I’ve got my latte in hand at the Chapters book store, and I’m wondering why the fuck I still come here. Most of the books have vanished. In their place are gadgets, like this single salt shaker. Its delicate crystals sparkle under its own spotlight, as if it were haut couture and not simply $30 worth of pink salt.

I ignore it in protest, and head for the free magazines. I’ve been meaning to catch up on Harvard Business Review and the Economist so I can appear to be informed at work. I grab a thick stack of favourites and settle into the wicker chair.

I’ve barely gotten through my third article in Maxim (hot sex tips from college women) when my phone buzzes. It’s only been a half hour since I had my throat slammed, but I’ve forgotten to turn off grindr. I get ready to tell whoever it is to buzz off.

I know him. He is a rare treat and I change my mind when he offers to drive. It’s nice to be desired. Yes, I think some car fun would be exciting today.

When he pulls up in a blue SUV. I hop in. He grins at me, eyes sparkling with anticipation. His arm is draped over the steering wheel. The asian 23 year old’s straight black hair is thick and well groomed. He’s wearing a blue T-shirt and some tin grey jogging pants, somewhat rumpled. It looks like he threw on whatever he had on the floor.

The first time I sucked him, I’ll never forget the look on his face. It seemed like it was life changing for him. He later confided that he felt terrible because of his boyfriend, and he stayed good for a while. But inevitably, he would come back to me and I was happy to oblige. All told, we’ve been together eight times, and each time is perfect. He doesn’t take too long, shoots a good load, and he really appreciates it. I can see it in his face afterwards. He doesn’t need to say it. Oh, and don’t worry about the boyfriend. He’s gone now.

“Sweet car,” I tell him. My own car is too small for action. I could do a lot with a car like this.

I don’t know his name and I don’t want to tell him mine… or anything about me… which makes small talk difficult. I’m purely in this for thrills and spills.

“Where we go to?” he asks, in accented english.

“There’s a hotel up the street. I read that it’s being torn down soon up but has a huge parking lot.. We should check it out.”

We leave the Chapters lot and turn onto the street. I’m trying to remember how to get there. “I think you have to turn into the used car dealership to get to it. That’s fucked up, isn’t it? It was hard to find. I think that’s why it’s closing.” He doesn’t talk much, so I babble.

The hotel is a large building, but only three storeys high. It sits in the middle of a giant property. It had a swimming pool, corporate meeting rooms and until a few years ago, University Town’s best brunch buffet. Now the windows are covered in plastic and the front door is boarded up with spray painted pine.

We drive by a bulldozer. I quip, “Thank god, we’re not too late!” and he laughs. “Pull around the back,” I tell him. “There’s lots of space there, and it may be more private.”

The back of the building opens onto a grassy field, about a kilometer wide, and the only privacy offered is due to the sheer size of the emptiness. I squint in the bright afternoon sun, I can see into some office buildings in the distance.

He drives slowly to the corner of the lot and parks. He turns off the car and unbuckles his seat belt. It’s only then that notice that he’s already got his dick out. It’s brown and enticing, and I can’t wait to get my mouth around it. It pokes out of his jogging pants, which seem to be the official uniform for car fun. My mind flashes back to my first time, just over a year ago. It was eerily similar to this, and my tummy flutters.

He pushes his seat back and shimmies his pants and underwear down to his knees, exposing his thighs and a thick tuft of straight black pubes. I lay my hand on his abdomen, feeling the ridges between his hard muscles. My own cock shifts in my pants.

I lower my head and take him into my mouth, and true to form he gasps and bucks his hips up trying to get more into me. I torture him for a minute, barely touching it, just letting his tender penis get used to the host moistness of my mouth. He’s hard as hell.

“Somebody coming,” he says and jerks up, pulling down his shirt. I raise my head and I’m staring straight into the eyes of a fat brown guy wearing a turban and a dress shirt. Shit. How do I know him? Former coworker? Family acquaintance? He’s on a bike, and he swerves around the car and heads through the parking lot towards the street. FUCK! He stared straight at me and there’s only one thing I could’ve been doing. Looking for my contact lenses – in my friend’s crotch.

We’ve parked right in front of a bike trail. The car’s been off for a few minutes and it’s damn hot today. The air assaults my body, but neither of us wants to move the car. I can see there’s none else coming for now, and the damage is done, so I get back to my task.

Our skin is slick now and my cheek rubs easily against his thigh. It is satisfying to listen to his moans and gasps as he responds to every flick of my tongue. I bring him to the peak of ecstasy. A bead of sweat forms on my temples and drips onto his pants, creating a small dark dot.

I feel him shooting, deliciously and thick. When the spasms stop, I swallow it slowly and gently get the rest out as he moans and relaxes on the leather seat, stroking my hair.

“Thank you,” he says, pulling up his pants, and gives me a look that is every bit as good as the first time.

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