Sam drove away from Ellis' place leaned back in the seat, arm propped on the sill of the window, the warm summer air of morning blow through the cab of the truck. He was smiling at having finally met the man who had captured Ellis' heart, someone who seemed to be able to handle the wild aggression Ellis sometimes exhibited. The memory of how they had explored their sexuality, the touching, the groping through the sex, discovering themselves and for a while it had been good between them, this sense of destiny having been friends all through school but after a while, their differences emerged and one day, the two of them down on creek that ran between Ellis' family and his new place, back when neither of them knew what they wanted to do with their lives, they had to acknowledge their relationship was best kept as friends, and nothing more. It had hurt this acknowledgement and for a month afterward they had avoided each other. Then Ellis came to the auto parts store where he was working. He remembered how he had never been so glad to see Ellis, how he had missed his presence in his life and when Ellis asked if they were okay he had smiled and 'yes, we are now'.

They had talked in the parking lot, away from prying ears, and Ellis had actually hugged him when he left, embarrassing him immensely. They began to hang out again, talk of men, actors on television, athletes, even men and other boys in the area they found attractive and would kid around, laugh at their silliness but Sam knew they were anxious, ready for their lives to move forward.

It was last year, in the fall, although the temperatures seemed more like summer at the time and the two of them were riding around, just burning gas in his Jeep as they drove through town, out into the countryside and all the way over to Monroeville just to eat at the drive-in in town. Ellis was quieter than usual, had let Sam play the stereo and do most of the talking and when they had ordered lunch, sitting in the open Jeep watching the cars drive around the place and the other customers with trays hanging from their windows he had finally said what was on his mind. Sam was shocked at first, couldn't believe he was serious; then he realized Ellis was very serious, so much so he had admitted to already put some things in place for his own yard service business and eventually he wanted to do landscaping. It was only a couple of months later and Ellis approached him to join him in his business, to help him expand to landscaping and having found himself working a menial job in town and no real desire for college he had accepted.

It was on one job, over in Bakersville, less than thirty minutes away, he had met Mike, one of the guys working at one of the small factories. Mike was a few years older and painfully shy which was what attracted Sam to him. Mike would always be there when he showed up, every time, as if he was waiting for him and he would offer Sam a soda or some snack, even offering to buy him dinner after he finished one day and this was when Sam knew for sure, knew Mike was attracted to him and too afraid to acknowledge it. Having been around Ellis, Sam knew the thing to do was simply go for it and he moved up close to Mike that day, the parking lot nearly empty as most of the employees had gone home for the day and he looked up at him, smiled and daringly reached out and fingered the buttons of his shirt, stroked his fingers up and down.

"You want to go to dinner with me?" Sam had asked him, his voice low, unassuming and Mike had just nodded his head, smiling like the Cheshire cat.

Mike had never gone out with another man, never had sex with a man, for he had tried to do what was expected of him by his family and friends but after dating one girl in high school and then breaking up with her when she started on about marriage he had started to date someone else until a year ago when she wanted to get married and once again he broke it off, refusing to make that final commitment. He struggled with his desires, these attractions that he tried hard to suppress for such a long time. But the sight of Sam, out on the mower on the grounds of the factory, shirt off, his lean tanned body shiny in the hot sun, slick with sweat, and he felt something break, a barrier he had built and each week he found himself waiting, eager to please, but he couldn't bring himself to make the first move, to find out if his sense of Sam was right. Therefore it was Sam, the younger of the two of them who led the way.

After getting his appointment completed, equipment cleaned up Sam was on his way to the camp, a rustic cabin on the river that Mike's family had built years ago. It had running water from a well and the barest of amenities. Nestled in the woods along the creek the cabin sat twelve in the air on a pole foundation to prevent flooding when the river was up, which happened frequently. It was so primitive none of Mike's siblings ever used it.

It was the middle of the afternoon when Sam turned his old CJ down the dirt lane that led to the Camp, a washed out rutted lane that meandered through the woodland that ran along the low lying land of the river basin. The air was warm and Sam had on a tank top and shorts, clothing that billowed in the wind for it fit loosely to his lean body. A ball cap pulled low over his short black hair and dark shades had protected his eyes from the glaring sun but now in the shade of the tree canopy they became merely fashion, a look; a country boy in his Jeep.

The lane turned to run parallel to the river and Sam turned off on a drive, so infrequently used some grass managed to grow along its open path through the trees. He parked at the end of the drive, grabbed his gym bag and headed down the path to the cabin which sat another fifty yards down toward the river. It had never been painted, its siding allowed to turn dark gray and its tin roof was covered in a thin film of rust so it blended into the surroundings, barely noticeable to boaters on the river or the occasional hunter silently tracking their prey in the woods.

As Sam climbed the stair up Mike came out and stood on the small landing wiping his hands on a dish towel. Mike was six one, a big muscular man, one appeared able to fight his way through any trouble, but to those who knew him, he was the easiest going man around, gentle, soft spoken, and for Sam, everything Ellis was not.

"You made it" Mike said a soft smile on his unshaven face, the reddish brown whiskers coming in thick along his jaw.

"Yeah" Sam replied as he came up on the landing and leaned up to kiss Mike. "Let's go inside" Sam added in a low seductive voice and Mike blushed as he did every time Sam said something provocative.

Mike opened the door and Sam went inside and set his bag down on the floor and moved over to the row of windows that faced the river amazed at the view. He turned and saw Mike staring at him. Sam pulled his tank top over his head and tossed it over a chair. He undid the button on his shorts, pulled the zipper down and let them fall to his ankles. He took his boxers by the waist band and pushed them down till they too fell easily to his ankles and he stepped out of them as he moved toward Mike.

Mike looked at the lean body, the dark skin so smooth and he scanned down the flat chest, over the flat stomach were dark hair began to grow out, to create a line downward till it came to the small fan of pubic hair over the dark cock growing erect. Sam's cock curved upward, the head flared out wide and he stroked it a couple of times as he moved up close to Mike.

Sam kissed Mike gently and then began to undo the buttons of his shirt as Mike caressed his arm and shoulder, his touch light, barely touching Sam's skin and it excited Sam in a way more powerful than any of Ellis' rough aggressive manhandling ever did. The shirt open Sam ran his hand up Mike's chest through the soft mat of hair, reddish brown and lying in a perfect pattern over his pecs, down the middle of his chest and over his stomach. Sam liked the feel of it, the way it felt to his hand as he lightly grazed over the short fine hairs. Mike was so different from him, broad shouldered, muscular from hard work, his body so masculine to Sam and he leaned to Mike's chest and kissed one nipple, ran his tongue over it till it stood erect, the center so hard and he flicked his tongue over it till Mike moaned grabbing him by the head and pulling him tighter to his chest.

Sam pulled back and began to undo Mike's jeans, slipping the button through its worn hole, pulling the zipper down and as he went down on his knees he tugged them down Mike's legs. Mike was already hard, his cock tenting his boxers out and Sam put his mouth to the head of Mike's cock, sucked on it through the thin white fabric. Mike inhaled sharply as he felt Sam's ministrations, felt the way he moved his mouth along the shaft of his cock and he brushed his hand over the short black hair on Sam's head. Sam pulled the boxers down and helped Mike step free of his clothes and took his cock running his tongue up the rigid straight shaft feeling the undulating form of it with veins snaking up its length. Sam sucked it into his mouth and let it slide back and forth over his tongue till Mike began to pump his hips, slow short movements that dragged his cock head back and forth over Sam's tongue.

Sam eased off Mike's cock, stood up and took him by the hand. Neither saying anything, the only sound was the birds of the woodlands chirping all around them, and Sam led Mike into the one of the small bedrooms, the one that faced the river, the one they would share for the next four days and he led him to the bed and got Mike to follow him down on it. Mike lay on top of Sam, his body blanketing him on the bed and Sam liked the feel of him, the weight of him; the way his body felt against his own.

Sam knew Mike would eventually take the lead, would know when Sam needed him to, and Mike began to kiss Sam passionately while his hands roamed down Sam's sides caressing his skin and stroking his desire. They didn't talk, didn't need to say anything, as Mike shifted on top of Sam, eased Sam's legs apart taking each behind the knee and pulling them upward, spreading them apart and turning Sam's hips up. Sam moved with Mike, let him guide him into position, open himself up and he felt Mike move over him, gently, Mike's cock nestling down below his own, probing downward till it was rubbing over his entry, pressing against it and Sam hugged Mike tight to his body whispering in his ear.

"Put it in me Mike....please..." Sam whispered and Mike eased forward till his cock penetrated Sam, stretched open the tight ring of Mike's hole and slipped into him, inch by inch, slowly, gently, he pushed into Sam. Mike fucked slowly, this body undulating on Sam, rubbing over his cock making it hard till it ached with need, leaked still slick and Mike began to fuck faster, with urgency, his need over powering him and Sam clung to his body, legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck. Sam was moaning, grunting with each push inward, feeling Mike's cock, so thick, his hole stretched tight around it feeling every move, each shift in direction, the pumping back and forth and he pushed his hips upward in rhythm with Mike rubbing his own cock between them, stroking it over their soft skin until he felt his need rise up quickly. Mike's slow fucks always brought him off first and he began to work his hips faster beneath Mike, urging Mike on, driving Mike to fuck faster, to pump his hips urgently till he felt cum surge through his cock. He came hard, his cock flexing with every ejaculation pooling cum between them. Mike felt the way Sam came, felt the way his hole would spasm with every ejaculation and he held Sam tight to his body and drove his cock deep into him till he too came.

The next four days they fished in the river, canoed up and down its winding path, and in the cabin they fucked whenever the urge arose. Except for going down to the river Sam stayed naked, his body always on display, ready, teasing Mike, luring him constantly to pull down his jeans and take him. Sam showed Mike all the ways a man could pleasure another, each new position, each new sexual play made Mike less shy, more sure of himself and by the end of the four days he almost never blushed when Sam came onto him.



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