• Just Sex: Chapter 2

    His hips moved and the other hand lifted up his semi hard cock which he wiped across Kyles face. It was warm but felt odd as he felt it slap against one cheek a few times, then was pressed over his lips.

  • Sacrificed by Curiosity: Chapter 6

    The brunette was cooing when I pulled out of her, pushed her and Doug onto their backs on the chaise, spread Doug's legs, and entered him. I didn't stop to rub his prostate or anything else, but pushed in a good six inches, before he had the presence of mind to scream.

  • Sacrificed by Curiosity: Chapter 5

    I finished him by lifting him off the counter and frog-marching him over into the living room. I draped him over the back of an upholstered chair, folded one of his knees up to the top of the chair to gain added access, and ran my dick up into him several inches.

  • Swing Set

    He brought us to a stop, the calloused heels of his feet dug in the dirt and knees flexed. My legs came down and wrapped themselves around his waist, and I continued to slowly move against him, not wanting it to stop. Lost in the fuck of the swing.

  • Christmas fun

    Over the past few years I had been especially curious about having a relationship with another man. I would often fantasize about having sex with men while masturbating to homosexual pornography.

  • Just Sex

    His cock ached, as he took the towel and followed the light guy and camera guy. Tito was behind him, urging him forward. Entering the room he saw two other naked guys, all watching some flick on a small television screen.

  • Local Trash: Chapter 3

    These two horny young council estate lads take a holiday in the Canary Islands and find a whole new way of having fun.

  • Last Minute

    He was pulling in the stuff from out in front, and Ronny was helping. It felt so exciting that he almost dropped one of the wooden statues he was carrying. To be so close to him, to smell that cologne, and to think he would be coming to his apartment, was giving him a glow he had never quite felt ...

  • Sacrificed by Curiosity: Chapter 4

    I felt Don detach his teeth from the vein in my leg and tongue his way up to my balls. He sucked those momentarily, and then I felt his lips at the underside of my cock, right where it entered into the ball sap.

  • A Dream Come True

    I had always dreamed of what it would be like to have a group of hot hard men use me for what they wanted. and after I got used to the trails at the rest stop near my house I got what I dreamed about and more.

  • Every Desire

    I climax, quickly and unexpectedly, my legs convulsing as long shots of ejaculate burst on to my chest. My breath, quick, almost panting as I begin to relax, breath slowing, hand slowing, my eyes falling shut, with his gaze still in my mind.

  • Highballing

    I got out of the shower and Salvas dried me off with the towel, Making quite sure that all of my private parts were dry and well rubbed. After he finished, he moved around the room, straightening up, but never quite getting around to putting his clothes back on.

  • In Your Dreams

    I slowly slid my cock inside him and he jerked a bit. I started slow and eventually was pounding the shit out of him without even realizing it. He was moaning and grunting like crazy. I finally exploded inside him and he screamed with pain/pleasure.

  • Sacrificed by Curiosity: Chapter 3

    I could hear Doug's cock slurp its way out of a young satyr's ass, as he extracted himself and walked over to us. Don expressed his pleasure at Doug's gift of my body for this ceremony and kissed him on the lips.

  • The Little Things

    Maybe it was the argument about Chase, or the memories of High School, but this morning Ted seemed to be out to prove something. The way he had taken the lead in the morning Jog, the run to the finish only seemed to make it all the more exciting.

  • Bleached

    Pushing the lock of hair aside, he turned to move on when he noticed the other reflection. The man was staring at him, more aptly at his buttocks. It made Byron smile, as he began to walk away.

  • Sacrificed by Curiosity: Chapter 2

    All of this was too much for me; I had never imagined, not to mention seen, anything like this. And I shot off a load of semen down Don's throat. Don now lost focus on my cock and balls and moved back to in front of me.

  • Sacrificed by Curiosity

    He broke eye contact and his lips went to the side of my neck, where my carotid artery was pumping blood through my body at a rapid rate. I felt sharp teeth scrape against my vein, but he hesitated there just a few seconds.

  • In Absentia

    Linda's eyes rotated around the room and then I stared out onto the snowy street. There wasn't a customer in sight. "Mr. H.," she said a bit more loudly than necessary.

  • Snowed In

    A soft kiss on his cheek made him snuggle in even more, as he watched the eyes change color. They suddenly seemed more alive, sparkling even as he waited for Ron's answer, knowing he was just as happy as he was.

  • Trimming the Tree

    While the face was smooth, there were a few tiny hairs showing up on his chest. Jim had noticed them the day Garrett had been bending over the engine of his car, his shirt open. The smooth golden skin had made him drool a bit, but he knew no one else had seen it.

  • Vampire LaCour's 2nd Coming: Chapter 13

    The black youth fought him feebly and whimpered as Gage jerked down his jeans and entered him slowly with his monster cock, which had already grown to over twelve inches just from the anticipation of a full feeding.

  • Twice Taken

    I looked a little dubious and not just a little embarrassed. He was right, though. What had I thought would go into an audition for male porn films? I went over and put my applications down on the desk and started to strip, neatly folding my clothes on the desk chair.

  • Weightlifters Feminize my Bum

    And in the middle of his knob around his sperm hole his precum tasted really sharp. It was like it was on fire! Soon I could see waves of spasm in his groin as his buttocks kept clasping together...but what were they doing to my anus?

  • Come Out With It

    It was like being burnt by the end of a cigarette or something. Yet as soon as it hit, as soon as the burning sensation grew, it stopped. His body was shaking, as Travis collapsed on top of him. It felt like their two bodies suddenly were melting.

  • Jimmy's Treat

    It was out of character for him, yet in some ways it felt right. His plan had been to maybe do one quickie tonight, then head back after some food, and just soak in the tub for hours.

  • Vampire LaCour's 2nd Coming: Chapter 12

    It was two weeks before another Hornet's home game, but on that night Gage was there, cheering on his hero from the stands. Afterward, he found Andre alone in the shower. Chucking his own clothes off, he padded into the shower.

  • Prison Meat: Chapter 4

    Joe tries to unravel the mysterious life around Deadwood, while being hit-on by everyone.

  • Tuscan Remembrance

    Dakota was out of my mouth now, and he'd gone down below the edge of the bed and his mouth, and then his tongue, were at my asshole. The rimming, kissing, licking, nibbling and tongue plunging went on for several minutes, and it felt wonderful.

  • My First Date

    My family gave me a birthday party and one of the presents for me was a young man my dad worked with.