The diner in downtown was crowded at lunch, always was on Fridays, and Brodie made his way to the back of the dining room to a small table along the wall. The week had gone by quickly for he had been running from one emergency to the next, sometimes a trip to a farm on one side of town and the next to the opposite side till he wondered if there was some menacing evil in the way animals got sick and made him constantly on the run.

"Dr. Matthews" one patron greeted him after the next and he acknowledged each one stopping to speak to those who were customers. By the time he got to the table he realized how integrated into the community he had become in the last month and he felt relieved and puzzled by it all at the same time for as soon as he moved here and set up his practice for the retired Dr. Howard he also met Ellis and started what had been to date the craziest time with another guy in his life, and it seemed at times the whole town knew about it. He hesitated to call it a relationship since they had never gone out on a date, no trips to a nearby city for dinner and a movie or some bar to hang out. During the week they had been lucky to meet for lunch or a late dinner the two of them so busy, therefore it was always Fridays at his place. As soon as Ellis finished his yard they ended up tangled together and it hadn't mattered if it was the back yard, the living room sofa, the bedroom, or hell, even the dining room table a couple times. Brodie found himself nearly laughing out loud as he thought of this relationship with Ellis and in the end for all its quirks, it was a relationship.

Mrs. Fowler had come to him last week and for the first time at a loss for words till he told her to just say what she had to say. It shocked him the way she stammered out how her cousin, and even her, were glad Ellis and he had met and were 'getting along' as she put it. It seemed they had been worried about Ellis, considered him too wild, too carefree and had seen, in the time since he met Brodie, him settling down. Brodie fought the urge to tell her he hadn't seen Ellis settle down, not in the way he thought of it, the boy was still so aggressive, so sexual, and the term 'untamed' always came to mind as if no one would ever completely control him.

The waitress took his order and as he waited for his food he flipped through the small local paper, a sad thin thing, with barely anything noteworthy within it but he scanned the few articles and always checked to see the advertisement he had put in it was where it should be, just inside the front page. As he ate he let the plans for the weekend play out in his mind as they did so often in the last few days for this afternoon Ellis was going to take care of his yard early so he could get home and prepare dinner. Brodie was for the first time to go to his house this evening after work. He had not even seen it yet for it was a twenty minute drive outside of town and Ellis had always been at his house on Friday evenings, but today Ellis changed up his schedule, said it wasn't fair Brodie always put him up on weekends. Brodie enjoyed this nervousness, this sense of anticipation, as he looked forward to seeing where Ellis lived, but at the same time he worried it might put him off, changed the way he thought of Ellis, afraid it would be some rough dilapidated place. 

Windows down, Brodie drove through the countryside at a leisurely pace, probably for the first time since arriving at Pine Valley and he looked at the farms, the small clusters of houses in one location or another, or a mobile home set up on blocks tucked into the trees, then there were the pine stands, acre after acre of trees planted in rows with all other species removed and he thought of how the notion of calling this a forest was absurd. He came to Oak Hill Lane, a narrow paved road that was until recently a dirt lane and it was so narrow that the county didn't bother marking it.

Brodie sat up straighter knowing it was only a mile down the lane and he looked at the pasture land on one side of the road and the house and barn on the other and he knew from what Ellis had said it was his family's home place, where he grew up the youngest of three boys and Brodie looked intently at the physical place, looked for some aspect that gave insight to Ellis but it didn't fit, not this simple rural setting, the barn out back with its unpainted rustic siding and the farm house in front with its wraparound porch. The lane undulated down a steep incline, crossed a bridge and rose quickly back up to the next level section of land. Both sides of the road were woods, the edge neatly thinned and the undergrowth cut out till he could see hundreds of feet through the trees. He saw the white of the house come into view up ahead, glimpses of it between the trees. When he finally came upon the open lot, shaded with only a couple of old oak trees he saw the simple farm house with its porch running across the front. It sat high off the ground, over three feet and the windows were tall, taller than a normal door and Brodie realized this was an old house, very old with its proportions so vertical, the way it sat so high off the ground, but he quickly realized the improvements to it, the new windows, the neatly painted exterior, the brick steps and foundation wall around the base and all of it surrounded by a yard heavily landscaped. He pulled into the drive and around to the rear where he saw the renovated old barn and to its right in the open a greenhouse. It was not what he expected. There were two more trucks with trailers, each loaded with the equipment to yard maintenance sitting next to Ellis' and behind the house sitting in the detached garage sat a new pickup. Ellis was definitely doing well for nothing was as Brodie feared.

Ellis was on the back deck wearing a tank top and shorts watching the grill that was smoking and the smell of the meat cooking made Brodie realize how hungry he was after a long afternoon.

Ellis gave him a tour of his house, the living areas and his bedroom recently renovated and only the guest bedrooms and the old original bathroom remained to do and Ellis admitted how well he was doing and his plans to expand to a full landscape service. They ate on the deck and Brodie realized Ellis was more relaxed, less aggressive, and talked casually of his life in this rural area and of his plans. They had sat outside for hours till it was dark sipping beer and just talking, neither feeling any kind of rush.

"Let's go inside" Ellis finally said as he set his empty bottle down, stood up and held out his hand. Brodie took it and let Ellis led him inside, through the living area and down the hall turning off lights as he went till they were in the Master Bedroom and Ellis turned and hugged Brodie tightly, his smaller body nestled within Brodie's arms. He stepped back and began to remove his clothes, the tank top tossed to the floor then his shorts dropping to his ankles and he was naked, his cock half hard. Brodie had watched him, froze in place by his desire to watch, to see Ellis reveal his body and when Ellis was naked Brodie moved to him, dropping to his knees and pressing his face into the flat stomach. He breathed in Ellis' scent, kissed the warm skin, felt the undulation of Ellis' breathing, the gentle in and out movement against his face.

Brodie guided Ellis back to the bed getting him to sit down on the side of it as he moved along with him the short couple of feet. He pushed Ellis' legs apart and moved up between them and brought his face down till he felt the soft skin of the sac rub against his nose and he inhaled the scent, masculine, erotic to his senses, and he kissed the head of Ellis' cock. He held it up and dragged his tongue over the shaft and around the soft spongy head and it quickly responded, began to elongate and each time Brodie slid his tongue over it, each time he sucked the head in his mouth or licked his tongue over it the cock grew longer, fatter, till it was fully erect, straining to slip upward. Brodie felt Ellis run fingers through his hair till his hand came to the back of his head and Ellis guided Brodie down, down over his cock till it filled his mouth and probed the back of his throat.

Brodie began to suck hard, to work his mouth up and down, bringing pleasure to Ellis, stroking his desire and as he worked Ellis' cock he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders, he unfastened his jeans and opened the them up, pushing them down with his boxers till they were gathered around his thighs and he stroked his own cock, it growing quickly in his hand. Ellis lay back on the bed and brought his lean legs up and over Brodie's shoulders, opening himself up to Brodie manipulations. Brodie slipped up and off Ellis' cock and dragged his tongue down the shaft, over the tightening sac and downward, along the dark line of skin till he felt his tongue slip over Ellis' entry, felt the tight ring of his hole and Brodie flicked his tongue over, pressed against it, and he kept running his tongue over it till it was wet and slick with his saliva then he moved up till he was standing up and he took Ellis' legs, held them apart and up as he lined his cock up to the slick wet hole.

"Do it Brodie...stick me" Ellis commanded and it drove Brodie forward, drove him to do it and he bore down on the tight opening, breached it with his thick hard cock and let it sink into Ellis, slowly, inch by inch till he was pressed up against Ellis' ass. Ellis was stretched out before Brodie, his arms thrown over his head, the leanness of his body so evident, the boyishness of it and Brodie still held his legs by the ankles, spread wide apart. "Fuck me Brodie...fuck me" Ellis uttered as he folded his arms resting his head in his hands. Brodie pulled back with his hips, watched his cock pull through the tight ring of Ellis' hole, the way it stretched around his cock and when only the head remained inside he drove it back in, steadily pushing forward till it was buried back into Ellis. Over and over Brodie pushed and pulled his cock through the tight ring of Ellis' hole till he felt it loosen, felt it relax to his penetrating thrusts and he increased his pace, swung his hips faster and faster till he was driving his cock furiously back and forth inside of Ellis, plunging into his depths forcibly and Ellis grunted with every deep penetration, begged Brodie to fuck harder and Brodie pulled Ellis' legs together, turned them slightly swinging Ellis' hips over rotated at a different angle and Brodie drove his cock into him hard once again. He felt the way his cock hit Ellis' insides in a new way, felt the way he banged his hole, pushed deep into it with every forward thrusts.

The room grew hot to Brodie, his skin on fire, as he pound his cock into Ellis, hammered away at his hole till he felt it, the way his body tensed up, every muscle so tight and his skin sensitive to every touch, sensitive to the way Ellis' legs rubbed his chest, the way it felt when his hips slapped up against Ellis' ass, a hard smack each time he drove inward and Brodie thrust his hips in short jabs, quickly, as fast as he could, jamming his cock into Ellis feeling his cock swell up thicker, the head more sensitive. Brodie shoved in again and painted Ellis' insides with his load.

Spent, Brodie let go of Ellis' legs and fell over on top of him, his breathing labored, his skin hot and slick and he nestled his face in Ellis' neck, kissing the skin and whispering in his ear.

"Fuck...fuck me Ellis" Brodie whispered and he eased up on the bed over Ellis and straddled his waist. Brodie reached back and held up Ellis' hard cock, the head wet and slick, and he eased down on it, pressed his hole to the head and kept on letting his body move down till it speared his hole and sank into his depths. Ellis pushed upward as Brodie moved down till Brodie had all of Ellis inside him, every inch sunk into his hole. He lifted upward, brought his body up and then down again, and he continued at a slow pace till his own tightness relaxed to the penetration, then he moved faster, riding Ellis with renewed energy. The bed squeaked, rocked back and forth as Brodie rode Ellis hard and he felt Ellis run his hands up his thighs, across his stomach and over his chest. He felt them move downward one taking his cock, it still hard and Ellis stroked him, roughly, with a furious pace that matched his own.

"Fuck...I'm cumming" Ellis cried out as he shoved upward and pumped his hips up against Brodie's ass pumping cum deep in him. Brodie rocked up and down taking Ellis' load and then he began to rock his hips back and forth and soon he shot again, his cum spattering across Ellis' stomach and then dribbled down his hand as it continued to stroke his cock.

"Stop Ellis...stop" he pleaded, his cock too sensitive for further stimulation.

They slept peacefully, the night so quiet and both of them exhausted. It would be morning, the sun shining brightly against the blinds and reflecting into the room before they woke. They stirred slowly, hands lightly caressing each other, lips grazing across skin and they were beginning to become aroused when they heard a vehicle drive around the house to the back yard.

"Shit...I forgot Sam had an appointment this morning" Ellis said as they climbed out of bed. "You can stay in bed if you want; I just need to check if he got next week's schedule."

"I'll get up. We can go get breakfast when you are done" Brodie said and he also knew he was curious about Sam, someone who worked for Ellis.

Brodie followed Ellis out of the house and out to one of the trucks with a trailer. He saw an old Jeep parked under one of the trees and at the trailer he saw someone who appeared to be Ellis' age checking the gear.

"Sam, you got everything?" Ellis asked.

"Yeah, and hopefully it won't take long this morning for I..." and Sam hesitated when he saw Brodie, a smile spreading over his face, "I'm going to camp on the river with Mike. You must be Brodie...I'm Sam."

"Sam, yeah I'm Brodie" he replied and saw how Sam was smiling at him, knowingly.

"Sam and I have been best friends since kindergarten and he was also my first fuck" Ellis replied and Sam and he laughed at the blunt admission.

" that's all I was to you" Sam said as he laughed and he looked at Brodie, "I hope you can tame this asshole for no one else around here can."

'Tame', that word stood out to Brodie, the way Sam had said it, the way he had thought Ellis so untamed, so wild and he realized Ellis was naturally aggressive and it didn't discomfort him, but made him feel more toward him. He thought of all the guys he had met in Birmingham, how different they were from Ellis and he found himself standing off to the side watching Ellis talk with Sam. He saw how they appeared so similar, both shorter than average, lean bodies, Sam slightly taller but nearly as skinny and he could picture them together in school, growing up, testing themselves, discovering their sexuality and it was obvious Sam was gay too, but in a different way from Ellis.

Sam drove off and Ellis looked over at Brodie smiling.

"Since we're out here I want to show you something" Ellis said as he moved to one set of barn doors. They squeaked and creaked as the old wood doors slid open along the metal track and Brodie saw sitting inside a camper, one with the gooseneck hitch that anchored in the bed of a pickup.

"Nice" Brodie said as he walked into the barn along one side. "It looks new."

"It is; hasn't even been used yet" Ellis replied.

"Seriously" Brodie asked and Ellis nodded.

"What I was wondering was whether or not...well maybe next winter when things are slow and if you were willing" and Ellis hesitated again as he ran his hand along the side of the camper, then he looked at Brodie. "Would you be willing to go somewhere with me, maybe down on the coast?"

"Maybe" Brodie replied as he smiled, "if you haven't tossed me to the curb by then."

Ellis nodded his head and smiled.

Brodie moved up to Ellis and wrapped his arms around his body and pulled him close as he kissed him. It was a gentle light kiss, lips lightly touching, but Ellis pushed against Brodie, his hands roamed over Brodie more and more, rubbing over Brodie's chest, around to his back and down his stomach. Ellis caressed his hand downward and squeezed Brodie's crotch and felt him begin to grow erect.

"Do me right here...right now..." Ellis demanded as he began to tug on Brodie's clothes, undoing buttons, the zipper of his jeans, slipping his shirt off and shoving his jeans down. Ellis squatted down, leaned back against the camper and tugged Brodie to him taking his cock and letting it slide into his mouth as Brodie moved up close pinning him against the camper.

Brodie began to pump his hips as he felt his cock grow hard, felt the heat of Ellis's mouth, the way it made his cock slick and hot. He pumped his cock through Ellis' lips and watched his cock emerge glistening before he pushed inward again sinking it in Ellis' mouth. He felt Ellis hold his thigh, pull gently on them driving him forward each time.

Ellis pushed Brodie back and stood up pulling his shirt off and dropping his shorts to his ankles stepping out of them. He turned and put his arms against the side of the camper up at head height and looked over his shoulder as Brodie moved to him stroking his cock then aiming it at his ass. Brodie probed between his cheeks, pressed against his hole and sank into him. Ellis pushed back with his ass taking Brodie, all of him, letting the hard cock slid into his hole all the way. Brodie wrapped his arms around Ellis chest and hugged their bodies together as he ground his cock into him, pumping his hips faster and faster.

"Fuck me...fuck me hard..." Ellis begged, pleaded for Brodie to hammer his ass and Brodie pulled back, put a hand on Ellis' neck and shoved him against the camper and began to swing his hips as fast as he could, his cock like a piston, his whole body focused on pumping his hips back and forth.

Ellis felt the way Brodie's cock plowed into his hole and he felt the way his own cock, hard and leaking, was swinging back and forth between his legs with the way Brodie was banging into his ass and he encouraged Brodie to fuck harder for he liked the way it felt, this physical contact, man on man, naked, a cock buried in his hole, stretching him open, filling him. He reached down and took his own cock and stroked it furiously, slamming his hand down hard as Brodie shoved inward, over and over till he felt the cum surge through his cock, felt his body tighten up, every muscle.

"Fuck...I'm going to cum" Ellis cried out and cum blasted from his cock, thick wads spattering the side of his camper then down on the concrete beneath him. Brodie felt Ellis' hole milk his cock, each spasm as he came and he held Ellis by the hips and pumped his hips smacking them against Ellis's ass till he was pumping Ellis full of cum, pumping his cock through it, cooling his hot shaft, slicking it up more. He leaned over onto Ellis' back, the warm skin slick to him and he pumped his cock a few more times.

"Damn..." Ellis whispered as they leaned against the camper. Ellis looked over his shoulder and smiled at Brodie who was still breathing hard. "I'm ready for that breakfast now?"




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