The first time I remember seeing Prince Eralot, I was just eleven years old, My father was a merchant in the village of Milhange.

My name is Dayken, son of Vardon.

It was my fathers wish that I would become a warrior in the service of my King.

Prince Eralan, was only about eighteen, just a young warrior in the making at that time, I was enthralled with his stature, and looks, I wanted to do all I could to become a soldier in his army

I was mesmerized at his looks, setting on that White horse as the Prince announced to the village that he was recruiting young men for the Kings army, going from village to village searching for just the right young men to mold into his warriors, ones that he would soon command.

I just stood in amazement as I looked at him and I saw his face turn my way and smile at me, he just kept staring, almost like he was smitten with me, I had no idea why, I was, or so I thought, just a plain young peasant farm boy, working in my fathers fields, harvesting produce to sell in my parents market place tent.

I kept watching Prince Eralan, looking back as he kept looking straight into my eyes and smiling.

I tried to present myself as a strong, healthy willing young man to become just another lad in the Prince's service, but at that time I knew I was too young.

As I stood there almost glaring at the young Prince, I felt My Father's hand on my shoulder, 'Soon my son, you will be one of his warriors, I just feel it in my bones, that has been my dream, even my prayer, it is a place of honor, and glory to be a warrior in his service.'

I smiled at my father and said, 'Me? Do you really believe that father, that would be like a dream of mine come true?'

It was a few years later when I was helping my father in the market that I noticed a young Man riding in the distance.

I had grown into a very well built, muscular, young lad of seventeen, almost eighteen.

I had been practicing the sword, my father was a master of the sword and trained many young men in the use of the sword and he had trained me since childhood, and I had learned well.

My Uncle Phineus had taught me the Bow, and I was very much a good bowman, I had learned the skill of the bow and arrow.

The Young rider approached the village, which is an unusual thing, since we had very few outsiders visit, I noticed The young rider was wearing the crest of the Prince.

I watched as he grew closer, my heart began to pound in my chest with such excitement, I felt I would burst open and bleed to death.

I noticed he stopped an older man up the road and conversed with him, and the older man pointed toward my fathers merchant tent.

I had no idea what the Prince could possibly want, but I watched as he gently rode his horse into town and came up to my fathers tentand dismounted.

'Greetings, Your Lordship, what would Prince Eralan be doing in our fair Village,' my Father said.

'When I last came to your village recruiting warriors, there was a young lad that I had noticed, that showed promise as a soldier, I'm looking for some more young warriors to serve in my army, Would you know of such a Lad.'

My Father called me forward, 'I have such a son, and he would be highly Honored to serve you my Lord.'

My insides were about to explode, my heart was pounding, Me? the possibility of serving in the Princes service was unbelievable, I was almost a total wreck at that prospect.

When I walked out from the tent I looked up at a Young handsome Prince Eralan, I was almost shakeing waiting for his response to my appearance.

The Prince and he almost looked like someone had lit his countenance up with a torch, he smiled as if he had found a lost friend.

'Hello, I noticed you when I last came looking for young warrior's would you like to be in my service?' the prince asked.

I Knelt before Prince Eralan, 'Oh, yes my Lord, I would be honored to serve my Prince.

I was waiting for his responce.

'Well then young Dayken, come with me and you shall be in my army.'

My father then said, 'Let me get the horse for you to make your journey,' to which the Prince then said, 'Keep your horse for your use, He can ride my horse with me.'

Wow me ride the Princes Personal horse holding to the young Princes waist, was all I could think.

MyFather then called me into the the tent to say good by and told me,'Make sure to do whatever he requests of you, and make him pleased with you, no matter what it is, make us proud of you son.'

'Yes Father, I will make you Proud of me.

I said goodby, Hugged my Mother and Father, and grabbed my archery equiptment and sword.

We traveled along the road for miles untill we came to a nice little brook, and got off the horse to drink and water the horse.

'I might as well tell you Dayken, that I saw you several years and I was taken by you. I plan for you to be my personal man, you will be with me everywhere I go, help with my armour, horses and be my personal companion, and me only will you serve.'

I knelt before my Prince and Pledged my total allegience to him.'

I was totally shocked at his next move, I stood up and he grabbed me and hugged me.

I was a little shocked at that move, but I had feelings go thru me I had never felt before.

He smiled at me, 'It is good,' he said.

We went back to the Kings castle and I was waiting to take the training of soldier, but he had something else planned for me.

I was setting in this large castle room, drinking a little wine and I heard a voice of a woman telling me that the Prince wanted me to come to his chambers, I went as I was told.

When I walked into his chambers I saw the prince standing there in almost peasant clothes, 'come here Dayken,' he said.

'Remember me saying that I wanted to have you as my personal servant?'

'Yes My lord,' I said.

'Well it begins tonight,' he said.

'It is my honor to serve you My Lord,' I said

He reached out and to my surprise he began undressing me and I was down to my under garments when I realized, as he led me to the small room next to his bed chamber, he wanted me to help me in his bath.

I felt strange, I had never been next to another naked man before, it was so exhilarating, I was so turned on and as he looked down at my naked flesh as I stood there before the Prince, he smiled, 'I knew it,' he said.

'Sorry my lord, knew what?' I asked.

'That,' he said as I stood there, I hadn''t realized my cock had gotten totally hard and was standing out straight and hard, my foreskin was slowly pulling back exposing my swollen cockhead.

Prince looked down at it and said, I knew you were the right one to take this position. His hand reached down and cupped my tightening swollen nuts, I let out a slight gasp,'do you like this?' the Prince asked.

'Oh yes my Lord, Very much,' I said.

'Why don't you try it on my, I reached out and undid his loin covering, I was astounded at the size his the Princes swollen cock, it was fantastic, the smoothness of the skin covering its swollen head, the veins running the length of it shaft, and the feeling of the Princes heartbeat that I could feel in it hardness as I began to slide the forskin back and forth, I looked up as saw the Princes eyes closed, 'Oh yeah, that feels so good.' he said. I realized at that time just how beautiful and handsome this young Prince was, everything about him was fantastic.

I was doing something I had never done but the excitement of what I was doing and knowing that the Prince was totally into it, and enjoying it, was very satisfying, I jerked the Prince off as he stood there with his head leaned back buiting his lip and moaning sounds of pleasure.

He stopped me and said, lets get out bath, and then you and I will share a bed together tonight, and every night for that matter.

We had our bath a total experience of pleasure, the Prince enjoyed my as much as I was enjoying him.

As we walked naked to the bed, and crawled under the covers, The Prince pulled my body close to him and started kissing me, passionately, 'You will be my personal servant, forever.' he whispered into my ear.

I was at that time ready to do anything for the Prince, even eat his shit if he wanted. I had never felt toward anyone like this before.

I felt the Princes mouth engulf my swollen cock and I felt like flying away, my body was almost ready to explode from the sensation it was enduring as his hot, wet mouth slowly worked my cock over. I was not only grateful for being chosen to be the Princes man, but also for the feeling he was creating as he took me to the netherlands with his sucking and licking of my cock, a totally new experience for me.

I had, as all young lads do, experience the feelings of draining my own nuts by use of my own hands in private but never this feeling.

as the Prince sucked my cock and took me over the mountain top as he sucked, I wasn't sure he would be pleased with me shooting my manseed into his mouth, 'Your Majesty, Im gonna shoot my seed, soon, you better get off.' I said.

I noticed his smile as he said, 'Thats what I want.'

I was totally shocked. 'Oh My Lord Prince,' was all I could say as My cock began to belch out a load of seed that would fill a wine goblet.

Prince Eralan just gulped down my cum like he was drinking a goblet of fine wine.

As he licked the last little drip from the tip of my cock he smiled, and said, 'Oh yeah, Dayken, I needed that.'

I felt so honored that Me, a peasant boy, would bring such pleasure to a Prince in that way, buy it was fine by me.

Prince just kept playing with my cock, untill it deflated, I smiled and said, 'Can I pleasure the Prince in that manner?'

'Prince Eralan smiled and said, 'Not exactly, I have something better planned.'

I had no idea what could possibly be any better, but if there was such a thing I was all in for it.

The young Prince pulled back the covers and god down between my legs, raised them up by the knees, and then he raised my body up to a higher level, put his mouth to my asshole and began sucking and licking on it, the sensations were mind boggling.

I was moaning and grunting like a village prostitute doing a john, It felt like hot jolts of fire coursing thru my body, after about ten minutes of his working my asshole over with his tongue, I would have let him run a battering ram up my ass, I wanted something, and he had gotten me ready.

He got up let my rear end down and then he spit in his hand, and I noticed he had this clear liquid all over the head of his cock, leaking out, I learned later it was pre-cum, he put his cock against the opening of my asshole and I got prepared for the assult of his thick uncut cock.

When I thought I was ready but he slid about four inches into my asshole he just stopped, thank god for that, It hurt like hell, I was gasping for breath but biting my lip, trying to give the Prince pleasure with my body in what ever shape that would take'

The Prince just held his cock tight inside my anal opening and slowly began a tender, sliding until all eight plus inches of thick dick, was completely inside my body, I began to relax and I noticed that the pain was going a way, and thenas he began to fuck my tender virgin asshole, I felt his sensation begin to take place.

It took a couple minutes but I found myself totally into it and enjoying the feeling of being filled to the brim and believe me I was full of Prince Cock.

Prince then leaned over, pulled my legs up on his shoulder and began to make love to me, I was almost saturated with his saliva from his kisses and My total desire was to make Him happy.

I fell in love with my Prince that day and the grates Joy of that night was when we had finally fucked for about twenty minutes, intense,totally enjoying his cock inside me, I shot another load of cum from just the sensation of being fucked and it happened just as the Prince let out this loud almost yelling grunt and he rammned his cock to the balls into my body and I felt him jerking as his cock filled me full of his seed.

After we were done that first night, we layed back and just collapsed asleep holding each other.

I awoke the next morning with his hugs and kisses.

I told him I was all his forever.

That was ten years ago, and I have been I am his constant companion, even on the battle field, he is a Superb warrior, a superb Prince and one superbly awesome Lover.



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