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Today we're re-visiting Raging Stallion, so let's start off with a history of the studio. Raging Stallion Studios was started by Chris Ward and JD Slater in 1999, and aside from DVD production, the studio ran seven sites - Hairy Boyz, Rear Stable, Hard Friction, Sex Gaymes, Monster Bang, High Octane and Xtra Inches - that they merged into one mega site called Raging Stallion. Their parent company bought Falcon Studios, then they acquired Hot House, and the three production companies formed Falcon Studios Group, however each brand still maintains its own membership site.

Raging Stallion features primarily handsome hunks and muscle bears with hard bodies; they're often hairy with facial hair, and their performers often have big cocks. A lot of the men are masculine, well-built porn stars with beards and tattoos. And while Raging Stallion has introduced us to new faces like Boomer Banks, David Benjamin and Johnny V, most of their performers are already established in the business - men like Rocco Steele, Nick Capra, Logan Moore, Billy Santoro, and Dario Beck, to name only a few. These porn hunks range in age from their twenties to forties and they sport athletic to muscular bodies.

Raging Stallion used to be king of the theme movie, featuring leather men, cowboys, Arab sheiks and military men fucking in exotic settings or on location in warehouses, dude ranches, and boot camps; more of the filming now happens indoors on a set with changing backgrounds and props. Occasionally they film on location at a beautiful estate or a ranch, and there are some recent videos shot in Spain, but gone are the days when a cast and crew of dozens were flown to Hawaii or other locations.

You can expect lots of hot man-sex with kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking in duos, threesomes and small groups. I don't remember the last time I saw a solo jack-off video at Raging Stallion (it's been years ago) - the action these days is all hardcore. The studio has resisted the tide of producers going bareback, so with the exception of some third-party video plugins, all the action here is filmed with condoms. Raging Stallion is also well known for their fetish, kink and fisting scenes, but that content is fairly limited here as it mostly appears on a separate fetish site.

The Raging Stallion network currently offers 1,950 videos from all the studios combined, 825 of which are from Raging Stallions Productions. The videos can be streamed in DRM-free MP4 format, but there are no downloads offered. The videos display at 1200x650, which works great for the newer videos offered in two HD resolutions at good quality and five smaller sizes all the way down to vids suitable for older mobiles. Alas, the oldest videos don't fare as well since they were shot at smaller sizes originally and must be stretched to fit the player. I discovered that when I shrunk my browser so the video player was smaller, it helped the quality of the older videos quite a bit.

The Raging Stallion network consists of videos from Raging Stallion Studios, Hairy Boyz, Monster Bang, Hard Friction and High Octane, but there's also a Members Exclusives section listed. Here you'll find 237 scenes not listed with the rest of the videos; you must actually select Members Exclusives in the Scenes dropdown menu. These are not exclusive videos shot for the site as the section title would indicate; these are scenes from 80 DVDs from Falcon, Hot House and Kristen Bjorn offered at the same size and quality as the rest of the videos.

There are also 3,742 picture sets featuring a mix of model glamour photos and posed action shots. These are digital stills ranging from 857x1220 to 1280x1920, depending on the age of the shoot, but most of the pics are shown at the larger size. Overall quality is good, although some of the oldest pics aren't as sharp and clear. Some galleries only feature a photo or two, others have over 200 photos. You can view them as galleries or slideshows, or you can download the pics either individually or in zip files. While the photos are shown smaller in your browser, you can expand them to full size by clicking the icon on the lower right corner.

Let's talk about extras. First, the site offers 15 interviews with the stars of the videos, and these are long and interesting if you find some of your favorites there. Disappointingly there are the same amount as on our last visit. There's also the CINEMA XXX section, where you'll find 18 video feeds offering content from producers like Hot Desert Knights, Treasure Island Media, Jake Cruise, and Ricky Raunch; each feed offers 20 streaming videos.

1-CLICK PROMOS section still doesn't have any promos 15 months after our last visit, although humorously it has a countdown clock showing when promos would be ending had there been any. The LIVE section is a third-party live cam site branded with the Raging Stallions name where there is free chat but full nudity and action will cost by the minute.

I did find some issues here. There is a pre-checked offer on the right side of the billing page that will sign you up for an additional site if you leave it checked. When joining, members are automatically signed up for the email list, and there's no way to opt out at the time you join. Also, if you hit your browser's back button from the billing page, you'll be hit with a pop-up console. The videos aren't offered for download, which will be a disappointment for some. Still, the streaming servers are fast, so I didn't have problems enjoying them. One last thing is that since the oldest videos are not HD and don't look great in the HD player, it would be great if the site could offer them in a smaller sized player.

I loved Raging Stallion's grand productions spanning multiple DVDs, the older videos featuring hunks sucking and fucking in Arabian tents, deserts, boot camps and barracks, dude ranches, jungles and other exotic locations. The newer videos are hot, too, with muscular, masculine and sometimes hairy porn stars fucking in lots of outdoor scenes, in ranch cabins and on porn sets. They film top-notch performers with the hardest bodies in the business, many with big dicks. The videos stream on your desktop and mobile devices, and the member area updates three times each week. Raging Stallion delivers well-hung, handsome and masculine porn stars and sizzling gay sex in 1,950 videos, and that's a whole lot of high quality gay porn!

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