“Come over and use that slutty mouth of yours on my cock.” The message blinks on my screen in the Starbucks where I’m working on my laptop. It’s from someone I’ve met before. I snap the lid closed. Twenty minutes later I’m there.

The slim brown guy answers the door in his tight white boxers, his black beard neatly trimmed. He’s freshly showered, but he looks tired. “Hey, how have you been?” He asks as I step in and take off my shoes.

“Not bad,” I tell him. “But took a break for a while. I had one of those month long colds. So I might be out practice.” This is my first hookup in six weeks.

“Yeah, yeah,” he says, not hearing. “I had a boyfriend. But my friend called me up and said he saw him kissing a guy in the parking lot. I didn’t want to be believe it but it’s true.”

“Oh, that’s rough.”

His big shaggy black dog, usually jumping up at me excitedly, lay on a mat in the corner. She raises her head a little, gazes at me mournfully, sighs, and then lay down again.

We go in the bedroom and he strips, revealing his taut brown skin and his dark uncut cock. I’m staring.

“Take off your clothes man,” he tells me.

“Sure.” as I pull off my sweater he smiles just a little.

“Hey, you look great.”


“Yeah. You lost weight or something since last time.”

Aww thanks. I’ve been lifting weights, and trying to bulk for nine months now. I’m bad at it. I managed to gain 15 pounds, but I gave up trying to stuff myself during my cold.

He lays back on the bed, resting on his elbows, nude. I can’t tear my eyes away from his crotch. I lay between his legs and wrap my lips around his penis. It flops and squishes, and his brown skin feels impossibly velvety against my tongue. He grabs it’s base between his fingers and I feel the blood rush in and it slowly fills my mouth. He lets out a slow breath, and  gently caresses my hair, sending tingles through my scalp.

I let it slip out and I just want to stare at it. “You have a beautiful cock,” I tell him. It’s seven inches, and the end is a perfect glistening orb, pink as bubble-gum, wrapped in delicate brown skin. He watches me in amusement.

On the bed beside him, his phone lights up and interrupts us. His smile vanishes. “It’s him.” He says, and stabs the cancel button, silencing it.

Last time, we kissed passionately and frantically explored each others bodies. Now, he seems lost in thought as he shoves my head down to his penis. I mouth it and press in, feel it snap past my tonsils. His was the first dick that I ever deep throated without gagging.

He moves his fingers to his balls, presses them against my lips. “Get my balls in too.”

I’m already at my limit but I push down further, let one slip in. He uses his index finger and I feel its partner follow.

I shift, and his glans scrapes the back of my throat. It sends a shiver through his body. He moans, “Oh man that’s good.” He stares at me with his brown eyes, and I know what’s coming next. I feel his two hands on my scalp, pushing me down as he tries to hit that spot on my throat again. He humps hard, lifting his ass of the bed and succeeds. I use the opportunity to slide my hands behind him. His ass cheeks are perfect, I can cup them in my hands. I squeeze them and let my hands slip inside his crack.

MURAARPH. A gutteral, horrible sound comes out of me. I retch, I’m choking and pull off, leaving a string of thick throat mucous all over his cock.

After I swallow, he presses me down again, and starts to hump quickly. He needs to hit that spot. Repeatedly. And hard. He manages 15 or 20 quick thrusts before I retch again. I get up and wipe my face off with the back of my arm.

He leaps up, throws his pillow at the foot of the bed. “Lay down. On your back.” He looms over me, bends my legs back and eagerly strokes my anus. “Have you let anyone in yet?” he asks hopefully.

The look on my face answers for me.

He’s not happy. He moves to the floor at foot of the bed behind me. He stands there, his dick raging above my face. He locks eyes with me.

“Open your mouth. I’m going to fuck you.”

I lean my head back and he shoves himself in and holds it there. The angle lets him go deep, further than anything’s ever been that wasn’t food. It’s fucking hot staring into his the stubble of his butt crack. I wonder when he’s going to grab my penis, or if I will have to do it.

But he’s in his own world now, and when he starts to fuck, my hands fly up to his waist to guide him, or maybe to push him away. He fucks like he doesn’t care. It’s hot.

I retch again. I barely managed to swallow the fluid and he shoves back in, humping faster this time. He thrusts in short bursts, like a hare in heat. When he permits me to breathe, I don’t know if it’s for my comfort or if he’s just doing it so it won’t end.

MMMRAURGH. I taste the pumpkin spice latte I had for breakfast. It’s too much. I sit up, grab a towel, and wipe my face off.

He sighs, flops back down on the bed and jerks himself. 

When I lean in and give him a lick, he latches on to a fistful of hair. “Suck on my balls,” he demands. I roll his nuts in my mouth as much as I can while he jerks. I can feel his heart pounding. “You want my cum?” He asks.

“Mmm hmm”

“I said do you want my cum?” He stops and holds his penis up. It throbs. “Then make me cum with your mouth.

I take it in my mouth and try my best. But then he angrily grabs my head and moves it for me, jerking it up and down. “Yeah, suck it you cocksucker. Suck my fucking cock!

Now I know how a paint mixer feels. I relax and try to keep my teeth away, while he drills my face down further and further onto his dick. I’m about to retch again, when suddenly his ass lifts off the mattress and I know he’s too close, he will never let me stop, so I close my eyes and will away the urge. My nose slams against bone. I feel beads of sweat as I grip his ass cheeks.

“I’m cumming,” he finally exclaims, and in the same moment the phone rings again. It lights up beside me, ignored. He roars and locks my head in place, and his whole body thrusts up like he’s being electrocuted, and his dick is the centre of it all. I feel it pulsing against my lip and his angry load surges out deep inside me.

He takes a deep breath and reluctantly lets go of my hair. He’s cradling the phone against his cheek, speaking in hushed tones while I suck the rest out of him. “Yeah. The phone was in the bedroom,” he explains. I only catch bits and pieces of the conversation. When he’s clean, I hunt for my socks and quickly get dressed. “I love you too,” I hear him tell the caller. I feel awkward. I tip-toe over the dog on the way to the door.

Before I can leave, he rushes out of the room, dick flopping in the air, phone in hand. He smiles, eyes full of warmth and gratitude, puts his arms around me and squeezes me close. “Thanks man,” he whispers in my ear. “I really needed you today. You’re awesome.”

Yeah, it was hot. My throat is raw but I’m grinning as I drive back to work. After that rage fuck I can take anything.

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