Ellis could be heard laughing all through the small ranch house as Brodie carried him to his bedroom. Brodie was still erect and buried in Ellis as he carefully carried him to his bed and eased him down on his back. Brodie went down with him blanketing his body. He drove his cock into Ellis in slow full penetrating thrusts, deeply pushing into Ellis making him moan and grunt, his hole still tight even after being fucked once already. Brodie felt the slickness of Ellis' hole, lubed with his previous load and he built up his pace, swung his hips harder and harder till he was pounding Ellis' hole, driving his cock deeply into him.

Brodie lasted a long time, this second fuck as pushed himself to complete exhaustion with sweat covering his body He relentlessly drove his cock into Ellis who lay back with his eyes closed and focused on the feel of Brodie inside him, pumping inside his hole, over and over and it aroused him, made his own cock grow erect and he took it in hand and began to stroke it in rhythm with Brodie's fuck, his hand a blur as it pumped up and down his hard slick shaft.

"I'm going to cum" Ellis uttered and Brodie jerked his cock out of his hole, slapped Eillis' hand from his cock and quickly sank his mouth over it, the slick shaft sliding smoothly through his lips. Ellis cried out and pushed upward and came. Cum hit Brodie in the back of the throat nearly gagging him, then it filled his mouth, the taste exotic and he swallowed it as he milked Ellis' cock for every drop.

Brodie stood up and grabbed Ellis by the right leg and easily flipped him over on his stomach. He grabbed Ellis by the waist and pulled up and back getting him on his knees and his ass to the edge of the bed where he pushed his leaking cock to Ellis' hole and drove into him all the way, powerfully he shoved his cock back into him.

"Fuck...fuck..." Brodie grunted as he pounded Ellis' hole, pushed his cock all the way in till his hips slapped against Ellis' ass. Over and over, thrusting with renewed vigor Brodie fucked Ellis as he held him by the waist.

"Goddamn it" Brodie uttered as he shoved inward, all the way and came.

Afterward they lay side by side on the bed, Ellis tucked neatly up to Brodie's chest, spooned together as they slept. They barely moved for hours as the only sound in the room was the deep slow breathing of the two of them, rhythmically, almost as one the slow inhalations and exhales.

Ellis stirred first, shifted around in Brodie's arms and faced him and without opening his eyes he began to kiss Brodie. His lips pressed against Brodie's neck, along the hard line of his jaw till he got to Brodie's lips and as he brought his lips to Brodie's, Brodie kissed back, gently, almost as in a trance.

Their making out was slow, hands caressing over bodies, lips pressing against lips, lips pressing against warm flesh, and their cocks grew erect, snaked up between them as they elongated and grew hard. Ellis pushed Brodie onto his back as he moved on top of him, his body easily fitting between Brodie's legs and on this torso.

"I want to fuck you" Ellis whispered as he ran one hand down between their bodies running his fingers along Brodie's ass, probing him till fingers touched the tight opening to Brodie's hole and Ellis manipulated it, rubbed his fingers over it and when Brodie shifted under him he spread his legs, brought his knees up which turned his ass up letting Ellis breached his hole when he sank one finger into him. Brodie hugged Ellis to him, tightly pressing their bodies together as Ellis finger fucked his hole loosening it, preparing it.

"Do it...put it in me" Brodie whispered in Ellis' ear. Ellis shifted and pressed his cock to Brodie's hole and penetrated. Ellis was rougher, more physical, driving his cock all the way inside of him with a furious pace.

"Take it...take my cock..." Ellis trashed talked as he fucked Brodie with his lean body undulating with every thrust. Brodie held on to Ellis's waist, felt the way he drove into him with such a furious pace. Ellis quickly grew hot against Brodie, beads of sweat formed on his dark skin and cascaded down his lean torso. Brodie realized Ellis really was untamed, wild, the way he threw himself into his fuck and it excited him, the physical nature of it, the way Ellis moved on top of him and in him.

Suddenly Ellis was jabbing his cock into Brodie in short hard thrusts as he pumped his load into Brodie's hole lubing it with his slick cum as he kept pumping his cock till he gave completely out and fell on top of Brodie, spent from his exertions.

Brodie held the boy against him, let him lie on top of him feeling his labored breathing return to normal as they feel into a deep sleep.

When they finally stirred late on Saturday morning Brodie found his cock buried in Ellis as Ellis rode him as hard as he fucked. His pace was unbelievable, the way he threw his body into taking Brodie's cock, slamming his hole down on it over and over, and when he took his own cock in hand and began to stroke it he had leaned back stretching his lean body out and the angle, the way Ellis was banging his body down on Brodie's cock was too much and Brodie came, shoving upward with every push down by Ellis. Ellis' cum shot across his stomach and dribbled over the head as Ellis' hand smeared it along the shaft.

"Fuck..." Ellis uttered as he collapsed on top of Brodie. "Okay doc, you have to feed me. I'm starving" Ellis said.

They went into town and ate at the diner and spent the rest of the day lounging around Brodie's house. Elllis left early Sunday morning telling Brodie he had to get his equipment cleaned up and he had one job that afternoon scheduled. Their schedules the next week were such they only had time for lunch together on Wednesday and as Ellis sat opposite Brodie, his hair wet with sweat and only his arms and face clean, the rest of him covered in grass and dirt he thought about how aggressive this boy was during sex, how sure of himself, even in his work, they way he carried himself, enjoying life, enjoying the work he did. Brodie had met guys in college and in Birmingham who could be more aggressive, but it was done as part of a fetish, some role play, and never in such a natural way that Ellis was aggressive, so physical despite his size...or because of it.

And there was his attitude about being gay, so nonchalant, uncaring what others thought and Brodie noticed how some it the diner stared at them with a judging look but to his relief most of the people showed no concern one way or the other.

Friday seemed to drag on forever, unable to clear his day to leave early, Brodie instead had an emergency late in the day that had him locking up around six instead of five and he headed home wondering if Ellis would still be there, hoping, anxious even.

The familiar truck and trailer were at the curb when he pulled up and he found Ellis in the back yard doing the final trimming. As he walked by the lawn mower he noticed Ellis' toolbox and some dirty part from the lawn mower lying beside it. Ellis cut off the trimmer and watched Brodie approach.

"I had hoped to be done sooner but as you can see I had a problem with the mower. Luckily it happened right after I got here and the shop in town wasn't closed yet or I'd not been able to finish."

"How much do you have to do?" Brodie asked.

"Actually let me finish trimming along the deck and I'm done" Ellis replied.

"I'll go get us a beer while you finish. I really could use one and I think you could too."

"Damn straight" Ellis said as he held the trimmer up and started it. The rev of the little motor went into its high pitch whine as Brodie stepped into his house.

They leaned against the deck rail, each with a beer and Brodie told Ellis of his emergency that arrived near the end of the day. As they finished their beer they grew quiet, Ellis just looking out across the yard not noticing how Brodie was looking at him, once again studying his lean body, covered in grass and dirt, lines of sweat cascading down. Ellis had on the cargo shorts that were torn and frayed, the fabric worn so thin in places Brodie was surprised they didn't fall apart, and he looked at how they hung on Ellis' narrow waist, low, tempting, tantalizing in the way pubic hair above his cock was just visible and Brodie knew how low they had to be positioned to see it. He felt his arousal grow, his need for male companionship and its physical sex, the exertion that would exhaust him, make him forget those things that troubled him senselessly. Ellis turned to him and smiled, mischievously, wickedly, the smile of someone who knew his darkest desire and he tugged on his cock, adjusted it within his shorts and Brodie realized he too was aroused.

"You want to fuck me now?" Ellis asked, his voice low, commanding, and Brodie set his empty bottle down and went to Ellis. He didn't speak, didn't tell Ellis what he planned to do, how he wanted him more than he had last weekend, wanted him with the physical need that made his cock grow hard, painfully so in the tight confines of his jeans. He took the empty bottle from Ellis and set it down then he grabbed Ellis by the upper arms and pulled his body upward and to him, kissing him roughly. He felt the grimy feel of his skin, the smell of his sweat, the grass, and the faint odor of gas and oil as he kissed him roughly. He let Ellis go and went down on his knees and he grabbed him by the upper thighs and pulled him to his face burying it in the crotch of the dirty shorts and he smelled Ellis beneath the fabric, the scent of him and he mouthed Ellis' cock through the worn fabric till it was wet with his manipulations. Ellis' cock was hard and it pushed against the front of the shorts. Brodie leaned back and grabbed the shorts in both hands and ripped them down the front, tore them open roughly freeing Ellis cock, letting it bounce out in the open, hard, the head already wet and he took it, roughly in his fist and sank his mouth over the head sucking the sweet clear liquid from it, drawing it out of the slit, savoring the taste of it. As he sank his mouth down Ellis' cock he took what remained of the shorts in hand, the waist band and the back panels, part of the sides, and he jerked the waist band apart sending the button flying off and the remains of the zipper ripping apart. The shorts were tatters, remnants of fabric and Brodie pulled them down Ellis' legs and let them lie useless at his feet as he sucked his cock.

"Fuck...suck me...yeah...strip me naked and suck me..." Ellis uttered as he began to push forward with his hips. Brodie took it, the way Ellis began to drive his cock deep into his mouth, to fuck, urgently, with abandon, and when Ellis was close to cumming, his cock so hard, swelled up thick and hard Brodie pulled back, stood up and spun Ellis around and pushed him over the deck rail as he kicked his legs apart, roughly, his need to fuck so urgent. He struggled to open his jeans, to push them down till his cock was free. He was so hard his cock ached and the head was slick with its leaking of lube. He pressed up to Ellis, nestled to the tight hole and he felt Ellis grab him by the thighs and pull him forward.

"Fuck...fuck me...come on stick me..." Ellis uttered as he stayed bent over, his hands pulling Brodie tight to his hole and Brodie held him by the waist, his hands almost circling it and he drove it into him. His cock sank all the way, disappeared in the tight round ass and Ellis rose up and cried out.

It was the fuck of two men desperate to exhaust themselves, desperate to cum, to feel that first load explode out of their cocks and Brodie fucked Ellis hard, driving into his hole over and over, all the way, sinking his cock inward till his hips slapped against Ellis, the sound echoing around the back yard, noisily, guttural, with Ellis' moaning and trash talk, begging him to fuck harder, to shove cock into his hole. Brodie grabbed Ellis by his long hair and pulled is head up as he drove his cock into the tight hole hard grinding his hips against Ellis' ass.

"Take it...take my cum" Brodie uttered through clinched teeth as he pumped it into Ellis, thrusting his cock back and forth till it was spent. He pulled out roughly, spun Ellis around and sank back to his knees. Ellis's cock flexed up and down, the head flared out and the slit open, ready to spew its load and Brodie sank his mouth on it once again, sucking hard. Ellis grabbed him by the shoulders and his tight grip told Brodie he was going to cum and he buried Ellis' cock in his mouth. He felt it flex hard, felt the head flare up larger, fill his mouth and he felt the cum hit him in the back of the throat. Brodie took it, all of it and let it fill his mouth before swallowing. Ellis was soon spent and when Brodie released his cock he stepped out of his destroyed shorts and headed inside the house.

"I'm going to get a shower...you coming?"



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