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I am Spanish. I have written a non erotic novel: Luces de la Tierra, then translated it into English as Lights of the Earth. I like literatura in general and erotism.

Stories by Daniel Berasaluce

  • My brother's bottom boy - 3 - SNOT AND FIRST BLOWJOB.

    After tasting his brother's snot, Trevor gives Wyatt his first blowjob, tells him what his real fear is and even schedules a lot of fun for his brother the next day.

  • My brother's bottom boy - 2 - MORE DIRTY INCESTUOUS SEX.

    Trevor learns what being bottom means and after having his second toilet experience, he starts to taste all of his brother's body, except his cock so far, but he is persuaded one day he will do it too.

  • My brother's bottom boy - 1 - FIRST EXPERIENCE

    When Trevor tells his brother he is a masochist, and how much scat turn his on, his brother Wyatt offers to shit for him. Trevor accepts and he will finally eat his brother's shit.

  • the twins and Minotaur - 5 - MINOTAUR AND OTHER PORN MOVIES.

    Now Evan tells the first film they shoot with Phil, after now always known as Minotaur. And he also tells some other of their first porn movies.

  • The twins and Minotaur - 4 - FUCKING MY BROTHER.

    Finally Evan and Lloyd fuck each other and their first porn movie, Twin Discoveries, is finished. Now the fun will continue at home, for Lloyd has also fallen in love with his twin.

  • The twins and Minotaur - 3 - INTRODUCTION OF MINOTAUR

    On their wedding they know Phil, who marries them and gets horny with the twins. He wants to become a porn actor too and have the artistic name of Minotaur.

  • The twins and Minotaur - 2 - Twin Discoveries

    The Barraclough Twins start to shoot the first scenes of their first movie: Twin Discoveries. There comes a moment when Evan has to pretend he's in love with Lloyd. But he's pretending nothing. He really loves

  • The twins and Minotaur - 1 - TWO INTERVIEWS.

    Evan has a sudden idea and decides to apply for Erodreams, a porn company. In the interview they persuade him to have sex with his twin Lloyd. Both brothers talk and become porn actors.

  • Anal pleasure - 6 - Fisting

    So father and son constantly fuck each other and have many anal pleasures, even playing with dildos till one day Jimmy finally dares fist his father too.

  • Anal pleasures - 5 - G-SPOT.

    Now father and son give each other a blowjob and have a lot more pleasure before going to bed together, where they will know a new anal pleasure and take each other to g-spot.

  • Anal pleasures - 4 - Fucked

    Finally Jimmy and Tim fuck each other and discover they are in love. Jimmy's insatiable and schedules some things for later, in order to keep on having sex with his father.

  • Anal pleasures - 4 - Fisted

    After jacking off a second time and rimming him, he dares fist his son at last and Jimmy if feeling a delirium of pain and pleasure with his ass and cums in long rivers of cum and he asks to be fucked next.

  • Anal pleasures - 2 - FINGER-FUCKED.

    Finally Tim finger-fucks his son and as he does he talks to him about all the anal pleasures he knows. Then Jimmy asks his father to fist him and first he gives him some pleasures.

  • Anal pleasures - 1- SPANKED

    Tim is spanking his son Jimmy and as he does he tells him things about himself, and even reveals that he lusts for his son. Jimmy understand his father and they both start to enjoy anal pleasures.

  • Aaron - 4 - Together

    So Aaron and Marty finally have a free day of sex together and they discover they are in love with each other and decide to try and share their lives. In the future they help Thor to leave his homophibic life.


    Aaron now accepts 1000 euros more but not before showing Marty his honesty and suggesting him to fuck him. And with both redemption and fucking they become the best of friends and spend the night together.

  • Aaron - 2 - A DECENT WORKER.

    So Aaron starts his bitch job, really desiring to do a decent job for Marty's fun and doing more things than he has asked him. He even dares to give his first blowjob to that man who is becoming his friend. And would even like to be fucked but will have to negotiate his conditions with Marty first.


    Two runners of the marathon sit on the same bench to have some rest. But when one of them, Aaron, who is actually a skinhead, knows that the other man, Marty, is gay, he gets angry and tries to beat him. But Marty is stronger and defeats him and they start to talk and in the end Aaron will be made ...

  • The servant-bitch - 4 - LIFE WITH LANDON.

    Finally Colin admits his bisexuality and asks Landon to fuck him. He will fuck Landon later. After a horny day Colin has the idea that they could spend the day together and sleep together. Both of them discover in that moment that they are in love. So Colin could live with him but would have to ...

  • The sevant-bitch - 4 - BLOWJOB DAY

    Colin is feeling more comfortable with himself in his second working day and he experiences a new pleasure: to give blowjobs to his employer and friend. And later he would also get a blowjob from him. He also starts to rehearse pig things with him.

  • The servant-bitch - 2 - FIRST WORKING DAY.

    After cleaning the rooms, at coffee break, Colin dares to piss in Landon's mouth. His lord gets naked too and jacks his servant off. Later they will have their first lunch together. Colin knows his new friend a bit better as is moved and he spends the rest of that day wanking over him and with some ...

  • The servant-bitch - 1 - A surprising job interview

    Colin is having a job interview for Mr. Landon Sutcliffe, who needs a servant and cook. But later he finds out that the master wants him to work naked and he could always see him and touch him, and the servant would at least have to jack his lord off. He accepts the job with such strange conditions ...

  • My brother reads my diary - 2 - OBEDIENCE AND AFFECTION

    Finally Todd starts obeying and pleasing his brother in everything and after they talk they will become master and slave even if he has to renounce his master Malcolm. But Bruce will also become Jared's slavee.

  • My brother reads my diary - 1 - JARED LEAVES A NOTE.

    When Todd enters his room one day he discovers his old diary, which he has been searching everywhere for a month. There he also finds a note from his brother Jared in which he says he has read his brother's diary and has known of his brother's hidden secrets: he is gay, some of his sexual ...

  • Degradation game - 5 - LIFE IS A GAME.

    Finally Norman fucks his son Jesse and takes him to bed where Jesse can be his bitch every day now, but also his lover. Soon the father rents a young hustler called Mitch for his son to have fun with. Jesse and Mitch like each other a lot and will always respect one another and become lovers but ...

  • Degradation game - 4 - A SLAVE'S GAME.

    When having a shower, Norman tells his son his way of understanding a future father and son, master and slave relationship. Jesse nods and spends a whole day in the tub constantly jacking off and eating only excrements. The time finally comes for him to have dinner again and ask his father to beat ...

  • Degradation game - 3- INCEST GAME.

    Jesse begins now to satisfy all his father's body and he suggests his son that if he so wishes after now he can even be his slave, but only if that's fun for Jesse. He even schedules twenty-four hours of filthy heaven before his son becomes his slave.

  • Degradation game - 1 - THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME.

    Norman wants to take his son Jesse's boredom away and one afternoon, he suggests that they could start playing an adult game that as the game progresses will be called Degradation game. Jesse starts behaving childishly and farting before his father. He is enjoying the game and his father son takes ...

  • Degradation game - 3 - A FILTHIER PHASE OF THE GAME.

    Now Norman starts to fill his son's body with all kinds of excrements but Jesse is enjoying them one by one and he doesn't stop cumming. So knowing his son lusts for him Norman suggests now they could enter incest game if he really wants it and they can start the new game with an arousing new dog ...

  • Showing off to the painter - 2 - EXHIBITIONIST CONNOR

    The time has finally come for Victor Satterthwaite to paint his son's cock and his son's ass. He convinces him to even give him blowjobs and being fucked by him. And now Connor turns a real show-off for life.