• Living with Libby 1 - Learning to Share

    I discover that my horny girlfriend who likes to be in control can be persuaded to exercise that control over other guys too.

  • Cross My Heart

    Eric thought he knew his best buddy. But then, Trevor thought he knew his whole circle of friends!

  • Dark Angel 3 - Gangs All Here

    Shared around with the friends of the Dark Angel

  • The Glory Days 9

    We got to the flat and entered. He shocked me by grabbing me behind the door and kissing me on the lips. That was a surprise. I gently removed his t-shirt to reveal a nicely formed and hairless chest. His two nipples were large and brown, standing on end as I stroked his chest.

  • Aarons Dad 1

    Aarons dad was very outgoing and playful

  • Soapy Thrill

    A Thai male model was shot for soap commercial but he then was fucked by his boss.

  • The Glory Days 8

    He entered ahead of me and I followed to find a very small toilet with two cubicles made of that thin plywood material which is so loved by glory hole manufacturers. He went into one of the cubicles. The other door was closed but still appeared to be empty and as I went to open it, the young lad ...

  • Wrong Choice

    Spending useless time deciding which swim suit to wear

  • Anal Obsession

    A security guard in a mall loved being fisted. As he was palying with himself, a thief saw him. That thief then gave him some fisting until he cummed!

  • Bachelor Party

    A straight young man was about to get married. His two male friends then threw him a bachelor party. But the straight man then found himself being raped by his friends.

  • Bad Boys Are Good Too

    While on vacation Dave and Sara get some nice surprises. So do Joey and Gina!

  • Bizarre Family

    I had been dating Winston for 3 months when one night in bed we started talking about dirty fantasies....

  • Brad Part 12 - Spanked At Graduation

    A fat assed tenn gets spanked by his father for mooning at his high school graduation.

  • Butlers Revenge

    A butler was tired being mistretaed by his master's son. Thus, he decided to teach that spoilled son a hard lesson, by fucking the virgin ass.

  • Dark Angel 2 - The Cube

    Drawn once again to the flame of the dark angel

  • Humping With The Pilot

    A horny pilot and his co-pilot found themselves in lust. The cockpit seemed to be a nice place for fucking. As the plane flew high in the sky, those naked pilots were humping lustfully, trying to gain orgasm.

  • Hunters Sex Tale

    A hunter saved a scholar from a tiger. But the scholar then wanted to get fucked by that mcho hunter. A pasisonate sex during ancient Chinese era tehn took place, with cum squirting every where.

  • Interview With A Porn Star

    A gay reporter got chance to interview his favorite gay porn star. Needless to say, they both ended up in a hot fucking session.

  • Job Interview Going Awry

    A man wanted to apply for job, but he ended up being fucked by his boss-to-be.

  • Snowy Rescue

    A white ranger found a freezing Latino on snow. He brought the Latino home and warmed that body. As he undresed the Latino's man, he could not suppress his gay lust.

  • The Cast Party

    Up against the wall and beside the pool

  • The Glory Days 7

    We parked the car in a car park and headed in to the toilet. The layout was a urinal for about four and three cubicles. There was a small hole between cubicle one and two and a cock size hole between two and three. We decided that one of us would take the middle and the other could watch the ...

  • Hitchhiker

    With one hand on the wheel, Trevor was pulling out a big fat hairy uncut tool. It was really big just kept growing and growing. He just held it up and it expanded. He then pulled his foreskin down revealing a nice fat cock head.

  • The Glory Days 6

    This is not really a glory hole story at al.l but the story is so erotic and left me with thumping heart through excitement and fear that it is worth retelling here. The toilet in question was in the town centre and had a small hole between two cubicles and one out to the urinals too.

  • Brad Part 11 - Golf Course Spanking

    A bubble butted 18 year old gets his big rump spanked at his job at the country club.

  • Kasems Kitchen

    Settling on a loan repayment plan with a masseur

  • Stripped - Its All About Respect

    Spike and Pounder each took an ankle and lifted my feet off the ground while Ramrod held me up from behind and completely pulled off my shorts and briefs and tossed them to the ground before dropping my feet back down.

  • The Glory Days 5

    There were holes in the toilets on the main road North and also in the railway station but the daddy of them all was Canal Street. This toilet in the middle of the town had about six cubicles and all bar one or two had holes. Frequently if you walked in quickly you would catch three of four visible ...

  • The Native Desert

    I was sexually excited, my torso exposed to the chill night air. My nipples hardened and my cock grew stiff. I marveled at the feeling, knowing I could be raped, or dead any second!

  • Bagged at the Bar

    I reached to tank top guy's crotch next to me and unzipped him. His dick was thick but not fully hard. He wasn't wearing any underwear either. I still had trouble getting it out. It was coiled like a snake. He seemed to like me feeling around and pulling on his dick.