This is a continuation of  A Sea Cruise for the Marine and the Attorney, where I recounted catching our sexy South African stateroom butler rubbing our rank, sweat-soaked jock straps all over his face. After making him jack off and fill those ripe jocks with his very plentiful seed - and videoing it - he decided to up the stakes by sneaking into our suite and watching while my husband and I fucked our brains out later that evening. This, then, is our next step, paying him back. 

Arranging The Jock-Sniffing Voyeur Butler’s CUMuppance

The Marine’s And The Attorney’s Cruise Continues

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“It’s just a gay guy thing, Paul. It’s not for you two,” I repeated for the umpteenth time, this time labeling it in a way that Paul might let go of his intention to intrude on our port plans.

Paul, as usual, wasn’t having any of it. With a coy expression and a wink at his beautiful wife, Eva, he retorted, “Well how do you know I wouldn’t enjoy that? Eva’s doing her spa thing before we all do that sunset tour this afternoon, so what have I got to lose?” and waggled his eyebrows.

To that, both I, my husband, and our two other traveling companions, Lloyd and Mathieu-Claude guffawed. It was my judicious husband who said, “Paul, if that was your leaning, you’d have toppled in the face of my studly husband long ago! So, yeah, we know it’s nothing you’d WANT to LOSE.” All of us but Paul got a hearty laugh out of that one, me a bit self-consciously, as there had been, once long ago, a time when Paul was drunk and things seemed like they might have gone off the rails . . . but didn’t, fortunately.

“Well, I could always be up for something new. You don’t know if Eva has been keeping me satis—“ Paul quickly shot back but was stopped by Eva’s stern remonstration.

“STOP! NOW!” she ordered forcefully, as she often did when Paul went too far or went out of bounds in the wrong place. Then, when Paul started to open his mouth, she stopped him with finality. “One more word, and you won’t be SATISFIED for a very, VERY long time!” She held his startled look with severity until Paul finally put his hands up in surrender then took one hand and mimed zipping his lips.

Jim, with perfect timing, wiped his mouth with his napkin and announced, “It’s time. Eva, I hope you and Paul have a great spa day today. We’ll catch up with you this afternoon, before out sunset planeride,” and folded his napkin by his plate. “And now, boys,” he directed at the four of us, “Our TOUR is about to depart.”

“Enjoy, guys,” Eva called after us. “I’ll do my best to survive this one on my own!” she joked, bumping her handful of a husband’s shoulder.

Paul offered a “Yes, dear,” and a look of surrender to us as we all filed out of the ships dining room where we’d had breakfast. “At least my toes and fingernails will look gay-worthy. And who knows, the massage may come with a hap—“

“PAUL ANTHONY DUMAURIER!” Eva warned as we were leaving them behind . . . thankfully.

“When did your butler say he’s off duty and can leave the ship?” Lloyd asked eagerly, as we made our exit.

“He said he’s allowed to leave the ship at ten. The butlers take turns, and since he’s the senior he gets his choice, so he took the earliest,” I told them.

“What he took,” Jim threw back over his shoulder from his lead as he rounded the corner toward the stairs to head up one deck to the gangway, “Was the bait Billy so appealingly dangled. So we have to make sure you two do the job in those couple of hours before he has to be back on the ship by one.”

It’s true. After I’d caught our sexy – and apparently sex-crazed – butler spying on us while Jim and I had been fucking our brains out after dinner two nights before, I’d decided we needed to up the payback. That had been payback for having made him jack off into our jock straps I’d caught him sniffing and rubbing his face in. We’d led him to believe last night that we wanted to have a threesome with him. The threesome, however, was going to be him with our friends Lloyd and MC, the best-friends-with-benefits “couple” that were traveling with us, and they were eager to play their part.

Jim had talked to the concierge on the ship and had found the best hotel in Juneau city center, though with a caution that, “It won’t be the Four Seasons.” Jim had used the ridiculously expensive satellite phone in our stateroom to call and arrange a morning check-in to their best suite. He observed after he’d got off the phone that their best suite being available in the height of the season didn’t bode well, nor did the “surprisingly reasonable” price, his words there. When we’d found Lloyd and MC and told them about the hotel and conveyed the caution, they said it would be even hotter to fuck our butler’s brains out in a dive.

The plan was that we’d meet Jaan, the butler, in the hotel room, blindfold him and tie him to the bed, then tell him that he’d been had and was going to be our bitch to have any men we chose use him. And that’s exactly what we’d set in motion.

We caught a cab for the short ride from the pier to the hotel, asked the cabbie where we could find a hardware store, and I walked there to get some supplies while Jim went to check in. Jim would wait in the lobby, while I took the provisions to the suite, and Lloyd and MC were taking a walk and waiting for us to text them to come to the suite.

Jaan must have left early because he said he was on his way when Jim him the suite number at five to ten. I’d only got back to the suite when Jaan knocked and was getting the cotton rope and knife I’d bought out of the bag in the bedroom. After opening the door for him, Jim pushed Jaan against the wall inside the suite and quickly pulled his coat off and his shirt over the butler’s surprised head.

Jaan grunted, “Fuck yeah!” and grinned. His accent made it sound more like FOLK yeah, and I found that my nuts responded to that accent, as they had when he’d jacked off in front of me the afternoon before.

I took the blindfold Jim had fashioned from a black shirt we sacrificed and approached Jaan, and his eyes went wide with skepticism, but he didn’t resist. I tied it deftly, wordlessly, then turned him and wrapped each of his wrists with swaths of black silk from the once expensive shirt and tied them like wrist bands.

“So I am to be your submissive?” Jaan asked as I turned his back to the wall again and he noticed his wrists weren’t tied together, just bound in the silk.  I noticed that his jeans were beginning to bulge more than usual.

“You’re right, Jaan,” I growled at him aggressively.

“And you’re wrong,” Jim leaned in to Jaan’s left ear and added with a menacing tone.

We led Jaan to the bedroom, amidst questions from Jaan that we didn’t answer. When we were by the bed, we stopped him, and I began unbuttoning his now-tented jeans. “Wrong or right, I like the scene that is happening,” Jaan told us with a seductive tone and a smile on his face. He also reached out with both arms and groped at Jim, not reaching me as I was kneeling.

I got his pants down and looked up at Jim with a grin because Jaan was wearing the red and aqua Andrew Christian briefs I’d given him after I’d confiscated his precum-spotted boxer briefs when I’d caught him with our jock straps and made him jack off and cum on them. The ACs looked awesome on Jaan’s big package and bubble butt despite the pouch being wildly distorted because of his long cock’s tumescence – but no question AC made the butt for Jaan’s bubble butt.

Jim pushed him down onto the bed so he was sitting, allowing me to get Jaan’s sexy boots and thick socks off him, then his jeans and ultimately the ACs, so he was completely naked.

Jann had a boner-inducing athlete’s bod. Lean muscle, wide shoulders, tiny waist, long, strong legs, blond fur over the mounds of corded muscle all the way to the tops of his long feet, and a long, uncut cock hard as a lead pipe jutting out over full, hairy low-hangers. My own cock was stirring, and I saw Jim enjoying his first in-person sight of Jaan naked – he’d only seen the video I’d made Jaan submit to of him jacking off into our jock straps.

Jim pushed Jaan back onto the bed on his back and turned him so that he was laying with his head and feet in the right direction and told him, “Scoot up so your head is on the pillows.” Jaan did, silently obeying. Then Jim began to tie his wrist to the part of the headboard just below the top of the mattress with a section of the rope I’d cut with the Aleut souvenir knife I’d bought, and I went to tie his other wrist. The silk wrist wraps protected his wrists from rope burns, even though the cotton rope would be the gentlest on his skin of any I could have chosen.  

“Uh, okay, I can get with this,” Jaan said tentatively as I tested the length to ensure there was plenty of movement but not enough for him to get either wrist to his mouth and teeth or to reach his hands together to untie himself. I enjoyed his big shoulders rolling and rippling and his muscular arms and pecs moving as I did.

“Here’s the deal, Jaan,” I snarled, more to get my head back where it belonged than on the temptation that the sexy butler presented. “You . . . are indeed our bitch this morning. But it won’t be us using you.”

Jaan interrupted quickly, a look of apprehension on his face. “Wait, what?”

“We’ve put out the word that there’s a bitchboy who needs to be taught a lesson, and you’re going to take and do whatever anyone who comes into this room wants. We don’t want to gag you – after all, that pretty mouth of yours is no doubt as good a fuckhole as your bubble butt,” I continued, tracing his lips with my fingers, causing him to lean forward and suck try to suck my fingers into his mouth. His cock was also now dripping, despite his dismay at the unexpected scene.

“I thought it was you two studs who would be using me,” he said when I pulled my fingers away from his mouth, and he gave a pull and roll against his bindings.

“We are, Jaan, we are using you as an offering to our friends . . . and to anyone else who responds to our Grindr post,” Jim told him, quieting him with a hand on his chest. “And the rules are, we keep that video to ourselves IF, and this is a big IF, you satisfy every man who enters this suite in the next two hours. And that means ANYthing they want.”

“Deal?” I asked.

“Will you two be here?” Jaan asked.

“Yes,” I answered. “The entire time.”

“But you will not . . . use me?”

“As we already told you, THIS is how we choose to use you Jaan,” Jim answered. “And anyway, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a deal or not because if it’s not, then we gag you and tie your ankles to where your wrists are tied, and you get used anyway, just not quite as . . . comfortably.”

“Or fully,” I added. “And that would be a shame, really, wouldn’t it?”

Jaan’s apprehension left him, and he began to smile. “Bring it . . . without the gag, but I leave the ankle tying to your discretion,” he told us with a smirk. “I can be VERY comfortable being used . . . and in my blindness I will be imagining them to be you two fine specimens but knowing they could be anybody, maybe the fat engineer who keeps his cock hopeful for me.”

Jim laughed, and I took the Boy Butter I’d brought off the ship and the condoms I’d bought on the ship and threw them on the nightstand. The ship hadn’t had rope or knives – another thing for the comment card! LOL – ergo the trip to the local store. “Tell the first customers he’s ready,” I told Jim. “I’ll get another chair from the living room so we can both be comfortable watching from over there.”

“Ahhhhh,” Jaan spoke up. “You’re going to watch. So better.”

“Turnabout, Jaan, for your stealth mission in our suite night before last. Your CUMuppance, as it were for watching us!” He wasn’t the least surprised – he knew I’d caught him watching us fuck after dinner when I’d showed the video to Jim and told him how I’d caught Jaan in our bathroom with his face buried in our sweaty straps.

“It was worth it,” he grinned. Flattering.

Jim opened the door to the suite, and I heard MC and Lloyd coming through to the bedroom. “—and hopefully he’ll be—“ MC stopped abruptly when he followed Jim and Lloyd into the bedroom. He’d stopped abruptly and was gaping at Jaan’s naked, bound body.

“Looks like he will be ALL that!” Lloyd observed with obvious awe.

“He’s all yours, men,” I told them but chuckled as that was apparently not necessary to tell them – both of them were already stripping off hastily.

“Mmmmmm, two? This is my lucky day,” Jaan grinned lasciviously as he listened, his long cock throbbing and swaying, jutting upward already from his blond-furred crotch.

“You think you can take two of us?” MC growled, running his tongue across his lips as he struggled out of his jeans, his eagerness and haste causing him to nearly topple to the floor. MC had approached the bed while he was pulling his shirt over his head, and after that he unceremoniously yanked down his briefs, causing his thick, dark, uncut cock to flop out and hit Jaan’s cheek before it bounced up again.

“Mmmmm,” Jaan moaned, following MC’s cock and catching the head in his mouth with a loud slurping sound.

Lloyd had finished undressing and had less-aggressively moved to the bed and was running his left hand up Jaan’s well-muscled calf and thigh until his hand nudged Jaan’s hairy, well-filled sac. Another a long moan from Jaan, this time with his mouth full of MC’s thick cock, and MC turned to grin at us and then at Lloyd, who caught the look and went in for a kiss.

At the same time as Lloyd began working Jaan’s balls as he kissed MC, I felt Jim’s arms wrap around me from behind and begin to unbutton my jeans and to manhandle my thickening cock through the denim. His warm breath behind my ear preceded a low growl. “Get your phone and video them . . . while I take care of this,” he said, giving my turgid cock a hard squeeze with his hand inside my fly.

I got my phone out and thumbed to the camera and hit record while Jim pulled me back and then moved around and pushed me back more until my calves were against one of the chairs by the wall of the room. I carefully went with Jim’s push and without letting the three men on the bed out of my video frame, I sat down, Jim having pulled my jeans and boxer briefs down as I got comfortable.

MC was now straddling Jaan’s chest, shoving his fattie into Jaan’s eager, fully-open mouth. MC was holding the butler-bitch’s blond head so he could more easily fuck his mouth. Lloyd was laying between Jaan’s splayed legs, one hand gripping Jaan’s long, saliva-slicked hardon while sucking it in long strokes and swallows and then running his tongue up MC’s exposed, hairy asscrack. “Dieu!” MC would moan under his breath every time Lloyd’s tongue would run over his pucker, and otherwise he was just moaning and encouraging Jaan. “Yeah, you love the cock, don’t you. That’s it, keep your mouth open wide and take it all. Yes, that’s right, just like that. Mmmmmmm.”

Lloyd was making his own hums and moans and growls as he worked up and down the length of Jaan’s cock and then up and down MC’s crevice as he had his free hand, the one that wasn’t gripping the root of Jaan’s hardon, rubbing up and down Jaan’s right thigh, squeezing the tight cords of his muscles and humping one of Jaan’s big feet.

“Sit on his cock, Theu,” Lloyd urged before he chowed down on it again and at the same time pushed his long middle finger into MC’s hole.

“AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH!” MC grunted as he took the finger, and at the same time Jaan choked and gagged as MC’s hips shoved his cock farther down Jaan’s throat. MC’s broad back muscles up his long, swimmer-built torso flexed as he kept his cock shoved into Jaan’s throat and ground onto Lloyd’s finger while also leaning over to grab the supplies on the side table and flinging them backward next to Lloyd, obviously accepting Lloyd’s suggestion.

Jim had my cock in his mouth and one hand up my t-shirt rubbing first one nipple then the other. His other hand was gripping, squeezing and rolling my big, hairy balls as he sucked and licked up and down the length of me, making it difficult to keep the phone cam anywhere near steady as I struggled with sensory overload watching our friends and enjoying my husband’s ministrations.

Lloyd got Jaan’s cock suited up and slicked up with a glob of the Boy Butter and was working two fingers in MC’s fuckhole aggressively. MC was obviously enjoying it, fucking himself back onto Lloyd’s fingers and then back into Jaan’s throat, all the while moaning and growling and apparently gagging Jaan, based on the gurgles, gasps and his struggling. “NOW!” Lloyd ordered.

MC apparently enjoyed Lloyd’s control, because he immediately dismounted from Jaan’s face, bringing a loud gasp and smack of the bound butler’s lips.  MC moved back, ignoring Jaan’s whimper and plea for his cock, and reached back with his long, hairy arm and found Jaan’s cock and guided himself down on it with a long groan. I felt my nuts churn more as I watched Jaan’s long cock disappear up MC’s fuckchute with significant resistance offset by MC’s persistence to take it until his hard assglobes were ground down onto Jaan’s thighs and his pucker pushed into Jaan’s blond pubes. “JESUS!!! That’s a LONG way in!” MC exclaimed to the ceiling as he shook his head. Then he let out a growl and pulled himself up, his cuntlips dragging along Jaan’s greased cock tightly before he SHOVED himself down again and ground himself into Jaan’s groin with a loud, long growl, matched by loud moans from Jaan.

Lloyd had gotten himself around and replaced MC over Jaan’s mouth, riding his tongue with his ass as he went in for a long kiss with MC as MC began to grind himself on Jaan’s fuckrod. Jaan was slurping wildly at Lloyd’s butthole, and he also had his knees up then, having started thrusting up into MC with some muffled grunts of his own from his ass-covered face.

Jim meant business, and his attentions combined with the action I was seeing had me nearing the edge at rapid velocity. Actually, seeing Lloyd’s beautiful, built, dark-furred torso and muscular legs riding Jaan’s face was almost too much on its own. His body was so much like Jaan’s beautifully-sculpted athlete’s bod, including them almost being the same height, and the difference was his dark pelt versus Jaan’s very blond pelt was striking and boner-enhancing.

MC and Lloyd continued making out while they both rode Jaan, all three of them grunting, growling and moaning as they obviously enjoyed themselves. As I was – and my own explosion was more and more difficult to forestall because Jim was really going at my cock and balls, and he’d got his index finger up my shithole and was teasing my p-spot more and more aggressively. No question what he wanted!

I had the awareness that I bet the video was going to be herky-jerky to watch because I was bucking into Jim’s mouth every time he nudged my spot. Fighting to hold myself from plummeting over the edge while I couldn’t help myself from thrusting into Jim’s throat when that finger of his pushed me in jolts while his talented mouth and tongue worked me hungrily.

I heard Jaan cry out something suddenly from under Lloyd’s gyrating bubble butt in a language I didn’t understand and saw his balls had disappeared up into his groin when I saw him SHOVE himself HARD up into MC. MC cried out, “FUCK YEAH unload in me!”

I could see Jaan’s body tensed then jerking and the barely visible outline of his pulled-up nuts while his cock was pumping into MC, and I felt my hold slackening and my nuts boiling. Jim growled and sucked me harder and yanked on my balls HARD and then jammed his big, blunt fingertip into my p-spot a few times hard until I saw stars, crying out and bucking. “AAAFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I cried and felt my body explode with like fireworks.

I saw MC and Lloyd both jerk their heads my way, breaking their long kiss, as they watched me unload my nuts in body-wracking, heaving blasts into my husband’s throat. I lost my grip on that consciousness as Jim’s growled moans corresponded with each of my first couple of blasts. Later, I confirmed that the video had caught sweeping scans of the ceiling, wall, floor and then apparently the upholstery beside me as I pumped out.

Not knowing how long I was out of touch as my body rode the high, I came back in stages, my body slack in the chair. I saw the three guys still going at it on the bed, and I felt Jim’s hand caressing my VERY sensitive cock and balls while he sat on the arm of the chair by my side. I started as I realized I didn’t have the phone cam, but Jim tightened his grip on my package by way of telling me all was well. I looked up, and he had his phone in his other hand with his arm steadied over my shoulder, pointed at the writhing threesome on the bed.

They’d obviously moved on from Jaan’s climax. Somehow they’d gotten Lloyd under Jaan – which was actually not too difficult, given the way we’d tied Jaan’s arms – and Jaan was laying on Lloyd, Lloyd’s cock up inside Jaan’s messy-looking hole . . . while MC was on his knees also fucking Jaan with his thick cock inserted alongside Lloyd’s long cock and holding Jaan’s long legs up and wide.  He was spouting a running dialogue of filthy-talk. “Yeah, you love being stretched out, you fucking bitch. Take our cocks! Yeah – that cunt is so fucking tight, but it won’t be when we’re done with it! YEAH, that’s it, keep struggling and let us feel that hole work our cocks.” Jaan was thrashing his head around, yanking his arms against the bonds, loudly exclaiming in words I didn’t understand, while MC pounded him HARD. MC’s muscles rippled and his bubble butt flexed as he pounded into Jaan.

Jim got up and quietly said, “C’mon – you’re ready,” pulling on my cock, which I hadn’t realized was fully hard . . . again or still, I didn’t have any idea. Jim’s mammoth member was dripping and waving about, too as he stood and moved, taking care to keep the phone pointed at the action on the bed.

Jim positioned himself behind and over the back of the chair I’d been sitting in, and he pulled me behind him. No need to wonder – he shoved his ass back toward my cock, and I knew what to do from there. Taking hold of his hips I positioned my wet cockhead at his cuntring, spit down and rubbed it into him, but he was having none of any time taken for prep. He PUSHED back, and I shoved IN. He GROUND back HARD, maintaining the camera in front of him even as he grunted LOUD as I breached his tight fuckring. I had a dual view of the three guys in their DP fuck on the bed – actual and then miniature in the phone screen – and my hot husband’s muscular shoulders, back and butt in front of me.

Jim pushed back some more, grinding his butt into my groin and squeezing his cuntmuscles, and I was reminded of my task at hand and began to pump into him. He had his elbows on the back of the chair and the phone on the top of the firm back cushion, but still he managed to fuck back into my strokes hard and fast, meeting my rhythm without too much jostling of the phone cam.

Three fucked and two took the cocks for a long while as we were all lost in the moment . . . or moments we were in. The air in the room was rank and wonderful with mansex and sweat and desire, and aloud with nasty talk and mansounds of exertion and ecstasy. The sight of them double-fucking Jaan like a wanton whore had me heading to my second nutting in record time. Jim’s growls and cries of, “YEAH, FUCKKKKKKK MEEEEEE!” along with his cuntmuscles’ amazing milking of my fat fuckrod as it pistoned into and out of him, long-dicking him like I knew he loved, to say nothing of his fucking back HARD and meeting my thrusts.

“OH FUCK!” Lloyd cried out. “I . . . I . . . I’m going to fucking cum!”

“DO IT!” MC spat out.

At the same time Jaan yelled, “GIVE IT INTO ME!” I felt Jim’s body begin to tense in my grip.

“AWWWWFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK I’m ffffuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkinnnnnngggg CUMMMMMMMMMMming!” Jim growled out, and I felt his fuckchute squeezing spasmodically around my pistoning fuckrod. His body began to writhe, and I could feel him pumping out his seed in wracking blasts, and the added jerking of his cunt around my cock ignited my nuts again.

“OHHHFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!” MC cried about the time that I began a long wail of exclamation as my nutt started its combustion in my groin and radiated through my body.

“OH FUCK YEAH, BILLY! Give it ALL to me, fucker – fill me with your hot seed!” Jim cried as I cut loose and pumped him full. All the while I was watching MC’s body tensed, his assglobes flexed, his groin planted hard up against Jaan’s hole, as he pumped his own seed out alongside his best buddy inside our butler.

I didn’t lose myself completely that time – probably the overstimulation – and I felt my body writhing through every blast of my nutload into my husband’s fuckhole and took in the scene of the three men clenched together in release on the bed. We were all sweaty. I could feel it on Jim’s back and hips, and I felt the chill on my own back, chest, abs, arms, ass, legs and balls from the coolness of the hotel room as a chill overtook my entire body, causing Jim to give a little yelp as I ground inside him.

“THE FUCK?!” Jim exclaimed before the suite’s doorbell had finished sounding. It took me a minute to sort that out – his exclamation right as my body wracked with the chill and the unexpected sound of the doorbell.

The four of us who weren’t blindfolded caught each other’s eyes as we looked from one to another. Jaan’s head looked around to points he couldn’t see in the room questioningly. Then he asked, “Is that the next one or ones?” which caused us all to laugh with surprise at his eagerness.

Jim and I looked at each other, knowing that we hadn’t really put up any Grindr ad or anything else to get any other guys to come and use Jaan. But before we could think too long, the doorbell rang again, this time with a knock accompanying it.

I pulled my ass juice and cum soaked cock out of my husband as gently as I could while still doing it fast. The awareness of the PLOP and Jim’s breath catching as my flanged head pulled free of his cuntring gave me a jolt in my nuts, as always, but there was no time for enjoying it or the waning gape as his STRETCHED hole closed slowly after my departure. Jim was already standing and starting to walk toward the door from the bedroom to the living room as the doorbell sounded twice more and the knocking became persistent.

MC and Lloyd looked surprised, but not uncomfortable. I stood erect and stretched, moving so I could see Jim as he neared the suite’s hall door.

While MC and Lloyd got themselves disengaged from Jaan – with an audible “AHHHHHHHFFFFFFFF!” from Jaan as they got their cocks out of his ravaged hole – Jim got to the door.

I stood there dumb while Jim bent to look through the peephole, swore and then asked through the door, “Yes?”

“Hey buddy!” I heard our friend Paul’s exuberant voice boom through the door, causing me to think WHATTHEFUCK?!?! as did MC and Lloyd judging from their heads jerking toward his voice and then toward me with that expression clear on their faces.

[Ironically, as I typed that last paragraph, “Paul” (the real friend whose name I’ve changed to protect the innocent) called my husband’s cell phone. When he called to me across the pool, where I’m typing this, from the side where he’d left his phone and gone to grab it, I couldn’t stop laughing. Paul’s timing is always . . . something. I let my husband talk to him – I was laughing too hard . . . and to much enjoying my composition here. But you have to admit – the character’s emergence in the story and the real person’s phone call at exactly the same time is pretty cosmic.]

Jim, also, had turned to look at me with a questioning look. What – suddenly I’d become the mission commander, and everyone now looked to me for instruction? I just shrugged at him, and then I looked toward MC and Lloyd and shrugged at them, too. They knew the score – we’d told them it was just us with Jaan – they knew the whole thing, so they were as confused at the rest of us by the unexpected arrival.

“You going to open this door or what?” Paul called, and Jim looked at me with a what-should-I-do look. I just shrugged and motioned to the door with my hand palm up as if to say, “Well, why not?” despite the fact that there were five already naked men in the suite, one tied to the bed with a gaping fuckhole.

Jim shrugged back that time and opened the door enough for Paul to enter, standing behind it. Then, when Paul was inside and looked at Jim’s naked body and looked through into the bedroom where I was likewise naked, he grinned. “Well, looks like I broke something up here! Can I watch?” he asked lasciviously.

Jim put his hand on Paul’s chest and said, quietly, gravely even, “No names. Understand?” boring holes into Paul’s eyes with his. Paul raised his eyebrows and looked back and forth from me to Jim. When Paul nodded enough to show he was truly confused but accepting, Jim continued. “You’re Five – as in number five; I’m Four and he,” gesturing at me, “Is Three. Got it?”

It was a ridiculous setup, but we’d agreed that we wouldn’t use names, even though Jaan clearly knew who Jim and I were, knew our voices, knew we’d set up the hotel room and everything. But Jaan didn’t know MC and Lloyd, so it seemed like a good idea, and we’d decided that, depending on the time, we might “recycle” them, with them changing their voices to use Jaan and make him think it was more guys in the gang bang.

Paul being here was an absurdity none of us had imagined. And we’d let him in and were about to let him see what was going on. I flashed on a combat trainer from way back in my early days at Perris Island, who said, “Drill, train, bore the plan into your head. Then, when you get out there, prepare for the x-factor to fuck it up before you’ve got feet on the ground, and that’s when a Marine’s true skills and heart are tested.

Paul was a crazy sort of guy, and we loved him even though he drove us crazy some of the time. But the setup would serve to call some of his bluffs – his usual jokes and jibes when he has no real idea what his gay friends are even talking about. His taunts and claims and all the MANY teasing barbs and innuendos about his openness – well, here we were, and we’d see about that.

“Okay, Four,” Paul acknowledged with a stupid grin. “Five, reporting for duty!” he added inanely. And then, looking down at Jim’s post-cumming cock hanging fat and long and then at mine, he added, “And by the way, I might have to eat my, uh, words – I might not measure up to you two after all,” he said with a wide-eyed and a bit regretful look . . . that broke into a grin.

That was Paul. Any joke, any time, he’d one-up, raise the ante of the banter regardless of what, and only with an extreme or rare shot back could anyone shut him up. We’d all seen each other naked in the locker rooms many times, but none of us – other than Jim with me, MC with Lloyd, of course, and Jim with MC from their distant past – had seen each other’s equipment action-ready, yet Paul had always indulged in the juvenile penis size jokes and jibes and claims. Statistically I knew it was a long-shot – get that, a “long” “shot” – LOL – that he could be as hung as Jim at a whopping ten inches, me barely behind him but not hitting ten, or even Lloyd’s claim to eight inches, but truth be told, I had been only speculating, too.

“Well, you can’t pass through that door, Five, until you’re naked like us. Your choice,” Jim told him.

Paul didn’t hesitate. He shucked off his jacket and threw it on the sofa there nearest to where he was still standing, and he proceeded to get himself undressed with enthusiastic vigor. He wasn’t the least bit shy, even though his body was the epitome of average against our worked-out bods. He wasn’t worked-out at all, but he wasn’t fat by reasonable standards, though gay standards wouldn’t have given him that grace. Paul wasn’t hairy at all, often a mitigating aesthetic in my opinion for guy without definition and with a guy, and he was pasty other than his lower legs and lower arms which were usually exposed to the sun. He did, in fact, look about ten years younger than his age, though, which was about five years younger than us, so he looked mid-thirties easily, maybe younger, and he had a handsome, blue-eyed face under graying brown hair that looked very good on him.

“What now?” he asked when he stood there completely naked, his fat grower over hairless medium-sized balls, not hanging very low at all. In fairness, it was cold out.

“Come on in,” I called. “IF you’re man enough!”

Paul almost jogged across the suite’s living room and entered the bedroom then stopped short when he caught sight of the other men.  He appraisingly took in the sight of Jaan tied on the bed, three filled, tied-off condoms next to the bed, the lube tub and foil packets of unused condoms back on the side table after the frenzied use on the bed, and, notably, he looked over MC and Lloyd, who were standing by the wall adjacent to where I was, their tumescent cocks dripping and crusty-looking. Jim entered behind Paul and came around to stand behind me, his hands on my shoulders.

Jaan knew someone else had entered too. “NEXT!” he called and pulled his legs up over his head so that his hole was presented.

“Now, aren’t you sorry you tracked us down?” I laughed.

“Me?” Paul quipped right back. “Hell no! Looks like some good times here, and you know how I hate to be left out of good times.” To MC and Lloyd he asked, “One and Two I presume?” and laughed. Turning to us, then throwing a look at the side table, he asked, “Who am I in line behind – four of you and three used condoms . . . or . . . maybe someone got a facial?” he speculated with gleeful playfulness.

“You up for some fun of a type you’ve never had before, Five? It’s your tag-in if you want it! The slave’s a little stretched out, but I’m sure you’ll find your with your first time that it’s still tighter than gash, like you’re used to.”

“Wha-what m-makes you think I-I h-haven’t tried?” Paul asked, his occasional stammer betraying his discomfort. It was his tell . . . always . . . and I’d called Jim’s attention to the consistency of it, so he knew, too, that Paul was wondering what the fuck he’d walked into.

But Paul was Paul, the eternal jokester, always game to one-up anyone else, and apparently more game than we gave him credit for. He straightened his back and looked at Jaan and said, “He give head, the un-numbered slave?” Jim raised his eyebrows and looked at me, and my face showed I was as surprised as he was. “Think he can open wide enough for ‘The Big Whopper’?” Paul asked with a laugh, giving his growing cock a tug.

Jaan answered before we could tell Paul that, based on what we were seeing as his cock gorged with blood, he’d be in the lower quartile of those in the room. “I can take anything you give. Now give me that cock, big number five! Dare you fuck me or just my face?” Jann taunted.

“This ought to be interesting,” Jim whispered softly into my ear and squeezed my shoulder with his left hand and ran his warm hand down my abs and caressed my cock. I leaned back into him and reached around to find his ass and forced my middle finger against his sore, swollen fuckhole, causing him to jump just a little but to moan at the same time.

Paul had walked over and pushed Jaan’s legs down and grabbed his blindfolded head and pulled it to his crotch as he stood by the side of the bed. “Show-w-w m-me whaaaaat ya g-got,” Paul stammered. Jaan was already getting down to business, and Paul’s lilly-white length was in his mouth, his balls bouncing against the underside of Jaan’s chin as Jaan went up and down its length.

Jim reached slowly over and subtly picked up his phone and was recording in an instant, the phone cocked at the perfect angle, as I saw looking down at the display. I looked back at Jim, giving him a BAD BOY look . . . and an accompanying grin and shove into his hole with my finger in reward.

“Looks like he enjoys this!” Paul exclaimed with a big grin in our direction, pointing at Jaan’s thickening cock. And then he batted it with the back of his hand and grinned even wider. “Like that? I can feel you like it!” And he did it again and then closed his eyes and moaned. Jaan must have reacted with his mouth.

MC goaded Paul then. “If you really want him to take it down his throat – that is IF you’ve got enough to GO down his throat – give his nuts a good tug.”

“Oh, I’ve got plenty!” Paul shot back and then grabbed Jaan’s head tighter and shoved his cock all the way in, causing Jaan to gag and choke. “And I don’t need to grab his bag to get him to take it,” he retorted, thrusting hard into Jaan’s face crushed against his groin and causing a gagging sound and some body movements that bordered on struggling.

Jaan did struggle as Paul’s face-fucking was merciless; but as he struggled, his cock got harder, and his precum drooled heavier. His moans and muffled cries were there, but so was his obvious arousal. MC and Lloyd also noticed it, and Lloyd went over to Jaan and grabbed his balls tight in his grip. Paul kept fucking Jaan’s face. Jaan kept struggling. Jim kept filming. And MC and I stood by, both of us obviously aroused, him stroking his cum-crusted length slowly and Jim stroking my fuckstick and balls a bit more decisively.

“He’s damn good!” Paul called out, skull-fucking Jaan even more brutally, grinning across at us like the Joker as he kept thrusting.

MC went to the bed and started making out with Lloyd, and they started jacking each other, and Jim began grip my balls tighter and to stroke my cock with an equally tighter grip, me involuntarily fucking into his hand. I finally broke free, went behind him and SHOVED into him again without ceremony – I knew he still had a big load from me in there, and his growled cry of pain just made me even more determined, I started slam-fucking him . . . HARD.

Paul looked at us with wide eyes, but clearly with interest, all the while clutching Jaan’s gasping and choking head and fucking it for all he was worth.

“Jesus, Billy, FUCK YES! Just FUCK ME!” Jim cried out as he bucked back into me.

Paul let out a loud guffaw at Jim’s cry, and then he winked at us before he threw his head back and yelled, “You better be ready to swallow a gallon of my spunk!” and slammed even harder into Jaan’s mouth.

MC and Lloyd were kissing and groping as they stroked each other, and we all were grunting and moaning and growling. What had been a rank stench of mansex and mansweat before was now thick and almost suffocating . . . and intoxicating. Lloyd was still working Lloyd’s long cock, messy with his ample precum, still kissing MC and jacking him with his other hand like his life depended on it.

MC grabbed Jaan’s sac in a grip that looked almost as painful as I loved it – far too much for the uninitiated, but apparently Jaan wasn’t uninitiated because his body tensed dramatically and almost immediately. A long muffled cry replacing his choked moans and gagging, he started shooting his wad all over Lloyd’s hand, Paul’s groin and stomach and his own face, neck and chest. “HOLY FUCK!” Paul called out when the first shot hit him. “JESUS!” But Jaan pumped on, five, six then seven thick, long ropes like he’d done in our suite on the ship before his cock stopped blasting wildly and started oozing the dregs of his nutt.

Paul and I went over the edge at the same time – him yelling, “AWWW FUCK!” and holding Jaan’s face buried in his crotch, and me growling, “FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!” and letting loose into my husband’s hungry cunt.

Somewhere in there MC and Lloyd let loose, Lloyd shooting a load about like Jaan’s and MC shooting two strong, very thick blasts and then about a pint running out of his fat cock . . . just kept running out all over Lloyd’s stroking hand as MC jerked and reacted to the sensation on his over-sensitized member. Jim had yelled, “OH FUCK I FEEL IT!” and then had let loose with his own, another heavy cumload all over the aging carpet in the suite.

Paul had his back against the wall, waning hardon deflating in front of him, face flushed and was breathing heavily across the room, not looking at any of us. I momentarily worried for him, as it was only four months since he’d had a serious heart attack, thankfully with no residual damage, but with admonishments to change his diet and physical regimen. He mostly hadn’t. He confirmed for me he was okay when he looked up and grinned and asked, “I-I-I-t’s o-o-o-kay I f-fed it t-t-t-o him, r-right? You g-guys like that?”

I was a little touched that he was uncomfortable enough asking the question to be stammering. I just blurted out, “OH YEAH!” and Paul threw his head back and cackled his trademark loud laugh.

Jaan was gasping for breath and licking his lips, his abs and pecs heaving as he lay on his back, a sheen of sweat on his forehead and from his neck to his feet, and his face a positive mess of saliva and snot that he’d choked and gagged up. And of course the seven long strings of his cum on the sweat-sheened muscle mounds of his torso. “Oh it’s very good,” he added breathlessly.

 “I’d say I need to go clean up, but damn, you cocksuckers really know how to take care of a guy!” Paul added with his confidence back. He hoisted his flagging cock – which, for the record, had peaked at somewhere about an inch and a half short of my length, probably two shorter than Jim’s, and not as fat as even his, much less my beer can thickness – and said, “Look at this. Not even enough spit left to have to dry off – he licked off every drop, and I’m already almost air-dry!” he observed, laughing loudly again at his own observation.

Jim gently pulled off me, sucking air through his teeth as my head breached his fuckring. Paul looked at him when he stood, his cock looking huge – thick and long in its after-nutting state – and his eyes went wide. “Jesus, both of you are hung like bulls! I don’t know what to think of you, buddy,” he told Jim. “Hung like a fucking bull and taking a Billy club up your butt. Get it – BILLY CLUB?” He cackled again at his own joke, as if I hadn’t heard that a buhzillion times in my life. Then Paul looked over at MC and Lloyd, who were standing now, starting to get their clothes organized, and said, “You’re not so deprived either. I guess I’m going to have to keep my mouth shut in THAT department around YOU guys!” he told us and let out another cackle. Fat chance Paul would ever keep his mouth shut, even in the face of fact.

MC offered helpfully, “You’ve got NOTHING to feel insecure about, P—er, Five. If it weren’t for E—uh, Six,” he looked at us for help, having almost screwed up a second time to use Eva’s name, “I’d—“

“No, you wouldn’t,” MC cut him off. “Remember your new year’s resolution last year? No more straight OR married men, much less straight AND married!”

Paul winked at Lloyd. “We’ll talk,” he mouthed obviously, putting his thumb and pinky up to his head in the sign that he’d call him. We all laughed at that one. “But no worries, guys, cuz I’ve got just what I want waiting for me.  None of you have the fun bags or wet pussy, so it’s only blowjobs you can offer me!” he declared matter-of-factly.

Lloyd started to say something to that, which I’m frankly glad he didn’t because I cut him off. “We’ve got to get the slave here back to the ship – he has to report at one,” I threw out. Paul’s eyes went wide, and he looked down a Jaan. I wonder who he thought the guy was we’d tied up – some random local?  I continued to get us organized. “You three go dress in the living room and get out of here.  If you want to shower, all of you get in that other bathroom out there and make sure you aren’t seen by the slave when you’re leaving. We’ll get him untied and cleaned-up, and then he’s got to get going!”

Jaan tried to get us to let him lick us clean, particularly begging for Jim’s freshly-fucked, sloppy hole. But we demurred and tried to push him into the shower. Instead he dressed without so much as a wipe-up and took off quickly, despite walking a bit carefully after the double penetration. By the clock on my phone he had only a few minutes to spare to get back to the dock and registered as back on duty. He reeked of sex, but he said he’d run through the shower before he got into his uniform.

MC, Lloyd and Paul were at the lobby bar when we came downstairs after a shower. We hadn’t take too long in the suite’s main bathroom shower, which was surprisingly large and nice despite the worn aspects of the rest of the suite. We just rinsed off, but because we were together it was inevitable that we almost got into another round with each other. We stopped ourselves . . . . and wished we hadn’t when we were dressed and headed downstairs with tight pants. Story of our lives – the more we got off with each other the more we craved. Often it was only sleep or a commitment we couldn’t break to do something that stopped the cycle.

“That’s what I call a party, General! All we were lacking was some wet pussy!” Paul called out as we hit the lobby and saw them all at the bar. We cringed at his typical crassness – part of his less-endearing shtick that he knew annoyed and sometimes even shocked us – and I saw MC and Lloyd rolling their eyes. “I gotta buy you a drink. I’ll tell ya, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had from a guy!” he bellowed with a wink, causing the other four of us to cringe even more. We also knew if he’d ever had a blowjob from a guy, it was LONG ago, and probably just a figment of his imagination. Yup . . . Paul, classic Paul.

MC and Lloyd held up their glasses. “To our hosts! And to QUIET appreciation.”

“To our hosts,” Paul held up his glass, too, surprisingly unobjectionable . . . for the moment. “What’ll ya have?”

“We’re good,” I told them, clamping my arm around my husband’s shoulders and taking a step toward the door in an attempt to just go.

Of course Paul’s good behavior couldn’t continue. He turned around to the mid-twenties lumberjack-looking bartender, who was somewhat flushed from Paul’s prior declarations. “Where’s the toy store in town?” he asked. “You know, the SEX toy store,” he clarified with an exaggerated wink, the bartender’s face flushing. “After what went on in your suite upstairs, that’s the only appropriate souvenir.” We all groaned at the even more classic Paul crudeness, but of course it didn’t stop him. “Maybe I’ll get one of those blow-up dolls that has a usable mouth as my souvenir. They have gay versions of those, right?” he posed, raising his eyebrows as if to ask us if we agreed. “And some handcuffs for my friends,” he added with an exaggerated wink our way.

MC and Lloyd had already put their glasses down and had their coats on, and we were all walking out by that point. “What?” Paul called after us, and as we were leaving we heard him telling the bartender, “That’s for you for putting up with my friends,” and we knew he had undoubtedly given him a big tip, as he always did. Classy wasn’t a word anyone would use about Paul; but he was generous to a fault, and I’m sure the lumberjack bartender would have good stories to tell and a smile on his face, if maybe a bit embarrassed as he passed on his experience to his friends.

Outside the crisp Alaska air, the bright sun, which hadn’t been shining when we went in, and the strong smell of the ocean jolted all of us in a good way. Paul caught up with us there where several of us had our faces up to the sun. “Seriously, that’s what I call a ‘boys day out’ – no way Eva’s spa day compares with this!” he proclaimed and clamped his arms around all four of us, having squeezed himself in between Jim and MC, with me and Lloyd feeling his hands on our close-in shoulders. “Thanks, guys, even though you didn’t invite me and I had to track you down!”

“Well, all’s well that ends well,” I proclaimed, taking a deep breath of the fresh air.

Paul smirked. “The slave’s ENDS took it VERY well. You found him on the ship, huh? I didn’t know about that amenity,” he added, cackling to the blue sky that time.

Jim didn’t comment on Jaan’s  “We told him there would be more than us, that we’d put up a Grindr ad for guys to come and use him as we chose. You showing up randomly worked out well,” he concluded.

Paul, in his way of going from stupid-playful and borderline to much too insightful, responded, “Yeah, but I’m thinking it’s fair play to him now, so you guys better look out.” Then he laughed and said, “Now, about those souvenirs. And I’ll find some jewelry to buy for Eva, just so she knows I have been thinking about her after cancelling my spa appointments with her!” and pushed us to start walking toward the many shops in the tiny downtown.


Jaan didn't retaliate. In fact, when we got back to our stateroom in the evening after dinner, we found an envelope. Inside the envelope was a short, handwritten note on the generic stationary of the cruise line:

Thank you! J

When we saw Jaan the next morning as he brought a tray to our stateroom, he was all business. Until . . . he turned and pulled his vest up, pulled his starched white shirttail out of his black pants and pulled up the waistband of the red and aqua Andrew Christian briefs I gave him after he jerked off into our jock straps. "I have not laundered them," he said with a grin, and then he re-tucked his shirttail and straightened his vest. 

At the end of the cruise, when we gave him a very sizeable tip, he was overcome and hugged both of us. "I had not told you, but I am leaving the ship, too. I am going to a warm place for a while, Hawaii. I will have my same phone and have your number from the text in Juneau."

We'll be in Hawaii around Christmas . . . 

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