Since I inadvertently reposted 1 and 2 of the "College Man" / Gregg & Alec series, and since I'm about to post a new installment, I figured I'd go ahead and re-post 3 and 4, just so they're all close together to read. Hope those of you who haven't read them before enjoy them. And to those who have read the earlier installments and enjoyed them, look for "College Men" (or "College Couple" - haven't decided which to call it yet) which will be a two-years-later installment to the Gregg & Alec series.

A College Man Comes To Terms Part 3

by BillyC

Gregg's phone showed a text message when he turned off aiplane mode as soon as he landed back at LAX. From Alec. Gregg's cock stiffened in his jeans as he thumbed the notification to read the entire text.
don't uber when u land / i am picking u up / just call me

Gregg was grinning and thumbed the key to call back Alec. "I just landed," he told Alec when he answered. "You really didn't have to-"

"I'm already here, waiting in the cell phone lot with a huge hardon now that I heard your voice," Alec broke in.

Gregg's own hardening cock throbbed in response to Alec's voice, his words, the anticipation of fucking him within an inch of his life . . . or a bit over eight inches, Gregg laughed to himself. "How did you know what flight?"

"I dropped you off, remember?" Alec replied, with a sly tone. "Not like I have to be a detective to figure out when you said you were on your way to the airport from your parents' house which flight you'd probably be on."

"Smart AND hot!" Gregg commented.

"Don't forget motivated," Alec added, his tone playful, just the way Gregg wanted him.

"I have a confession, too," Gregg threw out, deliberately a bit somber.

"OH FUCK - What? You already arranged a car to take you back to the dorms? What, Gregg? Are you okay?"

Gregg had to stop him. "Relax, it's nothing bad."

"Whew," he heard Alec breath into the phone.

"Sorry, I was just trying to be playful, Alec," Gregg said.

"Okay, that got my ass itching just hearing you say that," Alec told him, his voice lower, more intent.

"FUCK!" Gregg exclaimed, doing his best to adjust himself in his jeans with the crotch now way too tight. "Damn you - you get me going!" he added, drawing a sideways glance from the guy sitting too close next to him. The seats weren't made for big men, obviously.

"So what is your confession? I hope it isn't that you just shot your nuts because you got so excited talking to me and now don't have anything left for me," he taunted Gregg.

"NO, it's definitely NOT that! In fact, that will NEVER happen - the having nothing left part!" Gregg said, careful not to say too much too explicitly, given his seat-mate's continued interest in his conversation.

Alec laughed. "So what is it. And WAIT - are you close to the doors? I need to drive around, and it's a couple of blocks in."

Gregg sighed resignedly. "No, I haven't even got off yet."

Alec guffawed. "Uh, I think we covered THAT a moment ago!"

"You know what I mean. So yeah, I'll let you know when to leave. Now are you going to close your mouth long enough to hear what I have to tell you?"

"Oh, sorry," Alec apologized, oozing contrition. And then with a more playful tone added, "I thought you liked it when my mouth was open . . . WIDE."

"OH JESUS!" Gregg swore, that time close to busting his nuts in his jeans. Alec, mouth open, filled with Gregg's cock . . . oh FUCK YES!

"Mmmmmmm, love it when I reduce you to exclamations and incomprehension!" he taunted Gregg, rubbing his throbbing hardon in his own jeans, certain that was a substantial wet spot already.

"Okay, OKAY!" Gregg cried into the phone plaintively. "I can't take any more!" he added, now laughing. "SO . . . What I was going to tell you is . . . "

"WHAT?" Alec shouted into the phone.

"God, I love it when you are all needy and begging!" Gregg said in a low voice, hoping the nosy seat-mate, who was on his own phone, wouldn't notice. Then, "OH, we're actually going to the gate now, so I'll be getting off - THE PLANE," he quickly added, "In a minute."

"Jesus fuck, Gregg! What is it you need to confess?"

"Oh, well, that. Well, see, I knew it was going to be difficult for us to, you know," and then, speaking even softer, "Find a place to be together. You know, with our roommates and all."

"OH," Alec exhaled, relieved. "Yeah, right. I'd been thinking there might be a lot of truck sex," he laughed.

"Mmmmmmmm, Ram tough takes on a whole new meaning!" Gregg growled, just above a whisper, his eyes darting to the side. The seat-mate was still on his phone, seemingly no longer interested, but Gregg thought it might just look that way and he really was listening.

"AND . . . ?" Alec prodded in his ear.

"AND, I'm going to get an apartment off campus. I could have always done it, but I kind of just left things the way they were - easy to get to classes and practice and no problems parking and stuff. But I figured we need a place to be . . . uh . . . " sneaking another glance to his left, "Relaxed," was the word he chose.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Alec stuttered.

"What?" Gregg asked, as the plane bumped to a stop at the gate. He didn't understand Alec's reluctance, and he hoped it didn't mean the worst, that Alec wasn't as into this being a continuing thing between them.

"Uh, nothing, Gregg. It's awesome; it's a great idea, and I really appreciate it, Gregg, really I do."

Gregg thought it sounded sincere, but it might not be everything. "But?" he prompted as mayhem in the airplane cabin raged around him, having started when the plane's seat belt light went off. Apparently a hundred plus people thought they could all squeeze out first. Being in the window seat halfway back, Gregg knew he wasn't going anywhere for a few minutes, until the rows in front of him moved out. He also knew Alec had said something that he hadn't heard over a woman in front of him telling a man in her row that he was in inconsiderate ass because he wouldn't let her out first. "Sorry, Alec, I didn't hear you," Gregg said, his hand shoving his phone hard against his ear.

"I said there was no but, Gregg. Unless you count mine, waiting for you!" Alec told him.

Gregg exhaled, not even realizing that he'd been holding his breath. "I definitely would count that!" he told Alec. "I would DEFINITELY count that!" he repeated, more to himself than for Alec that time.

"Are you getting off the plane yet? There's a lot of noise."

Gregg just laughed. "It's a fucking zoo. They don't call it a cattle car with wings for nothing!"

"So you're taking me to this apartment and will fuck me like an animal?" Alec teased him.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH mannnnnnnnnnnnn," Gregg moaned, his cock throbbing painfully in his jeans . . . still. "Listen I'm about to be able to get off here. IF I can walk with this," and then cupping his hand over his phone and whispering, "HUGE problem in my jeans," then getting out of his seat and struggling to get his pack out of the overhead without dropping the phone or hitting someone with the pack, "I'll be RUNNING through the airport in a couple of minutes max."

"Oh, you'll be GETTING OFF . . . SOON!" Alec continued teasing him.

Gregg stumbled as he was making his way up the aisle with the rest of the cattle, but he recovered. "You're gonna kill me. See you in a few, babe."

"Mmmmmm, I like it when you call me 'babe,'" Alec crooned. "Be right there. Babe."

Gregg passed the flight attendant, who was apparently enjoying every bit of Gregg, devouring him with his eyes. Gregg threw him a grin, and the flight attendant looked like he might be cumming in his pants.

Gregg hit the curb right as he saw his truck approaching. When he saw Alec inside, driving, his cock throbbed more forcefully. DAMN, Alec looked good driving his truck; almost as good as he looked riding Gregg's cock. Alec's grin when he met Gregg's gaze as he pulled up had Gregg's boxer briefs wet.

Gregg vaulted up into the truck and threw himself at Alec. As he shoved his lips over Alec's and forced - well forcing wasn't necessary, more like Alec sucked - his tongue into his mouth, he grabbed Alec's hand and roughly put it on his jeans crotch against his raging cock. "See what you do to me?" he growled, then sucked Alec's face again.

Alec wrenched one of Gregg's hands - the angle Gregg was laying across the seat made it difficult - and got it on his own cock. Alec was HARD, just like Gregg. "See what YOU do to ME?" Alec growled.

A tap on the door made them both look up at the driver's window. A smirking cop - a hot cop! - was motioning them to get going. Gregg reflexively said, "OH, SHIT!" but Alec just smiled at the cop and pointed to Gregg with a shrug. The cop gave them a thumbs up . . . then motioned for them to move on.

"I'd better get moving, Gregg . . . unless you want to have that hot cop to join us in a threeway!" Alec joked, putting the truck back into gear.

"The FUCK?" Gregg asked, open-mouthed. "He's gay? How do you know that? SHIT! I've got a lot to learn about all this!"

Alec just laughed and squeezed Gregg's leg, and that almost made Gregg lose his nut right then and there. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" he moaned.

"Down, boy. We've got to get back to school . . . or at least I need to find somewhere for us to pull off that's secluded enough for me to take care of that . . . problem there," he teased, and for good measure he copped a feel of Gregg's cock.

"We're making a stop before we get back to school," Gregg told him, snuggling against Alec as he drove.

"Seriously? You're that horny? Maybe up by the ravine before you get to Marina Del Rey?" Alec asked, speculating.

"No, doofus," Gregg laughed. "I've got the keys to the apartment I told you about."

"Wait. What?" Alec asked, looking at Gregg.

"Drive, babe. I'd like to get there to enjoy you. It's an apartment my dad's company owns at the beach. That's the apartment I mentioned. And my dad gave me the key he keeps - he's never used it!" Gregg laughed more at that. "Dad told me nobody's using it right now, so I can have it anytime."

"HOLY LOVE SHACKS, Batman!" Alec mugged.

"Mmmmm, maybe I should put a mask on you and then you can fantasize that Batman is fucking you!"

Alec laughed. "I always knew Robin was gay!"

They both laughed, and other than Alec protesting when Gregg ran his hand along Alec's cock while they were driving, they went up the coast road in anticipatory, contented silence. When they got to the building Gregg said was the one, he told Alec to turn into the underground parking and fished out his phone again and looked up a code that got them into the parking. Then he directed him to two spaces in the corner, obviously preferred parking.

"Nice," Alec told him, parking.

Gregg followed Alec out the driver's side and pulled him into a tight hug. "I've needed to do this since I left you yesterday morning," he said into Alec's neck, holding him tight.

"Take me up, stud, and I'll show you what I've needed to do since you left yesterday morning," Alec told him.

On the way up in the elevator Alec thumbed a text to his roommate and best friend, Ron, that he wouldn't be back until morning. They looked out for each other, far more than Gregg and his roommate did. Gregg was standing straight, not attacking Alec, and Alec wasn't sure if he liked that. Alec wanted to launch himself at Gregg, but he figured Gregg didn't want to risk security cameras and something getting back to his dad. Alec wondered how Gregg had gotten his dad to give him use of the apartment anyway?

When they got out of the elevator, they were in a foyer, not in a hallway - they were inside the apartment. A huge fucking apartment, Alec saw, wide-eyed. As soon as the elevator door closed behind them Gregg pulled him into a tight hold and clamped his lips on Alec's, straining upward a bit at his neck and pulling Alec's head down. Alec moaned and fell into it, wrapping his arms around Gregg and grinding his body into Gregg's rock-hard, muscled bod.

When they finally pulled their lips apart, having devoured each other's lips, mouths, tongues and Alec was biting Gregg's neck, Gregg exclaimed, "WOW!"

Alec just moaned and bit up Gregg's thick, muscled neck, savoring the cords and contours and the moans that Gregg emitted as his bites and licks progressed. That and the grinding together, more forceful, Gregg clearly needing to climb onto and, hopefully, into Alec.

"Let's find the bed," Gregg's voice, raspy, managed to say.

Alec didn't let go, but he stopped his chewing on Gregg's neck, right behind his ear, and asked, "You've never been here before?"

Gregg laughed. "No. But let's find the fucking bed and talk afterward." With that he broke hold, went down into a crouch and swept Alec's long, lanky frame over his shoulder in a fireman's hold.

Alec squealed - a decidedly unmanly squeal it was - in delight as his jeans-trapped bone roughly rubbed against Gregg's massive shoulder. He was in fucking heaven - his fantasy, his man, his boyfriend???? carrying him off to fuck him senseless the way he knew Gregg fucked . . . like he played . . . hard, rough, fast and determined.

A few failed attempts at navigation - the dining room, then a study/office-like room - and now a hall past a bathroom and another room, and Alec couldn't take it any more. "Gregg, if you don't let me down, my cock rubbing on your shoulder is about to make me cum in my jeans!"

Gregg laughed evilly and smacked Alec's perfectly globed ass HARD through his jeans. "Good . . . I'll use it for lube . . . hopefully fucking SOON when I find the fucking bedroom!" As Alec protested that he was serious, Gregg exclaimed in frustration, "Jesus FUCK! How the fuck many rooms are in this place?" toeing open another door to another room that had no fucking bed in it.

Alec was gone . . . his nuts boiling over from the very pleasurable smack on his ass, and Gregg's hard shoulder bouncing against his throbbing boner. "OH FUCK, Gregg, FUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" he cried, grabbing at Gregg's back and ass as he was overtaken by his explosion. He felt his cock blasting into his jeans, hot and wet and gooey, as his body spasmed.

Then, suddenly, Alec was flying . . . or dropping . . . or both. He felt the bed - a big fucking one based on his arms not reaching the sides - as he fell back on it, Gregg's eyes burning as he ripped off his clothes. "Get the fuck naked - NOW!" Gregg ordered Alec, kicking his sneakers off clumsily with his jeans already down around his ankles, his shirt already tossed.

Alec scrambled to get his jeans open and his t-shirt off, all the while watching Gregg's heavily-muscled torso rippling as Gregg struggled to get himself free of his jeans, boxer briefs and socks. Oh, and that thick cock of Gregg's, head fat and purple, slick with precum around his slit. FUCKING HOT! was all Alec could think . . . if he was thinking at all.

Gregg got himself naked right as he saw Alec scooping up a healthy handful of his cum from his groin and abs and shoving his fingers inside himself. OH HOLY FUCK he's fucking HOT, Gregg thought, watching, about to pounce. "OH FUCK!" he suddenly cried and started to lunge toward his jeans, where he had some condoms.

"Just get the fuck up here," Alec growled, waiving a strip of condoms he'd obviously thought to grab out of his own jeans before flinging them off.

As Gregg took a beat to try and calm his boiling nuts, already on overdrive and heading toward an unfortunately premature end to this reunion, Alec ripped open one of the packets in his teeth and tossed it at Gregg. Gregg caught it in mid-air, literally diving on the bed between Alec's legs. "I can't wait, Alec," Gregg growled apologetically, savagely pulling the condom tight on his fat cock.

In response, Alec pulled his legs into the air by his ankles, raising his ass high. "Me neither," he replied, low and hoarse with need.

Gregg lined himself up and pushed on Alec's tight fuckpucker - insistently but not too hard. Not hard enough apparently by Alec's estimation, as he let one ankle go, grabbed Gregg's hip and pulled him harder against him, squirming to push himself back on Gregg's cock. "I don't want to hurt you," Gregg said, pulling back a little.

But Alec pulled harder, pulling himself into Gregg and Gregg INto him. The pop of his fuckhole opening and swallowing Gregg's plum-sized cockhead had Alec crying out and Gregg grunting in abject pleasure.

Alec panted and breathed like a Lamaze patient, getting used to the stretch and burn and sting of it, but he wanted Gregg to just FUCK HIM, and he clawed at Gregg's hips with both hands now, pulling him in. "FUCK ME!" he cried out between breaths. "I NEED!"

Gregg couldn't hold back on that. Fortunately the flood of thoughts about not hurting Alec had ratcheted down his progression toward losing his nut; but they had also intensified his need. He meant to push gently and slowly into Alec, but as he started to, his hips drove him in HARD, Alec pulling on him and impaling himself as deep as he could go, too. With a smack his balls hit Alec's bubble butt, and he felt Alec's balls and cock ground between his groin and Alec's. "OH FUCK!" Gregg shouted, the heat and tightness overwhelming his senses, and Alec's beautiful face, grimacing but with obvious satisfaction and pleasure, below him.

"FUCK YES!" Alec grunted, still working through the pain, the pleasure there, just in the offing he knew. "JUST FUCK ME!" he cried and squirmed on Gregg's thick, throbbing fuckstick, trying to fuck himself.

Gregg's hips ignited, and he was suddenly pumping his lover's fuckchute deep and hard and fast. His mouth spewed a stream of exclamations and compliments for Alec's tight cunt, his legs now up with his feet planted on Gregg's rippling pecs, his beauty.


At hearing 'babe' Gregg lost any control he had and grabbed Alec's ankles, lifted his ass higher and leveraged his weight down into every savage thrust. His growl and spit bathed Alec's senses, and his thrusts found his spot and had him flying high just that fast.

Alec never closed his eyes, kept them locked on the muscled, model-handsome stud whose pleasure and release was all that was important at that moment. He met every thrust, couldn't stop his filthy-talk, encouraging, appreciating, loving every inch of the span of every thrust. His cries pitch-splintered with every knock of his prostate, and his fuckmuscles clamped down harder on Gregg's cock every time.

Gregg was lost in Alec - his handsome face, now sheened with sweat; his lanky lean-muscled body undulating and being jolted with every thrust when he bottomed out; every spasm and cry when he knocked that special place; the heat of him around his cock. Gregg's nuts were right there, just that fast, and he was crying out, "OH FUCK, ALEC, I'm gonna-"

As Alec shouted, "GIVE IT TO ME, BABE!" Gregg's nuts exploded, like an arc welder on iron, a spray of sparks from his nuts rocked his every extremity. A couple more, more brutal, deeper thrusts, and then his body was seized up, planted deep inside Alec's fuckchannel, his essence blasting HARD through his cock and filling the condom. Alec felt the throbbing and Gregg's cock thicker, harder than steel now, pulsing inside him and suddenly was cumming again himself. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" was all he could get out, as his body clenched HARD on Gregg's cock, still filling the condom, and Alec's body exploded in spasms and jerks as his own cum sprayed wildly, hitting his face and chin and chest and, finally, puddling on his abs.

"OH HOLY FUCK that's HOT!" Gregg panted down at him as Alec came back to awareness of more than just his body and Gregg's. Gregg leaned down and tongued a long swipe up Alec's chest and neck and then planted his lips on Alec's sharing Alec's cum.

Alec was still floating, but he was also still buzzed and now was overcome with the kiss, with Gregg's appreciation, with Gregg's amazing fucking and climax, his cock still hard inside him. He clamped his arms around Gregg and pulled him down, wrapping his legs around him, enveloping him. He wanted to speak, but the only thing he knew he could say it wasn't right to say . . . not yet, maybe not ever. This was too new, Gregg was too new to it all anyway, and there was a lot to test and get through.

Gregg relaxed onto Alec, knowing from their last time that his hulk was welcomed by Alec, he wouldn't hurt him or make him not able to breath. That wiry muscle of Alec's body was tough, he now know, not just on the volleyball court. He snaked his arms under Alec and held him as tight as Alec held him, burying his face in Alec's sweaty neck and shoulder.

"I should take care of the . . . " Gregg started and got embarrassed saying it, but he moved himself inside Alec to make the point.

Alec held him tighter. "Go slow pulling out. I want to be able to have more of this without crying out so loud the coast guard does a shore landing out there," he said, flinging his head in the direction of the wall of glass over the beach.

Gregg tried to get free of the embrace, but Alec told him no and held him, telling him to just pull out, and he'd get the rubber and tie it off, but "NO FUCKING WAY I'm letting go of you for a while yet! I've missed you too much, and however long this lasts, I'm making the most of it."

Doing as he'd been told, Alec did as he said, awkwardly reaching and getting the rubber and holding it up to the side. "WHOA, DUDE! Now that's beyond-STUD volume right there!" he mocked, though he really was amazed at Gregg's output.

Gregg looked over and then rubbed his chest and groin into Alec's, Alec's spent second load slimey between them. "Uh, don't look now, but your second blast there would make a porn star envious, STUD!" And to add to his appreciation he kissed Alec gently, holding it long, himself wanting this moment to last for a long, long time.

Finally, they pulled apart and together rinsed in the shower, then went back to the bed and lay side by side, Alec's left hand tightly clasped in Gregg's right. "Talk to me about your talk with your parents?" Alec asked, tentative.

Gregg took a very deep breath. Then he rolled onto his side facing Alec, grinning. "I got this apartment, didn't I?"

"So," Alec smirked, "Guess your folks will be toning down the anti-gay rhetoric in their politics?"

Gregg put his arm across Alec's chest and pulled them closer, laying his head on Alec's shoulder. "Baby steps, babe - baby steps," and kissed Alec's chin then rested back again.

Alec pulled his arm around Gregg tight, noticing that the heat was wearing off and the chill was noticeable . . . except where their bodies were in contact. He reached over with his other hand and pulled the bedcovers up and over them sideways and snuggled into Gregg's wet hair, kissing his pate, holding him . . . for however long he'd be able to hold him. Tomorrow would be a new day, facing the cracks from their friends who'd figured out there was something between them. A new day for Gregg to wonder if this life was for him when some of the hero worship he'd enjoyed turned against him. A new day for Gregg to figure out that there was a fucking sea of men every bit as hot as he was to choose from and maybe he didn't want the bookish Alec . . . or just wanted to test it all. But right now, he held Gregg close, and Gregg snuggled into him, both of them drifting off.

The last words Alec heard as he was drifting under in the pleasure of their hold on each other - and his last thought was that he was absolutely certain he hadn't heard it at all but had dreamed it - was Gregg, sleepily saying into his shoulder, "When do you want to move in?" and kissing his neck before a snore finished him off.




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