“Your tumblr is amazing,” writes a 20yo fan, We chat a bit. He can host, but he’s got to wait for his mom to go out.

“I’ve had guys when they’re home before,” he tells me. “Usually while my parents are asleep but twice while they were home in the middle of the day. I just snuck him in though, they had no idea.”

I decide that my 5 year old daughter will never, ever move to the basement bedroom.

“How long has it been?” he asks. “How big a load am I getting?”

Well about three days since I fed that student his lunch…  Wait, I scroll back through the conversation. I haven’t even sent any face pics yet! I send a couple. 

“If only you were into making out..” he responds.

It’s nice to be appreciated. But I only make out with cock. Passionately.

He sends me some pics. He looks younger than 20, but definitely legal. His forwardness is what gets me going. His messages exude sexual energy and excitement. 

He has to go to the Costco and Walmart with his mom now. After that we can do something.

But she likes the free samples. When the time comes, he messages, “We’ve only just got to Walmart :(“. Courteous little fucker.

I go to the Tim Horton’s cafe and listen to a group of old ladies gossip about why Mary’s not there.

Ba-dump. “We’re back,” he notifies me. “You’ll have to come now as soon as she leaves.”

I gamble it might be a while. I order an iced cap.

“She’s gone.”


I jump into my car and fumble with Google Maps. It’s an oven in here. I gulp down my iced cap, and immediately regret it as feels like someone’s massaging my brain with a melon baller. Okay, where the fuck is this place?

“I have 20 minutes tops… please hurry”

I hit every god damn red light on the way. It gives me time to think. Is this my ninth or tenth hookup? I can’t even remember. The butterfly feeling is absent. I feel no fear, only excitement.

As I jog up the street I see him wave in the window. A minivan is parked in the driveway. She must have taken the other car. Or she’s back.

He opens the door.

He’s hotter in person. White. He’s the kind of guy the football coach always tries to recruit but he’s just not interested. His neat black hair is combed and fixed in place with a bit of gel. He looks at me hungrily.

“We don’t have much time,” he tells me,

I take my shoes with me. We leap down four steps to the basement, and his bedroom’s right there. White walls, Stuff on the floor. I don’t even have time to look. When I turn around he’s already kneeling and unbuckling my pants. 

He munches on the front of my underwear. Thanks for this. He’s read my tumblr and knows I need some time to grow.

The bed’s not made. I sit on the edge and peel my pants off. He stuffs my dick in his mouth, locks his eyes into mine. I go from 3” to 7” in seconds. It’s never happened so fast.

I glance towards the doorway. What if his mom comes in right now?

“Well Ma’am,” I’d say, “your (very straight) son just tripped on the carpet and… I mean, I got this snake bite and he’s selflessly, uh…” Fuck it, I got nothing.

I tell him I want to suck him. Looking down I see his erection pushing out his shorts. He can barely get them down he’s so excited.

His penis is thick and looks delicious.

“Let’s make out,” he tells me and moves in. I have no choice. Our lips meet. I’m reserved, uncertain how far I want to go. I’ve only kissed one other guy, and two other girls including my wife. He presses in, and his large tongue slips through my lips. He dominates my mouth. I relax and enjoy it. But I really want cock.

He stands up and I get a view of his thick penis. His foreskin is beautiful, so delicate and thin it seems like it can barely cover him. I raise it to my lips and gently slide the tip of my tongue inside. He inhales sharply when I lick all around inside him. The taste is strong and I want more.

He taps my head. “I’m close,” he says.

I’ve barely started, so I very gently pull down on his shaft, just enough to let my tongue out, and let it slide back. I press into his urethra, and taste precum.

He’s trembling. I feel his powerful hands grip my shoulders, and his hips move forward slightly. That’s all it takes. Three watery squirts hit the back of my throat. 

I’ve been stroking my cock all this time. Suddenly his mouth is back on it, plunging up and down. I can’t believe it. I’ve barely swallowed, but this kid’s so eager. He loves my cock as much as I love giving it to him.

So I give him what he wants. I lean back on his bed, grab a fistful of his hair, and fuck him. “Yeah, suck my cock. SUCK IT.” I command, and thrust upwards into his face hole. I can’t help moaning loudly. I keep my eyes open so I can permanently etch the sight this near-teenager blowing me into my brain. 

When I’ve had enough, I mash his face down into my crotch one last time, suck in my abs, and pump my sperm right down his fucking throat.

When I stride out into the sunlight, I look at my phone and realize it’s been all of five minutes since my arrival.


I get the fuck out of there before his mom returns.

I'm posting my best stories on GayDemon to hear your comments. This story introduces an important character for later. Go to http://grindrfantasies.tumblr.com to see the full series, illustrated with pictures I stole.


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