My new pen pal makes it clear that he doesn’t do hookups. He really only goes on grindr when he’s mad at his boyfriend, just for harmless chat.

“I just wanted to tell you that your blog always gives me a rush when a new post comes out.”

Ok, no hookups. I can respect that. But the 19yo keeps talking to me, and when he lets slip that his body is “highly sensitive and extremely reactive to touch”, I can’t resist torturing him.

“Imagine me slowly kissing your nipples, running my hands down your belly, slowly getting closer to your cock.”

“Fuck. You’re killing me here. I’m in a group and people are asking me if I’m alright.”

The following week I send him more of my writing, while he’s in class. Just for him.

“I slowly wrap my lips around your dick, lightly, not quite touching it. You just can’t wait until they close around it and engulf you in their wet softness…”



I didn’t mean to do it, honestly. But I’m thrilled. We arrange to meet one evening on campus. I fret that he’ll be nervous and make plans to walk outside where we can talk.

Before I tell him, he writes “When I get there just lead me to the bathroom.”

It’s early evening and golden shafts of sunlight slice through the nature building, where a couple of custodians are doggedly dragging mops across the concrete floor. They glance at me suspiciously as I pace and examine ancient fur pelts.

Outside the large window, I see dozens of students walking in all directions. One slender Indian boy walks briskly toward the building, and since he can’t see me, I ogle him unabashedly. He wears a white Nike tank top, showing off his brown arms and a small wisp of hair under them. My penis shifts when he opens the door and comes inside, heading over to me. I flash him the orange and blue app on my phone, and now confident in my identity, he smiles and sticks out his hand.

“Hi. I’m Ajay.”

“I’m Pete,” I say. In contrast, my voice is just above a whisper. “It’s nice to meet you,” I give his hand a good squeeze, but I’m still distracted by the custodians. I literally found this place by googling for “good cruising spots”. They must know something is up. One of them is leaning on her mop handle tapping on her phone.

“Let’s head downstairs,” I tell him, and lead him past collections of animal furs to the concrete staircase.

The lower level is deserted, so I push open the bathroom door and we duck inside. I lock it, then, not trusting myself, double check. Yes, it is most definitely locked this time.

In the harsh fluorescent light I can see his face is smooth and his lips are soft and inviting. His eyes are hungry. He’s been thinking about this moment for weeks. He reaches out, and presses his body into mine, and I instinctively I back up against the wall. I close my eyes and feel our lips touch. My nose hits his glasses so I tilt my head. I embrace him, and his thin shirt easily flattens against his skin. I run my hands up along the svelte curve of his lower back. His hand sneaks under my shirt, searching over my pecs, until finally pouncing on my nipple.

God, I could kiss him forever. He tastes refreshing, like a cool mineral water after a drought. In my life, I have locked lips with four guys, but the feeling of Ajay’s lips makes me high. I pull him into me. I feel his hardness prod me through our clothes, and I want him.

I slide my hands into his pants, and move them over his ass. He’s so slender I can cup both cheeks in one hand. I squeeze them, massage them. I claim his body with my hands and lips.

We finally drift apart as he pulls my shirt up to my neck. I allow him to slip it over my head. When both of our shirts are a heap on the tiled floor, I reach down into his pants and take hold of his cock. It feels like a hot steel rod, pulsing with energy.

I’m about to kneel down, but he meets my eyes again and I get weak kneed. Instead, reach behind his head with my free hand and pull him to me. We make out, this time with the renewed fervor of having my hand around his dick.

After I don’t know how long, we have had our fill. I pull away from his lips and fall to the ground. I wrench his jeans down past his knees. 

I’m amazed at his size. I’ve sucked brown guys before, and they have always been well endowed. Ajay stands above me, hands on his hips, and grins while I examine nearly seven inches of brown veined cock. The tip is still covered in its blanket of skin. He sucks in a breath when I wrap my hand around it, and I’m reminded of  how sensitive he is. I’m going to have to take this slow.

I reluctantly uncurl my fingers from it, and instead I let out my tongue and slowly move towards his thigh, barely touching his dick with my temples. Deliberately, I make my way up his thighs, dragging my tongue across each salty leg hair. The slightest touch makes him shiver. I get closer, until I’m pushing his cock up with my nose while I lick under his smooth sack.

I stick out my tongue and look up at him, getting closer and closer to the tip. He’s trembling with anticipation. I’m afraid he’s going to cum without contact. I move with the speed and deliberation of a glacier. After ages have passed I finally touch my tongue to the tip. I lick it clean, tasting his sweet flavour.

I wrap my mouth around it, sliding my lips over the slippery pink orb hear him moan deeply. When I look up, he’s staring straight down at me, mouth hanging open, eyes urging me to go on. Slowly I let more of it slip into my mouth, until I press all the way in and it’s whole length slides down my throat. My nose hits bone.

He doubles over, hands pressed against the bathroom tiles, gasping for breath. I’m careful not to move the slightest. I slowly slide off like I’m defusing a bomb. He looks down at me over the curve of his abs, eyes wide.

When I sit back on my heels, we both watch as a single, dewdrop of precum oozes out. I place my tongue under the drop and draw out a silver strand. He watches as I wrap my lips around his pink, glistening cock head and, for the first time, start to suck.

Unable to withstand more torture, he places his hands on my temples to steady me and begins to fuck my mouth. But he stops soon after, aware of his limits, and stands there gasping.

I focus on his balls while he calms down. When the time comes, I take him into my throat one again, and he doubles over. I simply let him be there. I don’t have to do anything at all to keep him on edge. He gently kisses the hair on the back of my head.

Saliva is building up in my mouth now so I reflexively swallow.

Abruptly his hands dig into my back. “Aaa- aaa-” he moans. I feel his cock throb and deposit a thick wad of semen deep in my throat. After such a long build up, more gushes out of him and I feel like I’m drowning. I pull back, feeling each pulse add to the ocean of cum that fills my mouth.

I look up, eyes watering and see that he’s been staring down, amazed, in ecstatic orgasmic excitement. I open my mouth to show him what he did. After I gulp some of it down, he grabs me under my arms and tugs me up to his face. He presses his hands against my ears and pulls me to his lips. We kiss with a new fresh intensity, sharing the flavour of his release.

THUNK. The door bangs when someone tries to open it. We both freeze. My skin crawls.

“They want to clean it.” I tell him. “I suppose we’ll have to stay a few more minutes until they go away.”

His lips part, belying the panic I feel, and we go at it again. We make out until the cum is a memory.

“We need a plan to escape.” I say as I stop to breath.

He smiles slyly. “The plan is,” he says, as if this happened all the time, “we’ll just walk out confidently.”

“Yeah, could work.  But in opposite directions.”

We move to leave, but we don’t. Instead, we continue to explore each other’s lips.

“OK,” I say, taking a deep breath, and two steps back. “You go left and I’ll go right. They can’t get both of us.”

“Let’s go.”

When we’re dressed, we fling open the door. The custodian is there, leaning on his cart reading his phone. He looks right at us in surprise.

I spin on my heels and speed walk down the hall. My footsteps echo through the building as I ascend the stairs, shove open the emergency exit. When I step into the light of the setting sun, I know I’m safe.

Long ago I stopped getting nervous during hookups. Now the butterflies are back. I keep reliving our kiss as I joyfully begin walking through campus back to my car. It has been years since I felt so alive. Distracted, I think of him all the way to the parking lot before I realize I didn’t bring my car.

What the hell just happened? No guy has ever had that effect on me.

For the first time, it dawns on me that what I’m doing might be dangerous.

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