"No, No Jamie! No! Don't fuck me, please! No! Don't! Please, I can't take that!" Mike actually screamed, and attempted to jump up as Jamie told him he just had to fuck his ass.

"OK, OK I won't!" Jamie quickly reassured Mike. "You're OK, I won't fuck you if you don't want me to. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Hey Jamie, ---Jamie I know, inside, mentally, I really do want you to fuck me, but I just can't take it. Jamie, I tried sticking part of a hammer handle up in my ass once, and it just plain hurt too damn bad!

Jamie, I wanted to fuck my own ass once, and I just can't take something up in my butt. I'm sorry man, I'm sorry but I know I just can't take it! And besides, for God's sake man, look at the size of dick you've got too man!

There's no way in hell man I could let you fuck me!"

"Hey hey Mike! Calm down man, I'm not going to fuck you. You're OK!"

"Oh thanks man! Thanks!"

As Jamie put Mikes' legs back down and then laid down on him and slightly rubbed his sides and his chest to calm him back down, he asked,

"So Mike, you tried to fuck yourself with what,---a hammer handle once? Is that what you said?"

"Yea, I did. I didn't think I'd ever have to admit that to anybody, but yea I did. It was probably 10 or 12 years ago. I was home all by myself and was working in the garage, and I guess I was horny.

Anyway, I was just messing around with some stuff in the garage and all of a sudden I wondered what it would feel like to stuff something up in my ass. I was home alone so I knew nobody was going to come in and see what I was doing, so the more I thought about it, the more excited I got, and I dropped my pants and tried to fuck myself with the handle of a hammer. It just didn't work! I tried! I really did, cause the more I thought about it, the more excited I got over wanting to feel something up in there.

Jamie, I just couldn't get it up in me, and I thought I was tearing my ass, all up, the way it hurt. I was really excited and I guess I kept trying longer than I should have, and was pushing harder than I should have too."

"Mike, did you use any lube on it? You've got to use some kind of lube on it, especially something like a hammer handle."

"No, no I didn't! I guess I probably should have, but when I got to thinking about sticking something up in there, I just got all excited and just wanted to see what it would feel like, but then it just plain hurt too bad and I had to quit. I got all excited about fucking myself before I even knew what I was going to use. I looked around for something and that's when I saw the hammer. I thought I could take that. It didn't look too big, but man, it was! Later I kind of wished that I had tried something like maybe the broom handle or something a lot thinner. But then, I was too afraid to try something else. I didn't want it to feel like the handle did and I was afraid that it might!"

As Jamie laid there and softly talked to Mike, he reassured Mike that things could be OK, and not to always think getting fucked would feel like it did when he tried to fuck his ass with the hammer handle. Then he rather laughed and told Mike he was just glad he had not tried to use the other end of the hammer.

"Mike, seriously, you really needed to use some lube. A hammer handle is not the best thing in the world to start getting fucked by.

Really man, I'm not surprised it hurt. Trust me, I'm not going to try and fuck you. You got way too upset when I said I was going to do that, but Mike, you really can get fucked. Guys get fucked all the time. And with dicks bigger than mine!"

"Man, I know I should be able to. I know guys fuck each other all the time, and I guess that's why I got myself so excited that day when I was home all alone and started fantasizing about doing that."

"Mike, have you ever tried to use a dildo on yourself?"

"No! No man, I'm a married guy! I can't have things like dildos around the house. And besides, I'm hardly ever home by myself so that I could even use it."

"But you'd like to if you could, wouldn't you?"

"Yea, ---guess I wanted to once, since I did try to do myself that day in the garage, but after that day and as badly as that hurt, I'm not sure I'll ever try that again."

"Mike, relax, I promise you I'm not going to do anything that you don't want, but I do have some dildos, and when you decide you might want to see if you can take one up in your hot little ass, I've got a small one that you can start with."

"Hey Jamie, thanks man. Seriously when you got all excited and told me you needed to fuck me, I do admit I got really scared. I don't know if I'll ever try putting something back up in my butt again, but let me decide that later. OK? Hey, for now, can you just kind of lick on me and maybe suck on my dick a little. I've got to admit, when you got all excited and said you had to fuck me, I kind of all freaked out. Jamie, I need to calm back down. Let's face it, man. When I left the office today, I sure as hell never expected to be doing what I'm doing now, so I need to take things kind of slow. OK?"

"Hey man, I understand. Really I do. Just lay there and let me take care of you. You're OK, I'm just going to lick you, taste you, rub you and put that dick of yours in my mouth and suck real hard on it. Maybe after I suck on you for awhile, then maybe your ass will get all anxious to try something up in there again."

"Yea Jamie, play with me for awhile. Seriously man, I'm not sure about putting anything up in my butt today. For some reason, I feel like I need to think about doing that for some time, and then maybe decide later if I can do it or not. OK?"

"Hell yes man! Hell yes!" Jamie quickly replied as he looked up at Mike's face, just moments before he impaled his mouth with Mike's beef steak. "Hell yes man! From they way you are now talking, I'm getting the idea that maybe, just maybe tonight is not going to be the last time you come to visit me, right?"

As Mike laid back and enjoyed the feeling of Jamie on top of him, and the feeling of Jamie's hands rubbing up and down his body line, and noticing also the warm breath hitting his stomach as Jamie approached his raging hardon, he answered. "Well man, it's up to you. I'll admit, I sure as hell never expected to be doing this tonight, but Jamie, the more you play with me and feel me, the more excited I am about being here. I've never, never, told anybody else about getting sucked off in that locker room that day, and I sure as hell, have never told anybody about me trying to fuck my own ass with that hammer handle. So I guess now I feel like I've pretty well given you all of me, and now I feel like I've got me a new friend, like none that I've ever had before. Jamie, I admit, I've wanted to play with some guy for a long time now, or at least wanted to find out what it was like, but things just never worked out where I could. I'm glad, really glad, you told me there at the bus stop that you wanted to suck my cock, or whatever it was you said. Shocked the shit out of me at the time, but thank God you had the guts to do it. This is feeling good."

Jamie looked up at Mike, smiled and said. "Mike, that makes me feel good! And, I'm damn glad you took it OK, and didn't get pissed at me.

If I had known earlier that you had been wanting to see what playing with a guy was like, it sure as hell would not have taken me two weeks to get around to telling you I wanted to play with you. So I'm the first guy you've ever played with, I assume, or ----are there still things to tell?"

Jamie asked as he looked up at Mike, grinned a large smile and then immediately placed the back of his throat and his tonsils on Mike's rod.

"Oh man! Oh Jamie,-the more you do that, the more I'm just fucking melting. Yea-you are right. I could tell from the way you asked that last question, --you know damn well that dick's been sucked on by other guys, don't you?"

Without taking Mike's dick out of his mouth, Jamie tipped his head up so he could look into Mike's eyes, and just grunted a "Yea" as he attempted a mouthful of cock smile at Mike. He then uttered, "Tell me, tell me."

"Jamie I've never had it as nice as I'm getting it tonight. I've never been in some guy's house where I could lay down and let him lay on top of me like this. All of my previous blow jobs have been in the car, in the bed of some guys old rattle pickup truck, or in some dark alley, some damn dirty place where, with some guy that probably didn't even have a home, could kneel down in front of me, grab my crotch, open my pants and take my dick like he hadn't had anything to eat in days. Every blow job I've ever had, well except for Georgie and the locker room, has been in some dark and stinking place where I had to keep watching for cars to come by, hoping that some cop didn't drive by right then. I've wanted to do it like this for years and years, but tonight is the first time I've ever gotten to. Jamie, this is nice, real nice! real nice!"

Jamie listened to Mike tell about his prior experiences, and as he did he managed to eat even that much more of Mike's stiff stick, and actually feel that what was then happening was really a little more than just sucking and having sex. He was really feeling a sharing of a true love, being expressed by Mike in the way he was describing his prior times.

Jamie was feeling very good that he had managed to gain enough courage, to tell Mike that he wanted to suck on him.

Jamie pulled off of Mike's dick and slid his face up Mike's stomach line, and slowly slid his face over so that his lips were now directly on Mike's right nipple.

"Oh yea man! Oh yea!" Mike almost yelled as he watched and felt Jamie place his mouth on his tit. "Oh yea-oh man that feels so damn good!

Oh man, yea suck on my tit!"

With that encouragement, Jamie took Mike's right nipple into his mouth and so very slightly bit down, just a little. Remembering Mike's fear of getting it up in the ass, Jamie did not want to freak Mike out by biting too hard. He really did want Mike to ask for it, and he did.

"Oh yea, chew on my tit! Oh man, please, please chew on it, please!"

Jamie reacted to the instruction and not only chewed on it, but he sucked it very strongly, and then, as he released the strong suck, he bit firmly. Mike jumped and jerked, but he did not tell Jamie to stop. He just grunted and groaned a very accepting grunt, and he grabbed Jamie around the chest and squeezed. Jamie took that as a signal of OK, and also maybe a signal to move over to the left tit.

As Jamie placed his mouth on Mike's left tit, Mike grabbed hold of Jamie and squeezed him very tightly. "Yes man yes! Oh yes bite my tit!

Bite me man, bite me! I like that ! I like that! Oh my God Jamie, I like that! I've never felt that before! Do me some more! Oh Jamie that is feeling so good. Man, I've never felt that before. Jamie, that's the first time I've ever been chewed on, and you probably won't believe me, but tonight's the first time I've ever sucked on some guy's cock. Jamie, you are the first guy I've ever sucked on. You're the first guy to ever put his dick in my mouth. I've been sucked on probably 15 or 20 times, but I've never sucked on some other guy until I did you tonight. Seriously man, when you dropped your pants and I saw that dick, I about went out of my mind wanting to suck on it. I've never felt that way before. I've never really ever wanted to suck on some guy. I've always wanted him to just suck me off and then let me go. I've always figured that I was wanting to re-live that day in the locker room when I was held down so that Georgie could suck on me. I guess that was more exciting to me than what I wanted to admit, wasn't it? When I grabbed you and pulled you toward me and put my mouth on your dick, I didn't know for sure what I was doing, but I knew I had to do it! I just kind of spaced out knowing that I had to put your dick in my mouth and in as far as I could get it. Jamie, I was kind of possessed. The sight of your dick made me kind of go crazy, until I heard you say that you needed to fuck me. Then all of a sudden, I guess I kind of snapped out of it and came to. Really before that, I felt like I was someplace else. Felt good, but kind of, out there, so to say. I guess my mind just went kind of crazy just wanting to feel your cock in my mouth for a little while. Man, I've never felt that way before! Oh Jamie, this is so good! Man, this is good!"


Wade Wright

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