Paul François

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French-Canadian gay author. Wrote the history of the Gay Liberation Movement that started in 1969 in Canada. Published 7 gay novels or poetry books. Received the Order of Ontario for his contribution as a Francophone and gay author.

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Tongue-Fucking at the Top of my List

19 Feb 2024 556 readers comments 4 Min Read

A French-Canadian recalls his first attraction to guys, his coming out, how butts arouse him, and mainly how eating a guy’s ass gives him fucking hot pleasure.

Topics: Rimming, Threesome, Jockstraps

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A cock in hand is hard to beat

14 Feb 2024 2807 readers comments 4 Min Read

Can a daddy teach his son how to masturbate? Can a son help daddy better appreciate oral sex? Can daddy and son have virile fun as soon as possible?

Topics: Masturbation, Incest, Dad & Son

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Manly musk is a must

12 Feb 2024 1065 readers comments 6 Min Read

A French-Canadian guy is attracted to hairy men. Their male aroma is not only intoxicating, it’s paramount to his sex-drive.

Topics: Rimming, Sweat, Armpits, Smells, Jockstraps

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The kiss of the bodybuilder

8 Feb 2024 705 readers comments 5 Min Read

The kiss of the bodybuilder Muscle worshipping in the gym unites four Torontonians. One of them has the power to transform gym workouts into hot sexual encounters.

Topics: Muscle, Group Sex, Body Worship, Bodybuilder

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Bears like it bareback

5 Feb 2024 1695 readers comments 4 Min Read

Three single hairy young men are lumberjacks in a remote Canadian camp. They find out that cutting wood can boost one’s testosterone. Find out how they deal with this hot reality.

Topics: Hairy men, Bear, Bareback

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Time to play ball

8 Jan 2024 1965 readers comments 5 Min Read

A male gym teacher is also the coach of the boys’ softball team. If they don’t learn how to catch a ball, he can damn squeeze the nuts between their legs! He has other tricks in his mitt.

Topics: Group Sex, Coach, High School, Ball Busting

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Three bullies and two bikers

7 Jan 2024 1304 readers comments 5 Min Read

A guy on a Harley Davidson unfortunately turns-on bullies who want to fuck the hell out of this handsome biker wearing chaps and harness boots.

Topics: Leather, Biker, Gangbang

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The farmer's ass crop

4 Jan 2024 1272 readers comments 3 Min Read

Two guys meet at a farmer’s market. One sells cucumbers, carrots, zucchinis and eggplants. The other loves to get fucked. He is for a hot introduction to ass gastronomy.

Topics: Anal Sex, Farmer, Food Sex

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Straight, Gay, Top, Bottom à la carte

20 Dec 2023 1723 readers comments 5 Min Read

Find out the difference between penis and cock. Discover how sexual orientation is not set in stone. Enjoy brotherly love without boundaries.

Topics: First Time, Incest, Twins

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The Fullness of Togetherness

10 Oct 2023 1568 readers comments 5 Min Read

Ralph and Elton are two high school students who meet during a volunteer program. Both discover their real identity, with surprise at first, then with overwhelming pleasure.

Topics: First Time, High School, Coming of Age

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Highest Ranking Sexual Addict

2 Jun 2023 957 readers comments 7 Min Read

When a gay man is appointed Governor General, Canada’s top political position takes a sexual twist never seen before.

Topics: Threesome, Interracial, Jockstraps

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Hot Mix of Virility and Tenderness

25 May 2023 1291 readers comments 5 Min Read

The high school graduation prom is just days away, and students still wonder who will be the date of the most popular guy.

Topics: First Time, Coming Out, High School

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Caring Companion in the Haystack

22 May 2023 4405 readers comments 5 Min Read

A young dairy farmer discovers his sexual orientation while caring for a calf, and with the help of a hot veterinarian.

Topics: First Time, Farmer, Sex

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Hottest Booty on the Construction Site (ch. 3)

16 May 2023 1400 readers comments 6 Min Read

Max and Harry are back from their wild gay cruise, and meet a new construction worker who is a total bottom. All three make their coming out just before the Gay Pride festivities.

Topics: Fisting, Threesome, Construction Worker

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Hottest Booty on the Construction Site (ch. 2)

9 May 2023 2916 readers comments 8 Min Read

Max and Harry, two construction workers, embark on a seven-day cruise that offers opportunities for sexual gratification on each deck.

Topics: Public Sex, Threesome, Construction Worker, Travel, Sex, Holiday

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Hottest Booty on the Construction Site

29 Apr 2023 5000 readers comments 8 Min Read

Max has a tight jeans fetish and is turned on by men wearing construction boots. Comes along a supposedly straight Harry.

Topics: Construction Worker, Sex, Boots

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Two's Company, Three's A Party

25 Apr 2023 1191 readers comments 5 Min Read

Two White teenagers and an Indigenous friend team up to understand the meaning of 2SLGBTQ+. Spreading cum in one or two holes has never been so hot.

Topics: Threesome, First Time, Interracial, Twink

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Holy fuck! That was awesome!

17 Apr 2023 3833 readers comments 8 Min Read

An effeminate student who loves to suck a cock is called a faggot by classmates who don’t mind getting blown by him. One even falls in love.

Topics: First Time, College, Femboy

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Boots made to get you hard

14 Apr 2023 1904 readers comments 6 Min Read

The knee-high riding boot fetish of a virgin teenager boy gets him a penetrating initiation to gay sex from a wild instructor.

Topics: First Time, Twink, Boots

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From Best Friends to Fuck Buddies

7 Apr 2023 3242 readers comments 6 Min Read

Two teenagers living in a remote community see how their friendship turns into sexual fun and ends up becoming love.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, First Time, Friends, Twink, Fucking

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Hot Sexual Fetish Wear

3 Apr 2023 2163 readers comments 6 Min Read

Welcome to a jockstrap shop where employees are trained to help clients try on a hot male gear, and to have fun with them, whatever their fantasy.

Topics: Piss, Leather, Underwear, Jockstraps

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Size Matters A Lot

1 Apr 2023 4666 readers comments 12 Min Read

A teacher with mammoth balls, a monster cock and a massive ass keeps a made to measure tailor busy and juicy.

Topics: Big Dick, Fisting, Threesome, College, Teacher, Big Balls

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The Suck-Rim-Fuck-Felch Symphony

28 Mar 2023 1047 readers comments 10 Min Read

Despite his father’s homophobic attitude, a son is introduced to the carnal pleasures of gay love-making.

Topics: Rimming, Threesome, Felching

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Thank God I'm Gay

24 Mar 2023 1435 readers comments 7 Min Read

When a boy discovers that the pecs of a male bodybuilder excite him more than the boobs of a young women, he concludes that he must be gay.

Topics: Muscle, Rimming, Sex, Nipple Play, Fucking, Bodybuilder

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Full-pledged Tribute to Cock & Ass

20 Mar 2023 556 readers comments 6 Min Read

Money makes the world go round, according to a song, but having the right guy at the right place guarantees full-blown virile fun.

Topics: Interracial, Sex, Boss, Fucking

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Cock and Ass at the Service of God

15 Mar 2023 2429 readers comments 5 Min Read

Cum to shine their boots and jizz to flood their inner sanctuary are what a devoted chaplain offers to army or police officers.

Topics: Priest, Military, Religion, Sex, Uniforms, Fucking

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Blessed and Blissful Hairy Attraction

13 Mar 2023 1992 readers comments 5 Min Read

See what can happen when a young priest and his bishop are both hairy and pious fans of man-to-man pleasures.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, Hairy men, Priest, Fucking

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Chaps Enhance Cock and Ass-play

10 Mar 2023 1109 readers comments 8 Min Read

A bum discovers his homosexuality in a reform school and is adopted by two mature men who share more than their condo in Toronto.

Topics: Leather, Threesome, Coming Out, Age Difference

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Son Revels Over Daddy’s Fuck

8 Mar 2023 3025 readers comments 6 Min Read

After peeing, showering and masturbating together, daddy and son are ready to fully bound in hard and deep ass-play.

Topics: Threesome, Incest, Twink

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Big Reward In Small Package

2 Mar 2023 2508 readers comments 7 Min Read

One handsome blond guy dreams of a huge black cock up his tight arse. One well-hung Black dude dreams of sucking a blond guy’s weiner.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, Interracial, Gym, Oral & Blowjobs, BBC, Fucking