The sun was barely above the horizon in the east as the waves crashed noisily along the shore, the turquoise waters breaking into low waves near the shoreline and washing up on the white sands then retreating down the slope only to quickly repeat the whole hypnotic process over and over. Ellis and Brodie sat just above the wet sand as they watched the waves, looked out over the Gulf waters, clear for as far out as the eye could see and occasionally they looked down the shoreline at the few others strolling along the wet sands, the waves lapping at their feet as they searched for shells or just enjoyed an early morning stroll.

Ellis and Brodie arrived the afternoon before and set up in the campgrounds on the other side of the island. They were near the old fort at the end of the barrier island, Fort Pickens. The barrier island sat between Pensacola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, protecting the bay and Pensacola, the small city that sat along the bay wrapping around its edge from the Escambia River all the way around to the military base. Even though it was late March the temperatures were in the seventies during the day, but as soon as the sun went down it cooled quickly due the cloudless skies, a bright blue, stronger in color than the water with its mixture of greens, turquoise and clear watery blues. Ellis and Brodie had gotten the camper set up quickly and spent the afternoon riding bicycles down to the fort and along the narrow two lane road that ran the island's length, going all the way back to the park gate. Last night they cooked out and spent the evening in the camper moving from the living room back to the bedroom their bodies tangled together, arms and legs intertwined, until they were spent and exhausted.

Brodie had awakened early, eased out of bed and started coffee. He was surprised when Ellis soon appeared at his side.

"When it is brewed let's take a thermos and some cinnamon rolls down to the beach" Ellis said as he pulled the thermos from a cabinet.

The morning was still cool and they had on jeans and sweat shirts, dark in color, enjoying the feel of them as they warmed quickly in the rising sun.

"It's really nice" Brodie said barely above the roar of the waves, "especially when so few people are out stirring around."

"Not too many will come out this time of year, not here in the park."

Ellis leaned against Brodie and held a roll up to his mouth. He bit into the sweet roll and saw Ellis smiling up at him. They lingered on the beach until the rolls and coffee were gone, Ellis having shifted up between Brodie's legs lying back against his chest.

"What if someone says something" Brodie had asked at first, worried about their open display.

"Fuck'em" and Ellis busted out laughing and Brodie wrapped his arms around the skinny torso and hugged it tightly to him. The sun rose steadily in the sky and they sat quietly watching the waves, and down the beach a family spread out a blanket and an umbrella to shield them from the sun as the children played in the sand.

"Come on, let's walk" Ellis said, getting up and holding his hand out to Brodie.

They strolled down the beach, away from the family on the beach. They walked along the edge of the water on the wet sand for the dry sand was too soft, too giving under their feet. It wasn't far and as they approached what Brodie at first thought was an odd sand dune turned out to be an old military bunker covered in sand and now after decades of neglect small stunted shrubs and pine grew out of it concealing the upper embattlements. Ellis led Brodie up from the shoreline heading straight for the old bunker.

"We're not going inside that are we?" Brodie asked.

"Oh hell no, we're going up top. Besides, the bunker is padlocked" Ellis replied as he cut over the undulating sand along established trails through the sea oats. At the bottom Ellis leaned down and went up a narrow path that wound up under the shrubs and trees leading up to the top and Brodie followed, at times crawling on his hands and knees, too tall to squat down like Ellis.

At the top was a small clearing behind the concrete wall where anti-aircraft guns had once been positioned. A small slab where the guns were mounted sat behind the wall; otherwise it was sand, loose and dry, gently sloped back to the natural grade. Trees surrounded them with small gaps allowing them to look east and west along the coastline. To the south it was the gulf as far as the eye could see.

"Wow, nice view" Brodie said as he looked east toward the development of the private section of the island. When he turned back to Ellis he was surprised to see Ellis tossing his sweat shirt down and reach down undoing his jeans.

"What are you doing?" Brodie asked.

"Taking off my clothes" Ellis replied as he slid his jeans down and off each leg leaving him naked. He stood up and smiled at Brodie as he tugged on his cock, stretching it out making it grow erect. Then he moved on Brodie. His knees sank into the soft sand just off the platform as he ran his hands over the front of Brodie's jeans, groping him, squeezing his cock till he felt it grow erect. He undid the button and pulled down the zipper as Brodie watched him, with a mixture of fear and desire, and Brodie soon felt his cock sink into the wet slick mouth. Ellis worked his mouth back and forth, aggressively sucking, noisily, recklessly, till Brodie was hard, his cock flexing with his need.

Brodie pushed Ellis off his cock and with hands under Ellis' armpits he lifted him easily and spun him around, pushing him up against the low concrete wall. Ellis looked back at Brodie, his expression dulled with desire.

"Fuck me...fuck me hard..." Ellis pleaded and Brodie moved up to him, pushed his cock to Ellis' hole and in one smooth move penetrated Ellis and sank his cock all the way into him. Ellis threw his head up, pushed back with his ass and cried out as he felt Brodie slam up against his ass. Brodie began to fuck, swinging his hips fast, holding Ellis by his narrow waist as he plunged his cock into him over and over and over. Brodie's pace was too fast, his desire too strong and he began to slam his cock inward in short jabbing thrusts.

"Fuck...I'm cumming..." he uttered as he held tight to Ellis and pumped his cum into him.

Brodie pulled out, his spent cock wet and slick, cum drooling from the slit and he fell to his knees as Ellis spun around, his cock in hand, stroking it. Ellis grabbed Brodie by the hair pulling his head back as he stroked his cock over Brodie's open mouth.

"You want my want it" Ellis uttered as he stroked his cock over Brodie face, his mouth hung open. Brodie grunted a yes as his hands held Ellis' legs so as to hold himself steady, his eyes glued to the hard cock being stroked over his face. Ellis began to jerk, his hips pumping in short thrust as he stroked his cock. Then Ellis came, thick wads of cum arching out of his cock spattering across Brodie's face and Brodie couldn't hold back and he rose up quickly taking the spurting cock into his mouth. He sucked Ellis, milked every drop of cum from him till Ellis pushed him off his cock.

Ellis noticed the look on Brodie's face as he slipped his jeans back on, a look he had seen before, one that said Brodie wasn't finished, not yet. They climbed down from the bunker and made their way back to the camper, neither saying anything, Ellis leading and Brodie right behind them. Ellis unlocked the door and stepped up into the camper and Brodie followed him in. He tossed his sweatshirt on a chair and turned to Brodie who came to him swiftly, holding him gently by the neck and kissing him, passionately, roughly, his desire still inflamed. Brodie picked Ellis up and slung him over his shoulders carrying him down the narrow hall. Ellis tried not to smile, tried to conceal his glee at the way Brodie was taking him. Brodie flipped Ellis over on the bed and reached down undoing his jeans. He jerked them down Ellis' legs and worked them off each foot. Naked, Ellis stroked his cock as he watched Brodie, the way he pulled his sweatshirt over his head and tossed it on the floor, the way he tugged his jeans and boxers down his legs and worked them off and he noticed the way Brodie was still hard, his cock flopping with his movements, the head wet, drooling its lube, showing Brodie's arousal.

"You scared the shit out of me out there...but..." Brodie said, not finishing what he was thinking as he grabbed Ellis by the ankles and moved him roughly to the edge of the bed. He held Ellis's legs up and spread them out till he was spread open. He saw the wetness at Ellis' hole, his previous load leaking from it and he rubbed his wet hard cock against it, smeared fresh lube over it, teasing Ellis, stroking his desire to be fucked, to want cock buried in his hole again.

"Goddamn it, stick it in" Ellis cried out, begging, and Brodie shoved forward sinking his cock in the slick hole.

Brodie held Ellis' legs tight to his chest as he pumped his hips, fast, a furious pace, and Ellis was grunting and moaning with his every plunge inward. Brodie let Ellis legs lay on his shoulders as he moved down folding Ellis' body in half, his ass turned up taking the cock Brodie was pumping into him. Hips slapped down on ass cheeks and the bed creaked with the stress of their fucking. Ellis wrapped his arms around Brodie's neck and held on, took Brodie's fuck, every hard thick inch of it.

Brodie kept a fast pace, his body sweating with his exertions and he bellowed out as he pumped his second load into Ellis, thrusting his cock through it, piston fucking Ellis' hole till cum pumped back out and Brodie finally slowed, eased down on Ellis grinding his cock deep into him feeling his spent cock finally give out.

Brodie slid to the floor between Ellis' legs and held up his hard cock, taking it in his mouth, sucking it deep till it hit the back of his throat. Brodie worked his mouth up and down, sucked on the head as he fingered Ellis' ass, knowing every touch was just one more way to push him over the edge and Ellis came, his hips thrusting upward with each ejaculation that Brodie caught on in his mouth. Brodie pulled off and squeezed his fist up Ellis' still hard shaft milking out the final cum, watching it pool at the slit and then drool down the side. He leaned to it, tongue out, dragging it up the shaft capturing the cum on the tip and when he reached the head he slipped it in his mouth and sucked the final remnants out of the slit.

Brodie climbed on the bed next to Ellis, both breathing hard, and Brodie still sweating. Ellis slid up next to him and laid his head on Brodie's chest listening to his heart as it beat fast. As it slowed, as their breathing slowed, Brodie, then Ellis slipped off into a deep sleep.




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