and choose "Channels", you can get to all the sites and feeds. The tour can be confusing when it comes to figuring out what's included with your membership, but the content looks great, the action is kinky and perverted, and there's plenty of bondage and gay sex.

BDSM and kink lovers are going to be impressed with Bound Gods. The men are top notch, the dominants really know how to use their equipment and make their slaves squirm and suffer in pain and ecstasy. The punishment looks and sounds real (because it is), and at times will have you squirming in your chair. The 538 exclusive videos can be downloaded, streamed and enjoyed on your mobiles, and the site updates once a week with a full video and picture set. And then there are all those extras. If you're looking for a BDSM site featuring hunks, bodybuilders, daddies and other types of men in real bondage, punishment and fetish sex, Bound Gods definitely delivers on all their promises.

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