This is a reposting of the installment where I left off when I originally left off with my fictional endeavor creating a world of two college jocks who fall in love. I accidentally reposted 1 and 2 of the "College Man" / Gregg & Alec series while I was reviewing as I finish off the recent revisiting of these two I've worked on while on vacation. So I figured I'd repost the other two, 3 & 4 so they're all here. I hope everyone who enjoyed the first four will enjoy the new installment I'll submit in a few days. And in the meantime, anyone who didn't read them the first time around, I hope you enjoy these four in advance of that new installment.

A College Man Comes To Terms: Part 4

by BillyC
[email protected]

Gregg had been back two weeks, and Alec had successfully dodged the "move in" thing. His work at the restaurant had helped, as one of the other experienced servers had quit, leaving them short-handed, so Alec had to work more than usual and longer shifts. Fortunately the manager hadn't pressed him for hours that conflicted with his classes, but just barely.

Every night, when the restaurant had closed, Gregg had picked him up and taken him back to the new condo on the beach. Alec stayed there each night, too. But he wasn't comfortable moving in - not at all.

With Gregg being newly gay, newly out, so far totally OK with just Alec, he thought of the relationship more like a temporary thing, until Gregg figured out that the sea of smokin' hot men around needed to be test-driven. When Gregg had asked him a couple of times, Alec had said "Why rush - I'm here anyway" and "With all my extra work hours, I'd rather spend my spare time with you than moving things." So far that had worked.

But as they rode back from the restaurant, Gregg brought it up in a way he hadn't before. "Alec, is you not moving in with me a signal I'm missing? About us, I mean?"

Alec stammered, "Uhhhhhhhhh," and then went silent.

Gregg asked him more bluntly. "Would you rather me take you home after we fuck when we get to the condo?"

Alec almost laughed. Gregg thought he was Alec's booty call. And maybe chauffeur. But a flare of anger also flashed through him. "Maybe you should just take me home now. MY home - my dorm room."

Gregg swerved over to the shoulder of PCH, angrily slammed the gear shift and punched the button to turn the truck off. He swiveled around, looking angry, a look Alec had seen a few times, always when he was angry because he thought someone was not treating Alec right. "TALK!" Gregg said angrily.

Alec noticed that the only thing he hadn't done as far as aggressive, angry body language, was cross his arms. He felt shitty . . . and angry, too. He was so fucked-up. "Gregg, I didn't mean that."

"Well then what the fuck did you mean, Alec? I changed my entire life for you, and now you're pretty much blowing me off here."

Alec's temper was stoked. "You CHANGED YOUR LIFE? FOR ME? Oh, well, then, sorry I haven't shown my appreciation appropriately!"

Gregg's nostrils flared as Alec's eyes burned into his. "Alec, what the fuck is going on? Are we together or are we just fucking?"

"Don't forget driving, too. On the list of things you're doing for me, that is; driving me to work and school AND fucking me AND changing your entire life," he spat at Gregg, dripping with sarcasm.

Gregg's angry look cracked a bit, and Alec's chest felt tight. "Alec," Gregg started, softer than before, "I don't really know what we're talking about here. I just thought . . . " he trailed off.

"What?" Alec almost yelled. "What did you think? That you could just fuck me, make me fall in love with you, take one of the family's vast PROPERTY holdings and have me move in for your ready access? And now I'm not doing exactly what you want, and you're making a demand?"

Gregg flinched when Alec said the ready access part, and then he just fell silent, speechless. Now it was Alec's nostrils flaring, his eyes still burning into Gregg's, his breath hard and coming out loud. "I, uh-"

"You WHAT?!" Alec challenged.

Gregg's anger flared again. "I need to take you to your dorm. Is there anything you need from my place?" he asked evenly, as if there was no significance to it, stomping on the brake and pushing the ignition button.

He had the truck in gear and back out into traffic on the highway before Alec found his voice. "No," he answered miserably, now turned forward, staring at the road, expressionless.

Gregg resisted the urge to drive too fast just to get Alec the fuck out of his truck. They drove silently as Gregg steered them up the long drive to Pepperdine and then through the small ways to get to the dorm where Alec and his roommate, Ron, had their room.

When he stopped in front of the dorm, Gregg didn't put the truck in park, and he didn't turn it off - he just stopped, staring forward. Alec had to force himself to move, but he did, and he opened the truck door and then got out. He stood, not looking in but not closing the door.

Gregg didn't turn to look at Alec, much as he wanted. It seemed they just held the position for an interminable interval, but when Alec mumbled "Cya," and after Gregg mumbled the same, pushed the door shut, Gregg wished that moment hadn't passed. He could have said something, reached for Alec. Out of his peripheral vision he saw Alec walking away, and he turned his head, choking up.

FUCK! Gregg thought, banging the steering wheel HARD with the heel of his hand. When he did take his foot off the brake, he stomped the gas, chirping the tires and not feeling the least bit bad about it.

Alec slammed into the dorm room, startling Ron. "Wow, you're home, and it's night. I was beginning to think you'd become a vampire, since you're never around at night," Ron joked.

"Fuck off!" Alec unfairly threw back, flopping on his uncomfortable dorm room bed and crossing his arms angrily.

"O . . . K . . . " Ron said. "Guess you and Gregg had your first fight."

"No, our LAST fight!" Alec spat.

"Wow, it must have been something awful. Did he cheat on you?" Ron asked.

"Of course he didn't cheat on me!" Alec responded indignantly. "Gregg would never do that - he's an honest, sincere guy."

"Uh HUH!" Ron left some silence. "So you found out he is a drunk or does drugs or something equally horrible?"

"JESUS, Ron! No way Gregg is like that. You know him; you know he's not like that!"

"So . . . ?" Ron asked.

"I don't want to talk about it," Alec said, more like a boy than the man he'd become, pouting.

"No prob, bud," Ron said, turning back to his laptop and the show he'd been watching.

"Okay, so here's the deal. You know I told you about this condo his parents gave him? The luxury apartment bigger than my parents entire house, right on the beach?"

Ron paused his show again and turned around. "The one where you two have been fucking your balls off every night? The one you come home from after sleeping - if you two actually sleep - every night, probably with your arms around that hunky bod of his? Grinning every morning when you rush in to shower and dress and rush to class? THAT condo?"

Alec rolled his eyes at Ron. "The condo he EXPECTS me to move into with him."

"OH. MY. GOD." Ron drew out the exclamation, his face mock horror. "No wonder you're so fucking pissed off. Geez imagine that - the guy you're head over heels for - or in your case heels behind ears," Alec picked up a book off the table by the bed and chucked it at Ron, who parried it off, laughing, "No wonder you're incensed!"

"Okay, smartass," Alec whined.

"NO, Alec, it's not okay. WHAT THE FUCK, dude? You are crazy about this guy, buddy. And you're angry that he wants you to move in with him?"

"EXPECTS," Alec repeated.

"Expects?" Ron was totally confused.

Alec quickly filled Ron in. Gregg came home from coming out to his parents with a coming out gift - the condo, the expectation that Alec would move in right then and there, without talking about it.

"Alec," Ron asked, "Is it possible you're being a little unfair to Gregg here? Maybe a simple conversation about a relationship isn't so simple to a straight guy."

That stopped Alec. Gregg was a gay novice, and straight girls were always complaining that straight guys didn't want to talk about relationships.

"But how could I live there all the time? I'm completely dependent on him for transportation, without a car, and so he has to bring me up to school or I spend hours on the bus all day."

"Dude, THAT's the reason you're angry with him? Because you CAN'T move there? Sounds like you're angry you're not rich like him. And would the bus be worth living with Gregg?" Ron asked, reasoning it out.

"Well that's just it; he drives me everywhere. I don't ever have to take the bus."

"Ahhhhhhh," Ron said, rolling his eyes. "I can see how that's a problem."

"Seriously, FUCK YOU!" Alec threw at him half-heartedly.

"Is that your plan to get over the sexiest guy at Pepperdine?" Ron joked.

"And fuck you again!" Alec retorted, this time with a laugh.

"Alec, can I ask you something seriously? Two questions."

"Do I have a choice?" When Ron just raised his eyebrows and went to turn back to his laptop, Alec quickly said, "Shoot."

"Okay, here goes. First, you ARE crazy about Gregg, aren't you?" When Alec looked down and blushed, he went on. "I'll take that as a yes. And by the way? I knew that." Alec still said nothing, just fidgeted. "So the second question: Where do you wish you were right this second?"

Alec looked up, his face miserable. "With Gregg." Ron was about to say he rested his case when Alec's eyes flared, and he added, "But it wasn't exactly like he reached out to me to discuss it rationally. He just confronted me about not having committed to move in."

"Hashtag gay guys acting like straight guys then being drama queens because of it!" Ron grinned.

Alec went to throw something at Ron again, but there wasn't anything else on the table that wouldn't break, and he was laughing anyway. "So NOW what do I do?"

"Uh, I'm just winging it here, but I don't think this is too different for gay guys from straight guys. Apologize? Tell him you'll talk about it?"

Alec took a deep breath. Then he nodded and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He quickly thumbed a message to Gregg:
SORRY - talk to me???? :(

Alec's phone chimed within ten seconds:
can we do it in the am

"The FUCK!" Alec exclaimed.

"What?" Ron asked, turning back again.

Before Alec answered, his phone chimed again:
take me that long 2 clean up the mess I made taking out my frustrations on the condo

Alec laughed, but he also felt a flash of heat start in his nuts, thinking of Gregg, all manly and angry, wailing on anything within reach.
I can think of something better 4 u to take ur frustration out on

"What?" Ron was asking.

"I think I'll be getting picked up shortly," Alec told him, grinning evilly.

"You're grinning from ear to ear, dude. I'm happy. But can I give you one word of advice?"

"Sure, bud. And by the way, thanks for what you've already done, talking me through it tonight. Alec's phone chimed, and he looked down and flushed at what he read:
I might not be able to control myself . . . yet . . . and u better know what youre getting n2

"OK, let me guess. Now you're sexting until he gets here to drag you off to his cave again?" Ron asked, rolling his eyes. Alec just grinned. "So here's the unsolicited advice, Alec. Stay here tonight."

"WHAT?" Alec cried.

"Hey, down boy. One night of celibacy won't kill you. Seriously, Alec, you haven't had a night alone since Gregg came home from his folks' house. It might be a great idea if you took a night to just sort out your thoughts . . . about what and how you DIDN'T communicate tonight, about what you WANT as far as living with Gregg or not . . . " he just stopped, holding Alec's gaze.

"But I WANT to be with him. I know that," Alec whined.

"Alec," Ron said, getting up and going to his bed, sitting down facing Alec, elbows on knees. "You and Gregg are taking this FAST. And while I'm really happy for you, really happy you've been as elated and well-fucked," Alec went to protest, but Ron held up his hand to stop him, "But you and Gregg have a lot to work out. This was your first speed bump, and look what happened. Give yourself some space to get your head straight, so you can help Gregg get his head straight."

Alec's phone chimed again, but he didn't look down right away, holding Ron's gaze, thinking it sounded right, wishing it didn't. He slowly looked down at his phone.
did I scare u off?
"I need to call him," Alec told him.

"No prob. I need to hit the head anyway," Ron told him, smacking Alec's knee as he got up and headed to the bathroom.

Alec dialed Gregg.

Gregg answered, "Hey babe!" enthusiastically.

"Hi," he said sheepishly.

"I'm sorry," they both said at once, then were both silent. If Gregg felt the same way Alec did, he was moved and grateful that they were apologizing.

Alec proceeded. "Gregg, would you mind if I stay here tonight and sort of get my head straight?"

"Don't even think about getting straight, babe. Been there, and trust me, you wouldn't like it! I want you GAY!" Gregg joked.

Alec laughed. "Trust me, that's the last thing that'll ever happen. But as much as I really WANT to be with you, Gregg, I think I just need a night to myself. And if you're willing, let's talk about it all tomorrow."

"Talk about you moving here?" Gregg asked, hopefully.

Alec almost snapped that they had to talk about the way they couldn't talk, what had happened, how they'd talked to each other, but he remembered what Ron had speculated, which rang true. "That, and I'd like to talk about how we handled this tonight. Talk it out, so we can get a handle on how to communicate with each other."

There was silence, and Alec almost filled it, but he forced himself to wait it out.

"I'm pretty shitty at this, aren't I? Gregg asked disconsolately.

"Hey I wasn't exactly good at conversation tonight myself. Let's just leave it that we both want to be together, and we are going to have a conversation to clear the air. Like buds, sorta. Okay?"

Gregg laughed. "I haven't fucked any of my buds, other than you at least."

Alec laughed with him. "I need to do this, and maybe it'll be great for you, too. Let's just decompress tonight and talk tomorrow. I'll really miss you, Gregg, but I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow." Alec had rushed because Ron had cracked the door to see if he was done.

"I can't vouch that I won't die from excessive jacking-off tonight thinking of you. You've sort of conditioned me, you know."

Alec's body flash-heated again, thinking of Gregg's huge cock blasting his seed. His breath caught involuntarily. "Save it for me. I will if you will," he managed to whisper.

"What if I told you I had my dick in my hand right now?" Gregg teased him.

Alec moaned. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm." He swallowed hard, wishing his mouth was full of Gregg's big fuckstick. WAIT! "Ron's here, Gregg. I can't."

Gregg laughed. "I'm just teasing you, Alec. It's cool. I'll miss you, but I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I really love you, you know?"

Alec had about seventeen thoughts, but mostly he was just full of want for Gregg. "You're awesome, Gregg," Alec responded lamely. "I can't wait until tomorrow, babe."

"I love it when you call me babe, too. Night, Alec."

"Night, babe." Alec forced himself to hit the END button. "OKAY I'M OFF THE PHONE," he called to Ron, who immediately came back in, grinning.

"Night babe," he mugged, teasing Alec.

"Fuck you," Alec shot back, struggling to suppress a smile.

"Uh, from the stupid-in-love look on your face, it won't be me you're fucking anytime soon."

"Be careful what you wish for."

"YOU wish, Alec!"

They both laughed, and Ron slapped the side of Alec's face as he was flopping back on his own bed. "HEY!" Alec protested.

"Yup, I thought so."

"WHAT the-?"

Ron grinned over at Alec. "There's no wiping that stupid-in-love grin off your face," he answered.

"Oh, seriously, fu-" Alec started, blushing, but then just stopped. "Yeah, point taken."

"So, buddy, what are you going to do about the moving in thing?" That got Alec's face to fall. "Dude, you need me to spell it out for you?" Ron asked, a note of exasperation entering his voice.

"NO," Alec whined, "I don't need you to spell it out for me."

"Then tell me what you're going to do."

"I DON'T KNOW!" Alec blurted out in frustration, his fists clenched, bringing them to his forehead and making a face, pounding his forehead.

"JESUS!" Ron, usually so calm and mild-mannered, spat. "Don't be such a drama queen, Alec! Like you have a choice." Alec's face clouded, and he started to protest. "Okay, okay, just listen to me for a minute." Alec slumped back again, arms crossed tight across his chest . . . but looking at Ron, attentive. "Alec, however it happened, you and Gregg Owens, the stud of the entire school, found each other and are crazy about each other. You want to be with him, and he wants you to move in with him. So what's the deal? What's the problem?"

Alec was looking into his lap. "I told you. I don't have any way to get around if I go down there and live with him, to get to classes, to get to work. And what about when he's done with me and wants someone else?"

"So let me get this straight." Ron was standing, looking down at Alec, waiting. When Alec looked up because Ron hadn't gone on, Ron did. "You know Gregg wants you to move in with him; it's important to him. He's been driving you around so far, and I'm guessing he hasn't seemed to mind any. And you're all hung up on what happens if?"

Alec thought about it, but he didn't answer. Ron waited. When Ron turned to go back to his desk, Alec said, "Ron, thanks, buddy."

It was Ron's turn to grin. "Why don't you get some things together and grab a shower before I drive you down to the beach?"

Alec started to say something, then stopped. Then he grinned ear-to-ear. "If it wouldn't scare your straight ass, I'd jump you and kiss you!"

"Hey, hey, hey! Save that for your stud man, in that big, empty bed at the beach," Ron said. And then, just to rib his friend, he added, trying not to laugh, "At least this way I won't have to see your sorry moony face all weekend!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alec pressed the buzzer for the penthouse. Ron was in the car out at the curb, waiting to make sure Alec got inside. Alec heard the ringing through the speaker on the panel outside the condo. Just when he turned around to give Ron a sign that he might be coming back, he heard Gregg's voice through the speaker. "Hello."

"Gregg, it's me, Alec," Alec responded breathlessly.

"Alec, babe. What are you doing calling me on this landline? I don't even know the fucking number."

Alec laughed. "Gregg, I'm at the front door."

Gregg's voice was exuberant. "OHMYGOD, Alec. I'll, uh . . . I'll. SHIT! I don't know how to open that door from the phone. I'll be right down."

Alec laughed and turned and gave Ron the thumbs-up. Ron acknowledged, but he held position. Alec knew his roommate would wait until he saw him go inside the building.

And before another couple of beats, Gregg burst through the front doors to the building and grabbed Alec in a tight bear hug, pulling him off his feet. Gregg's mouth was clamped over Alec's, kissing him hungrily, teeth crashing together, tongue demanding inside. Alec laughed happily, but he was soon drawn into the kiss, groping at Gregg despite his arms tethered by a full duffel and his backpack. Gregg had his leg back, awkwardly balancing into the kiss but holding the door open. He was just so damn happy to have Alec in his arms again.

Alec finally pulled back and laughed again. "Uhmmmm, maybe we should get inside," he told Gregg, looking him up and down.

Gregg looked down, remembering he was only in his boxers, now tented obscenely. He'd just thrown the phone down and run to the elevator to get to Alec. "A great idea, for MANY reasons," Gregg agreed, pulling Alec inside.

They didn't run into anyone in the lobby or the elevator, but they restrained themselves from doing anything more than holding each other on the way up. When they got inside the condo, well, that was another thing.

Alec lauched himself at Gregg, this time he was the one crushing his mouth over Gregg's, hungry, desperate. They ground into each other, groped, sucked face, humped. Greg's arms were wrapped around Alec so tight that Alec thought he might not be able to breathe . . . and he didn't care - he was in Gregg's arms, and that's where he wanted to be.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," Gregg moaned into Alec's mouth.

Alec moaned back and laughed. "Mmmmmmmmmmm for sure!" he agreed.

They both backed off enough to breathe a little. Gregg put his forehead against Alec's, then Alec leaned into him. "I'm really, REALLY," Gregg told Alec, grinding his boner into Alec's jeans, "Glad you came here . . . came home. ARE you home, Alec?"

Alec pulled back and looked down the couple of inches into Gregg's eyes and took a breath. "Gregg, I have some concerns." Gregg blinked and sucked in a breath. "But there's nowhere I want to be but with you, babe."

Gregg's face beamed, and he tightened his grip on Alec. "It's OK, right?" Alec looked at him, confused. "The concerns you have. They're nothing we can't work out together, right?"

Alec felt his stomach tighten, knowing that some of his concern was that ultimately Gregg would want to move on, find someone more like him, or just to have his fun with the myriad studs who would bend over in a heartbeat for a superstud like Gregg. Alec forced thoughts of other, hotter men turning Gregg's head out of his own mind, morphing his face into a filthy grin. "My first concern is when you're going to fuck me," he teased Gregg.

Gregg's eyes rolled a little at hearing that, and then he smirked at Alec. "Who says it's me fucking you?" he posed, grabbing Alec's crotch. Alec was surprised, and his cock was certainly all over the idea of taking Gregg's luscious butt. He felt himself hardening even more in his jeans under Gregg's grip than he'd already been. He shoved his crotch forward into Gregg's hold on him. "I'll take that as agreement, then," Gregg grinned.

Pulling Alec behind him - no effort required, as Alec would have followed Gregg anywhere, anytime, but particularly now, right now, smoldering need threatening to flare up - by his grip on Alec's bone, they were in the sumptuous bedroom seconds later. Gregg turned and, still gripping Alec's cock, kissed him and encircled his waist with his other arm, holding Alec so tight and close that he could barely breathe . . . or was that the kiss and being with Gregg that was enough to take Alec's breath away.

Alec let himself go to the long, passionate, probing, demanding, tantalizing kiss, all the while Gregg rubbed his hardon in his jeans. At some point Gregg popped the buttons and took hold of Alec skin-to-skin, eliciting a gasp from Alec. "OHYEAH!" he exclaimed into Gregg's mouth, pistoning his hips into Gregg's grip on his raging fuckrod, feeling his precum smeared all over his cock and in Gregg's hand.

"FUCK that's so fuckn hot, Alec," Gregg told him, rubbing his bulbous, engorged head in the goo of Alec's excitement.

Alec's skin was stretched but still loose enough to cover his head as Gregg worked it back and forth and then went palm-to-head and almost caused him to jump out of his skin from the excitement. "Are you - sure you - don't want to - " Alec tried to get out, but Gregg stopped him.

"I'm sure," he said, kissing Alec again, then finished with, "I want us to be equal partners, Alec." He did that thing again - palm-to-head, Gregg's skin on his without his foreskin in the way - and Alec's head jerked back in a silent scream of pleasure. "I want everything we do, sexually and otherwise, to be equal, Alec," he told him as he writhed in Gregg's grip.

"Unless you're plan - ning on cumming - in the next ten sec - uhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm - "

Gregg laughed and slacked off on his handiwork on Alec's cock, kissing him quickly, smacking his lips loudly. "I fucking LOVE your body, Alec," he said, reaching in and taking a handful of Alec's big balls in his even bigger paw and rolling them, feeling Alec's precum flowing onto his forearm.

"Oh, fuck, Gregg. My body LOVES you. OH MY GOD, how you make me feel, Gregg." Gregg growled and tugged on Alec's big nuts, now slicked in his hand from Alec's precum. "OHFUCK YEAH!" Alec exclaimed.

Catching himself, he suddenly put his hand out on Gregg's chest. "HEY!" he cried, startling Gregg, having the unintended effect of Gregg giving his sac a yank. "OHFUCK STOP IT!" Alec laughed. "Who's working whom here, anyway? I thought I was topping here tonight!"

Gregg laughed and came in for another kiss. Alec tried to pull back playfully, arching an eyebrow, but the pullback was thwarted by Gregg's grip on his nuts, pulling him in, just painfully enough to cause a huge glob of precum to flow out of his head. "OH JESUS!" Alec gasped just before Gregg's lips covered his.

Gregg took his other hand and pulled Alec's to his boxers, now drenched with his own precum, a huge spot radiating over his upper thigh where his enormous cockhead was trapped. "Any doubts I'm ready for you?" he asked, his lips still close enough to brush Alec's as he spoke. Throwing gasoline on the already raging fire between them, he added, "Feel like enough precum to lube me? I've been fantasizing of you lubing me with your precum, but since we're responsible men, I'll settle for mine and fantasize it's yours as you invade me."

The spot on Gregg's boxers was huge and gooey around Gregg's massive cockknob, and Alec couldn't help but let a moan escape his lips as he worked Gregg's cock through his soaked boxers. "Mmmmmmmmmm." Then, without prompting, he reached around, inside the waistband of Gregg's boxers, and found his hole with his slicked finger.

"OH FUCK!" Gregg gasped, pushing back into Alec's finger.

The advantage Gregg had in this deal was that Alec's cock, while very large by any standard and considerably longer than Gregg's, was nothing like the impossibly thick fucklog Gregg wielded, so Gregg's novice cunt would fare better. Pushing his finger into Gregg's TIGHT pucker, Gregg flinched. Alec laughed and kissed Gregg - his turn now. "If you are this sensitive to my finger . . . " he smirked at Gregg.

In answer, Gregg pushed back again. "DO IT!" he growled.

Alec did, slipping his long middle finger into that tight, hot ring and gently rubbing just inside. Gregg groaned and then moaned as Alec's finger worked him slowly, lovingly. When Alec gently pulled out of the slicked entry, Gregg whined. "Just restocking, babe," Alec told him, his hand now around inside the side of Gregg's boxers. When he gripped Gregg's precum-slimy head, Gregg gasped again, another glob of precum coming into Alec's hand. "Oh, yeah, just like that. Like a dispenser!"

He had his finger back at Gregg's butt and stretched his fingers all the way to Gregg's taint and then rubbed three gooey fingers all the way up, pressing into and then over Gregg's pucker and up beyond, slicking him good with all the output Alec had harvested from Gregg's flowing tap. Gregg was moaning long and low, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." When Alec's finger went back to Gregg's opening, it found Gregg wanting it and again thrusting back. This time we went to his second knuckle easily, Gregg's gasp fully of pleasure.

Gregg gyrated on Alec's finger, fucking himself, demanding more. Alec gripped Gregg's rock-hard jock ass, his finger inside, like gripping a bowling ball. Gregg went to protest, but Alec stopped him. "Let's get comfortable," he told Gregg softly, but he didn't let go of his impaling grip. Before he let Gregg loose, he went in for another kiss, rubbing his finger in and out of Gregg's fuckchannel as he kissed him.

Alec pushed a bit farther, tapped Gregg's prostate. "HOLYFUCK!" Gregg cried out, his whole body having jerked. PUSHING back, trying to get Gregg to do it again, he demanded it. "DO THAT AGAIN!"

Laughing, Alec kissed Gregg's neck, and as his teeth found skin, he tapped Gregg's p-spot again, feeling the jerk, hearing the gasp. "Just a preview, stud," he whispered, licking up Gregg's neck and kissing his earlobe. "Now get on the bed." He pulled his finger out, to a whimper from Gregg. "And lose the boxers."

Gregg, freed reluctantly, got out of his soaked boxers and clambered back onto the bed. Alec shucked his sneakers, jeans, now equally soaked with precum, boxer-briefs, even more soaked. After pulling off his gym socks he finally stood, facing Gregg on the bed. The eager stud was on his back, knees pulled up to his chest, held back and wide open by his hands, his slicked hole and crack catching the bedroom light. "OH MAN!" Alec exclaimed, unconsciously licking his lips.

Looking at Alec, Gregg saw his cock drip a glob of precum as Alec ogled him. Alec's cock was rock-hard, long, a bit over average thickness, huge-looking head, all slick and dripping. And Alec's big swinging nuts hanging there, ready to pump his seed into Gregg. "I want it, Alec. I want you. Now!" Gregg rasped. "Please . . . just fuck me . . . now!"

"Gregg, we need to-"

"I FUCKING WANT IT NOW! I CAN TAKE IT!!!" Gregg yelled. "GET UP HERE AND MOUNT ME," he ordered.

Alec was caught between the flash of heat blasting through him and his amusement. As he grabbled lube and condoms from the drawer by the bed, briefly hoping Gregg's big condoms wouldn't balloon on his less-thick cock, Gregg ordered, "Condom only. Use my lube. And if there isn't enough, add yours."

Alec dropped the lube and climbed onto the bed, kneeling, looking down at Gregg's ripped torso over his jacked legs. As Alec ripped the condom package open in his teeth and spit the torn piece off the bed, Gregg met his gaze - full of need - and said, "Just take me, Alec. I NEED you inside me, to be a part of me."

"We're not going to do anything that isn't safe, Gregg. No way. So you'd better make sure you've got plenty of lube you're producing there." Alec's grin was wicked, and as he looked down he saw a puddle of pre on Alec's abs already. "Mmmmmm," he said, swiping a handful, "Good boy!"

Working the slick over his sheathed cock and then re-lubing Gregg's hole, he managed two fingers, to a grimace from Gregg, but when he scissored his fingers inside and tickled Gregg's p-spot again, Gregg was writhing and begging and fucking back onto his fingers. "OHJESUSALEC! GIMME IT!"

Alec lined himself up at Gregg's entry, knowing that two fingers hadn't prepared Gregg, but also seeing Gregg straining to push into him. "Relax, breathe, and push out as I push in," he told Gregg.

Gregg's look was perplexed at the last, counterintuitive to him, as it was to every man learning to take the intrusion of a hardon in his asspussy. But Gregg relaxed his body noticaeably, forced his breathing to be deep and rhythmic. Alec pushed into him, and he saw Gregg grimace, but also felt him pushing out, and Alec's fat cockhead pushed harder, finally popping inside, to a gasp from Gregg. "FUCK!" he panted. "Gimme a minute."

"Relax, babe," Alec cooed down to him, causing Gregg to smile wide when he called him babe. It was momentarily that he felt Gregg's cunt loosen its grip on his raging fuckbone, and he pushed in deeper. Gregg gasped, and his face contorted, but Alec could feel that he didn't fight it. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Alec carefully adjusted position to push past Gregg's prostate when he found it, but Gregg's wild jerk made it difficult. "OHFUCKYEAH!" Gregg cried. Alec just smiled, watching his studjock take his cock, his eyes boring into Alec's as he took him.

When Alec bottomed out, Gregg's face was awash with pleasure, despite his panting and gasps as he worked to control his breathing. "How do you feel?" Alec asked, enjoying the feel of his balls against Gregg's hairy butt, his bush jammed into Gregg's crack.

Gregg smiled and settled first one ankle and then the other onto Alec's shoulders. As Alec turned to the side and kissed first one of Gregg's massive hobbit-feet and then the other, Gregg's words wafted up, not strained, just contented. "Like the love of my life and I are mated - like the man I love is about to fuck me - like the man I love is about to make a real man out of me."

Alec's stomach tightened, and the wave of joy that threatened to make him choke up was quickly intercepted and pushed behind Alec's renewed flash of heat, coming from Gregg's tight hot cunt-grip on his fully-buried cock. Alec pulled back a couple of inches then pushed in again, gently, eliciting a long moan from Gregg. Emboldened, he pulled out a few more, then THRUST back in that time, causing Gregg to gasp. "OH FUCK YES!" When Alec pulled out until his head was stretching Alec's cuntpucker, threatening to pop out, Gregg whimpering, he SLAMMED back in, knocked Gregg's prostate HARD, causing Gregg to cry out, "OHGODYES!" That was the last of Alec's restraint.

The rutting went to intense, Alec slam-fucking Gregg's cunt harder and harder, faster and faster, enjoying Gregg's head thrashing back and forth every thrust, every impact on his p-spot, the precum running out of Gregg's bobbing cock, splattering all over his abs and running off, down his sides. Alec's balls were slapping Gregg's ass HARD, hard enough to begin to ache in a tantalizing way, enhancing the multi-dimensional pleasure Alec felt. He was fucking the man he loves, fucking the hottest stud he'd ever seen, giving him pleasure and taking pleasure from him.


Alec's lasting power surprised him. He'd thought it was a chance he'd blast the second he was inside Gregg, but here he was, drilling Gregg's HOT, TIGHT fuckhole on and on, floating and soaring and feeling the most amazing things. Even his balls, now ACHING in earnest from the roughness of their impact over and over against Gregg's marble buttcheeks, was stoking his fire.

When Alec grabbed Gregg by the ankles, lifting his legs high and pulling them wide, he began jackhammering his cunt as hard and as fast as he could. "OHMYFUCKINGGODYESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Gregg cried, his body jerking and spasming as Alec pummeled his prostate and savaged his fuckchute. As Alec pushed harder, faster, deeper, he felt and saw Gregg's body tighten, his cries going louder. "OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK OHMYGOD OHFUCKOHFUCK OHFUCKALEC YOU'RE GONNA MAAAA---" at that last his body went totally rigid for a few thrusts and then exploded in writhing spasms as his cock began blasting thick long ropes so hard they were over Gregg's head, across his face and hair, all up his chest and neck. There were many of them - Alec couldn't count after the second as his own body began to explode from his nuts and asshole upward and outward.

"YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Alec screamed, planting himself DEEP inside Gregg and feeling his nuts begin to explode and pump his seed into the condom inside Gregg.

"OHGOD ALEC," Gregg screamed, his cock only dribbling now. "I can FEEL you cumming inside me! I can feel your cock pumping."

Alec heard Gregg, but he was nowhere near any control over his own body, still planted deep inside his lover, the only thing keeping him from toppling were his hands on Gregg's strong legs by his ankles. Then Gregg pulled his knees back, and Alec was lowered, letting go of his grip one by one and feeling Gregg's legs encircle him. As Alec plopped onto Gregg's sweaty, cummy body, Gregg's arms enwrapped him, holding him tight.

Breathing - tight and fast - chests heaving - gasping - the stink of sweat and cum on both of them, together. Alec's face was in Gregg's neck, his arms limply over Gregg's huge shoulders and cupping Gregg's sweaty neck and the back of his head. Gregg's lips on Alec's sweaty neck, his bearhug grip reassuring.

Gregg whispered, "I love you Alec."

Alec took a breath, then another, and he realized Gregg was misinterpreting the pause by Gregg's body starting to tense. He propped himself up, looking down at Gregg. He knew his face was absolute stupid bliss, nothing else. He felt Gregg's body ease again, his hug tightening momentarily, a grin spreading across his face. "I am SO wildly, crazily, totally GONE in love with you, Gregg," Alec confessed. And before Gregg could say anything he continued. "I want to be with you - for as long as you want me - and I don't care about anything else, nothing else matters."

Having said it, having realized it, given in to it, Alec was relieved. However long this lasted, he was going to ride it for all it was worth. Starting with dragging Gregg into the most amazing shower Alec had ever seen or even dreamed of, to wash them up. "Come on, babe," Gregg beat him to the punch. "Let's get showered up and sleep in tomorrow until I have to take you to work."

Alec smiled and gently forced his muscles to get him up, to pull his flagging cock out, slowly and gently, watching Gregg's face combine a grin and a grimace as he did, then relief. "Wait, first I have an idea," Alec told him, pushing Gregg's hulk until he rolled over onto his stomach, all the goo of Gregg's cum and their sweat on the bedclothes but who cared. Alec dove into Gregg's freshy-fucked ass face-first, causing Gregg to cry out loudly, joyously, then lasciviously as Alec's tongue gently snaked inside and worked around.

"OHMYGOD, BABE. OHMYGOD!" Gregg moaned over and over again.

When Gregg had slurped up whatever remained of Gregg's precum he could get and Gregg's asscunt juices, savoring the taste of him, of them, he came up for air and looked at Gregg, his face to the side, all content and full of pleasure. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Alec moaned, smacking his lips, grinning. "Okay, NOW the shower!" he ordered, smacking Gregg's ass HARD, eliciting a yelp.

I hope you enjoyed my foray into a world I never know - college boys, coming out . . . Look for Part 5 coming soon.



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