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I'm restarting my profile. The prior is below, for anyone who cares to read it. But a comment from a reader who goes all the way back to my first posted story on another site made me think about being a bit more circumspect here, now, as 2016 closes.

I am, still, just your average, gay retired Marine. I am blessed to have found a soul mate in my middle age, an attorney who recently became a judge, also a former Army Ranger. We're a great match, and he's given me a life I never dared dream of before he carefully engulfed me in his love.

My writing is mostly retelling of my own life and events. I have been a prodigious diarist since my father died when I was 12. Initially the journals' sole purpose were for me to give outlet to that emotional devastation; but soon they became my outlet for everything I experienced, then became a compulsion to capture for my later enjoyment all the details of the good, the bad, the indifferent.

Since I joined this wonderful site, I was inspired by the stories of others not only to continue picking pieces of my own journey to write up in externally-consumable form, but also to push myself to develop and post some fiction. Having taken an almost two-year break from fiction, I've started again to revisit some of the characters I've created in my mind, none of which are romans a clef, I assure you. Having said that, though, I find that my fictional characters often have very tiny amounts of people I know, often my husband and myself, which are either inherent or influence them. Perhaps that is my revelation via the magic of composition, as I discover that about those purely fictional characters and circumstances as I reread past installments to put myself in frame of mind to continue their stories. That, my readers and friends, is a Marine's version of shithouse existential philosophy! (We blow shit up; we're not known for great thinking.)

I'll close what's become far longer a "new profile" or "profile v2" than I'd intended by giving some credit where it is due. Bjorn, our wonderful webmaster for GayDemon, is a saint, is a delightful correspondent, is HOT (oops, maybe I wasn't supposed to divulge I know that!) and deserves our thanks and support. To him and to GayDemon as it exists because of him, I urge you to lend all your support as well. Okay, that was a little self-serving, as Bjorn and GD indulge my compositional ramblings and I want to continue to have this opportunity, but . . . seriously, support GayDemon and give Bjorn your kudos - he deserves them.

I'll sign this off by saying that I hope our troubled nation, the nation I love and fought for during three decades as a proud jarhead, could really use our support as well. We need to move forward, to heal, to progress and also to preserve. If you're an American, as I am a very proud one, whatever your political affiliation, I hope that you can bring your positive energy to bear so that we all can move forward instead of continuing to move apart. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2017 and beyond.

Original Profile and updates through the beginning of 2015 follow:

Just your average retired gay marine. I'd tell you more, but I'd have to kill you! (Actually, I'm just waiting for 20/20 or one of those shows to offer me enough money to make it worth my while to betray my honor by thrilling the public and boosting their ratings, all of it enriching my bank account, so I can't give away my secrets until they're monetized!)

Seriously, though, humble thanks from me to those who have now given me feedback on my story submissions. I appreciate it, and I am happy you have enjoyed them as much as I've enjoyed your stories on this site. To all you who've encouraged me to do more, be careful what you wish for!

Update 1/7/2015 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think I need to write more and read less . . . but there are so damn many great writers and hot stories . . . :)

Another update 1/20/2015 - This retired marine actually has a second career which seems to have gotten more active since the end of the year, causing me to write less (and read more!). I appreciate all the comments - both profile and story level comments - from readers and users of the site and welcome any emails for those who prefer to make contact that way. I am rebalancing time, and am endeavoring to write more, and I hope those of you who enjoy my stories will be patient with me. I also welcome any suggestions - as I'm taking my fiction "talent" (some would object to that word! LOL) once around the block (the Ryan/Tommy, College Boy and Jimmy/Jesse stories), I'm finding that although I enjoy reminiscing about my past exploits, letting myself be young again through the fictional exploits of my characters is . . . envigorating.

2.18.2015 Update: Well, 2015 has me spending more time than I'd like doing things I like less than writing. In desperation for a fix, I spruced up another journal entry on a plane ride. Hoping I can get to the rest of that particular chapter soon . . . I have managed to get a read or two or ten in and continue to appreciate my fellow post-ers here . . . and continue to be humbled by their talent in writing, hopefully channeling both the appreciation and the challenge of that humility into more of my own!

Spring update: I am writing less than I would like, but I am writing more fiction than my regurgitated journal entries turned into stories being uploaded. I'm enjoying the hell out of letting my imagination run, the creative process as opposed to the editing, but I have to confess my own past stories make me hotter than any of my fiction when I'm writing. I'm HOPING that's because of the fond memories that are evoked with all the details I read in my journals and write about in my own reminiscences, not because I'm a narcissist! LOL

I also have to add that I very much appreciate (and often get a major kick out of) your comments to me on my profile and to my stories. Thanks!!!

Summer update: A LONG time since I've updated - summer seems to take my time. I've been spending far more time consuming than producing writing . . . which is a tribute to all your efforts on GD and the great stories that keep my husband and me (and some of our friends) boned and DICKstracted. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Stories by BillyC

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    Just as my Judge husband was contemplating restitution for a Gay Code infraction, a hot CrossFit trainer offers himself up. Sweat and hard work led to restitution for the infraction. And delivered LOADS of fun.

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    My next post was to be a recent sexcapade, but a friend told us about a married man, and my husband and I enjoyed reading this from my journal. Here's a hot, young, married stud who caught my, er, eye . . .

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  • A Marine Makes the Most Of A Solo Trip To Tampa: Chapter 3

    My naughty husband has a surprise waiting for me upon my return from Tampa - two of our favorite local bitches. But I use our security system to watch the three of them while they prepare for my arrival . . .

  • A Marine Makes the Most Of A Solo Trip To Tampa: Chapter 2

    My time in Tampa continued, and I found myself again enjoying the local offerings in the form of a very HOT Marine Uber driver.

  • A Marine Makes the Most Of A Solo Trip To Tampa

    Making the best of a business trip, a Marine turned businessman partakes of local offerings in the form of a hot little bitch gym manager and a very studly young powerbottom Marine. 1st of 3 parts.

  • A Service Tech Goes The Extra Mile For The Judge and the Marine

    My husband’s boring day at home gets a boost from a studly security technician there to repair our system. And I watch on the security cams.

  • An Aer Lingus Pilot Amuses The Judge And The Marine

    My husband and I joined a naked yoga group for men while we were on vacation in Hawaii. NO, that's NOT the set-up! The dirty bitch Irish airline pilot who propositioned us there IS . . . and what we three did.

  • Voyeur - A Short Adjunct Story Featuring Jake and Ethan

    This is a a different point of view story to Kevgenesys' "Hunk 'Privately' Gets Off In A Hot Tub" and is a continuation of "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" which I posted 3 years ago. Hope you enjoy!

  • A Marine’s Memory Of Seeing His High School Coaches Get Off

    There I was, reading GreenDot's HOT "Chemistry With Teacher" story with my husband, when I suddenly remembered the first time I SAW two studs engaged in mansex. Up to that point I'd seen my older brothers jacking off - often perving on my studjock oldest brother when he jacked in the shower in the ...

  • A Slutty Surf Instructor Plays With The Marine And The Judge

    While we were on our December trip to Hawaii, we again had some man on man fun with the slutty butler we'd originally met on our cruise to Alaska in 2016. The slut was still a slut, but instead of being a butler, he'd become a surf instructor. To say he was still a slut is like saying the Mona Lisa ...

  • A Marathon Runner Runs Into The Marine and the Judge

    Paradise. A marathon. Hot runners from all over the world. Endorphins rushing. And my husband the, Judge, and me, the Marine. Oh boy, was the sweaty, hot, Spanish marathon runner ripe for the picking! This is the first half of our fun . . .

  • A Bit of PT For Our 5th Anniversary - The Marine And The Judge Enjoy A Studly Trainer

    This is from late May - the fifth anniversary of when my husband and I first hooked-up in 2012. We decided to gift ourselves the pleasures of a HOT physical therapist / sports trainer who had made it clear we could have him if we wanted him. We did . . . and we did, as you'll read all the dirty ...

  • A Studly Nurse Gives The Judge And The Marine Some Extra TLC

    Two hospital stays for a stupid tick bite! But it wasn't all bad - the extra, unexpected "care" from a HOT bitch of a male nurse was . . . excellent.

  • After The Funeral - A Marine And A Judge Celebrate LIFE

    The LONG funeral events for a friend who'd died suddenly had us both jumpy from being involved with that most of the day Saturday. Once we left the funeral, all focus was on us enjoying each other and the life we have . . . in the best way we enjoy, which is with sweaty, aggressive mansex!

  • A Marine And A Judge Can't Wait

    Sometimes I make the very pleasant mistake of reading my favorite fellow authors' GayDemon stories at work, when I have a few spare minutes (and can log into the site via the WiFi from the building across the street!). When I first started doing so, it was a bigger problem than now - I had to go ...

  • A Marine, A Judge And An Inspirational Surfer

    Continuing our Hawaii holiday vacation, my husband and I encounter a HOT surfer after a surf meet . . . And work out their pent-up excitement.

  • A College Couple Goes Home For Christmas

    Alec andGregg are two years into a relationship while they're getting through college. We pick up the story we left off two years ago as Alec and Gregg are heading to Gregg's parents' home for the holidays. Fortunately they each know how to quell each other's nerves in the most effective way ...

  • A College Man Comes To Terms: Chapter 4

    Gregg and Alec hit a rough patch in their burgeoning relationship. Gregg, new to being gay, thinks he has it all planned out. Alec prefers to be part of the discussion, not given the decisions. Will they fuck it out - er, I mean, will they work it out?

  • A College Man Comes To Terms: Chapter 3

    Our college boys have a reunion after Gregg returns from coming out to his parents. Gregg has a surprise for Alec . . .

  • A College Man Comes To Terms: Chapter 2

    As Gregg's pursuit of Alec heats up as he moves toward going home to come out to his high-profile uber-conservative parents.

  • A College Man Comes To Terms

    A college stud jock comes to terms with being gay.

  • A Marine, A Judge, A Pool Boy . . . Loosening-up in Paradise

    Relaxing in paradise to avoid the Mid-Atlantic winter, my husband and I managed to spread some holiday cheer . . . by spreading the legs of a local college jock.

  • A Second Christmas Miracle for Jimmy and Jesse

    Jimmy and Jesse, two years after meeting and falling in love over Christmas, have made a life for themselves and decide to share some of their miracles with others . . . in between fucking each other silly, of course!

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    A stiff neck. A perpetually horny Marine. A HOT physical therapist. You get the picture!

  • Anniversary Ass

    An Marine's Unexpected Gift From His Attorney Husband.

  • Arranging The Jock-Sniffing Voyeur Butler's CUMuppance

    This is a continuation of A Sea Cruise for the Marine and the Attorney, where I recounted catching our sexy South African stateroom butler rubbing our rank, sweat-soaked jock straps all over his face. After making him jack off and fill those ripe jocks with his very plentiful seed - and videoing ...

  • A Sea Cruise for the Marine and the Attorney

    My husband and I go on a cruise with some friends, and catch our hot stateroom butler in the act. A good time is had by all as a result.

  • A Saturday Morning Gym Tease

    We can never keep our hands off each other, but last Saturday my husband and I came close to missing our usual early CrossFit. Instead, I was, for once, the responsible one, insisting we get on with our day . . . and my usually-judicious attorney husband tormented me for denying him . . . with some ...

  • A Dinner With Friends Turns Into Dirty Story Time

    Sitting around with friends the other night at dinner, we got on the subject of "first times". At my husband's urging I told a rarely-told truth of my sexual reawakening at a very young age. It turned into a rowdy, inappropriate funtime . . . as so many with a bunch of bromos do.