Mike's evening with the dildos going up in his ass, and his final realization that even maybe a fucking telephone pole stuck up in there just might be fun too, made him more than overly anxious to get back over to Jamie's place and let that young man finally show him what it feels like to have a man laying on his back, and sticking his stiff hard rod up in his ass.

Jamie and Mike had decided that "somebody-up-above" was on their side since Jennifer and Sara were going to be gone to some kind of a regional Girl Scout function over the week-end, and that would give Mike some good "open" time that he could easily spend with Jamie. Mike told Jamie that they were headed out for Denver right after school was out on Friday, and that they would even be gone by the time he got home from work.

It was quickly decided that they would now share an additional bus ride home together, but their ride on Friday would definitely be a little different than the one they had experienced that day.

"Hey man, I was getting kind of worried here that something was holding you up and maybe you were not going to get here on time."

Mike looked at Jamie, shook his head some, and replied. "Yea, I know! Whenever you want to made damn sure you do something specific, that is when the whole day falls apart on you. I got involved in some crap at the office, but thankfully I managed to push it off on Phil right at the last minute. Sorry I made you worry."

"Hey no problem now. You're here, I'm here and thank goodness the bus is late. I'm usually pissed when it's late, but today I'm glad."

Jamie said, as he looked Mike over very animatedly, so that Mike knew what was happening.

Jamie, stop that! Somebody's going to see you doing that and wonder just what in the hell is going on!"

"I know, I know! But Mike, it's been four days since I finally got you all stripped down and naked, and right now I'm just kind of undressing you with my eyes, getting myself all anxious for us to be spending the evening together."

"Well let me tell you something young man, I am too! Hey, here comes the bus. Now keep your hands off of me while we are on the bus, or I will have a fucking hardon like none you have ever seen before! OK?"

Jamie looked at Mike, laughed and said, "Yea---yea! Maybe, maybe!"

Just as he said "Maybe", the bus stopped and the door opened. Mike and Jamie got on the bus, and immediately Jamie managed to re-play the entire previous bus ride as if it had never happened before.

As Mike and Jamie got off at 83rd Street, Mike grabbed Jamie buy the shoulder and jokingly shook him. "Damn man, I told you to keep your hands to yourself. I've got a raging hardon right now that is visible from downtown, I'm sure!"

"Good! That's good man, that's good. Nobody saw anything, anyway, did they? I don't think they did, did they?"

Jamie, I'm not too sure. That once, when you reached back and really took a hold of me big time, I'm not so sure that kid sitting in the seat beside me didn't see that!"

"Oh that college like kid?"

"Yea that kid. You grabbed me and then when I looked over his way, he was looking up at me and was grinning like some big wild army cat. I really don't know for sure cause I wasn't looking at him when you did that, but right after that, he sure did act like he knew something."

"Good! I mean, that might be good! He was the one with the red t-shit on?"

"Yea that kid."

"Shit man, he was hot. I saw him. Hell I wish I had known that maybe he saw that! He grinned after that, uh? We just may need to keep our eyes open for that guy on the bus then. He could be fun! Shit man, he was kind of hot!"

The two men made the walk to Jamie's house with a lot of goofing and joking around, and it was very obvious that neither man was going to be taking any extra time getting ready for some hot, gay guy, sex once they got in the door.

As they closed the front door, Jamie immediately grabbed Mike, flung him around, placed his right hand squarely on Mike's now major hardon, and threw his left hand around Mike's body and grabbed his ass.

"Come on man, I want some of this, and I want it now!"

Mike and Jamie headed for the bedroom, letting clothes fly as they went down the hall, and within actually seconds, both men were naked and on the bed.

"Jamie my man, this time there is not going to be any of that stupid stuff about me being afraid of getting something up in my ass! I've had those dildos of yours up in there, and now I want you up in there.

Jamie, I'm serious, I've been so fucking horny for this ever since I left here the other night, I've been having trouble keeping my mind on work and other stuff. I feel like some teen age girl that's finally getting to go out with the hunk of the school. Fuck me man, and I mean fuck me good and hard!!"

"Holy shit man! Have I got the same guy in here that I had the other night?" Jamie joked and laughed. "Man Oh Man! You sure as hell are ready today, aren't you? God Mike, what a fucking change! Give me that ass, let me at it!"

This time there was no waiting and definitely no foreplay. Mike wanted it, and he wanted it THEN, --RIGHT THEN!

"Put that dick of death up in me man, fuck me!"

It sure did not require a second request for Jamie to throw his body down across Mikes' hot muscular body, grab his hardon dick, and after smearing only a small amount of KY on Mike's ass, he pushed it in.

"Oh my God yes man! Oh yes! Oh Jamie, God man I never thought having something like your big thick stiff dick stuck up in my ass could ever feel so damn good! Oh man, I am so sorry now that when I screamed, not to fuck me, that I ever said that. Oh man your dick sure is nothing like that fucking hammer handle I tried to use on me once. Oh man-push on me---yea push in hard! Oh God yes-Oh yea man push on my ass hard!!!"

"Hey getting it in the ass ain't so bad after all is it Mike? When I told you I wanted to suck on you, I sure never figured that simple suck was going to turn into anything like this! Man you were fucking ready for this today, weren't you? Shit man, you sure have changed your mind about putting something up in there, haven't you? Your ass is hot---fucking hot man---fucking hot!! I know now why those high school guys liked to wrestle with you and grab you. Shit man, ---all of you is one hot fucking guy!!

You are one hot fuck! Oh shit man, I sure as hell did not think that I'd be this deep in you within, what, four minutes of being in the house? Shit man, I'm surprised you didn't grope me on the bus, instead of me grabbing you! God this is good!"

"Jamie I wish like hell now that I had never tried fucking myself with that damn hammer handle. Ever since that day, I've really fought against letting any guy get close to my ass, and I have missed out on this for years now, because of that. I thought that last dildo you put up in me felt good, but God man, your dick is out of this world! Does doing the fucking feel as good as being the one down here and letting you fuck me like this?"

"Oh hell yea, man. Yea. Different feeling I know, but man getting to lay on top of something like you and an ass like yours has got to be good! Hell, even if I was just laying here and didn't have my cock rammed up in your butt, it would be great, but getting to stick it up in you and letting your ass grab a hold on it is fucking good! Squeeze your ass! Yea man! Yea, squeeze! Oh shit man, that is so fucking good on my dick! Oh I can feel the muscles in your ass when you do that! Yea-do it again??!"

"Hey Jamie, am I the only guy that had you as his first fucker? I mean, have you ever fucked any other guys for their first time?"

"Oh yea man, oh yea! I don't know how I get so lucky so often, but there are a lot of male virgin asses out there just waiting for some horny guy like me to strip them of their pants and tell 'em to spread it,-- I'm coming in man, open up your ass man,----I'm coming in! There are a lot of horny guys, guys wanting, "gay guy sex", that has just never gotten it.

Just like you! Be proud man, you are getting a real fucking, a real man-to-man fucking!! Maybe this should be called a "Man-in-Man" fucking!

How's your ass doing, man?"

"Oh shit man. God laying here getting fucked by you and feeling you on me while you are talking about fucking some other guy is so fucking hot to me. Shit man, I'm about to explode just feeling you and listening to you. Jamie, did you get to do any new guy, for his first time, that was really, really special to you? Tell me about your hottest fuck with a new guy."

"Well shit man, I'm in the middle of it right now, but I'm more than willing to tell you about one guy that I just can't get out of my mine. It was about maybe three year or four years ago. He was fucking gorgeous! Stood about 5'11, had short blond hair, a face you could kiss all day long, and an ass that you could stick your face up in and never come back out from. I remember how I used to blow air up in his ass. Oh God he loved that!"

"What, you did what?"

"Oh, pull his ass cheeks apart, put my face right up in there right at his ass hole, blow air up in his ass and fill his ass with hot man air, right out of my lungs. Hey-I'll show you when I pull my dick back out of your ass. First a dick, then hot air, you ass is getting it tonight!"

"Oh fuck! Oh shit man! Oh Jamie, I'm getting too damned turned on with this. How did you find that guy and what did you do?"

"Found him in a restroom at a theater one night. I was there alone, and of course horny as hell like normal, and this guy, his name is Jack, came in while I was at the urinal taking a piss. I of course had a hardon. And I sure as hell was not hiding it from any guy that wanted to see it. He looked, and I let him. We were the only two in there, thank goodness, and for that I have always been glad, and he was so damned interested in what I was stroking, he missed his aim at the urinal. I looked at him, smiled, and asked, 'Want this?' He almost wilted on the floor. He took a big, --very big, deep breath. He looked at me and almost screamed, well not really screamed, but he sure was vocal about it, and he said, 'Oh my God, yes! Yes I do, but man, I've never touched another guy's dick before.' I thought he was about to faint!"

"Shit man, ---fuck me Jamie--fuck me hard! Ram me man! This is getting me so damn horny even with you up in my ass all the way, I want more! Oh go on---tell me about that pretty Jack guy. What happened?"

"I turned toward him, I was definitely done pissing by then, and I just kind of moved over closer to him, and told him to grab it. He moved real slow. I could definitely tell he had never touched some other guy's dick before. His hand finally reached it. My cock jumped and jerked all by itself as if he had jerked on it. Hell man, I think I almost shot off with just him touching it slightly. He was so damn hot!"

"Hey Jamie, how old was this guy?"

"Oh---he was like 25, then. Yea, he was 25. I remember how he told me that he had been thinking about seeing if he could find some guy that he could have sex with, since he was already 25, and wanted to see if it was really as hot actually doing it, as what he had kind of dreamed of when he got on the inter-net and read some of the stuff on there. He was there at the theater with his girl friend that night, and I told him that doing it in the rest room was not a good idea, but if he'd come to my place right after the movie was over, I'd let him play with me, and since he kept saying, 'I want fucked, I want fucked, will you please fuck me', I told him that I'd fuck him and make him damn glad that was still just a girl friend, and not a wife yet. Yea- my telling him that I'd fuck him sounded like I was doing him a favor. Shit man-if you could just see the ass on that guy!

I fucked the hell out of that tight ass, I blew air up in that tight ass, I kissed that ass, I chewed on that ass, I rimmed that tight ass, I buried my face in that tight ass. I loved that tight ass! What a virgin ass he brought to me that night! That ass was like having a major dessert after having a big steak dinner! What an ass that guy has got!"

"Oh shit man! Oh crap! Why in the hell couldn't I have met somebody like you before I was married? Jamie,------why didn't you come find me in some restroom before I got married? Jamie, I've fucked a lot before, you know us straight guys, we've always got to prove our manhood by fucking everything, anything, and every night, but man-oh man----no fucking has ever felt this good to me! Oh man, Oh Jamie, fuck the hell out of me, fuck me hard, and tell me about you fucking that Jack guy! He did come over to your place I assume, right?"

"Oh yea, he did. I had given him my address while we were still in the restroom, and I told him that this was finally his chance, that he had better show up. He did! When he got there he told me how he actually just kind of dumped his girl friend and made some stupid excuse about not feeling good. Well,--- let me tell you, if he didn't feel well---he sure never got a chance to throw up that night. I gagged him a lot, but with his mouth full of dick, he sure never got a chance to heave if he had actually needed to."

"Hey-he was just making an excuse-right? He wasn't feeling sick was he?"

"No! Hell no! Yea-he gagged a lot! When you've never had a dick stuck down your throat and you want everything that's sticking out there, right in front of you---well hell---a lot like you did the other night, you are going to gag! He finally learned how to just relax his throat and let the ole pole slide in, but that first night, he was like a five year old kid at Christmas with a present he had wanted his whole life! After he got here, I dropped my gym shorts that I had on, and of course that's all I had on, and I thought he was going to pass out right there. He kept yelling about how big it was! I guess completely naked made it look bigger than it did earlier when I had pants on and it was just sticking out! Hell his 7 or 7and a half wasn't that much smaller. He had a fucking good dick on him! Stiff as a steel re-enforcing rod! That son of a bitch wouldn't bend even if it had an eighteen wheeler drive over it! And I had it up in my ass often enough to be a damn good judge about it. When he got done with my ass a few times, I think I knew how that damn hammer handle had felt to you! God, that guy can really fuck an ass, let me tell you. I guess his not doing it, and yet wanting to do it for so long really, really made him a beast in bed when he finally got the chance!"

"I said he learned how to relax his throat and just let it slide in, well he sure learned how to let his ass relax and let it slide in there too. That first night, he was nervous, nervous as hell, but anxious. I'm sure it was kind of the same feeling as the first time he fucked his girl friend, only this time it was with a guy, and he knew he was about to get a man's cock up in his ass, and up inside of himself, and he was fucking anxious for that! He kept telling me how he had been wanting this. He told me how he had laid in bed on his gut and spread his legs and made, ---make-believe, that some guy was on him, in him, and fucking the hell out of his ass. He told me how he pumped his body up and down on the bed as if some guy was ramming his ass and making his body jump up and down while he was pounding his ass and getting fucked. He told me that before he came to my place, he had called his company and left a message that he was not going to be in the next day, once again that he was not feeling well, and told me that if it was possible for him to spend the night, he wanted to be able to, and not have to leave. He said that if he couldn't stay, he'd understand, and then he'd just go home and try to find something around the house to use on his ass that made him feel good. I told him I was more than glad to let him stay the night, and that by the next day his ass was going to be so fucking sore, from just getting fucked, that there was no way in hell that he was going to want to find anything else to put up in there. And believe me---that is exactly the way it turned out! You remember that dildo I used on your ass the other night? You took about 10 inches of it. Well Jack took the whole 18 inches! I started that thing up in his ass, and his ass just ate it up! You know it's a double headed dildo and is really designed for two guys to use it together at the same time. Well I never got a chance to get my ass on my end of it. Man-that Jack was fucking ready! He was more than ready! He was anxious! I have no idea of what he had been reading on the inter-net, but whatever it was, it sure as hell was getting him hot and ripe. Fact is, I wonder just how many trips to the restroom he made in a night just praying that he'd find some other horny guy in there that would do him. Well, that night, it worked out, and it worked out for both of us!"

"Oh God Jamie-oh shit man---what a fucking night you had that night! Oh man, did he get fucked right away? Did he just lay down and tell you to get on him and fuck him?"

"Well yea kind of-but not really!"

"What do you mean? Jamie, what do you mean kind of, but not really?"

"He saw some of my dildos in a drawer, and they got him all turned on. He told me he had seen some like them advertised on the inter-net and just the pictures of them got him all turned on, so when they were there, and he could just reach out and touch one, he actually shot some juice without even touching his dick. He told me he really wanted to start with the smallest one and use each one until he got to one that was too big for him to get up in his ass. Mike, what a horny guy for some guy that had never played that way before. I'm serious, I think he wanted the kitchen sink rammed up in that ass of his that night!"

"Oh Jamie you are making me so fucking horny listening to you. How in the hell can a guy get any hornier, than when he's already got the dick of death stuck up in his ass and a hot dude like you laying on top of him, fucking his ass, I do not know, but man I am getting hotter and hotter as you talk. Getting fucked by you and listening to you tell me about you and Jack together has got my whole system ragging! I feel like my heart is pounding in my chest! Oh Jamie, fuck me and let be hear how you fucked that Jack guy! God that is so fucking hot! Man I feel like we are in a three-way here. I love this!"

As Jamie did fuck the hell out of Mike, he realized also that doing the fucking and the thinking back and talking about his friend Jack was a major fucking turn on to him too. For a few moments he kind of replaced Mike, and Mikes' ass, with his old friend Jack, and Jack's ass, and just made believe that he was back in Jack's ass again. That really got him all excited!

"Well, Jack decided that he wanted to see just how much dick, how big of a dick he could take before he took me. So I told him to lay down on the bed on his gut, and I started in with the smallest one, and worked up the line to the next to the biggest. It's that one laying over there.

That one measures right at 7 inches around, of course not in diameter but around the outside, and is 14 inches long from the tip down to the balls.

He took almost that whole damn thing! Seriously, his very first time getting fucked with a dick or a dildo, and he took about 12 inches of a 7 inches around dildo. Mike, I was shocked shitless. He had one fucking hungry ass. Hell man, I was proud of him when he took the skinnier ones, the ones more like the thickness of a normal cock, but then after those went up in there so easy, he insisted he wanted to see what that bigger one felt like. Shit man, he took that thing like he did that all the time!

The only one he didn't do that night is that really big one. The one the makes you think you are getting fisted when you take it. I measured it around once, and it's actually bigger than when I measured my hand, so now whenever I feel like I want fisted, but don't have anybody around to do me, I sit on it."

"Oh fuck man-oh shit! Oh God Jamie, for a young guy, you sure in the hell have lived some good stuff! I saw that damn thing over there and I figured is was supposed to be some kind of a joke or something. You actually put that up inside of your ass!?"

"Yea,-yea. Yea I do. I might need to be on the horny side a little, but what the hell, I'm always there anyway."

"OK, OK. Quit dreaming about getting that fucking thing up in your ass and start humping me again. You're slowing down back there. Pound my ass and tell me about you finally getting into Jack's butt! You did finally fuck that sweet ass didn't you?"

"Oh hell yes I did. Oh man did I! He got me so fucking turned on by letting me put those dildos up in his ass, once I got in him, I pumped probably only two or three times, and all hell let loose in my dick! I shot his ass so fucking full of cum that it squirted out with me just trying to fuck him some more. That was the first time he had ever felt cum up in his ass, and he was shocked and surprised at how warm it was. Man did I have a pussy cat in bed with me after that! He was all over me, loving on me, kissing on me, shit man, he finally had the chance to see what the gay sex stuff was, and he ate it up. Oh God Mike, hang on man!!

Oh hang on man! I'm just fucking about ready to let you and your ass find out, for your first time, what hot cum feels like when it gets shot up in your ass. Oh Mike,----my dick is so loaded it feels like it's a fucking shotgun just about ready to fire and fucking explode! Oh man, hold on! Oh Mike get ready man, get ready! Oh man, I'm about ready to let you have it!

Oh Mike-you ready? Oh Mike!! Oh Mike-here it commmes man---here it commmmes!!! Oh shit man!! Oh shit!! Oh God! Oh,---- I just loaded you man! You just took a whole fucking bunch of me! Oh Mike your ass is full of me, man. I just dumped about a quart of cum up in you! Oh man, I am fucking exhausted! Damn your ass is good!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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