“Your tumblr gave me a hardon at work today. But it looks like you’re only into asians.”

Fuck no. Is it my fault University Town has a large population of horny asian guys? I make arrangements to prove him wrong.

Today, he’s working at a restaurant, but he’d love to show me their lovely restrooms. We just have to wait until after the lunch rush.

“What do I do?” I ask him.

“Well are you hungry? Or gunna grab a drink. That would be less conspicious…”

Sure, whatever. I find the place. It’s fancy. It might have be a good place to bring my wife. No chance of that now. The hostess greets me and I tell her, in the most inconspicuous, causually-casual way possible, that I would just like to enjoy a beer on the patio. I watch her hot ass sway as she goes inside, and I find a table out of the way of the hot afternoon sun.

A minute later, the waiter comes out. He’s pretty hot too, with his neatly trimmed, thin goatee. He’s in uniform: black slacks and a black golf shirt, neatly embroidered with the logo of the restaurant. Very posh. I tell him I’d like a pint of his finest 1664 Blanc.

“Good choice,” he says, and takes my menu.

I pull out my phone and look at the pic. Where is this guy? Maybe he's working the kitchen or the bar. On my phone he’s a young dude, looking serious and wearing a baseball cap. I message him to tell him I’m here and going to enjoy a beer.

After my beer arrives, an older couple comes in and sits at the table beside me. I sip my drink and watch the waiter serve them. It’s a beautiful day, the beer is tasty, and large. I chat with some buddies on Grindr about what I’m doing.

I stare at the waiter over the edge of my frosted glass. Is it him? It’s hard to tell. The man looks older, in his crisp black uniform, thin goatee, and neat hair, far different from the baseball cap wearing dude on my phone. 

I’m talking to a couple of guys at once. “I don’t think it’s him,” I tell my Grindr buddy.

“How hot is he? Take a picture,” he writes back.

“No man, I’m trying to be inconspicuous.”

I figure he’ll say something when I pay for my drink, but there is no hint of recognition. Either he’s not the guy, or he’s the world’s best actor. I tip the standard 15%.

I message the mystery dude, “Wow, big beer, going to have to use the restroom now:-) :-)”

“Just down the hall and to the left,” the hostess directs me.

Like the restaurant, the restroom is fancy. The two stalls are completely enclosed with solid doors made of wood and frosted glass. No shopping bag needed. I take the larger one, sitting on the closed toilet, and notice that the lock on the door is broken.

The door opens. In comes a man in black uniform, fumbles with the lock. When he turns around I stare at him in surprise. It’s my hot waiter friend. He unbuckles his belt and lets out his cock, eyes still on the door.

He’s the first other grower I’ve seen. A cock ring surrounds his penis and his balls, making his 3” soft cut cock stick up at me. We don’t have much time. I gently wrap my lips around it, and it stiffens in my mouth. He relaxes, lets out a breath.

Footsteps. We freeze. Someone comes in and sits in the other stall. The doors may be fancy, but I can see his black shoe under the wall between us.

After a moment, the waiter motions for me to continue. Who is beside us? There was nobody else in the restaurant. I imagine it’s his boss, and it turns me on. I reach into my shorts and pull out my own penis, stroking it while I snack on him.

We’re making some noise now. He’s close. Suddenly he reaches behind me and pushes the button on the wall. As the toilet flushes, he grabs his penis and slaps it against my open mouth. Delicious drops of precum splatter all over. As the flushing ends, he moves forward and I feel my mouth filling with cum. I suck it out of him, at the same time as I feel my own load spill out over my wrist.

He zips up, pulls his neat shirt down, and leaves wordlessly. I hear him carefully washing his hands.

The shoes beside me (his boss?) haven’t moved. After a minute I very quietly sneak out.

As I leave the restaurant, he’s there, right beside the hostess. “Thanks for visiting us. Have a nice day,” he smiles and offers me a mint.

World’s best actor.

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