• When Saturday Cums 10

    The whole room was a mass of naked and semi-naked bodies now - all of them writhing and gyrating in a frenzy of sexual frustration and seemingly totally forgetful of the fact that just a few minutes before they were vying for a ball on a soccer pitch.

  • When Saturday Cums 2

    His cock was aching more than ever at this point and he found his hand drawn almost instinctively again towards his stocky, beating flesh, which continued to ooze bountiful trickles of pre-cum. His other hand, meantime, was edging its way slowly downwards.

  • When Saturday Cums 3

    "Now, what about sucking my big, hard dick?" he questioned, as he pulled his swollen shaft from his jeans. "After all, you're a professional footballer, so I've got no fucking problem with you".

  • When Saturday Cums 4

    It seemed almost to take forever, but at last Esmond's cock began to push through Will's sweet ring - slowly but surely edging its way inside the dark, delectable recess that nestled beyond.

  • When Saturday Cums 5

    Matt grasped the cock before him by the base and slowly began to lick the very tip of its crown - that Gareth himself glanced round to see that several of the other players were now falling into pairs and threesomes and were savouring the physical delights that each guy had to offer.

  • When Saturday Cums 6

    Cocks were stiff, balls were tight.. and Gareth wanted to pierce that sweet, young butt-hole of Will's more than he had ever wanted to do anything before.

  • When Saturday Cums 7

    odd decided to finally replace his tongue with his cock - now fully sheathed and ready to give that shit-hole the sort of pounding that would hopefully help Gareth forget all about some outsider he had happened to meet.

  • When Saturday Cums 8

    Even Gareth's uncertainties appeared to melt away, as the pair kissed and fucked like animals - the footballer's near-unforgiving hardness slapping further and further into Will's dear young ass-hole with every passing second.

  • When Saturday Cums 9

    The Dutch lad finally pulled himself from the smooch - but only so that he could trail his tongue down the footballer's muscular neck and chest, sucking and licking Gareth's dark, erect nipples in the process.

  • Yianni

    I use my imagination again and again the shorts are gone. His cock hangs out, limp and smooth. Dark skin, darker where it wrinkles around his luscious pink head, only a little of it shows from the heavy cape of his hood.

  • Caught on camera

    His tee shirt was stuck to his back with sweat, darkened in patches between his shoulder blades. His shorts hung over his arse and, where they too were heavy with sweat, they clung to his cheeks and accentuated their roundness.

  • Mutiny

    One hand left my ass as she quickly pulled her skirt up over her own. Then it returned and she began probing my asshole in earnest. I could feel my asshole weakening under her persistent attack. Little by little in wiggled it's way up inside me.

  • My Greek holiday

    Propping myself up by my elbows I watched as Adonis strolled slowly towards me. I watched as first his head emerged then his smooth muscled chest followed by his flat stomach. His skin glistened in the sun and I could now see the fine line of hairs travelled down from his belly button.

  • Next-door neighbor

    The last time Mark was over Tony felt funny inside and realized he was a little excited. Mark kind of felt this and flirted with him. The funny thing is that this time Mark is just knocking on the door and Tony has a hard-on.

  • Nursing School

    All three boys began sucking and licking Anthony's monster cock and big balls, at the same time they were all fingering each other. Anthony shot his load onto their faces and the boys licked the cum off of each other.

  • Odds Are

    His chest was broad, smooth and bronzed, marred only by two dark nipples. Heavily muscled shoulders and sinewy arms were marked with tattoos similar to the one on his face.

  • Paulo

    He raises his hips from the bed as my hands slip his shorts away and immediately his young cock springs free. It slaps back against his dark, smooth belly in a single bound, the foreskin pulled half way back across the tip.

  • Phone chat date

    He rode me for another half an hour and squirted in my hot flaming ass. We kissed passionately and began sucking on each others meat in the 69 position. He was really biting down on my cock and balls and it felt so good.

  • Pirates Tavern

    Something warm and wet touched the outside of my hole and I nearly came as it worked its way into me. The hard cock in my mouth twitched and I felt hot liquid gush down my throat making me choke.

  • Prisoner

    The two powerful black men had immense peckers that Billy could barely get his mouth around, but it would do him little good to scream out because the prison was really run by the gangs and no guard would take a chance getting in the middle of a little friendly fucking.

  • Prisoner cell block Q

    As a new resident here in Cell Block Q you will be shaved clean, and will be expected to remain smooth at all times until you are notified personally by myself otherwise.

  • Private Compartment

    Vic watched the young man until he was standing there totally nude! Seth Kilmer had an incredible body, long and lean, with not a hint of fat, and a long thick cock hanging between his taut thighs.

  • Punished by Police 1

    He stood up quickly, put one hand on the middle of my back and slapped at my right arse cheek with his other. Smack. Smack. Smack. And then he changed hands and attacked the other side. Smack. Smack. Smack.

  • Punished by Police 2

    I could feel Mike's fingers scraping against my raw arse cheeks and realised that the dildo was all the way in. My breathing calmed as he rested there, letting me recover, and slowly the pain subsided. I adjusted, I relaxed and then all I felt was pure ecstasy.

  • Punished by Police 3

    All their eyes were on me as I looked around the dimly lit room. I noticed that the other guests were of all ages and sizes. A huge bear of a man, in police uniform, was sitting in what seemed to be the prime seat.

  • Punished by Police 4

    the policeman shouted to a younger man in police uniform who obediently stripped the dining table bare. Then he put his face right against mine so that I could smell his breath and he said to me, 'get over there and bend over the table. You are in deep shit boy.

  • Punished by Police 5

    He was still looking into my own eyes when he put his tongue out and started to lick the top of my dick and pulled my foreskin down gently. I let out a moan of pure pleasure with the feeling of his tongue as it caressed and slid round my knob.

  • Punished by Police 6

    Thinking of daddy and what might happen made my cock stiffen. I lathered more soap into my hands slipped a finger right up into my arsehole. I let out a sigh as my knuckle scrapped against my cheeks.

  • Punished by Police 7

    His mouth opened up making mine do the same as his tongue slithered over my own. I could feel myself sweating as I inhaled his masculinity. I drank on his saliva as his kissing got passionate and his tongue searched the inside of my mouth.

  • Punished by Police 8

    It was an uncomfortable drive as my backside still felt red raw from the spanking that Ian had given me the night before; I had to keep changing my seating position in the car to get comfortable.