• My Time With Gerard

    I felt Gerard's hand creeping towards my back. I stood up, turned around and started nibbling his neck. I could feel his erection against mine. My ass was being groped hardly by him. I moved down towards his hard nipple and lapped it up, biting gently on his left nipple then to his right.

  • Report From A Convention

    He gasped helplessly as I buried my head deep into his crotch, kissing and sniffing his cock. I heard him gulping as I slid his waistband down and Mr 8-inch popped out. I gave it a little lick.

  • Summer Fun: Chapter 2

    I saw Greg got off Alex and scooted Josh aside. I felt Kyan slid out of me and walked over to Alex. Josh moved his body behind mine and started fucking me. And so a new sequenced began but not for long because I think Kyan felt uncomfortable doing his cousin.

  • Taking the High Road

    Fully aroused now, I didn't wait for a second invitation. I nervously tore open the condom packet, sheathed myself, and then hopped over to the bed. As I came over, Thorenson, pulled out of Craig's ass and pulled the youth back to where his knees were on the edge of the foot of the bed.

  • The Exterminator

    Marvin learns his home has a bug infestation. The inspection was done by an odeous individual that Marvin is hopeful will not be doing the work. Marvin learns that Rod, the technician that is sent out to rid the house of bugs not only knows his job, he certainly lives up to his name.

  • First Time With Alex

    Silently and slowly, he inched me towards the kitchen island. He peeled off my shirt and laid me down against the countertop as he nibbled gently on my neck and once in a while his tongue poking teasingly, leaving a trace of cool, warm sensation..

  • Morning Delivery

    More than just a package was delivered to me

  • Summer Fun

    A lovely summer - boys, booze, sex

  • Threesome With Alex and Gerard

    Alex and I were on our way to our first threesome session to Gerard's place that he shared with his 21-year-old brother. Gerard pretty much came up with the idea after my last encounter with him. It was so random. Alex was hesitant at first..

  • Working with Gordon

    Straight work collegue, Gordon, wants his gay workmate to video him and his girlfriend having sex but things take a twist when the girlfriend gets drunk.

  • Bubble Trouble

    David's lover is a professional writer, and David is finding that this comes with its own set of problems. But this time sounds harmless enough to him...a bubble bath. Oh, if it were only that simple!

  • My Leland

    Our hero, a young man of the 1920's, is about to be married, but knows nothing about sex. His mother cannot bring herself to instruct him, so the family must turn to their loyal retainer and family chauffeur, Leland, and ask my Leland to instruct him in the art of love.

  • Wargames

    A Blue Team member is captured by a Red Team member in a wargame, and become his prisoner. But the interrogation which follows is rather unorthodox.

  • Night Ride

    A bus trip develops into something much more, and Jimmy discovers along the way, that the circus life can be very demanding!

  • Shipping Off

    Jay's hand moved inside the jeans, to grope at his own erect cock. Bill's eyes seemed to widen as he stared, saying nothing but panting a little. Encouraged by the sight of Bill's cock stiffening a little, Jay pushed open his jeans more.

  • Squeezed Redux: Chapter 3

    Ted had pulled Jimmy down to the floor on his knees, his chest buried in the seat, and Ted was behind him, his legs between Jimmy's, and he was pumping the youth again in long and forceful strokes. Ted had Jimmy's wrists in his hands and was holding them up and out.

  • Horsing Around

    I opened his jeans and we stood cock to cock, our chests warm against each other, only the thin fabric of his undershirt holding us apart. I heard the restless horses rustling in their stalls as he kissed me.

  • Navy Technician

    Two sailors on board a ship in the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Pete is gay and has longed for Zack; but being in the Navy is the drawback until one late night in the dark privacy of the ships stern area, Zack reveals his feelings.

  • Cole's Declaration

    His crotch ached as his hand pushed Reggie's head more, willing him to go further, to take his aching cock into his mouth. It didn't take Reggie long to understand the signal. The finger stopped playing and now the whole hand reached down to the root of Cole's throbbing cock, and pushed it upwards.

  • My Brother

    He sat on his bench and glanced at me several times. I could see his hand in his crotch playing with his dick so I turned on one hip facing him and sitting so he could see my crotch. I started squeezing the inside of my thigh, and my dick was hard and stretching down my leg.

  • Squeezed Redux: Chapter 2

    I slowly worked my way into him, as he pulled on his cock. I was closely watching the tension build in him and managed to be at eight inches inside him when I said "Now" in a raspy voice and he shot his load up my belly.

  • Boat Ride

    He couldn't take it any longer, and pulled his face back, and as he did, he jammed his index finger deep into the moist hole of his friend. He felt him jump, felt his body surround his finger as he plunged it in deeper, twisting it from side to side as he fingered him hard.

  • Squeezed Redux

    I sheathed my cock with the oversized studded harness and positioned myself behind the fully trussed figure again. Once more, I palmed the rounded butt cheeks and pushed my sheathed cock up to the opening of the puckered, lubricant-slathered hole with its circle of golden-red curly hair.

  • The Fence Mender

    Hurricane Isabel ripped the East Coast and damage was extensive. Aaron Coleman lost his fence, and after waiting for a repairman, Earl Foxwell, a local carpenter/fence installer arrived at Aaron's home. Earl was also good at other things beside mending fences, and Aaron learned how well he was ...

  • Dirty Laundry

    He let his grip go on Chandler's head as he felt a tremor of pleasure go through his entire body. His hips moved back, slowly relaxing as he pulled back. His cock slowly leaving the throat and sliding past the loosening lips that held it. He sighed as he heard a strange whimper from Chandler.

  • Backroom Pro

    He was closer now to Taylor, and he suddenly saw the blonde turn around and stare directly at him. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the interest sparkle in the eyes. Morgan felt his cock throb a little, as he moved closer, to where he could almost smell the young man.

  • After Hours Service

    Dillon sucked his cock hard, and even twisted it once or twice in his mouth as he took the whole trembling cock deep into his mouth. Dean felt the head of his cock reach down into Dillon's throat as he moaned his pleasure out.

  • Squeezed Tight: Chapter 2

    I stroked his cock until he came, and then I moved in, covering him with my body, my legs pressing his thighs together and my arms wrapped around his torso, one hand going to his nipples and the other to his belly and cock, getting close in, squeezing myself into him the way I liked it.

  • Norwegian Stallion

    It was near dusk when Svend pulled up on his motorbike. I had stripped already, and as he approached the door, I moved onto the stairs next to the entry and pushed my cock and belly and chest and lips right up against the opaque glass, so that he could clearly see just those parts of me, offering ...

  • Squeezed Tight

    Chris had been watching me, and he had tensed up tightly when he felt the lubricant at his hole. I took up the hand lotion tube, squeezed out a good amount and crouched astride his thighs. Starting with his neck and shoulders and biceps, I massaged his muscles, working out his tensions.