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An older gay man who enjoys using genre fiction characters as well as incidents from his own life to tell stories, sometimes true (or near enough), sometimes fantasies, sometimes plucked from who knows where. I enjoy words and trying to make them tell an entertaining and erotic story. I hope I succeed in this to some extent.

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The Haunted Box

10 Mar 2024 542 readers comments 8 Min Read

If a dream is real, is it still a dream?

Topics: Fantasy, Sportsmen, Fucking

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All In The Family

7 Feb 2024 5439 readers comments 6 Min Read

You interrupt the cook while he's preparing dinner at your peril.

Topics: Brothers, Group Sex, Incest, Fucking

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Hard Times At The Library

21 Jan 2024 2123 readers comments 5 Min Read

What precisely is the etiquette when you find two colleagues fucking at work?

Topics: Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Co-worker, Fucking

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A Brief Encounter

4 Jan 2024 2221 readers comments 3 Min Read

When is it acceptable to sniff a friend's underwear?

Topics: Masturbation, Friends, Underwear, Smells

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Coasting Along

25 Dec 2023 1702 readers comments 5 Min Read

I don't catch up with my fuck-friend often enough, but when I do we both go home happy.

Topics: Friends, Daddy, Outdoor, Oral & Blowjobs, True Story

82 Votes

A Room With A View

31 Oct 2023 5089 readers comments 5 Min Read

Is it wrong to suck a friend off if he doesn't know it's you?

Topics: Piss, Voyeurism, Friends, Gloryhole, Oral & Blowjobs

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The Call Of Nature

5 Sep 2023 2577 readers comments 5 Min Read

A story about that special moment when friendship turns intimate.

Topics: Masturbation, Friends, Facial

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Tea For Two

22 Jul 2023 2227 readers comments 3 Min Read

I accidentally introduce my handyman to a new and useful gadget.

Topics: Daddy, Married

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today

28 Jun 2023 2249 readers comments 10 Min Read

Nature is not always benign, but at its best it can be ravishing.

Topics: Piss, Anal Sex, Outdoor, Fantasy, Fucking

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The Good, The Bad And The Irresistible

19 May 2023 2871 readers comments 9 Min Read

Bounty-Hunter Buck Foster is never happier than when he's tailing a group of horny lads who have been terrorising the local menfolk

Topics: Rough Sex, Cowboy, Historical, Rape

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Old Hands: A Poem

16 May 2023 993 readers comments 1 Min Read

An elderly friend has some tricks up his sleeve.

Topics: Masturbation, Grandpa, Poetry, Nipple Play

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Dildo Tales

8 May 2023 2715 readers comments 4 Min Read

My first experience with a dildo surprised even me.

Topics: Anal Sex, Dildo, True Story

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Sex And The Single Spaceman (ch. 3)

25 Apr 2023 479 readers comments 7 Min Read

Barely recovered from their first erotic encounter, our Lightship Keepers find themselves reinvigorated by an unexpected guest.

Topics: Masturbation, Edging, Sci-Fi

8 Votes

My Cock Is Like A Dog

24 Apr 2023 1288 readers comments 1 Min Read

Cruising isn't for everybody, try as we might.

Topics: Cruising, Poetry

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Piss Poetics

15 Apr 2023 467 readers comments 0 Min Read

Is piss a suitable subject for a poem?

Topics: Piss, Poetry

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Pressed into Service (ch. 3)

2 Apr 2023 694 readers comments 8 Min Read

Able Seaman Tom Southerly and his new mate Leading Seaman "Trader Horn" sow some wild oats and scatter some seed on a trip to Melbourne

Topics: Piss, Masturbation, Military, Historical, Sailor

17 Votes

A Dawn Chorus

28 Mar 2023 1845 readers comments 3 Min Read

Old friends can sometimes have sex with each other without knowing it.

Topics: Masturbation, Friends

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Pillow Talk

21 Mar 2023 673 readers comments 1 Min Read

Can there ever be enough poems about masturbating?

Topics: Masturbation, Poetry

37 Votes

What Sweet Music They Make

1 Mar 2023 2342 readers comments 6 Min Read

Sometimes a tradie gives you a whole lot more than you bargained for, and things can get a little hairy.

Topics: Werewolf, Sex, Plumber, Furry, Fucking

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Sex And The Single Spaceman

17 Feb 2023 1549 readers comments 8 Min Read

Old time Sc-Fi, but with a lot more dicks, arseholes and orgasms

Topics: Daddy, Sci-Fi, Sex, Aliens