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Dark Cruising transports us into a perverted world of nasty kink and dirty sex. With the majority of the videos filmed in Europe, we're treated to lots of different types of men getting off in a wide variety of rough sex and dirty scenes. Dark Cruising is a part of a network of 27 sites run by Studio Presse, and it's one of several sites offering fetish and BDSM sex. We last reviewed this site in March 2016, so it's time to head back to see how things have been going.

Dark Cruising brings together content from studios like Cazzo, Boynapped, Wurstfilm, Jalif Studio, Sketboy, Domi Addict, Butch Dixon, Alpha Males, Naked Kombat, Titan Men, Raging Stallion, and others, so there's quite a variety of performers and styles. You'll find chavs, scallies and young thugs in their twenties with slender and mostly smooth bodies, and there are heaps of skinheads in their jeans, red suspenders, lean bodies, shaved heads and tattoos. There are also lots of muscled men and hairy daddies who are more mature in their late twenties to early forties as well as lots of athletic jocks. There's a good mix of hairy and smooth models, some tattooed and others not. Leather men abound here as do other fetishists wearing various kinds of gear. Most of the men are white, but there are also many black studs, Latinos, and Arab men on the site. And as one expects with European men, you'll find lots of uncut cocks.

The action at Dark Cruising is definitely not for the squeamish. The videos are separated into a number of categories: Hard and Fetish, CBT, Strict Punishment, Fisting, Gangbangs, Dog Training, and Sneakers, to name just a few. And there's variety from guys worshipping sneakers and bare feet or cocksuckers servicing dick at a gloryhole to extreme situations including forced gangbang sex, dungeon play, watersports, dildo fucking, and fisting.

One of the latest videos is called "Cubano's Ass-Buster," and it features Aymeric Deville. The bald hunk is sitting on a bench in a wooden cubicle with a glory hole on each wall. Suddenly a super-sized, fat uncut dick pushes through one of the holes. Aymeric licks and gulps it. After a few minutes, Deville stands and slides the monster cock up and down his ass crack. This gets the hung top to come inside the cubicle. He's masked. Aymeric sucks the Cuban's dick some more; the top even leans over and helps with some of the licking. Eventually Aymeric bends over and the top man starts pushing his humongous dick inside the bottom's hole. I don't know how big his dick is, but it's definitely longer than 10 inches. Aymeric struggles, but he takes it. He has no choice. They fuck in a variety of positions until the masked man puts Deville on his knees and splatters jizz all over his chest - a couple of drops land on Aymeric's face too.

Among the newest videos there are a handful of dungeon scenes. There's one with a slave being trained with a flogger before taking his Master's cock up his ass; another has a guy getting fisted while in another a guy gets his body shaved and his ass dildo fucked, and a couple of others get gangbanged in threeways and fourgies. But mixed in with the hardcore and fetish sex videos you'll find regular gay sex, too, as well as a very rare solo. One video I watched had a muscle hunk playing with a uniformed cop, another had a couple of rough-looking skinhead types sucking and fucking in a storage room; while both scenes were pretty hot, neither was particularly extreme, but both were still fetish-oriented.

There are 2,078 videos in the Dark Cruising members area, but only 74 of them are produced under the Dark Cruising label; the remaining videos are from other producers, albeit in keeping with the site's fetish and BDSM theme. The site has added 558 videos since we reviewed them in March 2016, which means they update an average of 20 vids per month, and this is important to note since the episodes aren't dated, so it's the only way we can tell the theaters in this network are updating.

The videos are streaming MP4s, the newest sized at 1024x576 and the older ones smaller; the older vid I watched was 768x576, but there may be other sizes. Streaming is smooth with no buffering issues, and I liked that I could easily jump back and forth on the time line. Generally the videos are clear, but keep in mind that they're filmed in a variety of locations like warehouses, basements, dungeons and other dark places, so some videos can be dim and others could be a little sharper. Many looked good in full-screen mode, others were disappointing. And by the way, the videos are compatible with most mobiles. Some, but not all, of the videos can be downloaded for an extra fee, and the one I downloaded played at 960x540, but there may be other sizes, as well.

Each video's page has five to six screencaps sized at 480x360 to preview the action. These are large enough to show off the men, and if you choose, you can download the pics individually.

You can watch Dark Cruising videos in two ways. You can get a monthly membership and have unlimited streaming of all the videos in this site and all the others in the Studio Press network. Or you can purchase a ticket package costing anywhere from $5 to $50 for five to 100 tickets; then you redeem four or six tickets to watch each full scene. Many of the videos are also available to download for six to 12 tickets. The Dark Cruising tickets can be used on any of the other 26 network sites and purchased tickets don't expire. And by the way, there are several other theaters offering similar kinds of fetish content.

There are a few negatives. The first is that the videos aren't dated, so at a glance it's hard to give a picture of the update schedule. But remember, I said earlier that this one theater had added 558 videos over the past 27 months (well, just over), so that's an average of about 20 new videos a month. The tour claims to have 12,000 videos and 120 monthly updates, but this refers to the whole network and not Dark Cruising in particular. Also, that video count is overblown as videos appear in multiple sites and may be counted multiple times. Not all of the videos can be downloaded using tickets; many can only be streamed but you can't tell if a vid is downloadable until to enter that video's detail page.

One final thing about the membership: the monthly streaming membership is quite expensive at $59.90, but its equivalence in purchased credits works out to be around 110 credits ($59). At four to six credits to watch a movie, you'll run out of credits after 20 videos or so – whereas the streaming membership gives you unlimited access. Also, I advise people to do research with the streaming membership and keep track of any movies you want to download and then buy the appropriate number of credits.

I like the variety of action and men on Dark Cruising, and I found lots of kinky, sleazy, and downright filthy action. And you'll find an impressive mix of men - skinheads, chavs and scallies, leather men, hairy men, guys with smooth bodies, muscle men, and slender guys - there are heaps of types to choose from. And likewise with the action, the site doesn't overwhelm us with a particular fetish or theme, so if you want to watch gloryhole sex one day, fisting on another, gangbangs the next with a little foot worship on the side, it's all there. And with 2,078 videos on this site and 26 more sites in the network, the selection is nearly endless. I found the streaming system easy to use with up-to-date technology that didn't put roadblocks in the way of enjoying the content. If you like dirty, nasty and perverted sex play, I think you'll be happy with Dark Cruising.

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