Stories by Pete Gentle

  • Night Terror

    The night terror never returned to me, but it had buried itself in my mind. As I grew older, I began to remember more. What was that, lying against my tummy? Was it the fuzz of a scrotum? Maybe the beast wanted something, but I was too afraid, and too young to recognize its erection. As a teenager, I would lie under my blanket, hand moving inside my white briefs, thinking of it. I even tried to conjure it, promising that I would do whatever depraved thing it wanted. But soon, somehow, my mind turned to girls, and the demon was forgotten. But tonight, 20 years later, something transpired that dredged up these ancient dreams and left me shaking.

  • Open House

    He's a realtor, and knows his market. Black dick is a rare prize here. It was eight months ago that I first offered to suck off. His reply was, "Are you any good at it?" I tried to persuade him over the coming weeks, until he finally showed me a pic of his member. It shocked me. I feared and desired it. Today, he's working, and finally invites me to a house for a tour.

  • In the twink's basement again

    Yeah, he was inconsiderate and lived like a slob. Yup, he invited me over while his mom was at home. But this twink is hot as fuck, and I couldn't wait to suck his dick.

  • A twink's basement room

    When a short fat woman answered the door, I should have known things wouldn't go as planned. But I couldn't miss the chance to get used by the horny twink that invited me over.

  • Danger House

    I'm passing through a strange town. He couldn't host, but he knew a place we could go. It sounded sketchy and dangerous. I agreed immediately.

  • Hotel Chase

    A simple hookup turns into action/adventure as I chase a young business intern through the halls of a busy conference centre at the Toronto Sheraton, this past April. Everything in this story is true, and it will always be one of my most memorable encounters.

  • Desperation

    By chance, I find my old hookup friend is into watersports. I thought it would be fun to get him desperate, but my tardiness only angers my new master.

  • Ragefucked

    Yesterday he caught his boyfriend cheating. Today he's going to take it out on me.

  • Finally fucked for real

    What would you do if you gave your unknowing, loving wife an STI? Is this were the fantasy ends?

  • Last man to cum

    My first threesome experience. A true story.

  • Extra Marital Bliss

    He's bi. With his wedding only weeks away, I was his last chance for oral, EVER. When I wrote this my throat still hurt.

  • Fun is on the menu

    My anonymous hookup invites me to his restaurant where he's working, in the middle of the day. But his blurry face pic mean's I'm in for a surprise.

  • My mom left - please hurry

    A young fan messages me and it's clear that he exudes sexual energy and excitement. But meeting without his parents finding out proves challenging.

  • A Campus Kiss

    I'm bi, and I never kiss on a hookup. But when a twink with a "highly sensitive body" meets up with me, he awakens something I've never experienced. If only we'd chosen a less dangerous spot...

  • "I said SUCK IT, bitch."

    I should have known something was up when he could only meet me at night, in the forest behind his parent's house. After he had me thoroughly lost, this timid teen let his dom side show.

  • Sex Drive

    I've got my Starbucks latte in hand and I'm all settled in to read the magazines at the Chapter's book store in Canada, but my college boy hookup has other ideas.

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