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From Campus to Camera (ch. 16)

Story by ThatAussieGuy

17 Apr 2024 488 Readers comments 18 Min Read

Looking from Cam's perspective about how he and Tyson fucked that night as they pushed their boundaries past the sex they've had before and how hot and physical they get as their hidden feelings get pushed out.

Topics: Bondage, Friends, Bromance, Sex, Fucking, Porn

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Invited (ch. 41)

Story by Donny Mumford

17 Apr 2024 182 Readers comments 45 Min Read

Billy and Pat have a study group so Ronny is taking Gary on a date tonight on his motorbike. It's no surprise that, knowing Gary, he ends up getting fucked against the dipsy dumpster a couple of times... and likes it even though Ronny's dick is... well, not very long

Topics: Fiction, Coming Out, Sex, Fucking

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My summer of sex with Cowboy (ch. 32)

Story by Donny Mumford

17 Apr 2024 348 Readers comments 51 Min Read

Zack connects with Danny and Danny's 8 1/2-inch dick, and Danny knows how to use it... after Danny spends the night, Zack notices a pussy boy washing cars. Hmmm...

Topics: Rimming, Boypussy, Oral & Blowjobs, Deep Throat, Fucking

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Secrets with Dad

Story by Jordan1

17 Apr 2024 4018 Readers comments 5 Min Read

How i found out my dad was gay and got him to fuck me too ..

Topics: Incest, Dad & Son, Oral & Blowjobs, Fucking

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The Annex (ch. 20)

Story by Harlonterry

17 Apr 2024 222 Readers comments 7 Min Read

Peter gets a taste of electro and the freelance sex pig Daley pays a visit. L

Topics: CBT, Cum, Electro, BDSM, Pig, Fucking

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Tyler's Desires (ch. 6)

Story by Alan J

17 Apr 2024 681 Readers comments 13 Min Read

Part 6 goes a bit further into the development of Tyler’s desires for his slave/partner Alan. Alan learns a but more about what services he will provide. This will include, check ins, rules when they are not together, of course more watersports and sex, and a new service Alan thought he would never ever do (warning about this one again not scat but adjacent).

Topics: Piss, Rimming, Romance, College, Jock, Sex, Master & Slave, Domination

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Story by Romo

16 Apr 2024 1374 Readers comments 5 Min Read

As he walks to the Collection chamber, he looks at the others, like him, in this immense room. Shaved. Naked. Muscular. His body, like theirs, is at its peak of specimen perfection. The machines have seen to this perfection. As each in this room share his approximate age. He is in his twentieth year of existence. And he does what he is told to do.

Topics: Muscle, Sci-Fi, Shaved, Nudity

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A Massage Going As Planned

Story by Paul François

16 Apr 2024 2294 Readers comments 5 Min Read

Jeffrey is a professional; he wears a jockstrap and uses fingers, hands, elbows, tongue and… cock to massage a dude.

Topics: Rimming, Massage, Jockstraps, Fucking

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A Reunion of Sorts

Story by Baryon

16 Apr 2024 1012 Readers comments 2 Min Read

We have a reunion of sorts every summer. Call it the `class of `99'.Not a school reunion mind. A reunion of a group of mates who debuted on the scene of our home city in 1999. There's usually 6 of us. We were all 17/18/19 back then. Young twinks and jocks fresh out of school.

Topics: Humiliation, Daddy, Twink, Age Difference, Young Top

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BDSM Mansion (ch. 34)

Story by Harlonterry

16 Apr 2024 577 Readers comments 9 Min Read

The twins see what the slave’s daily routine looks like. Throat training for an hour is just one of the horrors they’ve been tasked with performing.

Topics: Twins, Oral & Blowjobs, Master & Slave, Deep Throat, Fucking

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Coming of Age (ch. 36)

Story by AJ

16 Apr 2024 476 Readers comments 21 Min Read

Just as the guys start to settle in they run into a few bumps but meet some great folks

Topics: Anal Sex, Romance, College, Submission, Coming of Age, Fucking, Love

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Dan Needs A Public Education (ch. 16)

Story by Alex Pendragon

16 Apr 2024 889 Readers comments 15 Min Read

Virginity? Gone. Ass? Cum-filled. Best friend? Angry, then horny, then angry again. And that was before Dan inadvertently hooked up in the restroom. Now, how can he explain to Luka his freshly-exposed addiction to public play?

Topics: Public Sex, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Sloppy Hole, Creampie, Slut, Cruising, Breeding, Bareback, Exhibitionism, Twink, Anonymous

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Desire Devil

Story by ero_hell

16 Apr 2024 972 Readers comments 42 Min Read

Shane is an innocent and young university student. Lonely and with his self-esteem stumbling, he decides to summon a demon to keep him company - he just didn't expect this said demon to be this hot.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, First Time, Fantasy, Twink, Demons, Supernatural, Kissing

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Insolently (ch. 3)

Story by Daniel Berasaluce

16 Apr 2024 863 Readers comments 5 Min Read

In constant obscenities from his son that now Clement really needs to enjoy sex, he dares give his son a blowjob, after which Donald responds with a new one.

Topics: Incest, Dad & Son

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Invited (ch. 40)

Story by Donny Mumford

16 Apr 2024 169 Readers comments 34 Min Read

Gary has an exciting new bossy sex buddy who fucks him hard, but Gary's big concern is the loss of Pat's and Billy's love for him. They seem to have new boyfriends and, making matters much worse, now Ronny and Billy have new magical haircuts, and Gary doesn't...

Topics: Fiction, Relationship, Coming Out, Love

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It Takes Two (ch. 2)

Story by TheBurningGrass

16 Apr 2024 1237 Readers comments 12 Min Read

After mistakenly catching his friend Bron in…the act, Zay enters a new level of closeness with his friend.

Topics: Friends, Bromance, Sex

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Lord Laywood Gets Pimped Out (ch. 3)

Story by EasyWhenDrunk

16 Apr 2024 865 Readers comments 3 Min Read

Our slutty prince finally gets drunk and starts to relax...too bad the men around him are more interesting in fucking him than getting drunk with him.

Topics: Group Sex, Fantasy, Drunk, Fucking

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My summer of sex with Cowboy (ch. 31)

Story by Donny Mumford

16 Apr 2024 308 Readers comments 47 Min Read

Zack is on his own, and he's horny beyond belief so he blows and gets fucked by a pussy boy, then picks up a 21 year old gay boy outside a bar and... guess what happens...

Topics: Anal Sex, Boypussy, Oral & Blowjobs, Rentboy, Fucking

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Riding Bitch

Story by ClosetCase

16 Apr 2024 4176 Readers comments 13 Min Read

Carter is a young jock who gets taken for a ride by two beefy truckers the summer after his Freshman year in college.

Topics: Muscle, Hairy men, First Time, College, Jock, Coercion, Hitchhiking, Trucker

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Slippery Slope

Story by Habu

16 Apr 2024 1163 Readers comments 47 Min Read

Craig lets ambition sink him into the world of male prostitution.

Topics: Fiction, First Time, Prostitution, Interracial, Office Sex

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Strange Library Encounter

Story by Shadow123

16 Apr 2024 2464 Readers comments 12 Min Read

A nerd in college hasn't had success getting laid by any girls. One day, a guy comes up to him and boldly states that he wants to have sex with him. A chance for free and easy sex, but with a man. Will he accept his offer?

Topics: Rough Sex, Straight Men, First Time, College, Domination

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The Village (ch. 85)

Story by Lil Guy

16 Apr 2024 534 Readers comments 17 Min Read

The boys go out for an evening of clubbing... Benny and Chris break free from the others to do a little "exploring" after a holiday weekend of emotional stress. Meanwhile the other guys deal with an adventure of their own,

Topics: Fiction, Rough Sex, Threesome, Relationship, Stranger, Spit Roasting

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Tommy Loves His sub (ch. 26)

Story by Robert Halstead

16 Apr 2024 278 Readers comments 7 Min Read

Chapter 26. Tommy calls cousin Mike. - Two boys become friends in second grade. One of the is abused at home while the other is protective all of his life. When roommates in college they realize they're in love with each other. they develop a mild bdsm relationship.

Topics: Romance, Twink, Domination, Submission

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White Lives Owned (ch. 7)

Story by slave mark

16 Apr 2024 763 Readers comments 71 Min Read

Chapter 7: This story is a spinoff of my story “Owning My Family”.  It follows the rise of black families from rags to riches by owning wealthy white families.  The story involves interracial domination and slavery.  This chapter follows the point of view of white slave Chris who is owned by Black Master Malik.   Master Malik is introduced to slave Chris’s family. 

Topics: Piss, Black Men, Anal Sex, Humiliation, Punishment, Breath Play, Cash Master, Master & Slave, Slave Training, Raceplay

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A Different Kind of Life (ch. 11)

Story by Swallow Your Lightsaber

15 Apr 2024 875 Readers comments 18 Min Read

Thomas wakes up the day after poker night, sore from being tied all night in a stress position. His Master, Clifford, keeps him busy all day. He has a new skill for his new slave to learn. Thomas never gets tired of whatever he wants.

Topics: Anal Sex, Bondage, Humiliation, Oral & Blowjobs, Domination, Submission, Pain