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I am Spanish. I have written a non erotic novel: Luces de la Tierra, then translated it into English as Lights of the Earth. I like literatura in general and erotism.

Stories by Daniel Berasaluce

  • The sevant-bitch - 4 - BLOWJOB DAY

    Colin is feeling more comfortable with himself in his second working day and he experiences a new pleasure: to give blowjobs to his employer and friend. And later he would also get a blowjob from him. He also starts to rehearse pig things with him.

  • The servant-bitch - 2 - FIRST WORKING DAY.

    After cleaning the rooms, at coffee break, Colin dares to piss in Landon's mouth. His lord gets naked too and jacks his servant off. Later they will have their first lunch together. Colin knows his new friend a bit better as is moved and he spends the rest of that day wanking over him and with some ...

  • The servant-bitch - 1 - A surprising job interview

    Colin is having a job interview for Mr. Landon Sutcliffe, who needs a servant and cook. But later he finds out that the master wants him to work naked and he could always see him and touch him, and the servant would at least have to jack his lord off. He accepts the job with such strange conditions ...

  • My brother reads my diary - 2 - OBEDIENCE AND AFFECTION

    Finally Todd starts obeying and pleasing his brother in everything and after they talk they will become master and slave even if he has to renounce his master Malcolm. But Bruce will also become Jared's slavee.

  • My brother reads my diary - 1 - JARED LEAVES A NOTE.

    When Todd enters his room one day he discovers his old diary, which he has been searching everywhere for a month. There he also finds a note from his brother Jared in which he says he has read his brother's diary and has known of his brother's hidden secrets: he is gay, some of his sexual ...

  • Degradation game - 5 - LIFE IS A GAME.

    Finally Norman fucks his son Jesse and takes him to bed where Jesse can be his bitch every day now, but also his lover. Soon the father rents a young hustler called Mitch for his son to have fun with. Jesse and Mitch like each other a lot and will always respect one another and become lovers but ...

  • Degradation game - 4 - A SLAVE'S GAME.

    When having a shower, Norman tells his son his way of understanding a future father and son, master and slave relationship. Jesse nods and spends a whole day in the tub constantly jacking off and eating only excrements. The time finally comes for him to have dinner again and ask his father to beat ...

  • Degradation game - 3- INCEST GAME.

    Jesse begins now to satisfy all his father's body and he suggests his son that if he so wishes after now he can even be his slave, but only if that's fun for Jesse. He even schedules twenty-four hours of filthy heaven before his son becomes his slave.

  • Degradation game - 1 - THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME.

    Norman wants to take his son Jesse's boredom away and one afternoon, he suggests that they could start playing an adult game that as the game progresses will be called Degradation game. Jesse starts behaving childishly and farting before his father. He is enjoying the game and his father son takes ...

  • Degradation game - 3 - A FILTHIER PHASE OF THE GAME.

    Now Norman starts to fill his son's body with all kinds of excrements but Jesse is enjoying them one by one and he doesn't stop cumming. So knowing his son lusts for him Norman suggests now they could enter incest game if he really wants it and they can start the new game with an arousing new dog ...

  • Showing off to the painter - 2 - EXHIBITIONIST CONNOR

    The time has finally come for Victor Satterthwaite to paint his son's cock and his son's ass. He convinces him to even give him blowjobs and being fucked by him. And now Connor turns a real show-off for life.

  • Showing off to the painter - 1 - AN UNEXPECTED MODEL.

    When the painter Victor Satterthwaite tells his son that now he wanna paint a nude male and a new model has refused to come, his son offers to pose naked for his father. And by doing this, he soon discovers that he has an exhibitionist in him and is increasingly attracted to showing off to his ...

  • A jester for Andrew - 2 - EARNING MY SON'S RESPECT.

    Finally Cameron finds a way to earn Andrew's respect and he gives him sex in return for nothing and they become lovers. His son promises him that he would reward his father with blowjobs or giving him his ass to fuck if he ever quits gambling. Will Cameron succeed?

  • A jester for Andrew - 1 - THE GAMBLER'S DOMINANT SON.

    Cameron is addicted to gambling and one day his millionaire son Andrew comes to live again with him. He starts asking him for money but soon Andrew tells him that he would finance his addiction if he is willling to become his jester. Cameron accepts and they start playing humiliating games. But it ...

  • My mistress and my master - 4 - MISTRESS DEBARGE AND MASTER NASH.

    The next day Jamie is used by her mistress and his master, his brother. They have all kinds of love together, both BDSM and standard sex, for Geoff has fallen in love with his brother. They decide they are gonna live all three together and Jamie will always have a mistress and girlfriend and a ...

  • My mistress and my master - 3 - MY BROTHER AND MASTER.

    Now that Jamie has become his brother's slave he is gonna know his brother's domination and he has to spend a whole night cuffed to the bedposts, but Geoff knows how to surprise his new slave. When he is freed at last, he is told how he must call his brother after now and both brothers head for ...

  • My mistress and my master - 2 - MY FIRST TIME PLEASING A BOY

    As he has promised his brother Geoff, Jamie stubbornly gives him all kinds of fun till he realices he is bisexual, and seeing his mistress squirt with his incest, he finally has the dertermination to become his brother's slave too and have both a mistress and a master.

  • My mistress and my master - 1 - I CANNOT PLEASE YOU; YOU'RE MY BROTHER.

    Jamie has a mistress and she has ordered him to please a boy today, but when the door opens he finds the boy is his brother Geoff. He thinks he cannot please him but nevertheless both brothers sit and talk, revealing each other's secrets and as they talk, they start touching and jacking off till ...

  • Stepdad Michael - 2 - SESSIONS WITH MICHAEL.

    Bernie and Michael have more sessions. They are discovered by Bernie's mother but she gives her son permission to have sex with her husband. And they do everything: even Bernie is fucked and he tastes everything coming from his stepdad.

  • Stepdad Michael - 1 - SECRETS REVEALED

    Bernie is discovered by his stepfather Michael when he is jacking off to a bisexual scat porn movie. Instead of getting shocked, he sits on the couch and both men start talking and revealing their secrets. Bernie is so aroused that he even asks his stepfather to spank him and later he will even ...

  • Glory hole - 4 - SEVEN HORNY GUYS.

    The Grey brothers, the McKenzie brothers, Lipp, Matt and Cayron strip one by one and later begin an orgy with many blowjobs and fucking. Finally alone Adam and Athan reinforce their love and talk about the possibility of having a lover each.

  • Glory hole - 3 - BROTHERLY LUST.

    Athan and Adam show each other their affection and lust. The next day they also start to have pig sex and Adam also falls in love. He will phone the McKenzie brothers and know Lipp and that night, also with Matt and Cayron, he suggest an orgy for only the seven of them.

  • Glory hole - 2 - PUBLIC BLOWJOBS.

    Now it's Athan who tells his version of the story and both brother give each other a public blowjob then, being watched by Matt and Cayron and then the McKenzie brothers come and introduce themselves. After these incestuous blowjobs, sex will continue in the glory holes with Matt and Cayron, Steve ...


    Two brothers, Athan and Adam, casually meet one night at Pleasuredome, a gay leather bar. They didn't know both of them likes boys. They go to the bar and start chatting and they discover they have inadvertently had sex with each other.

  • Training Billy - 4 - A LITTLE ORGY AT HOME.

    Brian has agreed with William that they would have all kinds of sex before Billy as a way to urge him to have sex with his father later. And when he sees his father enjoying gay sex, he finally finds his courage to have sex with him too and do everything they had never done together before.

  • Training Billy - 3 - SEX AND CONVERSATIONS.

    First Brian and William actually have some sex together. After William leaves, Brian reassures his son. The next day, William and Billy have a long conversation and even have sex together and become engaged. Now they will return to Brian's house to have lunch and maybe a lot more things.

  • Training Billy - 2 - THE COACHING.

    Brian decides to let his son absolutely free with his incestuous desires and even if he does not want Billy to be his slave, he slowly starts training him to one day become a good slave. And he tells all this to his son's best friend, William, who as he is listening the story is becoming more and ...

  • Training Billy - 1 - MY SON'S BEST FRIEND.

    Brian is having a coffee with William, his son's best friend and due to the big love he feels for his son Billy, he has decided to accept him just as he is and he tells his son's friend, William, that Billy is a masochist, he is gay, he loves William; he even wants to become William's slave. And ...

  • Attacked in jail - 7 - THREE-WAY LOVE.

    After fucking Harry the sesión is over and timidly he accompanies Mike and Belinda to their house and have sex and become a threesome. With it, everybody's needs are fulfilled.

  • Attacked in jail - 6 - THREE-WAY SESSION.

    Harry confesses he has fallen in love with both in that couple. But Belinda's words convince him he should do what they had asked him to do. So the three of them have a long three-way sesión and Belinda is allowed to see everything Harry often does to Mike and she also takes part in it. Finally ...