Brodie stood at his living room window and looked out across his front yard. The grass was over eight inches high, thick with weeds, clover and all manner of plants in addition to the grass that tried vainly to cover the ground. He had been in the town for over a week and so busy getting settled at the veterinarian's office he had not even the time to get all of his boxes unpacked. It had been sudden his move to Pine Valley, this small southern town along the Conecuh River nestled down in the low country surrounded by pine and farms. He had been in Birmingham since graduation learning his way around an office, improving his skills, and preparing himself to have his own clinic. He'd been in Birmingham for three years and ready for a change when an old college professor had called him out of the blue telling him of this position. Dr. Howard had suddenly retired due to health issues and left the small town and the surrounding farms with only one veterinarian.

Brodie went back to his kitchen where only the microwave oven and coffee maker were set up, fished another cup from the box in which they were packed, rinsed it out and poured a cup of freshly brewed coffee. He could skimp on so many things at the moment, but not his morning cup of coffee. He leaned against the counter and savored each sip as he breathed in the aroma. He looked at the clock and saw it was ten till seven. He hoped the guy was on time this morning for he needed to leave by seven thirty at the latest. His first appointment was at a farm just outside of town and he was to be there at eight. He went over to his bag sitting among the boxes on top of the dining room table and checked it once again to make sure he had everything he would need when he heard someone drive up in front of his house.

As he made his way to the front door, cutting through the living room, he glanced out the window and saw an old pickup truck curbside. It was towing a trailer with a lawn mower and some other lawn equipment tied down in it. Relieved the guy was a few minutes early Brodie went out the front door, down the sidewalk to the curb where the guy was doing something in the bed of the truck on the driver's side.

"Ellis?" Brodie asked as he came up to the truck and faced the young man who stood up and propped his arms on the side of the truck. He looked so young to Brodie, still a teenager in so many ways. He appeared baby faced, his hair long and unkempt, and his skinny arms looked so smooth, hairless even, that they could have been the arms of a preadolescent boy. But Brodie knew Ellis was at least eighteen for he was finished with high school and was now doing lawns and other odd jobs per his secretary, Mrs. Fowler. He had asked her a couple days ago if she knew someone who could attend to his yard since he didn't have the time or the equipment and she had instantly recommended Ellis, a first cousin's son. It reminded Brodie how a small town worked, the way everyone knew everyone else and had ways of helping each other, or bartering for something, and always had someone as a referral for almost any job someone may have available. Brodie asked Mrs. Fowler to call him up and see when he could come over to discuss arrangements and she was soon back in his office with the day and time.

"You're in the old McCullough place...ya renting or did you buy?" Ellis asked after introductions.

"Renting" Brodie replied.

"That's good" Ellie said.

"Why is that?"

"This place needs too much work and everyone knows this street tends to flood in heavy rains. Clogged storm pipe somewhere and the city has not tried to do anything about it. No sir...don't recommend buying this house, or any on this street."

"Well, I'm just renting till I can figure out where I'd like to live, so in the meantime I need someone to take care of the yard."

"Yes sir, I'd be glad to do it" Ellis replied as he walked around the truck and followed Brodie to the back yard surveying the condition of the place and what needed to be done. As Brodie led Ellis around the house he realized how much shorter Ellis was to himself. He knew being six foot two made him taller than most other guys but Ellis looked like he was only five four or so, at best, and he was so skinny his clothes hung on him. But Ellis was friendly, polite and didn't hesitate with giving him a quick quote on his fee which Brodie knew was cheap compared to what landscape services in Birmingham had charged and he asked how soon Ellis could start. He was surprised Ellis said he'd come back that afternoon, probably late in the day, to at least get his grass cut and he'd check his schedule but he probably would work him in on Friday afternoons.

Brodie watched Ellis drive off and then climbed into his truck and headed out for his day's appointments. After his morning appointments at one farm or another he spent the afternoon in his office seeing one animal after the next, most of which were dogs. It was after seven when he finally shut off the light to his office and made his way home. He was surprised to see Ellis' truck in front of his house. He pulled into the drive, grabbed his bag and climbed out of his truck. He heard the mower running in his back yard and he went to the fence and looked around the corner of the house and saw Ellis riding the large commercial mower around the edge of a small deck that sat off the kitchen. Ellis was shirtless, his lean upper body glistening with sweat in the hot bright light of the late summer day. He was so tan Brodie wondered if he had some Native American ancestry. His long light brown hair was sticking out around the back of the cap which he wore low on his head shielding his face from the harsh sunlight. Brodie looked at the boy's body, the flat chest and stomach, the way there was no definition to his torso and how his small dime sized nipples rode high on his chest and he realized it hadn't been so long ago he was just a skinny teenager, as were most of the guys he knew in high school. He realized how they had appeared almost androgynous back then, but for some reason, when he looked at Ellis he didn't think of him as being androgynous.

Ellis lifted his cap and ran his forearm across his brow to wipe away the sweat and Brodie saw the sparse brown hair under his arm and thought once again how young the boy looked, so innocent in a way, which made him laugh to himself, knowing most of these boys in the country were no more innocent than the ones in the city, and sometimes less so. 'Ole Ellis probably likes to party with the best of them' he thought, remembering what it had been like for him when he had finished high school and was getting ready for college, the parties he and his friends had gone to and the things that he and Sean had done, the first time for both of them and how by summer's end there wasn't anything the two of them hadn't tried with each other. Thinking of that summer from years ago made Brodie smile as he headed inside. He was exhausted and needed to get dinner started so he could eat, clean up and go to bed.

Brodie prepared a simple dinner, something he could prepare quickly, and as he did so he found himself remembering his days as a teenager, then his days in college, the undergraduate studies, getting into the vet school and having four more years of study, the times he was able to party, the guys he met, all the fun times that now seemed so long ago, but really, in reality, were just a few short years ago. He scooped the pasta with the tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and cut up chicken into a bowl, grated some cheese over it and headed to his living room to watch some television as he ate. There was nothing on that really interested him and his mind wandered to his current place in life, taking this job, the kind he had always dreamed, a position in a town that let him not only work with pets but also get out and work with farmers raising hogs, cows, chickens, or those who had horses and other animals. But it also isolated him for he knew being gay in a small town would be difficult. Not only the homophobia of so many that caused him to feel like he was falling back into some kind of secretive life, but the mere fact it wouldn't be as easy meeting guys to date or to socialize or when the mood struck, just a quick romp with someone. He had not dated anyone seriously since college, always letting his career come first, spending long hours at work or volunteering at one shelter or another taking care of the animals people carelessly cast aside. He always said he would find someone when the time was right and now he was thirty two and in a small town and he had moments of anxiety that he could end up alone.

Back in the kitchen he loaded his dishes and utensils into the dishwasher and was filling one side of the sink to wash his sauce pan when he heard the mower move around the house to the front and shut off. As he placed the sauce pan in the drying rack the doorbell rang and he knew it had to be Ellis. As he moved through the living room he saw the mower was secured on the trailer and he opened the door to find Ellis standing there, shirtless. His dark skin was slick with sweat and grass and debris stuck to it and up close Brodie realized just how lean he really was and for a moment he let his eyes scan down the tan gangly body down to the jeans that rode so low on his narrow waist they appeared ready to fall. The jeans fit so loosely the waist band curled outward slightly and Brodie had the idea you could slip your hand easily down inside of them. He saw no sign of underwear and he struggled to suppress the enticing thought as he quickly looked back up at Ellis. Ellis was smiling at him in a way that seemed mischievous, almost devious and Brodie took a quick breath to compose himself.

"Ellis...come in" Brodie stammered, suddenly feeling foolish.

"I'm pretty filthy so I should just stay out here. I just wanted to let you know I'll come back tomorrow and finish up the trim work and I can work you in on Friday's, probably around four or so in the afternoon, if that is alright with you?" Ellis replied and as he asked Brodie if Friday's would work he slipped his hands down into his pockets and pushed downward making his jeans slide down a little more, tantalizing low, so low Brodie saw a little hair become visible and he swallowed hard knowing Ellis jeans were barely concealing his cock.

"Yeah...that would be fine...Fridays..." Brodie stammered as he struggled not to stare.

"Great. I'll see you tomorrow" Ellis replied.

"Do you need me to pay you now...for cutting the grass today?"

"Nah...I'll catch up with you later. I'm beat and its getting dark and I need to get the equipment cleaned up before I call it a day."

"Well...okay, I'll see you tomorrow" Brodie replied and watched as Ellis strolled down the sidewalk got into his old truck and pulled away. As the truck drove away Brodie realized he had been standing in the doorway like some school girl with a crush and he knew he blushed red as he quickly closed the door. The rest of the evening he scolded himself for the way he let Ellis get to him, this skinny kid who mowed grass for a living, but the image of that boy, shirtless, his body covered in sweat, grass and dirt, with his jeans riding so low kept playing over and over in his mind. At times he thought he could still smell the faint odor of that sweaty body.

Brodie gave up on watching television and decided to shower and go to bed, thinking he'd read a while before turning out the lights. In the shower, the water just warm enough to be soothing, he found himself soaping his cock more than necessary, stroking it to full erection and he realized it had been days since he had gotten off and the image of Ellis had made him painfully aware of this fact. He stopped stroking his cock, finished his shower quickly, dried off and went to his bedroom climbing on the bed still naked. He reached over to the side of his bed to the box he knew contained a couple of porn magazines he had held on to. He pulled out the one on top and flipped through the pages till he came to a guy he had masturbated to many times before, a guy that looked like Sean, his first, and he began to stroke his still hard cock, slowly at first as he let his imagination roam between the image before him and his memory of Sean. He was leaking, his shaft lubed with it as his hand noisily moved up and down. He was so hard his cock ached as he tossed the magazine down on the floor and lay back, eyes closed and he thought of the sex with Sean, the physical nature of it, the way they fucked, Sean's lean body on top of him and as he felt the cum race through his cock the image of Sean morphed into Ellis. He came hard, thick wads roped up his chest hitting him in the face and on the neck and he kept stroking his cock till cum dribbled out and his hand smeared the last of his load down his shaft.

He lay back, his breathing hard, his grip on his cock loosened as he felt it loose its stiffness and he thought of how similar Ellis really was to Sean, both shorter than he was, Ellis lanky the way Sean had been all those years ago. But as he lay there, cum pooled on his chest and stomach and trickling over his side he also thought of the differences between them. Sean had had short blonde hair, his features so soft, round in the face and his skin so fair whereas Ellis had long brown hair, his features more angular, cheeks that were prominent, and finally there was the way he was so tan, his skin tone so dark.

'This is silly' Brodie admonished himself as he rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. He quickly climbed back into bed, turned out the light and eventually he was able to fall asleep.

The next morning Brodie rose early, dressed and headed out to his first appointment, a farm about thirty minutes out of town and he spent half the morning there, then it was to a farm on the other side of town and by late afternoon he finally made it to his office where several pets awaited in the clinic's kennel area. He realized he wasn't going to get home till late so he pulled his cell phone out and called Ellis. His call immediately went to voice mail and he let Ellis know he would not be home that evening to pay him and he should wait on trimming up his yard till next time he came to cut the grass.

Brodie was so busy he had not taken time to stop for dinner. By the time he finished it was nearly ten o'clock and he quickly checked his calendar for the next day and headed out. Driving through town he saw the old drive-thru was still open and he grabbed a burger and fries and headed home. As he turned into his drive he saw that the sidewalk and drive had been neatly trimmed as well as the hedges in front the house. At the side door by the driveway he found a note stuck in the storm door from Ellis telling him not to worry about paying him till next Friday and he had gotten everything completed. It made Brodie smile at having everything look so neat and trimmed and he wondered if Ellis was buttering him up for more money.

The next weekend Brodie finally took time to unpack the boxes that were sitting in nearly every room and did the cleaning, washed clothes and by Sunday afternoon realized he had not left the house all weekend. He was exhausted but glad to have gotten everything put away. The next week he made his rounds, going to one appointment to the next, and on Tuesday morning he saw Ellis's truck and trailer at one of the town's larger homes as he drove through town, although he didn't see Ellis on his mower. Then on Thursday he came back into town after spending all morning on a dairy farm and decided to grab lunch at a small diner in downtown and as he was getting out of his truck Ellis drove by tooting his horn and giving Brodie a quick wave. Brodie smiled and waved back and had the thought he couldn't wait till tomorrow afternoon and maybe he'd keep the end of the day free so he could get home early for a change, considering the idea of how it would be wicked to sit on his deck and watch Ellis mow his grass as he day dreamed about the boy, sexual things, like he and Sean, and so many others afterward, had done. As he went into the diner he realized he was just horny and needed to get out and meet someone, and soon.

Friday morning passed quickly and that afternoon Brodie set up his day to be done by three. His staff worked diligently to get the appointments completed so all of them could leave early and a little after three Brodie was locking the door of the clinic and heading home. When he walked into his home he opened all the curtains to let the afternoon sun shine in, went into his kitchen and laid out some hamburger with the plan of cooking them on the grill. In his bedroom he stripped out of his clothes and slipped on a pair of cargo shorts and tank top. He picked up the novel he had been reading, grabbed a beer and headed to his deck to relax.

At first he struggled to concentrate as he wondered when Ellis would arrive but as he relaxed, got the first beer consumed and had his second sitting next to him, he began to fall back into the story of the novel and soon an hour passed quickly and he was actually startled to hear the mower start up at front. He had not heard Ellis drive up, nor heard him lowering the ramp and getting the mower ready to use. He started to get up and go to the front but decided that was being silly, somehow over eager and he leaned back in his chair, novel lying on his lap and listened to the mower move back and forth across his front yard and eventually work its way up one side of his house and finally come around to where the main gate at the end of his drive was located. He saw Ellis push open the gate and disappear, the mower rev back up and moved into the back yard. Ellis was shirtless as before but he had on old cargo shorts in lieu of jeans revealing his skinny legs and as he drove by the first time Brodie noticed his legs looked as bare as his arms. Ellis waved as he went by.

"Hey, how's it going?" Ellis yelled over the sound of his mower.

"Fine" Brodie replied as he held up his beer showing he was done for the day. Ellis smiled and nodded his head as he accelerated the mower a little and began to cut the main part of the back yard as quickly as he could. It only took a few minutes to cut the grass and Ellis was soon back in front. Brodie heard the trimmer start up and knew Ellis would be longer getting the final trimming completed. Finished with his beer he went inside and retrieved another and returned to his deck to sit and enjoy the late afternoon.

The trimmer revved up and down several times, moved to different parts of the front and eventually he heard it come up the drive and work around the fence and gate. Brodie watched as Ellis made his way into the back yard, trimming around the tree in the corner then back to the house along the planting strip and around the deck. His lean body was covered in sweat, grass and debris with rivulets of sweat cutting lines through it with the beads of sweat cascaded down his body. The ball cap was pulled low over his eyes, the bib curled tight and Brodie let his eyes boldly roam over Ellis, suddenly not caring if Ellis saw him looking at his body. His lean torso, the dark skin so smooth, the way his thin arms moved steadily back and forth, revving the trimmer over and over, and Brodie eyes moved downward, to the waist looking at how the cargo shorts really were worn, one pocket on the leg hanging loose and the back pockets torn at each upper corner, one tear so large Brodie could see the bare skin and he realized Ellis wasn't wearing any underwear and he suddenly found himself looking harder, at every tear. He looked at how the shorts seemed to defy gravity the way they hung on his narrow hips, so low, so tantalizingly low, it made Brodie feel his heart race at the thought of it. Ellis turned and was facing his way as he trimmed along the planting bordering the deck and Brodie could see there was a hole at the base of the zipper and the zipper itself looked ready to break apart the way it was rolled outward pushing the flap of fabric over meant to conceal it.

Brodie turned his beer up and took a long large swallow and when he sat the bottle down and looked back at Ellis and Ellis was looking at him as he moved to another spot. The boy had a serious concentrated look, like he was studying Brodie and Brodie shifted in his chair as he felt his arousal grow, felt an attraction to this boy more than ten years younger and he thought it insane and tempting all at the same time. Ellis had his back to him now, and he watched the way his shoulder blades shifted with his arm movements, the back and forth rhythm he used to trim along the edge of the fence where the grass went up to it without landscaping. He stared at the boys ass surprised someone so skinny could have such a round ass and he looked at how the cargo shorts rode so low the upper part of his ass was exposed and sweat trickled down between his cheeks and Brodie let the image of him running his tongue along the line of sweat down into those cargo shorts form, fuel his aroused state and he was startled back to reality when the trimmer suddenly shut off and Ellis turned toward him. Brodie saw Ellis smile knowingly at him as he came to the deck.

"You finished already?" Brodie asked as Ellis laid the trimmer down and came up on the deck.

"Yep" he replied as he moved close.

"You want something to drink? I have sodas and of course water" Brodie asked as he looked at the way Ellis ran his hand up his chest wiping the sweat and grime off his skin.

"That would be great...but...I'd rather have what you're having" Ellis replied and he nodded toward the beer sitting on the little table by Brodie's chair.

"But you're not old enough..." Brodie began to respond and Ellis cut him off.

"Less than a year I'll be twenty-one and besides, it's not like I don't have it...and other stuff whenever I want."

Ellis' reply was taunting, daring, and Brodie felt the boy's presence even more, and he was shocked to hear he was twenty years old for he assumed Ellis to be as young as he could make him, eighteen at most.

"You have other yards to mow this afternoon?"

"Nope, I made you last for the day" Ellis replied as he nonchalantly tugged on his cock adjusting it within the confines of his shorts and Brodie watched every move of Ellis' fingers, the way they took a hold of his cock and moved it over, tugged on it slightly and he found his heart racing at the situation.

"Well, in that case...I'm about to grill burgers, so if you'll you stay and have dinner I'll go get a beer" Brodie said as he stood up from his chair and looked down at Ellis, towering over him.

Ellis smiled up at him as he ran his hand over his stomach scratching lazily at the skin, "Sure, I'd like that and can I use your bathroom?"

"Oh yes, please, I'll show you were it is" and Brodie led Ellis inside and pointed down the short hall to the first door on the left and told him he'd get him a beer and meet him back on the deck. The door didn't close as Ellis went in and Brodie could hear him piss into the toilet and it took all he could do not to go to the door and look inside. Ellis came back out on the deck and picked up the beer from the table and Brodie turned from the grill he had started up and watched Ellis turn the bottle up and take several long slow swallows, his Adam's apple moving up and down with each one and Brodie looked at the sparse hair under his raised arm, the wet dark hairs so few as to be hardly noticeable.

"Thanks, I've been wanting one all damn day" Ellis replied as he leaned against the rail of the deck.

"Yeah, this is the first day I've been able to get home early and relax since moving here."

"Why did you move here?"

"The opportunity for my own clinic."

"'re not married, so what are you going to do"

The question caught Brodie off-guard and he smiled at Ellis hiding the nervous trapped feeling he currently had. He saw Ellis smile at him just shaking his head and he moved to one of the chairs and sat down. Brodie turned back to the grill putting the patties on it to cook. Ellis was quiet for a moment while he watched the meat sizzle on the grill till he heard Ellis shift in the chair and when he glanced back Ellis was slouched down in it, his legs spread apart. The hole in the crotch was plainly visible and he found his eyes drawn to it and he saw the unmistakable wrinkled skin of the shaft of a cock lying across the hole, skin so dark, loose in its flaccid state. The moment of seeing it froze in his mind, nothing penetrated his consciousness; not sound or movement around him until he heard Ellis laugh, wickedly, and his hand came down and tugged on his cock through the worn fabric of the shorts.

"Why aren't you married?" Ellis asked with his tone accusing.

"Just haven't met the right person" Brodie responded, his standard reply, the one that let him escape further inquiry but he saw Ellis lean back and run the cold beer bottle down his chest.

"Damn that feels good" Ellis said almost more to himself than to Brodie, then he looked Brodie in the eyes, took a swallow of beer, and let Brodie feel he was satisfied with his response. Brodie kept his attention to the grill till the burgers were done, for fear of burning them and for fear Ellis could somehow read in his face his thoughts.

They went inside and ate around the dining table and Brodie watched Ellis eat, the way he methodically prepared his burger and then neatly ate it instead of wolfing it down as Brodie thought he would. Brodie did most of the talking telling Ellis how he wanted to be a vet since he was a young boy and how he ended up in Pine Valley. The closeness of Ellis to him at the table made him feel claustrophobic and as soon as they finished he suggested they get another beer and sit out on the deck while the sun went down and the air cooled down to a more comfortable temperature.

They sat opposite each other and sipped their beer as the sun sank low in the sky. Brodie leaned back and tried not to stare at Ellis who was still shirtless but his eyes roamed over the boy, over his chest, downward over his flat stomach and down to those damn shorts, his legs spread and the hole pulled open all the way and he could see cock shaft, see how it wasn't as wrinkled as before, the shaft thicker and Ellis reached down and tugged on it as Brodie stared.

"What about you? You have a girlfriend?" Brodie asked, his voice sounding detached as he kept his eyes on Ellis' hand as it manipulated his cock through the cargo shorts.

Ellis snorted then laughed "fuck no" and Brodie looked up at Ellis and saw the look on his face, one that told him the silliness of his question. "I think you know what I like."

Brodie started to say something, his mouth opened to let a reply issue forth, but nothing came out as he watched Ellis stand up and moved toward him, setting his beer down along the way. Brodie didn't move, stayed leaned back in his chair and watched Ellis move so close his cargo shorts brushed against his knees and the touch was like a shock, sending signals to his brain of the closeness between them. He watched Ellis reach to the button of his cargo shorts and push it through the hole.

"Damn, I want to fuck around with you" Ellis whispered as the button slipped free letting his cargo shorts fall to his ankles without even pulling the zipper down. He was naked, his cock half hard, stretched out till the skin covering it was smooth, pulled taut and the head was flared out and darker than the shaft. There was very little pubic hair over it and Brodie realized just how low his jeans had been the other day to expose it. Ellis moved up between Brodie's legs and slipped one hand behind his neck pulling him forward, guiding him to the erect cock he was holding up.

"Take me" Ellis commanded and Brodie moved to it, opened his mouth and let it slip between his lips as Ellis pushed forward till he gagged. "Come on..take me" Ellis pleaded.

Ellis fit between easily between Brodie's legs, and Brodie wrapped his arms around the slim body holding him firmly in place as he took his cock, let it sink into his mouth over and over till Ellis was pumping his hips trying to drive it down his throat. Brodie rubbed his back, squeezed each ass cheek and as Ellis drove his cock into his mouth he let his fingers probe down between the ass cheeks and rub along the cleft till he felt the boy's hole, felt the tight little opening with his finger and he stroked his finger over it, rubbed it till Ellis wrapped his arms around his head and held him tightly pushing his ass back spreading his cheeks urging Brodie to keep it up, to keep touching him there, to push against his tightness and he cried out when Brodie pushed into him, breached his opening sinking a finger all the way into his tight hole.

Ellis undulated against Brodie, his lean slick body moved in his arms like a wild animal, pumping his hips back and forth, pushing cock into Brodie's mouth then pushing back to take the finger in his hole. Brodie pried him open, fingered his hole till he loosened slightly then he slipped another into it and felt Ellis shiver in his arms, felt the heat of the boy as he took the penetration, the stretching of his hole.

"Goddamn...I want to fuck you" Brodie said when he pulled back releasing Ellis' cock. It bobbed up and down, slick and drooling and Brodie watched a long clear drop trail toward the ground till he leaned forward capturing it on his tongue.

"Nasty mother fucker" Ellis whispered as he reached down and tugged upward on Brodie's tank top. "Get naked." Ellis tossed the tank top on the table as Brodie leaned back and undid his shorts. Ellis dropped to his knees between his legs and tugged the shorts and boxers down where he helped free them of each foot. He tossed them across the deck carelessly as he looked up and watched Brodie stroke his cock. He let his eyes roam up Brodie's body, the tall masculine torso, slim, like a runner or a swimmer's body and he let his gaze travel down to the cock gripped tightly in his fist which moved slowly up and down its length. Brodie's cock was fair skinned like the rest of him, his cock shaft straight and smooth, with an arrow shaped head and Ellis leaned forward removing Brodie's hand as he took the cock and slide his lips down its length.

"Oh...fuck..." Brodie gasped as Ellis took him all the way. It was obvious Ellis was no novice and Brodie leaned back and watched Ellis suck his cock, work his lips along his shaft and tongue the head. Ellis sucked him till his cock ached for release and he let it slip from his mouth, holding it tightly in his fist. Squeezing it, milking it, Ellis brought a bead of clear lube to the slit which he licked it off.

"Damn, you taste good" Ellis uttered as he stroked Brodie's cock slowly with his tight fist. He finally let go and stood up between Brodie's legs and Brodie wrapped his arms around the narrow waist and pulled him close burying his face into the smooth chest inhaling his scent, the smell of cut grass, of sweat, and he ran his tongue up the middle of Ellis' chest and over to the right nipple, the small nipple hard and sticking out and he nipped it, bit down on it hard enough to make Ellis cry out as he pushed his body against Brodie.

Brodie's own cock ached with need and the head was shiny and slick and he leaned back and watched Ellis climb up over his lap, hover his ass over Brodie's cock and slowly, with the dexterity and balance of someone who knew what he was doing, Ellis brought his body down till the tight ring of his opening pressed down on Brodie's cock head and he rotated his hips with small circular motions lubing the entrance to his hole, slicking it up with Brodie's lube and when he pressed down the cock easily slipped through and sank into his hole as he moved his body down.

Brodie lay back, hands on Ellis' waist and he watched his cock slide in and out of the tight hole as Ellis moved up and down, quickly working up a furious pace, till his ass smacked down in his lap. Ellis' cock flopped up and down with his movements and the clear lube leaking from it coated the head and spattered on Brodie's stomach. Ellis leaned forward, wrapped his arms around Brodie's neck and he rode the hard cock in his ass faster, pumped his hips up and down harder.

Brodie had been with guys who could be aggressive, like to play fetish games but none were like Ellis. Wild, almost untamed, the way he threw himself at Brodie and now, with Brodie's cock buried in his hole pumping his body up and down aggressively, sliding down its length over and over, grunting and moaning at its penetration, the way it filled him Brodie wondered who this person was who was taking him with such abandon.

Brodie felt his need rise up, felt the urge to cum build and he began to pump his hips upward, to drive his cock hard into the tight hole and Ellis held himself up over Brodie's lap and let him fuck, let him drive his cock up in his hole as hard and fast as he could and Brodie felt his body grow tight, felt every muscle strain with his exertion and he threw his head back and cried out.


He poured himself into Ellis, pumped is cock till every drop was shot from his cock and it painfully sensitive to his continued thrusts upward not wanting to stop, enjoying the way it felt, his still hard sensitive cock sliding through his own load, till he felt it leak out back on him.

Ellis leaned back placing his hands on Brodie's knees and his cock standing up rigid, fat and hard and Brodie took it in hand and stroked it, stroked it hard till he saw Ellis pumping his hips, driving his cock through Brodie's fist harder, faster and Brodie leaned up and over the cock, held the head in front of his mouth and when Ellis came, thick wads of cum spewing from it Brodie caught the first few wads on his tongue before leaning forward and taking the still spewing cock into his mouth and sucking the last of Ellis' load out, swallowing it.

Ellis sat up, pushed Brodie back in his chair and kissed him, roughly, tongue probing his mouth. When Ellis pulled back he ran his tongue over to Brodie's ear and rimmed its shape.

"I'm staying tonight, mother fucker, and I'm fucking your ass next."

Brodie felt his cock harden at the thought, the idea of the boy pushing him down and fucking him, fucking him as hard as he took it and he wrapped his arms around Ellis' waist, his cock still buried in his ass and stood up.

"Not until I pump another load into your skinny ass....mother fucker" Brodie said as he carried Ellis inside. As the door closed only Ellis's laughing could be heard.



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