Gregg drove carefully, despite his excitement. One of his good friends in prep school had been killed in an accident when riding with another guy who was a daredevil behind the wheel. Seeing the desolation on his friends' parents' faces at the funeral, he knew he could never forget that it could have been avoided.

Alec was still sitting against him, one hand still gripping his leg with occasional teasing long-fingered brushes against his nuts, the other rubbing under Gregg's long-sleeved t-shirt as he drove. "GOD you're ripped and pumped!" Alec told him in admiration.

In response, Gregg involuntarily puffed out his chest a little more, flexing his abs as Alec's hand rubbed over the fully-defined ridges between each one. Gregg's cock was so hard in his jeans it ached, and since he hadn't bothered with underwear, he knew there was a wet spot by his pocket. "I should tell you, Alec-" he started, but Alec's moan interrupted him.

"I like when you say my name, Gregg - my first name, not my last," Alec confessed.

They were stopping at a light just as Alec said it, and when they'd come to a stop, Gregg quickly turned to face Alec at close quarters, a broad smile showing his own appreciation. Alec wasted no time in leaning in and pressing his lips against Gregg's, gripping Gregg's cock as he kissed him.

Gregg's whimper persisted until Alec pulled his lips away, when it became a full-out whine. "VERY nice," Alec told him, and Gregg's heart jumped. "But the light is green," Alec cued him, and Gregg quickly turned and started driving again.

Alec hadn't let go of Gregg's cock, and he seriously thought he might shoot right then and there. "I should warn you, Alec, you're the first I've ever had touch my dick, and if you don't stop that, I could lose it before we even get to my dorm room."

Alec grinned evilly and rubbed along Gregg's shaft, causing him to moan and squirm in his seat. "I'm REALLY not kidding, Alec," he pleaded.

"Pull over," Alec ordered. When Gregg started to protest, Alec said, "Just do it." he said sternly, and he had Gregg's top jeans button open and was opening the second.

Gregg thought about protesting - they were on school property, although being well after midnight, they were unlikely to be caught by anyone walking by and were too high in the cab of Gregg's Ram truck to be easily seen. But Alec had only one button to go, and HOLY FUCK! Alec had wriggled around and had his face in Gregg's lap as he got the last button open and his cock free. As he felt Alec's breath on the tip of his far-too-excited cock, he jerked the wheel to the curb and stopped so abruptly that he bounced forward, and Alec swallowed him with a long, grateful, "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm!"

"OH HOLY FUCK!" Gregg hissed, and Alec had his nose buried in Gregg's pubes, his hot mouth fully working his cock, swirling and teasing all up and down the shaft and around and over his head, sparks flying through his body. When Alec got a hand around Gregg's nuts and started rubbing them, his body exploded. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he cried, as he blew his wad so hard his body was convulsing.

"MMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMM," Alec grunted around gulps, which only served to make Gregg almost jump out of his skin, as Alec's moving mouth teased his over-sensitized cock.

Gregg had his hands braced on the steering wheel, gripping like his life depended on it, his shoulders threatening to come out of their sockets with each wracking jerk of his body. "OHJESUSFUCK!" he yelled.

When Alec finally pulled off him, Gregg inhaled, hard and loud. And then Alec was ON him, his slimy lips pressed against his, his tongue invading Gregg's mouth relentlessly.

Gregg was caught up in the kiss, and he wrapped an arm around Alec and tried to get his other arm around him, pulling him tight and sucking back at Alec's tongue with abandon. He was vaguely aware he was still hard as a rock, his cock throbbing and unattended . . . and Gregg had a stray thought that he'd cum twice already tonight and was still hard after that second one - not fucking bad! Take that, Candice!

At the giggle which he couldn't control, Alec pulled back. "What?" he grinned. "Like the taste of your own cum?"

Gregg gasped with surprise. OH RIGHT! "Come fucking here!" he demanded, pulling Alec in again and clamping his lips roughly against his cocksucker's, shoving his own tongue in Alec's mouth and moaning with delight at the taste in his mouth.

"Jesus!" Alec exclaimed when they finally parted from that second face-sucking session.

Gregg's head fell back against the headrest. "WOW!" he said slowly.

"You're an amazing kisser, Gregg," Alec praised, adjusting his hardon.

Gregg beamed unabashedly. He also looked pointedly at Alec's exceptionally prominent bulge in his pants and said, "Seems I've got some catching-up to do there. Let's get to my dorm room. I'm a novice here, so no way I can do that as fast as you did for me out here!"

Alec smirked and said, "Well, as long as I've been jacking off fantasizing about you, I might not last as long as you did!" When Alec winked, Gregg's exposed cock jumped and dripped precum on his jeans. Alec looked down, following Gregg's gaze, and scooped up as much of the precum glob off Gregg's jeans and then swiped over Gregg's raging cockhead to get more. He slowly, lewdly, brought his fingers slowly to his mouth, holding Gregg's gaze, and lasciviously licked and sucked his fingers. "I want every drop of this," he told Gregg huskily.

Gregg just moaned, transfixed watching Alec. And then, without putting his cock away, for the first time ever driving with his hardon bouncing free below the steering wheel, he headed back onto the road and on to his dorm.

"Before you put that away," Alec told Gregg when they'd parked and Gregg had gone to get himself buttoned up, "Let me make sure you don't get anything you don't want in your jeans," he said. And then he was on Gregg's cock again, fully sucking it into his hungry mouth, licking the head aggressively.

Gregg gasped and braced himself against the steering wheel. But just as fast as it started, it ended, and Alec was tucking Gregg's hardon inside his pants. Patting the bulge, he told Gregg, "There, there. Get that equipment secured and stowed, sailor!"

Gregg was glad the lights weren't as bright as many of the women students had demanded as they walked in with nothing to hide his hardon in his pants. Alec didn't seem to mind at all, though he had his hands in his pockets, though that was hardly concealing anything given the apparent size of his hardon.

"Was there something you wanted to talk about, Gregg?" Alec asked, softly because of the hour, as they walked across the parking lot toward the dorm buildings.

"Er, I seem to have insufficient blood in my brain to recall that," Gregg joked.

"Quick," Alec said. "What's your name?"

Gregg laughed, and he clamped his arm around Alec's neck and jostled him. "You have some work to do to get me to forget my name!"

Alec laughed loud, then he quieted himself. "Ooops!" he guffawed, trying to stifle his laughing. "Is that a challenge?"

"Hey, whatever stokes your fire, hot stuff," Gregg said low, into Alec's ear.

As they got to the elevator, Alec turned to face Gregg. "I meant what I said about having fantasized about you for a long time, Gregg," he stated simply.

"I'm going in the morning to my folks' house in Denver to tell them I'm gay, Alec." When Alec gasped surprise, Gregg continued. "Wanting you caused me to do it," Gregg stumbled on.

"What?" Alec gasped again.

"Wait, I'm not explaining it very well," he said as they got off the elevator and went to Gregg's door. When they were inside, he tried again. "Okay, I owe you there," he said, reaching for Alec's bulge.

Alec moved back quickly, and Gregg looked surprised. "Hey," Alec quickly threw out, his hands out as if to steady Gregg, "I intend to get off with you . . . a few times if I'm lucky," he said, and then his eyes narrowed, "In numerous ways!" Then, as if catching himself, he put his hands up like he was halting someone. "Wait, yes, I definitely intend to get off, but this isn't like volleyball here; we're not keeping score. And I can wait while you tell me what you were going to tell me - 'things' you said, so I'm assuming that little newsflash was just part of what you've got to tell me - because actually I jacked off before I went on shift at the restaurant, thinking about you." Alec blushed when he made that last confession, but he was looking Gregg in the eye.

Gregg smiled and looked down at the dirty floor of his dorm room. "Actually, I-"

Alec hooted, then shushed himself by clamping his hands over his mouth. "You did not!" he hissed in a stage whisper. Looking at Gregg's vast blush he knew he had. "OH MY GOD! The hottest guy at Pepperdine jacked off tonight thinking of me while I was jacking off thinking of him!"

"Well, it probably wasn't exactly at the same time," Gregg corrected, but Alec stopped him.

"HEY! This is MY fantasy, and you'll damn well let me have it . . . at least until you've got me off at least once here!" he asserted . . . and then fell into a grin.

Gregg and Alec laughed together. When they were quieting down, Alec said, "You really slapped your salami thinking of me?" Gregg's blush reddened to high-critical again, and Alec enjoyed the look of it on his studly face. "I like making you blush, Gregg. It's so CUTE."

Pulling himself together, he reached down and grabbed his cum-crusted shirt from earlier and thrust it at Alec. "Well, then, you might as well have the souvenir!" he said, intending it as a joke.

Alec handled the crusty shirt like it was precious silk, turning it, feeling it, smelling it, rubbing it against his face and making moaning sounds. Gregg just stood and watched, mesmerized, his cock throbbing in his jeans. When Alec returned his attention back to Gregg, although still holding the shirt to the side of his face and part of it to his nose, he stated, "I'm never giving this back. You do realize it's MINE now, right?"

Gregg just struggled to keep his breathing even. "Hawt!" escaped his lips.

"Just out of curiosity," Alec started, rubbing the shirt on his cheek, just how many times did you jack off into this shirt anyway?"

Gregg blurted out, "Only one. But if you-"

"Holy Christ!" Alec exclaimed. "I drank about a gallon of your cum when I sucked you off in the truck, and I figured that was just the excitement of your first time getting sucked by a man. Now I find out you cum fucking buckets every time?" Gregg's blush was full-on red then, and he was looking down. Alec took a step forward and craned his neck down and looked up at Gregg. "Me LIKE!" he grinned.

Gregg laughed and pushed him away playfully. "Good, because I've never been able to control that about me. Some girls HATED-Oh, well, never mind about that."

Alec laughed out loud. "Dude, it's not like I didn't see you with about fifteen different girls since the first time I raped you with my thoughts. You don't have to hold back."

Not knowing any of this man-to-man stuff about sex, Gregg had no idea. If he'd ever have mentioned another girl, specifically or vaguely to a girl he was with, there would have been shots across the bow, and he would have gone home with blue balls. There was so much he didn't know about guys, about guy-on-guy stuff, it was pretty mind boggling. Like being fourteen again, when his best friend's mom had cornered him and shown him the ropes when he was with him on school break.

Wait - probably thinking about being practically raped by a Mrs. Robinson who could put any cougar to shame - though not nearly as pretty as that actress - was not the greatest line of thought when he had a HOT guy in his dorm room to have sex with. And to talk to. Right, he really did want to talk . . . to Alec.

Alec didn't push Gregg as his mind spun. Instead he pointed to first one of the beds, then the other, clearly asking which was Gregg's, then plopped down on the one Gregg had indicated, kicked off his shoes and then got comfortable with his back against the wall, long legs stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankles. Gregg liked the look of Alec on his bed and just stared, grinning, his mind suddenly stopped fully, not thinking of anything other than the fact that he had Alec in his room.

Alec grinned back at Gregg, wondering how long their grin-fest was going to last, not the slightest bit concerned that between the promised talk and then the sex he intended to have with Gregg - basically wearing that stud out, and then doing it at least two more times after he hit the limit, just for good measure - he would probably not get any sleep before he reported to work for the Sunday brunch shift in the morning. Actually, Gregg grinning at him was hot . . . and nice . . . and really a great place to be.

Finally Gregg pulled his t-shirt over his head and kicked off his shoes. Alec glanced at his feet and smiled at his two mismatched white socks, but his eyes immediately returned to his awesome pumped, sculpted torso. HOLY FUCK he was HOT!

Gregg got onto the bed and got himself situated "indian style" facing Alec. Did anyone really sit that way outside of a yoga class? Well, Gregg did, and his broad shoulders, tapered torso and amazing abs all showed very well in that position, so Alec just decided to shelve the thought about the position.

And then Gregg started to talk.

Gregg jerked awake when he heard a phone buzz. To his surprise, in his groggy state, he felt someone else jerk awake under his head and against his shoulder, where he'd apparently been using that person as a pillow.

"FUCK ME!" the other person cursed in frustration. The phone continued to buzz while he scrambled and tore through pockets looking for the source of the offending noise.

HE, Gregg thought, struggling for consciousness and panicking just a little. And then he realized that the man's other arm was over Gregg, holding him tight against him as he wriggled to get his phone out of his other pants pocket. The arm was at the same time very comforting and very disconcerting indeed.

"FINALLY!" the other man spat and threw the phone down. "Sorry, he said to me," rubbing my head. "Sleep - that was Ron probably wondering since I didn't come home from work.  I am texting him."

The combination of Alec's touch to my face and head - which melted me - and his voice and mentioning of Ron, our friend and his roommate, propelled my consciousness to remember that Alec had come home with me after I'd picked him up from work.  Last I remembered I was telling him about his decision to accept his sexuality and to out himself to his parents . . . and everyone else. 

"What time is it?" he asked groggily, wondering when they'd fallen asleep and wondering how he could have fallen asleep with Alec's long, lanky, HOT self in his bed. As Alec told him it was after two and to just go back to sleep so he could get up and get his plane in a few hours, Gregg thought OH HELL NO and was suddenly aware that his head was resting half on Alec's rather prominent crotch-bulge and his lips were pressed against Alec's bared treasure trail, as his t-shirt had ridden up while they slept.

Gregg both ground his head into Alec's crotch and also kissed the bottom of Alec's fur-traced ab midline. "OH SHIT, Gregg. You really need to sleep," Alec replied quickly.

But Gregg felt Alec's cock stiffening in his pants as he rubbed his head against it.  Gregg kissed lower, at Alec's pants waistline and then moved one of his big, meaty hands to Alec's abs and rubbed his warm, slightly sweaty tummy and groin.

"Gregg," Alec pleaded.

"Am I going to have to force you?" Gregg teased him as his hand slipped into Alec's pants and he got his first feel of a MAN's cock, his first feel of cock since Bobby's withdrawal from their regular jack-sessions.

"FUCK!" Alec hissed when Gregg's fingers found his engorged head and then traced down his long shaft. "You know how many times I've fantasized about you throwing me down and having your way with me?" he said huskily, pushing his groin up into Gregg's hand and against his head, which was now awkwardly rubbing his balls.

"Guess we know who's going to be the man and who's the woman then?" Gregg laughed.

To that Alec loudly protested, "WHAT?!"

Gregg was startled and jerked his head up to see Alec's astonished look back at him. "What what?" he asked, clueless.

"You really are a virgin to mansex aren't you?" Alec asked. He didn't have to wait for Gregg to finish sputtering without ever getting to a coherent response. "Gregg," Alec explained gently, "MEN don't roleplay man-woman when they FUCK!"

The last word jolted Gregg . . . right from his balls up through his hardon. "I didn't-"

"Shhhh, you sexy caveman!" Alec quieted him, rubbing his big paw over Gregg's head.

Gregg wasn't relaxed - hated being so stupid - still clueless . . . but determined. His usual humor-when-stumped tactic, combined with his best thousand-watt come-hither grin was what came to him. "I could get used to this, rubbing each other's heads this way," he grinned up at Alec and rubbed Alec's cock in his pants, swiping his big fingers over the head, finding now some moisture there. "Mmmmmm," Gregg said as Alec's eyes rolled back and his lids dropped, obviously enjoying.

In the absence of words, Gregg took Alec's apparent pleasure in his touch as the go-ahead, and he reluctantly got up on his elbow and got Alec's pants open and his boxer-briefs' waistband pulled out and swiveled Alec's cock up so his long, slender, smooth shaft and disproportionately large head were pointing up, following the line of Alec's treasure trail. Gregg never let go of it with his other hand, and he was now stroking half the length of it and rubbing over and around Alec's amazingly big head. "OH MAN!" Alec huffed, thrusting up into Gregg's hand. "This is really happening, right? I'm not still asleep?"

Gregg chuckled at that. "If you are, we both are, and it'll be the hottest dream either of us has ever had!" Then he remembered what Alec had divulged before. "Well, at least for me it will be! Not sure about you and your rape fantasies and whatever you came up with in your dreams."

As Alec guffawed and was about to make a comeback, Gregg pushed his hand down farther, and he got hold of Alec's apparently large balls and gently rubbed them around in his grip. "OH FUCK, Gregg!"

"Ummmm," Gregg grinned at Alec, "I think that's the point where I went off the rails before."

"OH, you're DEFINITELY going to FUCK me, Gregg!" Alec said with absolute certainty. And when Gregg started to say something, still rubbing Alec's warm, sweaty, furry nuts and enjoying the living hell out of it, Alec continued. "BUT . . . "

"Yup - that part I know!" Gregg teased him. "Your butt, my cock, which by the way is so hard right now and so excited I might just cum in my shorts just from rubbing on your junk!"

"God that's HOT!" Alec hissed as Gregg stroked up and over his leaking head again.

"SO IS THAT!" Gregg almost shouted, rubbing Alec's goo between his fingers. Then he checked his volume, given the hour and that he and Alec were in his dorm room, and he looked a little embarrassed.

"What I was going to say," Alec tried again, breathily, "Was, that-" Then he threw his head back when he felt Gregg's lips kiss his drooling head. "OH FUCK, Gregg!"

Gregg smacked his lips lewdly when he briefly pulled off Alec. "We keep coming back to the fucking, don't we?" he teased with a waggle of his eyebrows.

"You keep that up - OH FUCK YES! - and you'll have a snack you hadn't bargained on, newbie!" Alec taunted him right back as well as he could as Gregg's hungry, exploring mouth went full of his throbbing cockhead.

He was overwhelmed with sensation at the taste, feel, smell of Alec . . . and his ability to make Alec gasp with pleasure. Gregg felt it in Alec's cock, which would throb and twitch at his touch with his hand and now his tongue, and he could feel Alec's body respond, jerking in time with Alec's exclamations as he enjoyed Gregg's handling of him. He had no fucking clue it would be this good - if he had, he would have gone down on Bobby all those years ago, and he would have been sucking cocks ever since.

Alec threw one of his big hands over to Gregg's crotch and took a handful of needy college jock cock in a tight hold. Twisting his upper body but careful not to dislodge his cock from Gregg's mouth, he reached across with his other hand and simultaneously started to claw at Gregg's jeans to get them open.

"OH FUCK, Alec, DON'T!" Gregg cried, jerking off Alec's cock so he could warn him, and he felt Alec freeze. "Wait - it's not that I WANT you to not do that, but I'm so fucking turned on right now that if you touch my cock, I might blow my wad right this fucking minute!"

Alec loosened his grip but traced along the outline of Gregg's big cock he'd sucked off earlier through his jeans wantingly and saw Gregg's eyes glaze and felt that big fuckrod throb through the denim. He grinned evilly down at Gregg. "Told ya I thought that would be HOT!" he teased, also teasing Gregg's jerking cock with his fingertips. "And we're back to that FUCK again, aren't we?"

With the hand he'd been going to open Gregg's pants with, Alec reached over and used the back of Gregg's head to guide his mouth back over his cock. Gregg moaned as he did it, a long "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," that vibrated on Alec's head as Gregg took it in.

Gregg's nuts were in overdrive, beyond simmering, out and out boiling under Alec's light, teasing touch, and his own crotch was bucking up, trying to get more of Alec. But Alec was heeding his warning, maintaining just a light, teasing tracing of his meat in his jeans . . . which was driving him even more crazy!

That need translated into Gregg going at Alec's cock, pulling down his pants and boxer-briefs with his hands - yanking, ripping at them, really - in order to get them down far enough to have full access to Alec's long shaft, bush and those hot nuts he'd handled.

Much to Gregg's dismay, Alec removed his teasing fingers from Gregg's throbbing rod and used both hands to help Gregg get full access. In the process he lifted his ass to get the pants and boxer briefs down over his ass, and it served to stuff more of his cock into Gregg's mouth. "GGGMMMMMPPPP" Gregg grunted.

Alec couldn't help but feel the jolt of excitement his cock hitting the back of Gregg's mouth and the entrance to his throat, and he suddenly had his hands on Gregg's head and was shoving harder into him. Gregg was grunting but not gagging, and Alec combined a tight hold on his head with a forceful thrust and felt his cockhead clear Gregg's throat and slip in. "OH FUCK YES!" Alec shouted.

Gregg hadn't bargained on that, but he was also more turned on even than when Alec had been blowing him in his truck. It was a fucking amazing feeling to be used by a man for his manly needs and pleasure! Gregg's nuts agreed, and he was so close to cumming - he'd never felt that way before but enjoyed having absolutely no control.

Since Alec was skull-fucking him, making him his suck-bitch, Gregg relaxed this throat and did his best to only gag occasionally - very difficult, but he forced himself to relax his throat and was successful part of the time, so it only felt like a quart of throat goo and snot that he gagged up as Alec just kept pumping his long, hard fuckstick in and out. Gregg reached up and started gently stroking Alec's balls, knowing he loved his rubbed and massaged while he got blown . . . and knowing most girls never got it firm enough and handled a man's balls with far too much gentility, he took a good grip and began to work Alec's over.

"OH FUCK YES! FUCKING WORK MY TANKS, MISTER!" Alec roared. "I'm so fucking close!"

When Gregg reflexively moaned at Alec's manly roar and affirmation that he was close, he growled long and deep with his own pleasure, feeling like he was also right on the edge. Alec apparently loved his growling around the pistoning cock, because the grip on Gregg's head tightened, and the thrusts became even faster, accompanied by long moans and grunts of determination.

The cock he was doing his best to lick as it went in and out of his throat was like concrete and thicker than before, the head frighteningly bulbous as it punched into his throat and then pulled out with the feeling of a stretch and plop each time he pulled back to slam it in again. Gregg also had to maintain a tighter grip on Alec's balls, which were making a daring attempt to pull up against his hold.

"HERE IT FUCKING COMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMES," Alec shouted, and sure enough Gregg felt the pumping start in Alec's nuts in his iron grip. "YANKMYFUCKINGNUTSHARDNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Alec ordered.

Gregg did, and Alec's cock was slammed so hard down his throat that his nose might have been broken on Alec's pubic bone. As he felt the pumping, harder, he felt his throat get coated with Alec's seed. And that was all it took for Gregg to shout a muffled cry around the cock that was throat-planted in him, and he felt his own cock spasming and shooting in his jeans, his groin and thigh drenched with his own jizz.

Alec pulled out enough for Gregg to taste his seed, and it was so fucking hot that his own cock gave the hardest shot of all right then. "OHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Gregg exclaimed appreciatively, and then another burst or two filled his mouth as his own crotch was afloat in his own.

"COME HERE, FUCKER!" Alec ordered, as he jerked his cock out of Gregg's mouth and roughly pulled him up by his armpits and slammed his lips over Gregg's, shoving his tongue inside and sucking the seed Gregg hadn't gulped down in defense of drowning.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," Gregg moaned, clamping his arms around Alec, savoring the sharing of his seed and the passion of their kiss.

Alec shoved his hand down Gregg's jeans and jerked his mouth back suddenly. "YOU FUCKING CAME!" he shouted, with an expression of wonder. "I fucking saw you, you weren't jacking or anything, and I had stopped teasing your cock, dude. YOU FUCKING CAME just from blowing me! WHATAFUCKINGTRIP!" Alec exclaimed, his eyes wide and full of a combination of wonder and admiration.

Gregg was blushing - he wasn't sure why, because when Alec first said something about him cumming he shrunk inside, thinking he was a total pussy to have lost it like that. In fact, he was certainly pussied-out to Alec's face-fucking, that was for sure. He fucking LOVED sucking Alec's cock . . . maybe not just Alec's, he thought, his thoughts swirling. And then he realized Alec was excited that he'd cum, excited that Gregg had been hot enough for what they were doing that he lost his nut just like that. And just like that his entire body broke into a sheepish grin.

Alec was working to control his breathing, and he gently reached out, chest heaving gently now, and touched Gregg's face. "Damn, you're hot, Gregg."

Gregg dove into Alec, shoving him fully back on the bed, fully on top of him, his lips clamped on Alec's. They were revved to the red zone in no time, both cocks raging again, grinding into each other. All Gregg knew was that this moment could never end - he was in fucking heaven. Wait - FUCKING! Pulling back, he looked into Alec's beautiful eyes as they slowly opened. "I want that fuck, Alec," he stated directly to Alec's upward stare.

Alec took hold of Gregg's cock through his jeans again. "Yup, you're certainly man enough to go again!" he pronounced, grinning. "But remember that 'but' before? I need to take a few minutes in the shower and make sure all systems are go. You have condoms?"

He almost screamed - his condoms were in his truck glovebox, the ones he hadn't left at Candice's, the same ones she begged him not to use every fucking time, and he knew it was because she wanted to get pregnant with an Owens baby, thinking it would be her meal ticket for the next twenty-five years or so.

Alec was looking at him strangely. "It's not a problem - I always have one." And then he grinned evilly. "Good thing you're not a medium or small size, closer to my size!" Gregg blushed again, but his chest puffed up, and apparently Alec noticed. "Come on, not like anyone could see that monster cock of yours and not know it's way above average. Certainly thicker than mine! So you gonna let me up and let me go check the state of affairs?"

Gregg was relieved his scattered thoughts and the divergence to Candice hadn't ruined the moment. Certainly his raging cock, in Alec's grip through his wet jeans crotch, was still on focus!

He got off Alec and stood, putting out his hand to help Alec up. Alec kind of looked at his hand oddly, but then he took it and Gregg hoisted his big, hot stud off the bed and onto his feet.

"Wow," Alec said, a little surprised and taking a step or two to get his footing. But he wasted no time. He leaned in to Gregg and kissed him quickly and grabbed his cock again. "Save this for me!"

"Can I shower up with you? I reek!" Gregg asked, as Alec was taking steps to the open bathroom door.

Alec stopped in the doorway. "First, no, you don't go in the shower with a guy who's about to bottom and making sure he's, uh, ready." Gregg looked at Alec, not having a fucking clue what he was saying. "Trust me on this Gregg, that's not what you want to do . . . in case systems are NOT go . . . back there," he finished, pointing to his ass. He still wasn't getting it, and Alec thought the middle of the night before he had to be up early was not the time for a lesson on bottom hygiene. "Oh, and by the way - you smell FUCKING AWESOME, stud!" That got Gregg grinning again . . . and OH, that blush. "Be right back," Alec said, pushing the door shut as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Gregg pondered it . . . and was still clueless. He heard the shower go on and took the opportunity to strip off his slimy jeans and wiped his crotch with the cum-filthy t-shirt from before. It might be a goner after that much cum-wiping. Then Gregg looked at his bed, completely messy, and as if in a trance, he walked over and picked up the pillow that had been behind Alec when they were sleeping, put it over his face and inhaled. FUCK YEAH! It smelled just like Alec - good! Sweat and a hint of some cologne Alec must have put on when he dressed for work after he got there.

"Good news and bad news," startled Gregg out of his enjoyment of Alec's scent, and he whirled around to see Alec not very dry, beads of water on his wide, tapered torso and arms and legs.

"There wasn't a towel?" Gregg asked lamely.

Alec laughed at that. "I didn't waste a lot of time getting back to you," he told him, advancing until he was close enough for Gregg to smell the soap on his skin . . . another highly tantalizing scent of Alec. "No, the bad news is that I inadvertently met one of your neighbors in your bathroom," he said, a slightly reproachful look on his face.

"OH SHIT!" Gregg said, and then laughed. "Each room has its own toilet and sink, but two rooms share a shower."

"UH, YEAH! I found that out. But I just told the rather hot guy - I  must say - who came in to see who was showering at three in the morning that I was a friend of yours sleeping off too much to drink. He went with it and told me to keep it down." Alec deliberately looked down at Gregg's raging cock, waving between them. "I guess I've failed at that one already, and will probably in a few more ways before you're done with me. At least I hope so!" he smirked.

Gregg grinned. "Am I to assume from your expectation that, uh, we're good to go? Everything checked out?"

To that, Alec turned around and pushed his long index finger right into his asshole, leaving Gregg gasping and his jaw dropped. And when Alec pulled his finger out and then sucked it lewdly, Gregg's cock throbbed, and a big teardrop of precum emerged from his slit.

"Finger-licking good . . . or clean enough to eat off of . . . or something like that," Alec stammered, his eyes firmly on Gregg's drooling cockhead.

When neither of them moved for a minute, Alec reached out and fingered Gregg's cockhead and took the then dripping strand of precum and brought it to his mouth. "Mmmmmmmm," he moaned. "Even better than I remember from a couple of hours ago! How about we get you inside me - NOW!"

With that, Alec bounded onto the bed, landing on his back, and pulled his long legs up to his chest, hands behind his knees. "Hope you've got lube, too, or you can spit enough to keep me from having to go to the ER afterward!"

Gregg didn't waste time, and he scrabbled to the drawer and ripped it open, digging through it until he found some lube he used to jack off. "Where's your condom?" he growled, already grabbing Alec's discarded jeans and rummaging in the pockets.

"In the-"

"GOT IT!" Gregg proclaimed, holding the slightly battered foil square high, like a prize.

"Well, then, get me lubed up, get suited up, and let's get you IN ME!" Alec growled.

Gregg went to squirt lube right on Alec's winking browneye, and Alec laughed. "With your fingers, babe," he said and then added, "Or if you're really going the distance tonight, with your tongue."

OH FUCK! Gregg thought. Could he tongue a guy's butthole? Well, he damn well could Alec's glorious, waiting fuckhole . . . or he could try. It couldn't possibly taste as unpleasant as a girl's- STOP IT! he admonished himself. NOT GOING THERE!

Gregg inhaled deeply when his nose was a couple of inches from Alec's waiting hole. Interesting. Soap, of course, since he had just taken a shower. But also very male, a familiar smell and also one that was making his heart beat faster. His tongue grazed over the waiting receptacle, and he felt the very short hairs from the edge of his crack and the ridged, puckered skin over the ring. "Ohhhhhhhm," Alec moaned. Gregg flattened his tongue and swiped it fully over that hole. "AH FUCK YEAH!" Alec cried out.

Hushing Alec with a sudden look upward and a head-jerk toward the bathroom to remind him to be at least a little quiet, Gregg went back to it . . . and went all in. He pressed his tongue inside Alec's puckered fuckhole and felt him give way. He pushed his tongue in as Alec moaned long and low, "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!" the end more of a hiss than a word.

The taste was different, more MAN, certainly, a little tang to it along with the soap. But Gregg's nose pressed deep into Alec's hanging scrot between his big nuts, and the pubes on his sac both tickled his nose and also offered more manscent.

Alec suddenly pushed his ass harder at Gregg, and Gregg went all in and started devouring his hole, stretching his tongue to the point of it being painful, trying to get in and get as much of him as he could. As Alec moaned and clawed at the bedsheets, Gregg swirled his tongue and savored the taste, smell sound and feel of this hot man he was about to fuck. BUTTfuck, more accurately. OH FUCK YEAH!

Gregg lapped and sucked and chewed at Alec's nuts, which were hanging right there anyway, and made Alec squirm and moan more. He fucking loved making Alec squirm that way. He couldn't wait to make his body jerk and spasm from fucking him.

A sudden jerk at his short hair, and Gregg's head was pulled up to face Alec over the long profile of his hardon. Alec's eyes were angry, fiery, and he snarled. "You really need to FUCK ME NOW!"

Well, that's fucking HOT! Gregg thought to himself. When was the last time Candice or any girl had begged him to FUCK her in the moment. No, mostly they moaned with disappointment when he stopped eating their pussies, wanting him to go the distance and get them off that way.

WHY the FUCK am I thinking about pussy? Gregg's brain screamed. He knew why. Because he was processing all this - loving every second, particularly waking up with his head on Alec's crotch, feeling his half-hard cock under his ear, but on lust overload for every suck, stroke, smell, taste, sound and syllable he and Alec uttered to each other - as he went, experiencing it all from scratch, matching it to his the fantasies he rarely allowed himself and trying to learn it and not embarrass himself either!

He saw Alec's saliva-slick fuckpucker clenching and relaxing in front of him, and his thoughts focused. As he got up on his knees between Alec's huge hobbit-like suspended feet and was grabbing for the lube bottle again, he saw a huge pool of precum on Alec's abs and sternum where his long cock reached. Alec followed his gaze and looked down, then he looked back up at Gregg, his eyes more like slits, his voice husky. "Use that - forget the lube bottle!" he commanded.

Gregg swiped his big fingers over the amazingly large pool of pre-jizz and then went to gently rub some on Alec's pucker. "Don't be a fucking pussy, man - just get in there and get me slicked then GET YOUR COCK IN ME!" Alec snarled.

Surprise overtook Gregg when he pushed his fingertips against Alec's hole, and it allowed him to push in with two. "UUUHHNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" Alec groaned gutterally, and then he clenched his asslips on Gregg's finger, sending a bolt of lightning right to his balls. "GET UP IN THERE!" Alec growled and pushed down onto Gregg's fingers.

He was hot and soft and wet and now getting slick, and Gregg's fingers would have been climaxing if they could, all on their own, from the amazing feel. He rubbed, stroked, swirled his fingers deep in that hot fuckchannel, and Alec just moaned and growled and writhed on his fingers. Then he felt a protrusion when his fingers nudged it, and Alec cried out, "OHFUCK!" and clenched his fuckmuscles on Gregg's fingers HARD.

"Is that-"

"FANFUCKINGTASTIC!" Alec panted. "Get suited up and get your cock in me. I fucking NEED it!" he pleaded, throwing the foil packet right into Gregg's face.

If he hadn't been so fucking turned on, Gregg would have laughed. But he was, and he got the packet open in his teeth and rolled a too-tight condom down over his fuckmeat in barely a couple of seconds. Then he swiped his hand hard across Alec's abs to get more lube so hard the smack was LOUD, and Alec jumped . . . and then fell back with a desperate laugh.

"Oh, and Owens?" Alec said up to Gregg, as he lined up his fat club of a cockhead ready to start working it into Alec. Gregg was enrapt just looking at his fuckstick about to plunge into a hot man's asshole, but he jerked his eyes to Alec's. "We're MEN," Alec said. "We FUCK! So all that really aggressive, really primal caveman fucking you've always wished you could do, well, you're going to get in me, I'm going to get my cunt relaxed around your fat cock, I'm going to give you the go, then you're going to FUCKING GO! Got it?"

In answer, Gregg pushed his cockhead against Alec's fuckentry and cheesily saluted him with this other hand. He looked back and wondered if Alec would, in fact, be in the ER when this was over. No fucking way that tiny opening, which had been so fucking TIGHT around his two fat fingers, a fraction of the girth of his cock-

"PUSH!" Alec cried up at him.

Gregg was suddenly aware that Alec was pushing against him, his cuntpucker not yielding, and grimacing with the effort. So Gregg pushed against it, and for a moment he thought it wasn't going to happen. Then Alec grunted LOUD as Gregg PUSHED, then Alec's grunt went to a loud, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" as Gregg's cockhead was enveloped in a hot grip. "OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK," Alec hissed.

"You O-"

But Gregg's question didn't get finished when Alec said, "AGAIN, I want you IN ME!" and PUSHED against him, as if he was expelling Gregg's cock, and Gregg had to push back just to hold ground. But amazingly his cock slid farther in that impossibly tight channel, accompanied by a loud, "OHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!" from Alec and then more panting.

Alec's grimace was so pronounced, but then his face relaxed to mere effort, and his cheeks puffed then hollowed with his breaths. Gregg's cock was so tightly held in Alec's ass that he knew there was no way he could push farther in, much less fuck something that tight, like the tightest grip he could have made with his hand.

"Just gimme . . . a . . . minute here," Alec said, as if sensing his despair. "You . . . really ARE . . . hung . . . like a fucking . . . horse!" Alec huffed up at him.

Gregg didn't know what else to do but to keep still for fear of hurting Alec. But he wanted to do something else, and his body did it despite his reasoning about keeping still. He leaned down and pressed his lips over Alec's and kissed him.

Alec seemed surprised, and reluctant at first. Not resistant, just reluctant, and Gregg knew he was concentrating on the tree-trunk he had up his wazoo. But his lips were warm, and his panting breaths HOT, and Gregg needed to feel them.

Without warning Alec threw his arms around Gregg and sucked his lips and tongue fully into his mouth, devouring him. Gregg got his bearings and began really kissing Alec back, and then, again without warning, Alec held tight against him, mouths tight together and groaned into his mouth, "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," and shoved himself back onto Gregg's cock until he could feel his balls resting against Alec's ass.

"HOLY FUCK!" Gregg cried into Alec's mouth.

And that's just what they did. Alec, in response, awkwardly said, "DO THAT!" and went back to sucking Gregg's face as he began fucking himself on Gregg's cock. Gregg didn't need more urging, amazed that Alec's tight fuckchute wasn't ripping the skin of his cock, but he started counter-thrusting to Alec's movements. "OHGODYES!" Alec cried.

Then they were off. Alec was growling and moaning as they continued to kiss, and Gregg's thrusts got harder, deeper and faster. The harder he fucked the more Alec seemed to love it - and that was an understatement given the desperate fervor with which he sucked his face and fucked back - and Gregg let go of his remaining, instinctive concern for what would happen to Alec if he really let himself go, instead seizing on what Alec had told him.

Gregg pulled away from Alec's lips, grabbed Alec's ankles out of the air and pulled his legs out and pushed them back so his back was arched and his ass higher in the air. "FUCKYEAH!" Alec cried and grinned up at Gregg as he growled and struggled hard to get leverage to drive himself back onto Gregg's cock.

Gregg grinned down at Alec evilly. "You want that?" he asked, giving Alec a one or two inch stroke of his cock, just enough to make Alec screw up his face and moan with want . . . for more.

Another short-stroke, and Alec's eyes were pleading. "GOD, GREGG!" he moaned from deep within him.  FUCKKKKKKKMMMMMEEEEEEEE!" Grinning wider, Gregg pulled back until he felt his flared cockhead against the inside barrier that was Alec's assring, and just to tease him pulled back harder, though the tightness was not going to allow him to come free, not even close. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Alec cried.

Turning his evil grin to a sneer, Gregg DROVE into Alec HARD until he felt his pelvis grind into Alec's pubic bone. Alec's eyes were wide and his mouth open wider in a look of surprise. Just as he started to make a sound, Gregg yanked his cock backward, again pulling against Alec's ringclamp, and then slammed into Alec again.

That time, though, Alec's face morphed into sheer determination, and as Gregg thrust in, Alec growled loud and shoved himself into the thrust. Their crotch-collision was painful . . . and incredible. Gregg's loins were stoked, and he followed one crazed thrust with another, harder and faster, until they were both rutting like animals.

The smell of their sweat - well, most notably Gregg's, since he hadn't showered before their pizza that afternoon - was intoxicating. Gregg's passion for this, for the feel of his fat, hard cock being squeezed like a deathgrip through astonishingly sexy Alec's tight, hot mancunt, was all-encompassing. His hips pounded Alec relentlessly, and he wanted to possess him, wanted to see Alec with only Gregg - or his cock - in his consciousness, overtaken by his passion.

One slightly off-center thrust, and Gregg's pistoning cock slammed head-first into something inside Alec . . . HARD. Gregg flinched and pulled back, but as he did he saw Alec's eyes roll back in his head a little and his moan of ecstasy was apparent. Hmmmmm. Gregg aligned the next thrust the same way, and when his cock thudded into Alec's protrusion again, the reaction was the same, maybe more pronounced. "OH GOD YESSSSSSS!" Alec hissed.

That was it, then. Gregg pounded Alec's prostate - not having a clue what it was he was doing - and watching Alec's body jerk and his moans go to cries. A growing puddle and splatter of precum was glistening on Alec's perfect abs, and as Gregg pounded him harder, the flow increased, along with the intensity of Alec's body's jerking.

When Gregg finally started jackhammering Alec fast and hard, he cried out, "OHFUCK you're gonna make me fucking CUMMMMM!" thrashing his each side to side.

"OH FUCK YES I AM!" Gregg cried, redoubling his thrust speed and intensity and feeling Alec's body tensing as he still held his ankles.

OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!" Alec cried, his entire body tensed, every lean muscle flexed, particularly his mancunt, which held Gregg suddenly captive and immobile. Then Gregg felt Alec's body start to spasm and jerk, inside and out, and as his cock was being milked, Alec's first blast of cum shot HARD in a long arc which SPLATTED against the wall up near the ceiling.

Gregg was so out of control, so excited by the sight of his stud cumming that he was taken unaware when his own body tensed and spasmed and with a great roar he began blasting his own essence into the condom. Alec's shots were still going, and the sight of his muscles roiling and his cum blasting and splatting on his torso was every bit as hot as the afterburners which were firing inside him and expelling his own seed.

It seemed like forever, but it wasn't. In that short time, though, Gregg's world changed entirely, tilted on its axis, reseated itself and brought sense to years of confusion, denial and despair. His breathing was strained, panting, working to gather himself and at the same time feeling Alec's ankles in his hands, the two of them still joined, Gregg rubbing his face against the insoles of Alec's huge feet.

Alec was looking up at Gregg, enjoying the feel of his stubbly cheek and chin on the soles of his feet, enjoying the pain in his ass - the incredible, wonderful pain - and, mostly, enjoying that the studly jock he'd fantasized about for so long had just fucked him. OH, his mind quickly thought, and oh my GOD, Gregg had FUCKED him . . . fucked his brains out, apparently, because he was having stupid thoughts about him, about them, about . . . far too many things that exceeded a blowjob and a fuck.

Alec was jolted out of his thoughts when he felt Gregg's lips gently kiss the ball of his left foot first, and then the same on the right. He looked up and Gregg was looking down at him. "Too girlie?" Gregg asked sheepishly.

Alec had to work to keep from getting choked up - at least from showing it - and forced himself to laugh. "Pull your horsecock out of me, and when you're done doing that - probably next week if you go slow - then lay down and get some sleep. You have an early flight."

Gregg laughed, too, and he withdrew and got the condom off and held it up, half-filled with his semen. "That must have been some other guy you blew earlier and who came in his pants after that!" he joked.

"You're a stud, Gregg Owens," Alec said up to him and caressed Gregg's slimy, hanging cock appreciatively. And to himself he thought, And I want you to be MY stud.

Gregg grinned from ear to ear. As he tied off the condom and pitched it deftly into a wastepaper can by his desk, he wondered if he should offer Alec a wipe-up for the cum running in rivulets along the shallow rips between his muscles and down his sides. Or did men not give a shit about that stuff. He certainly didn't give a shit about his slimy cock.

As if reading his thoughts, Alec said, "I'll lick you clean if you lick me clean," with a sly grin.

Gregg groaned in want . . . and sprung into action, lifting Alec's legs again and burying his face in Alec's sweaty, precummy ass. His tongue and nose were in heaven, licking the sweat and precum gently from Alec's puffy, gaping butthole, enjoying Alec's manscent and the residual of their sex as Alec hissed and moaned.

When Gregg came up for air and crawled up so he could start licking Alec's cock and abs, Alec just started giggling . . . and giggling. Finally, Gregg looked up and asked, "Ticklish?"

Alec knew it wasn't that at all, but he caressed Gregg's head with his hands and replied, "I'll go with that . . . if you get up here and get an hour or two of rest." He pulled Gregg gently until he climbed up into Alec's waiting arms and put his head on his shoulder.

GODDAMN PHONE AGAIN! Gregg thought, jerking out of a deep sleep.

Alec had one long arm around him, and with the other was shutting off his phone. "Jesus, I'm going to be dead at work this morning!" he whined.

"OH MY GOD!" Gregg groaned. Alec stiffened. THAT'S IT, he thought. STRAIGHT BOY took a walk on the wild side and now is going to disclaim, explain and make me swear never to tell. "This wasn't a dream - it's real!" Gregg said, beaming and kissing Alec's neck.

Alec relaxed . . . and then he wrapped his arms tight around Gregg and pulled him closer. "It's a dream come true for me," he told him. "But you have to get your sexy ass in the shower and then get on your way to the airport. I set my phone alarm to make sure you weren't late."

Gregg was overcome. HOT, sexy AND thoughtful. SHIT - Alec was really the whole deal. "You relax and you can get several more hours of sleep, Alec," Gregg said, getting up and fishing his phone out of his jeans. "I'm just going to Uber to get to the airport." And then, grabbing his truck key, too, he handed it to Alec. "I'll be gone until tomorrow night, so you take my truck to work and use it while I'm gone."

"Oh, I couldn't-"

"Hey!" Gregg stopped him sharply, and Alec started at his tone. "Just do it. I don't want you having to walk because Ron's car isn't working and you can't bum from him."

"You don't mind-"

"No, I want you to," Gregg said quickly, grabbing a gym bag and, after emptying the contents on his desk, beginning to stuff some clothes into it.

"Gregg, no," Alec protested. "What I was going to ask was if you realized that if I drive your rather, uh, noticeable truck, then people will think, uh . . . "

Facing Alec, stopping his packing for a minute, Gregg asked, "Do YOU mind if people think we're together? Or that we're fucking? Or anything in between? Cuz I don't, if that's what you want to know. In fact, I'd LIKE them to think, 'OH, that hot stud Alec Dunne is Gregg Owens' boyfriend. Lucky Gregg!'" Gregg was grinning defiantly at Alec, whose mouth was open in surprise.

Gregg took the few steps to Alec and plopped down on the bed next to him. "Alec, I do have to get my ride ordered and get showered and go so I don't miss my plane. And this is too big a conversation for us to hurry through. But . . . before we, uh-"

"Sucked and fucked?" Alec prompted, getting a grin from Gregg.

"AND slept together, if we're being technical," Gregg went on, "Before that, I made a huge decision, that I didn't really understand. I still don't understand a lot - to wit, that who's the woman stuff and the check and prep stuff. But what I do understand is that I feel like I've not only opened this door, but now I've burst through it, and I'm on the other side. I'm scared as hell that Flemming's prediction will be wrong, and my uber-conservative parents will drop-kick me over the wall, off the property when I tell them, but at least I'll have killed this secret and can get on with my life. And if you're willing to be a part of it, well, I'll . . . " Gregg kind of choked on the end.

Alec beamed. "Why don't I ride with you to the airport and drive the truck back? I'd rather have another half-hour with you than an hour's more sleep."



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