"Oh Jamie, don't pull it out, don't pull it out! Hey man, leave it in me! Fuck me some more, yea do me some more!"

As Jamie laid exhausted and completely whipped on Mike's back, he raised his head up enough to tell Mike that he was too exhausted to do anymore fucking right then. "Mike, oh shit man, I'm fucking whipped man!

Shit man I fucked your ass harder than any ass I've fucked lately. Shit man, for some guy that was screaming just a few days ago that he couldn't take anything up in his ass, you sure have changed your mind. Mike, I've got to rest and re-catch my breath!"

"OK man, OK, but put some fingers or something up in me then!

Please! Jamie, I need to feel something up in my butt! I want something up in my butt!"

"OK, I'll finger you some while I rest, but man, I've got to re-coop some. Your ass wore the hell out of me man! You've got one hot fucking ass! Man, my dick is completely worn out! Man are you sure you don't get fucked all the time? Man you sure as hell can take it back there like a pro!"

As Jamie pulled out of Mike's ass and repositioned himself beside the hot man and the hot ass that he had just exploded in, he started his fingers on his right hand, kind of, into Mike's ass. He moved them very slowly and very carefully so as to have Mike stay nice and anxious to have his ass played with. He had completely fucked the hell out of that ass, but if Mike was still anxious to have it played with, he sure did not want Mike to change his mind.

"Come on man, come on. Put some fingers up in me please! Jamie, I want to feel some fingers up in my ass! Please!"

With that statement of encouragement, Jamie decided that doing the fingers in the ass slowly was definitely not the action that Mike was now looking for. Jamie tucked his fingers up close together and with a strong question in his mind about if this was really the right thing to do or not, he rammed all four fingers up and into Mike's ass. One strong shove!

"Oh God Yes! Oh God yea, push!" Mike very loudly exclaimed. "Oh Jamie push 'em in me man, yea push 'em in me!"

Jamie was completely confused at Mike's rather profound instance of having Jamie ram his ass with his fingers, but Jamie obeyed the orders and tucked his thumb in close beside his fingers and pushed hard. He questioned if this was really the right thing to be doing to some guy that just now started playing around with his ass, but he had been strongly told that some strong action back there was what Mike wanted.

"Oh man,-Oh God, yes Jamie-yes do that, do that!"

"Mike, I'm about ready to do a complete fisting back here if I push any harder. You want my fist up in there?"

"Yea, yes I think I do! Oh Jamie, the only thing I could think of since I was over here the other day was you playing in my ass. Jamie, I have been so damn anxious to get back over here and do this, I've lost all concentration in going the normal stuff. I have wanted to get back over here so bad ever since you pushed those dildos up in me the other day! Yea I want your fist up in me, I guess. I guess, man, yea I guess I do!

Jamie, I'm not sure what I want except that I know I need something up in my ass and right now your hand is feeling really good to me. I've been dreaming about you doing this to me ever since you told me about you getting fisted. Oh man that made me hard and hot! Yea, yea I want your fist up in me. Yea man, yea,---push on it! Yea, push hard! Yea please push on my ass hard!"

Jamie put some more lube on his hand and his wrist, and did as he was told so emphatically to do, --push his hand up in there! Without hardly any warning at all, his hand did, almost, just fall into Mike's ass.

Even with an ass as hungry as Mike's was right then, when Jamie's knuckles popped in, Mike let out a screaming yell.

"Oh my God man, Oh My God! Oh shit man that hurts,- Oh God man that hurt, oh shit man! Oh Jamie, that hurt!"

"Lay still Mike, lay still! Lay still for just a moment and let your ass close around my wrist! Lay still!"

"Oh Jamie, oh shit man-oh fuck! Oh I should have realized that if your hand went up in me it was going to hurt! Oh shit man, I was just so fucking turned on by the fucking that you gave me, and all of the time I've dreamed about you putting your hand up in there! I just got too fucking excited and too fucking anxious to have something else done to me. Oh shit that hurt when you pushed in! God your knuckles felt like the sides of a railroad car going up in me! Damn man, I should have been smart enough to know getting a hand pushed up in there was going to have to hurt for a second. But man, I was just so damn anxious for it, I guess I really didn't care!"

"Mike, I was sure it was going to hurt some if I pushed it on in, but man you just kept begging like you had been fisted before! You OK? Is your ass feeling OK now?"

"Yea, it's feeling pretty good now. Yea, I can sure see now that once a fist gets pushed up in there, a guy's got to just lay here a minute and let the pain pass don't he? Jamie, I never thought about it hurting like that. I was so damn horny for you to do some more hot stuff to me back there that I never thought about what it might feel like once your whole hand goes in. Man, wow! That was unexpected! Oh shit man, how fucking big is my ass hole now? Wow, I sure did not expect that!"

"Yea I'm not too surprised. When you first asked me to put some fingers up in you I kind of wondered if I should or not, but you were begging so much, I figured, OK-he wants it, do it! You doing OK now?

How's my hand feeling up in there now?"

"Now it's feeling damn good! Real good! Wiggle your fingers some so I can feel them move. Oh yea--yea do that again! Oh Jamie, that feels so fucking good! Hey man, now I'm glad I kind of made you do it. Got to admit that if I had realized that sharp of a pain would hit when your hand slams in, I might not have wanted it, but now-------hey man-this it living.

Yea wiggle your fingers! Oh Jamie, this is something I never thought I ever get to do or feel. Oh man, now I know why you get fisted! Oh Jamie, oh shit man! This is great!"

"Yea man, and I do get fisted as often as I can. You told me the other day you wanted to fist me some time, and I think we moved way closer to that now. Once a guy is fisted, then he knows what it's like on the receiving end, and then he can do the fisting. Mike I've got to tell you that you simply shock the hell out of me over and over. After you first yelled at me that you can't get fucked, I figured that if I just got to suck on you, I'd be doing good, and now all of a sudden, here we are, laying side beside each other and I've got my hand up in your ass! Damn man, you are one prize piece! You have gone from virgin boy to full action sex guy in just fucking moments. Mike, most guys that finally get fisted don't get it until after they've thought about it and kind of talked it over with other guys for a long time. You are the first guy that I know of that got it so fucking fast and so soon. Man I can tell you've really been wanting to do this stuff for a long time, but you just never went out and found it, did you?"

"You know Jamie, I know damn well that internally I've wanted action like this for years, and just refused to admit it. I mean after all man, any guy that tries to fuck his own ass with a hammer handle, he must be open game for this type of stuff, don't you think?"

"Hey Mike, I know of a guy that fucked himself with a baseball bat once before he started playing around with guys! He told me that once he got that bat up in his ass, he knew he needed to start finding some real dick to use back there."

"Oh fuck shit man, which end? Did he use the smaller end or the big end? Oh God, a baseball bat up his ass? Ouch, damn man, he sure should have felt that!"

"Well I asked him the same question when I found out about it. He told me that he used the smaller end first, but then getting more and more anxious for more fun, he finally turned the bat over one day, put the smaller end on the floor, and sat down on the big end. He said he did not, of course, get as much of the bigger end up in his ass as he did the smaller end, but he admitted that it felt better. He said forcing his ass open enough to get the thick end in was a major turn on."

"Oh shit man, I can't believe that! Wow, what a fucking turn on that is. Hey---Jamie, did you ever do that?"

"Hell yes! Man, after hearing him tell about putting that bat up in his ass, I had to try it! He was right, felt damn good, too! Never told my brother of just why I wanted to borrow his baseball bat for the week-end though. I just told him that I and some other guys were wanting to do some batting practice at the city park that week-end. I did make sure I got all of the grease off of it first though, before I gave it back to him."

As Mike laid there enjoying the feelings of having Jamie's hand firmly stuck up in his ass, and also listening to Jamie talk about his friend that had used a baseball bat on his ass, and Jamie's own person use of a bat, he said, "Oh Jamie, push in father! Can you put your hand up in me farther? Oh man, this is feeling good!"

"Are you sure? You sure you want me to do that?"

"Yea! Yea I do. I'm so fucking hot just knowing that you are up inside of me, and listening to you tell about that guy that fucked himself with a baseball bat, and you fucking yourself with a bat, you've got me all turned on and hot! Jamie, yea, please go up in me as far as I can take it, OK? Please? I want to feel your hand way up in me!"

"Yea Mike, I will, if you want! Yea, let me get in position here and let's see how far up in you I can go! Now if it gets uncomfortable, you let me know, OK?"

"Oh man, the way I feel right now, you could probably push it up in me and make it come out of my mouth and it wouldn't feel uncomfortable.

Jamie, this is so fucking good! Man, I knew I was needing some treatment like this, but man I had no idea of how bad I wanted it. Jamie, I am so damn glad you told me the other day you wanted to suck on me. Shit man, ---that had to take guts to tell me that, but man, there had to be some kind of any unexplained connection between you and me to make you do that.

Oh Jamie, ram my ass! Let me feel your hand up in there as far as you can go! Reach up in me man!"

Jamie did as Mike was begging for, and for more than 15 or 20 minutes he continued his fisting adventures up into Mike's interior and during the entire time, he continued to hear Mike begging for "More, yea deeper man, do me more!"

Finally after the 15 or 20 minutes of getting fisted and begging for Jamie to put it in farther,---farther, Mike finally told Jamie that he thought maybe he had finally hit his limit.

"How far up in me are you? How far did you get in? I can feel your hand up in there, but how far is it?"

"Well, we'll measure it after I pull out, but from the looks of my arm, the part I can still see, I think I got my hand, my wrist and about seven or eight inches of my arm up in you. Still feeling good?"

"Oh God yes it does! You mean, you've got about seven or eight inches more than your wrist up in me? Is that what you mean?"

"Yea, that's what I'm saying. I will say one major thing for you, and that is,--- you love to get fisted! You have got one hungry ass man, one hungry ass! Mike, I can sure understand now why you tried to fuck yourself with that hammer handle once. You were real ass hungry back then, and when using that handle on yourself didn't work out so well, then you just got all afraid that anything back there would feel the same way. The way you took my hand and arm up in you today, I'm really surprised that you never tried doing something else back there since that hammer day. Really man, I'm shocked that the way you went for this today, that you've never tried something else. You've never tried anything else, right?"

As Mike laid there encouraging Jamie to keep moving his hand and arm around so that he could have the good inner feelings that he was now enjoying up inside, he attempted to answer Jamie's question about trying anything else.

"No, I never did. Yea, I will admit that I sure did want to a few times, and I've really dreamed about trying something again, but it just never happened."

"What ideas did you have? What other things did you think about trying?"

"Oh some of them were probably pretty stupid, and I'm probably glad I never did them, but one in particular that I can really remember was really looking at the trailer hitch ball on the back of a friends truck one day."

"The trailer hitch ball? Talk to me man, talk to me! This sound interesting!"

"I didn't do it Jamie, I didn't do it. Oh how I wanted to, but I never did!"

"Wait a minute here, wait a minute! You didn't do what? What was the idea about the trailer hitch ball?"

"Oh I and a friend by the name of George were out at the lake one day fishing, and we were using his truck. When we were getting our gear out of the back of the truck, I noticed the steel trailer hitch ball sticking out of the back of the bumper, and all of a sudden I had this, kind of a rush, wishing I could just strip off all of my clothes, and sit my ass down on that steel ball, and let it go up in my ass. All of a sudden, I wanted that ball up in me. Oh man, just the idea of that ball of shinny steel up in my ass was such a fucking turn on! I really wanted to feel that up inside of me, but I didn't do it! I wanted to, but I didn't do it!"

"Uh, did that George guy know what you were thinking? Did he have any reason to know what you wanted to do?"

"No, no. Hell man, I couldn't tell some other guy that all of a sudden I wanted his trailer hitch ball to fuck my ass! It looked exciting, but I had to just let it go. I do admit though that during that whole day, I kind of kept thinking about it, and I kept wishing I could try it! I made stupid excuses more than once to go get something out of the back of the truck just so I could look at that steel ball sticking out from the bumper and how I wanted to just strip my Levis off and sit down on it and let it fill my ass."

"Well----hey,---if George had not been there, think you might have done it? If you had been by yourself, think you would have sat on it?"

"Yea,---hell yes I would have! I will admit that a couple of times I wished I was out there all by myself and could do that. I even wondered a few times if there was anyway I could make an excuse to borrow George's truck for some reason, and then take it out some place real private and sit on it. Jamie, I'm being real honest with you about some of my wild ideas, but then I figure, hell man, ---the guy has his arm stuck up in my ass, so what in the hell do I need to be primp and proper about. You had the guts to tell me you wanted to suck me off, I sure as hell can have the guts to tell you that I've wanted to be fucked by some steel ball. I'm really having some serious fun being able to tell you this shit. I guess I've wanted somebody like you around me for a hell of a long time now, and it's finally happening. Jamie, I'm liking this! I thought I was about ready to have you take your hand back out, but after thinking about that trailer hitch ball and how I wish I could have done that, my ass is begging for more! Push your hand up in me again. Push hard, yea------let me feel your fingers moving around up in my guts! Oh God man! Your hand has got to feel one hell of a lot better than that trailer hitch ball would have felt!

It would have felt good. I know just the idea of that ball of steel going up in my ass is a fucking turn on, but it sure could not have gone up in me like your hand is doing! Push man, push! Make me think you've got that ball of steel in your hand and you're ramming my ass and my guts with it.

Oh man, I can't believe this! I'm finally getting something big up in my ass! Fist me man, fist me!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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