Chapter 4

This is really it – the finale of the Tampa trip saga. 

A Marine Inserts Himself Into The FUN

From Part 3 – My entry to the scene my husband had setup for us.

They were looking at each other – another Hallmark moment – so it took them a beat to notice me. But Jim had before them and was grinning at me. “Always at the ready, aren’t you, babe?” he smirked as I stood there, my overcoat and suit coat unbuttoned and back behind my hands in my slacks pocket, my hardon jutting out and up into our bedroom.

I was again rewarded with affirmations from the two guests. “How you do it, Judge, day after day, without ending up with a colostomy bag, I don’t know,” Jake observed clinically.

Kirk smacked him and laughed. “GROSS! But as to that,” he said, gesturing toward my raging fuckpole, “I’d be willing to learn,” he said.

To that, Jake smacked him back and said, “HEY! What about me?”

“OKAY, okay – enough of the relationship therapy,” I snapped. “Right now I need you two bitches on cocks!” They both had snapped to, and then they were grinning. “One of you needs to lick Jimmy’s nuts and one mine. NOW!”

And now, the finale, Part 4 . . .

“Draw for it?” Jake, the furred blond DPT and trainer asked Kirk, our Naval Academy instructor and SEAL friend – and Jake’s ex, maybe again boyfriend, based on what I’d seen while tapped into the security system on the plane home.

I was acutely aware of the mansweat and sublime stink of sweat in the air as both bitches’ movements stirred it. It smelled in our bedroom at the condo like a mix of the rich sweat of a gym locker room after the morning before work rush and similar to what our bedroom smells like on any given day or night after we’ve fucked eachother’s brains out, before we’ve aired it out. The sweat stank was clean but rich and full of male scent. The sex scent was full of testosterone and cum’s unique scent as it wafts in the aftermath.

Kirk’s lithe runner’s body was in motion in a flash, and he practically bounded off the bed and scrambled around to the floor in front of me. “I’ll take this one first!” he called back to Jake, who was still on the bed. “Besides – you’d already started on the Judge when the Slugger got here.”

I’ve been called many things – many of them not of a complimentary nature – AHEM!. I’d also had my cock likened to a living baseball bat more than once, often in a mix of complimentary and derogatory terms while it was slamming deep and hard into some bitchboy’s cunt. In fact, it was a joke between my husband and me – “on deck”, “batting practice”, “taking a swing” were all his concoctions for subtleties between us that wouldn’t be known to others when we were talking about fucking, and I loved every one of them. Jim Kirk, after we’d played with him, had started calling me “the Slugger” and despite the underlying compliment, I was a bit ambivalent about it. It was too close to “Slugger”, as my dad used to call me . . . for a different reason, of course, and that emotion ran deep.

“Works for me, if you think you’re man enough to take THAT on,” Jake said cheekily and returned his attention to Jimmy, next to him on our bed. And I should add, for those unfamiliar with my husband and me, that Jim has ten plus thick inches of his own – just not obscenely thick like my own half inch shorter fuckclub. Jake was definitely not left with scraps.

“Been here, done this – have the gaping asshole to show for it!” Kirk grinned. “And besides, these two are about the best paired couple of hung studs on the face of the earth, so you’ve got yourself a prime piece of your own waiting for you to get back to it right there!”

“Less talking – more service!” I reminded them.

I looked over, and saw Jake dive face first into Jimmy’s lush pubes, the whole bed jumping with the force of his assault. “Whoa, there, remember you’re about to teabag an invalid here!” Jimmy joked, but I could tell the jolting of the bed had, in fact, hurt his shoulder. Jake looked up from rubbing his face in my husband’s groin, but Jim’s dismissive shake of his head, combined with his grin, allowed him to return to his attentions without remorse. I’d have to watch that as the fun continued.

Kirk made quick work of getting my big, heavy, full nuts out, his hand exploring and working them aggressively, just like he remembered I like. I liked that he remembered . . . and I liked that he liked my bull nuts and wasn’t hesitant about treating them with the force and respect they deserve. He was at the same time rubbing his face all over my throbbing, drooling fuckweapon, which was jutting out and up above my manhandled low hangers. His moans of enjoyment were ego boosting, and the feel of his stubble was additive to my already high level of arousal.

Then he went right in and began sucking on my swollen nuts, and his moaning got louder, his sucking progressively more aggressive, louder moans still, and he grabbed my cock with a strong grip then did the same to my sac. He rubbed his face then against my tightly held balls – I call that the ice cream cone grip – for a few electrifying swipes of his stubbly chin before slurping first one, then the other, again into his mouth. “OH HELL YES!” he growled, and then he returned to his task, sucking and licking, unintelligible moans replacing the brief, affirmative exclamation.

“Jim sure loves Billy’s bull balls. How ‘bout you show mine some of the same, Jake?” Jimmy asked Jake, who had been licking and teasing Jimmy’s straining cock, making a meal of his flowing precum. I clearly had the more compliant of the two, as he was doing as he was told, whereas Jake was huffing Jim’s pube scent and rubbing his nose in the thick flaxen bush, and to that point my husband had not corrected him.

“Good idea, babe,” I encouraged him, and I decided to help him get his bitch on track. “Why not get your knees up with your feet on that eager bitch’s shoulders? That way he can really teabag you,” I suggested. Then, without thinking about it, my command voice emerged. To Jake, “JAKE! Get under my husband’s crotch as far as you can! Get in there almost far enough to eat his ass . . . enough so you’re under his sac!”

“Fuck yeah, Judge!” Jake responded with enthusiasm, and I guessed that was his closest attempt at a more appropriate affirmation. It had been a long time since he’d left the Corps. Getting himself more delicately off Jim’s leg than he had flung himself onto it, he got around between Jimmy’s long legs on his back. That allowed Jimmy to get his other knee up, as he had the one that wasn’t under his bitch when I’d suggested it.

The bitch’s feet were off the edge of our huge bed, and he moved his lower legs like he was an impatient kid. “C’mon, Judge, get those feet up here,” the bitch encouraged, patting his shoulders. When Jimmy did that – carefully, so he didn’t put pressure on his bad shoulder as he shifted his butt up – Jake shimmied up farther until the top half of his face and head were up under Jimmy’s furry bubble butt, and my husband’s furry knees were almost back in a position I quite enjoy fucking him in. That thought made my cock spew a glob of precum, which ran down my bulbous head, off the upward arc of my jutting fuckrod and fell on the back of my bitch’s neck. My inadvertent offering elicited a grateful moan from my bitch, enhancing the enjoyment I was getting while watching my husband’s bitch as he slathered his tongue upward over my husband’s big nuts, and Jimmy growled out an appreciative moan of his own.

“That works!” I affirmed, my brain too into the scene to construct anything more affirmative for articulation.

“Mmmmmm,” Jim agreed. “Go easy on me, though,” he directed at Jake. “Watching you two has had me on the verge of blowing my wad for the past hour,” he warned him.

His bitch abandoned his task for a moment to retort, “As I recall, Judge, with you – and ‘the Slugger’ over there,” he air quoted his reference to me and accompanied it with a jerk of his head without stopping, “There’s always plenty more where that came from!” And before I had time to correct him, he added, “You two are amazing, Sirs!” He dove back into Jimmy’s hairy bag, and I felt the moment had passed to correct him on his impertinence.

The Navy Commander, meanwhile, was really going to town on my crotch and rubbing my flowing prejizz all over my fat horsecock while he did it, apparently not willing to waste another glob falling on his shoulder. His attention was both skilled and frenzied, like a starving man, and he was really stoking my own need to drain. “And watching you three has me basically in a more needy state,” I added.

Jimmy looked up appraisingly at me, and his look told me he’d figured out that I meant more than my viewing as I entered our condo, before they noticed me. His grin reinforced that, and I liked that we knew, and they didn’t.

“Damn your sweat tastes good, Billy!” Kirk took a moment to exclaim, then went back to his laving of my hairy sac and aching nuts.

My urgency meter registered a distinct spike at that. “How about we take the edge off here and get these bitches some brotein?”

“You’ve got your choice of cunts to fuck, Billy,” my husband told me. “They’re both spunklubed and stretched enough that you’re not starting from scratch.”

I winked at Jimmy amid a small gasp and growl from me at a particularly aggressive tug on my right nut in Kirk’s mouth. “I – FFFFFFSSSSSSSPPP GRRRRMMMMMMMMMM – watched them, Jimmy. I saw it all, from the time my nutsucker got here, anyway – I intend to review the footage of you and yours from before I tuned in later on, then to make a one on one meal of you after I’m all revved up again. Made for a great inflight movie, though!”

My husband’s knowing look told me that he knew that I knew that he had figured out that I had been in the security cam system and watching them, Then, as Kirk really went to town on my nuts and his oiling of my hardon with my pre became more like Jakeing me off, I wondered how much of what he’d orchestrated was for my viewing benefit as opposed to for our fucking benefit for when I got home, because he’d known before that look we shared. “You’re priceless,” I told him, and I blew him a kiss, which he returned. Then he gripped his hardon and shook it at me, with the inadvertent – at least I thought it was inadvertent – result of smacking Jake hard on his head. “Watch that cockslapping – we need them conscious – no Bill Cosby moments HERE!” I joked.

It wasn’t THAT funny – in fact, tragic, yet still luridly funny – but my nutsucker took it more humorously and ended up falling back on his haunches, laughing his ass off. “Sorry,” he gasped between yuks. “I just got it.”

“You won’t be laughing when I split your cunt open!” I barked at him. And again in my command voice, “Jake – mount Jim’s cock and ride him like the stallion he is until you’re full of my husband’s DNA!” Then, knowing it was unnecessary to tell this to a PT Doctor, but being a belt and suspenders kinda guy, I added, “But watch his fucking shoulder, for chrissake!” I looked down at Kirk, who’d resumed his work, then grabbed him by his neck . . . because his high and tight didn’t give me enough to use his hair . . . and pulled him off my nuts and pushed him toward the bed. “On all fours on the end of the bed, with your face up between Jimmy’s now empty, spread legs. NOW!”

He was bounding to the bed when I barked louder, “AND TAKE IT EASY GETTING ON THE BED. Jimmy’s shoulder!” I added, almost as an afterthought.

Compliant, like a good SEAL, his momentum halted in mid-pounce as he reached the footboard, then he gently crawled up and onto the bed. At the same time Jake was positioning his feet by Jim’s asscheeks, and he was lowering his cunt toward Jimmy’s fuckmissile, which was perfectly aimed up at the ceiling. I made quick work of getting behind Kirk and pulled his ass back by a firm grip on his hips, until the slimy head of my cock was against his smeared, swollen cunt at the perfect height and angle to really rail him. “It’s going to be a fuck of a lot more swollen than it already is,”

I thought I mused that in my own head, but apparently it was my outer voice, given Kirk’s reply. “Thank you, sir. It’s an honor to be used by you, sir!” he said, holding position, head down respectfully.

“NOW!” I commanded, and with that I JAMMED my huge, swollen knob into Kirk. His cry was loud and sharp, but he didn’t make any effort to escape the penetration. In fact after a split second he pushed back with a long, agonized, determined growl. “AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHMMMMMPPPPHHHHHHGGGGMMMMNNNNNNNGGGGGG!” reverberated through our big bedroom, low and strangled, and then ended with loud, fast breathing when I was fully inside him. “SO DEEP!” he managed between panting through his cunt’s acclimation to the intrusion.

The synchronized growl of determination from Jake, as he forced himself down onto Jim’s fuckpole complemented the action so tantalizingly that my nuts gave an involuntary lurch, and for a moment I thought I was about to blow right then and there. I didn’t – hell, premature was never my problem, usually the opposite, when it took me longer to get my nutt than a bitch could comfortably take a fucking or than we had time for in surreptitious encounters on or near base. But fortunately my nuts were apparently just taking a bit of the edge off.

My bitch, however, felt the surge of my cock inside him and cried out, at first unintelligibly, then into words. “SSSSSSSSSSSMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOHhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so big! So FUCKING full!” as I throbbed inside him.

“Shut the fuck up and fuck my cock. This isn’t about your pathetic pleasures. It’s about my needs,” I snarled. “Jake – RIDE that cock like it’s stolen!” I barked, the effect not quite as au current as I had intended, misappropriating the metaphor. Jimmy stifled a laugh amid some loud breathing – I saw his good hand go to his mouth, and he bit hard to keep from guffawing at my failed attempt.

His bitch had started rising and then pushing down onto him – long dicking himself with Jimmy’s fuckmeat. He had one muscular arm out holding the top of the headboard to steady himself, dutifully taking any pressure and impact off Jim. “Your honor, I intend to work off the FULL sentence,” he mugged,

I rolled my eyes despite the pleasure of the infernal cunt burning around my own fuckpiece, as Kirk had worked up a good pace already pistoning his cunt back and forth over nearly the length of me, moaning constantly and louder each time my engorged, flanged head stretched his cuntring to almost popping out. “Enough of the comedy. DO YOUR JOBS!” I ordered the two bitches, though both were already doing admirably and didn’t deserve to be chastised. Kirk’s body tensed, and he panted and hissed loudly, as he fucked himself back onto my cock with a slightly different rhythm. I’d grind into his crack with my root at every bottoming out, then let him pull off me and fuck himself the length up and back onto me again. His body’s sinewy flexes and ripples told me he loved every inch of my intrusion.

Jake’s muscular back likewise looked awesome as he rode Jimmy harder and faster, but nothing compared to his perfect buttglobes swallowing Jimmy’s long length, captured between them, then spitting it out almost completely again. Jake gave the comedy a go again and put out his arm with his hand up bronc rider style. “Oh fuckn YIPPEE KAY YAY!” he shouted, causing my bitch to snap his head up so he could see.

I mentally shook my head and thought, Boys will be boys! and concentrated on the task at . . . well, at the end of my cock. Watching Kirk, who’d had his head down between Jimmy’s legs so that his ass was up at maximum angle for friction, snap his head up in response to Jake’s attempt at a cowboy cry so that he could attempt to see what Jake was doing caused his face to be almost within tasting distance of the nexus of my husband and his bitch.  

I decided to up the ante. I took advantage of the positioning, leaned down, eliciting a growl from my bitch as my arced cock inside him rubbed his cuntchute differently, then I pushed him forward until he was indeed shoved into Jim’s dangling nutbag. He took the cue and swallowed one and began sucking HARD, like he did me, causing my husband to groan loud in pleasure.

I was slamming HARD into Kirk, not intending to, but the scene was just too hot, and I couldn’t stop my cock from taking its pleasure. Jake’s muscular body rippling and flexing as he rode that long fuckstick of my husband’s up and down its full length. Kirk’s slimmer but equally defined body undulating and reacting as I slammed into him over and over while he feasted on Jimmy’s nuts. And Jimmy, my gorgeous husband, in the throes and nearing his release. I snuck a glance to the mirror on the wall and wasn’t entirely displeased with the sight of the old Marine slamming the SEAL, either.

Further inspired, I leaned over again and took my bitch around his pecs with my arm around him and pulled him up and off my husband’s nuts until his back was against my chest. Jim’s moan of protest was quickly over as Jake began gyrating his ass as he rode Jimmy up and down, causing Jim’s moans of pleasure to grow louder.

I began to THRUST up into my bitch faster and harder, Jakehammering and roughly scraping along his prostate hard enough, over and over, his reaction told me that each time the flare of my cockhead hit it he reacted with a jolt on the out, and then again with another jolt on the return slam. I went at his p spot with a vengeance, and I probably could have pulverized it.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” he cried and then went to, “AAAAAAAA!” “AAAAAAA!” over and over again as I slammed home. Finally, after a couple of minutes of sustained cuntpounding, he began to plead and apologize. “Ssssssirrrrrrr, I cannnnnnnnnnnnnn’t AAAAAAAA!” “AAAAAAA! I’m soooorrrry I’m AAAAAAAA!” “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” His body tensed, and he then broke and began convulsing in my arms, shouting and cumming.

“SPLAT!” the first huge blast hit Jake squarely in the landing patch at the small of his back. It’s a well furred tuft at the base of his otherwise furless back, but the blast was strong enough to make the sound as it landed in the lush area.

And Jake’s own reaction, “JESUS that’s fucking HOT!” complimented Kirk’s cries as he continued cumming hard and long, his gasps and pants punctuating the verbal affirmations.

“Jake get Jimmy’s knob in the right place and cum all over my husband!” I commanded.

This time I was rewarded with a proper affirmation of my order. “SIR, YES SIR I WILL!” he called from clenched teeth.

“Fuck yeah – use my cock and get yours pumping again!” Jimmy added, a bit more . . . artistically.

Kirk was slumping in my arms from the intensity of his climax, and I was still slamming up into him. His cries were lower in volume and guttural as I just kept pumping him. “DO YOUR JOB, BITCH!” I snarled into his right ear. “MILK MY FUCKROD if you want my jizz!” And the universe knew I wanted to give it!!!

“SIR, YES , SIR!” he snapped to immediately and broke my grasp and plopped himself down on the bed with his hands planted, back arched. He began to grind back onto me again, moaning all the while, and working my cock with his cuntmuscles – his INCREDIBLE cuntmuscles. I’ve joked to Jimmy a few times that IF anything ever happened to my husband, at least that part of him had a 75% capable replacement in Commander Kirk. It serves to annoy my husband, and it also serves to prompt him to remind me of that last 25%, which is really that last blast out of the solar system on an intergalactic journey and can’t be measured at all except in the supernovas that go off in my body when he milks my cock. I enjoy him smirking at me and asking me if I think Jim Kirk – or anyone besides him – can make me cum as hard as he does.

“FUCK I’M CUMMING!” I heard Jake yell, and I realized I’d been lost in my own – Jimmy’s and my – world, not really registering Kirk’s very effective cunt milking my cock, but instead projecting that as my husband’s sublime ministrations.

“DO IT!” my husband shouted. “OH YEAH!” he then shouted with surprise. And more. “OH MAN, guess you like that!”

Jakes hisses and cries continued as he pumped out . . . and I was by then watching him coat my husband’s face and neck, his furry torso roped with watery white trails on his light honey colored pelt, and I even saw one splat on the headboard.

“GODDAMN GOOD JOB!” I choked out amidst my last resistance to my own release.

Kirk was giving it his all, growling and grinding and squeezing and massaging. “Tell me what you want!” I ordered, through clenched teeth as I was getting to the point of no return.

“I nnnnggggg want your mmmggggnnnnnngggggg load, SIR!” Kirk strained to tell me. “MMMNNNNNMMMMGGGGGG PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEE SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!”

That was what did it. The “sir”s made my churning balls IGNITE. “Then you’re gonna TAKE IT!” I yelled, clasping his hips so that his cunt had me to the root, planted inside him as I felt the lava hot cumload boiling in readiness to blast through me.


I heard it, but I was already too far gone to appreciate his attempt to show respect. I felt my balls erupt, my seed forceblasted through the length of me inside him and then flooding inside the tight, already wet, frothy depths of his well worked chute. My nuts were pumping out inside Kirk, a worthy bitch by any calculation – but my eyes were locked with my husband’s

Jimmy was himself pumping his seed up into his own grateful bitch, his own cries having been in unison with mine, his bitch’s with my grateful bitch’s. “FILL ME, SIRRRRRRRR OH FUCKN YEAH FILLLLLLLLLLLLL MMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

I heard both bitch’s gratefully accepting our loads, but that wasn’t what was foremost in my reality. Obviously I wasn’t, but in my reality at that point I could have been filling my husband, my eyes still locked with his as I pumped, and we both moaned through our simultaneous climax. He could have been blasting with me fucking it out of him instead of deep into his own bitch. Our eyes never left eachother’s, and it was one of the few times I came hard but never lost my concentration to the tide of it. I could see the thick arteries and veins in Jimmy’s neck straining as he held his head up to look at me, saw the vein that only shows when it is pulsing in left side of his forehead when he is cumming. His model handsome smile of ecstasy, what I imagine the perfection of the moment of conception to be . . . yet will never know. And of course his cum spraying into the air like a hose not held but turned on full blast to some pulsing source of thick, white goo, instead of deposited deep in Jake’s cunt. Instead of realtime awareness of what either of our bitches was doing or saying, I was awash in a place Jimmy and I were sharing this fuck, my pleasure his and his mine.

Of course, in retrospect, as my brain processed the buffer of the sounds and sensations that accompanied my visual connection with Jim, I could discern the not so subtle differences between the quality of cunt that I pounded my jizzload into and the sounds my husband emitted as he nutted. As I lay panting, having maneuvered to where I collapsed, laying aside my gasping husband, our sweat rolling off both of us and soaking the bedcovering, I processed all that. And relived the bliss of holding my husband’s gaze as we came together. My right hand found his left as our arms lay limply on the bed between us, and we clasped each other’s – no need for words.

At least not to each other. The two bitches were momentary lost in the awkwardness of not knowing whether they could lay with us or what they should do after Jake dismounted and I pulled out of Kirk and got myself beside my husband. I decided to fill that gap. I reached across and got the side drawer open and pulled out a monstrous buttplug – a favorite of Jimmy’s . . . and mine to use on him . . . and pitched it toward the two of them. “One of you plug the other. And the one who’s plugged, eat the seed out of the unplugged hole!” I ordered. Command was evident in my voice but not harsh amid my not yet even breathing.

Kirk deftly snatched the plug out of midair and grinned like a bridesmaid winning the bride’s bouquet after a wedding. “ME!” Jake yelled, and momentarily it was ambiguous as to which position he was calling, whether it was a late attempt to garner the toss or . . . He made quick work of scrambling around and had his ass in the air immediately in front of Kirk, at that point, with Kirk brandishing the obscenely large, red plug, to be its recipient.

Kirk gave us a lascivious leer and made a show of it. First, as Jake waggled his ass impatiently, he stuffed the huge red plug into his mouth until he choked a little and then slobbered all over it as he SLOWLY pulled it out again, glistening in the light from the windows.

“Come on, Jimmy! CLOSE ME UP!” Jake urged.

But it had no effect on Kirk’s theatrics. After he’d pulled the wet plug out of his mouth, the SEAL languidly flexed his body’s musculature as he got up on his knees from kneeling, turned to where his ass was facing us while craning his neck to maintain eye contact – GOOD BOY! – and began diddling his gaping, slimy ass with the plug. The cum that had run to his puffy rim began to show on the edge of the plug as he pushed it and twirled it and diddled himself with it.

“WHAT THE FUCK, JIM?!” Jake called indignantly, turning to see what he was doing. “Do NOT even THINK about it! You get eaten first, dammit!” Jake snarled.

Kirk was undeterred. He slowly, and while continuing to face us both with his battered cunt and his face STRAINED to push the plug into himself, grunting and finally emitting a relieved “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” when it was fully inside him.

“You bastard!” Jake growled, but it was playful now. As Jake got himself resituated so that his ass was again facing Kirk, he added, “Chow down, then! And hurry the fuck up, because I can feel it running out of me!” In fact there were two noticeable runs of white goo from his swollen cuntring down his inner thighs, one each.

I felt my husband tense at each of the swear words and their increasing usage. It was yet another connection between us, something I know about him that most don’t. Two things actually. First, when one or both of our cocks are involved, he can’t say “fuck” enough or many other swearing, cursing words. For that matter, all the swearing that apparently are at other times trapped behind his choice not to articulate them – clearly it’s no effort for him to involuntarily spout them when he is in the throes. But the rest of the time, cuss words have an almost painful effect on him, as if a wire brush is abrading his skin. How the fuck he puts up with my fuckn filthy mouth, I don’t know . . . just that he doesn’t flinch when I do it as he does when others do – only occasionally throws me a slight lowering of his eyelids or a shake of the head. Today at this juncture, apparently although the sex wasn’t over, his body’s reactions told me he thought the trainer’s potty mouth was unwarranted. I clenched his hand tighter, and I felt the same from him as I also felt his body relax just that tiny bit he had tensed as a result of my acknowledgement of his discomfort.

Kirk continued his performance, riding the plug as he gyrated on it and pushed it as if attempting to get it lodged deeper up his cunt. His lean musculature is beautiful, and it was not the first time that I thought about the sensuous way he moves – the way men trained like us move, but I haven’t the grace for it to show the way it does when he and most of my brothers in Special Forces move – would earn him a bundle if he decided to become a dancer. An exotic and erotic dancer – he could certainly pull it off and make Magic Mike, the impressive appeal of Channing Tatum notwithstanding, look like amateur hour.

Then he grimaced as he pulled the fat center of the slimed plug back through his abused cuntring and brought his prize out. Even Jake was enrapt by that point. Kirk put his free hand out and SMACKED Jake’s bubble but hard enough for the SLAP sound to resound for a moment and to leave a reddening imprint of the SEAL’s hand. And at the same time as Jake yipped and the sound echoed, he brought the plug to his lips. He began rubbing the gooey white slime around his lips, and I think we all revved up at the same time.

Jimmy was hard as a light pole again. Not unusual, as he, like me, can maintain after cumming and can recharge instantaneously if he has already “relaxed”. Our trainer and physical therapist friend, who has told us many times about how glad he is that his boners come with more difficulty and rampup – something we’ve never actually seen, you understand, as he seems to pop wood quickly and frequently around us! – because of his work and the otherwise embarrassing situations he would find himself in as he has his hands on professional athlete bods all day. But Jake was ROCK HARD and dripping again, as he appeared transfixed by Kirk’s show.

After smearing enough of the viscous white sludge off the plug to leave him appearing to have frothy albino lipstick, Kirk pulled the plug away again. His eyes and filthy smirk remained trained on us. He slowly pushed out his talented tongue and then languidly licked all along his lover lip, his grin becoming more satisfied than challenging as we watched the cum residue build up as his tongue captured it.  Then he did the same to his upper. And just when we were all taken in by that, he SMACKED Jake’s beautiful booty harder than the first time and right on target without his eyes having left ours.

“FUCK!” Jake exclaimed, having recoiled a bit. But Kirk grabbed fast and got a handful of Jake’s ballsac and YANKED him back into his original position, eliciting a yip instead of words, followed by a raspy, “FUCKME!” as Jake again wagged his ass at Kirk.

Jimmy’s cock was drooling steadily down his shaft, and mine was pumping out pre- or post- or whatever just as fast. Jake’s was literally spewing globs of his own onto the sheet beneath him, but most of the time had a long, gooey string of it hanging or swinging from his tip. Kirk’s was drooling so clear that it looked like he’d never cum.

“Oh, I’ll do that . . . with both THIS,” Kirk answered Jake, waving the plug so that it was more in his bitch’s vision but maintaining his eye contact with us, “AND with my own equipment!” he added, giving his hips a twist so that his own hard cock threw off a glob of precum that landed right on Jimmy’s hairy shin. I SO intended to lick that up . . . at some point.

Then, in a blur of movement, Kirk was turned toward Jake and had SHOVED the plug HARD into Jake’s sore, swollen cunt. An initial howl of pain turned into a moan of pleasure, which lasted after Jimmy’s and my gasps of delight trailed off. Kirk then, just as fast, knocked Jake off balance and onto his back, and pushed himself up backed onto him and smothered the trainer’s face with his own full cunt.

“SHOULDER!” I barked, and Kirk looked up sharply at me, mouthed “SORRY” and then turned to Jimmy and blew him a kiss. We both laughed at that.

“Sometimes a guy just can’t wait to have his ass eaten!” Kirk mugged. “And I’d pushed my patience for as long as I could there.”

Jake, meanwhile, already had one hand on each of Kirk’s hairy buttcheeks, had then pulled them roughly apart, and he was grunting, snorting and growling as he made a meal of it. Jimmy clasped my hand tighter as Kirk began to grind onto his cuntlicker, then to tease him by raising to where Jake had to struggle to get any more than the tip of his tongue into Kirk’s slimy hole, then SHOVING himself down and grinding HARD on his face some more. Jake’s face was smeared with my cum, and he was pretty damn convincing in his frenzied attempts to suck more and more out of Kirk’s well seeded hole.

Kirk was moaning and laughing, and at one point he reached down and began to manipulate the plug in Jake’s cunt. “MMMRRRRRRNNNNNGGGGGGGG!” the trainer grunted and convulsed under Kirk, his cry muffled and sounding wet and underwater, a bit of the froth of his meal expelled with his breath. DAMN HOT! And of course Kirk, seeing the impact the plug had on Jake, rubbed his cunt all over Jake’s face and worked Jake’s ass with the plug until Jake’s cries and writhing were so extreme that I was about to suggest Jimmy and I go to the sofa, for fear of the effect of the bed’s undulations and quakes on his shoulder.

But when I looked at my husband, he was all attention, and his cock was bobbing with the bed’s movements and drooling even more. SO . . . I went back to my own enjoyment, again fighting the desire to dive onto Jimmy’s sexstaff and bring home the prize.

It was actually not long until Jake was screaming into Kirk’s cuntcrack, and then he erupted and pumped out a load that looked thick and more oozing than shooting. Kirk immediately dove onto it and sucked up every drop, still working Jake’s hole hard with the plug and riding his face with even more gusto. We could see Jake’s root pumping and his balls were practically gone inside him as his cries were loud, continuous and mostly muffled – like intermittent soundwaves escaping the effect of a coming sandstorm.

Why did I have to think of the goddamn Kingdom, Fuckraq and Fuckghanistan at that moment?!?! I admonished myself in my head.

“THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” Kirk howled at the ceiling after he again raised his head, and that served to pull me back into this moment.

With that, Jake got a firm grip on Kirk’s ass and FLUNG him clear off himself and off the bed. “MY TURN!” he cried, bounding off the bed toward the other bitch, his cock not even fully soft yet.

Kirk landed on his feet and pivoted, easily parrying Jake’s lunge and pinning him against the footboard of the bed frame. “Get on your stomach on the bed like a good little bitch!” Kirk snarled. Jimmy gave my hand a momentary squeeze, and I felt his breathing quicken. Kirk still had Jake pinned despite his struggling. Jake was a Marine, but it had been a long time for him, and he wasn’t trained like a Force Recon or like a SEAL, much less a SEAL who was an instructor at the Academy like Jake, and he was no match, despite his size and muscle advantage.

“DO AS YOU’RE ORDERED!” I barked, and Jake’s resistance ceased immediately.

Kirk let him up, and he gently got onto the bed. “Suppose there’s no point to reminding you that I’ve just ridden a ten inch bullcock and then had my hole vandalized by a huge rubber plug at the hand of a man who now is going to fuck me.”

Kirk was already on Jake, and he got the plug out of him more gently than I’d expected. It looked like cotton candy but all wet and soggy (I know, impossible . . . but it’s the closest I can think of to describe what the cumfrothy plug looked like by that point). With no ceremony and sparing no force, he gritted his teeth as he SHOVED it up inside himself. Then, looking to us, he grinned an exaggerated leer and snapped, “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning!” Jake’s earlier hamminess was contagious, apparently.

Then, with little ceremony, Kirk’s steel fuckpole breached Jake’s well-used cunt. “OHAAAAAAAARRRRMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG!” Jake grunted. And Kirk went to town and fucked his bitch so hard the bed was bouncing like a 6/6 sea or greater.

As Kirk’s, cries of enjoyment filled the room, I turned to Jimmy to check his shoulder’s comfort. “OH FUCK you’re so fuckn wet!” was what I heard from the other direction as Jim mouthed to me, “I’m fine,” squeezed my hand and smiled. Good enough for me.

Kirk had one arm under and around Jake’s neck and the other gripping Jake’s broad shoulder HARD, SLAMMING himself into Jake like his life depended on it. Jake wasn’t minding either, apparently, and although strangled, his continuous, “OH GOD YES. YES DAMMIT FUCKKKKKKK ME!” and similar exclamations ran on from one to the next as his muscles bounced beautifully with the impacts.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” was Kirk’s announcement that he was cumming. The sight of him planting himself deep inside Jake, his body entirely rigid as that strangled cry rang long, then his body beginning to convulse as his hips again drove him over and over into the depths of Jake’s cunt, pumping . . . well, it was damn HOT!

When he was done, he simply collapsed onto Jake’s broader, more muscular back and hung his head beside Jake’s. Both of them were gasping and panting, and Jake raised his left arm and got his hand behind Kirk’s head and rubbed him in a sweet caress. Guess it was good for both of them. Kirk gasped out a, “Damn proud of my self!”

I let go of Jimmy’s hand and began to clap slowly, then faster. The focus on the performance attenuated my senses to the rich smell of manly exertion and satisfaction in the room and the sheen of sweat on all of us – Jimmy’s and mine residual and from spectating – Kirk’s and Jake’s hard earned anew. And my cock throbbed anew, fueled by my indulgence of the manscent wafting around us and the increased desire to fuck my husband!

Kirk and Jake both twisted their heads toward me, and I heard Jimmy whistling his piercing whistle that I can’t do for the life of me. And he can do with only his adept mouth . . . of course he can! Both of our bitches ultimately moved enough to bow their heads in acknowledgement, than they clapped, too, directing it at us, Kirk now grinning like a fool. And that’s when I turned my clapping to Jimmy. “Amazing coming home reception, babe,” I told him. Jimmy’s wide smile in response to my appreciation was more arousing than any of what had gone one up to that point. “Here or in the shower?” I asked, and his eyes went wide with surprise.

Usually we dismiss our bitch – or bitchES – before we have our own time together one on one . . . or me on him. But we were both worked up again, and I wasn’t waiting. They could use one of the guest showers. Jimmy, though, caught the ball and made a better play than I’d originally hoped for. “Shower, with Jim and Jake. They can suck your nuts and eat your ass, so you cum faster. I need it!”

NOT A BAD IDEA! And after I’d helped Jimmy off the bed to protect his shoulder, we all went to the vast shower I’d built in the condo, which could easily hold as many men again as we four. Jim took position bent over with his good arm against the tiled wall, and I allowed Kirk to slick my husband’s hole, which he did with resourcefulness, using the slimy plug and his spit. Then I took position behind him, with Kirk on the floor between Jimmy’s widely spread legs, and Jake already behind me on the floor with his tongue awkwardly spearing up into my asscrack.

“OH FUCK that’s it!” Jimmy exclaimed when I pushed inside him. And then I hit the control panel to start the sprays. The water cascading from the ceiling rain heads over all of us had the effect of enhancing the waft of our sex stench, which in turn had the effect of stoking my desire to make my husband scream! I angled myself to rub his prostate the way that drives him into outer space. “OHBILLY! You fuck me so goooooooood!” he shrieked as his body shook. He was probably not surprised that I went right for the gusto – he knew I was revved up to the tach’s red zone again.

“Too much for the shoulder?” I asked, letting the length of me rub that most sacred spot of his as he howled, all the way in until my pubes were mashed and tangled into his buttfur from grinding in as deep as I could go, then did the same on the outstroke. Jimmy’s continuous cries of ecstasy and his body’s continuing quakes, jolts and quivers were all the answer I got as his body convulsed, shivered, writhed and shook as I forced myself to fuck him long and slow, holding the angle.

Kirk was sucking and gripping my nuts hard enough and doing a damn good job of getting my own juices flowing again. “SO DAMN BIG!” he would say, reverently. And, “More than a handful.” Obviously he was getting my ego as hard and worked up as my cock!

For his part, Jake had gotten a better purchase on my slowly pistoning ass, and he was tantalizing my sweaty shithole in a complementary way to Kirk’s nutjob and to the sublimity of my husband’s perfect cunt.

I added some jabs up into my husband here and there to mix it up, Jimmy’s exclamations and cries deafening as they echoed through the big shower and rest of the bathroom. I enjoyed playing his body like the fine instrument it is . . . and I actually maintained my restraint from just WAILING ON that fantastic fuckhole of his all the way until he was skyrocketing over the edge. “FUCKYEAH! YEAH! FUCK! OHFUCK BILLY! OHFUCKOHFUCK!” he was crying, but I didn’t need the words to know. I could tell by the way his body tensed and his cunt gripped my cock even tighter than his normal near painful clench that he was about to blow.

When I couldn’t restrain myself any longer – and not the least of the causes being two bitches under me making my nuts and hole as directly stimulated as my cock in and my groin pounding into my husband – I finally started POUNDING him. I went from slow and even to HARD and FAST, and he yelled, cursed and cried out throughout the final moments of his tumble through fucknirvana until he exploded in a whole body convulsion and began to pump with loud grunts, gasps, moans, groans and curses. The feeling I know so well of his cunt spasming and clenching around my cock, so different than the purposeful cuntclenches he does so well to work my cock, was matched with the feeling of Kirk’s grip tightened on my nuts and yanking them around.

What I didn’t know was that the bitch’s mouth’s absence from my nuts and occasional swipes along the shaft on my outstrokes was because he got himself farther up between Jimmy’s legs and pulled down Jim’s ten-incher when Jimmy let loose. Kirk got to the bell end of his swinging hardon, got it in his mouth and took every drop as my husband’s load blasted out.

Jimmy’s spasming cunt milking me would have been enough on its own, but Kirk’s rough ballwork and Jake’s expert tonguing of my shithole SHOVED me over that edge with my husband. “AAAAAAAAFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I growled as I tensed, planted, then erupted and dumped what felt like a gallon of fiery manjuice into my husband with nuclear blast force.

When we had all been still for enough time after I finished draining my nuts again and I’d regained some control, I barked at Kirk, “The plug. NOW!” At the same time, as he pulled it out of him with a SPLOPPPPP louder than our collective raspy breathing, I reached over and got my hand on the touchscreen that controls the showerheads again with more finesse than my grope the first time. The complex control was a gift from my gadget loving husband, and while I thought it extravagant and unnecessary, replacing the good but basic hardware to control the sprays, I now find myself wondering how I do without it when I shower at the gyms or in my office. As with other things in my life, this Marine has slowly gone soft to the luxuries and extravagancies that my husband considers everyday necessities. I started the steam and the sidesprays, so we were amid a torrent from numerous directions.   

I kissed and bit Jim’s neck as I inserted the plug before it got too washed off in the deluge and whispered over his guttural grunt, “I have more plans for THAT later.”

The effect of the shower’s increased velocity and the building steam on the miasma of our sex was to intensify the stink before it began to dissipate, and I think I heard all of us inhaling deeply. Whether to capture the vestiges of our manstink before it was supplanted by the infusion of menthol and eucalyptus in the steam, or whether for that latter, I can only speak for my own intention to savor the moments of the evening for as long as possible. The plug would ensure that I could have another course later on, à deux.

Our bitches were on the floor now more comfortable with their backs against the tiles. I don’t even remember which one said, “I could get used to this,” before the other gave a grunt in affirmation. But by that point they were simply background noise, and my husband and I were all that mattered for eachother.

Jim picked up on my thought about later and asked, “THAT plug? THAT hole of mine? Which?”

I laughed and kissed him again. “All, everything, always.”

My husband sure knows how to welcome me home. Writing this up almost makes me want to take another business trip. ALMOST . . . But staying at home and enjoying all the comforts of my stud husband – and occasional visitors – definitely keeps me wanting to avail myself of the pleasures of his “company”. I’ll have to find something else to do to report on next time.  

Also, remember that the only way and only reason we have this forum to share our sexcapades (and for those of my fellow posters who are actually writers to share their talents and imaginations) is because of Bjorn. Always give him a shout and show him the gratitude for his work on our behalf and for keeping GD here for us. 

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