"Oh Jamie, this is fucking unbelievable! I never thought I'd get a chance to enjoy something this great. Kiss my ass man, kiss my ass!"

Jamie sure did not need the instructions to place his face squarely in place right at Mike's ass opening. He was licking and kissing all the spots he could get his tongue close to, just hopeing that Mike would treat his ass the same. And the idea was working. Mike was using every bit of skin back there to his excitement.

"Finger me man, finger me!" Mike stated very urgently. His anxiety was definitely changing from his former, 'keep your hands away from my butt' ideas. Jamie did and lost no time in doing what Mike wanted.

"Yea do me too! Yea Mike finger me, put your hand up in my ass man, yea finger my hole!"

Mike and Jamie completely removed themselves from the real world as they became completely engrossed in each other and each other's bodies.

Silence fell over the room as each man explored and roamed all of the exciting parts of his floor mate. For an extended period of time, the two acted as if they were one. One movement in one directions, immediately was followed with an accompanying move to complement the feeling and the tasting as well as the deep exploring that was now is rapid session.

"Oh Mike stick you hand up in my ass man, put your hand in my ass!"

Somewhat shocked, and rather dumbfounded by hearing the request, Mike immediately replied, "Oh Jamie no. I can't do that! No man, that will hurt you! No man, no don't make me do that. No not tonight! I've got to get used to that idea first man. Jamie, let's not go there tonight, OK? Let's maybe just do some dildo stuff so that I can really learn that getting it in the butt is not as bad as I keep thinking it is. OK?"

"Yea of course it's OK Mike. Mike, I just keep forgetting that you still have those old, bad, deep, dark, fears about stuffing stuff up in the ole ass hole, since you tried to tear your own ass out once, so yea, let me get the dildos and let's have some fun with them, OK? Sucking on your dick and either playing with your butt some or you playing with mine some will be perfect. I'll be a happy camper. Lay still, I'll be right back!"

Jamie jumped up and headed for his storage drawer of "fun toys".

In just a minute he returned with three dildos in hand.

"Oh shit man, you're not planning on putting that stuff up in me are you?" Mike almost cried as he looked at the "hardware" that Jamie had just brought back in with him.

"Hey relax man, relax. This one is the starter. It's really skinny and goes up and in real easy. Even in an ass slammed shut as tight as yours is right now, it's going to feel good. Mike, once you find out how this one gets you all turned on, once it's up inside of you, then we'll move up to the next one, just a little thicker and a little longer, and then by the time you've loved on that one up in your ole butt hole for a few minutes, then you will really be begging me to put this 18 incher in and see just how much of it we can make disappear up in there."

"Jamie I'm telling you man, I'm trusting you, but I'm still fucking nervous about anything going up in my ass!"

"Hey man, everything is going to be OK. Here Mike, lay down here and you just let me take care of your hot looking ass for a little bit and I'm sure you are going to be wishing you had done this a long time ago."

Jamie had Mike lay down on his gut and spread his arms up and out some so that he could get Mike into a very relaxed position. He lubed the small dildo up well with some KY and then shot some right at Mike's ass.

He used the time of spreading that KY around on Mike's butt to also do a little more fingering, and noticing that as he slid one finger in, Mike's ass moved in a very encouraging way, and then as he slid the second finger in, he heard Mike actually utter an encouragement, of "Yea, yea." Softy and very quietly true, but none the less, he was moving in that direction and not telling Jamie to pull his fingers out.

Jamie took the skinny dildo and placed it right beside the fingers he had up in Mike's butt. As he pulled his fingers out, he started sliding the dildo in. He knew Mike would tell something was happening back there.

Mike rather squirmed and moved, but then Jamie realize that Mike was giving off all of the right sounds to indicate he was taking the dildo without trouble. Slowly, very slowly, Jamie continued the journey up and into Mike's butt. One inch in, two inches in, three inches in, and Mike as still OK.

"He man, how you doing?" Jamie asked as he rubbed Mike's hot ass with his left hand, and his right hand held the dildo in place.

"I'm OK, I can tell you've go something up in me, I can feel it, but I'm OK."

"Good man, good. You just lay there and relax, I'm having some fun back here. You're doing good, doing good."

Jamie continued his entrance into Mike's ass and as he got past the number 4 and then the number 5 and then the 6 inches, he again asked Mike how he was doing.

"Good man I'm doing good. Jamie I can feel that up in there and yea, got to admit, it's feeling pretty good. How much you got up in me?"

"Oh just part of it man, not too much yet!" Jamie replied as he didn't really want to tell Mike that he already had six or seven inches up in him. He wanted to wait until Mike had taken at least 10 or 11 inches up in his ass before Jamie let him know how much was up in there.

As the dildo continued to move on up into Mike's butt, Jamie could certainly tell that Mike was now starting to move more to the direction of wanting it and actually trying to get his butt to suck on it to bring more of it up and in himself.

"OK man, how's that feeling? How's you butt now?"

"Hey Jamie, you sure are right! It's feeling good. I guess maybe I was a fool for thinking something that skinny was going to hurt. How much you got up in me, --what four or five inches?"

"Well Mr. Mike, this dildo is only about 14 inches long, and right now there is only about 4 inches of it sticking out the ass end of you, so I guess you must have about 10 inches of dildo stuck up in your butt right now man!"

"Oh my God man! 10 inches!!? Jamie, really I can't have 10 inches of that up in me do I? Oh shit man, are you sure?"

"Yip I am. Here tell you what. I'm going to put my finger on the dildo right at your ass hole and then pull it out and show you what was up in your ass, OK?"

Jamie placed his finger on the dildo right at Mike's ass and pulled it out and then showed it to Mike.

"OK man, that's the part that you had up in your ass. Felt pretty damn good didn't it?"

"Oh shit Jamie, I can't believe that! I took that much up in my ass?"

"Yes, yes you did, and it felt pretty damn good didn't it?"

"Yea I got to admit it did. Really Jamie I thought you probably had about 4 or 5 inches up in me. Man oh man! I never figured I took that much. Where in the hell did it go? Man, I can't believe that!"

"OK man, moving on! That was "Mr. Skinny", time to move on to one just a little more meaty. This one is just a little fatter, so we'll have some more fun here. You're OK with this all now, right?"

"Shit man I guess so. Really I still can't believe I took that much of the other one. I guess if I can take 10 inches of that one, then I should be able to take some of this one. It's not too much fatter is it?

Don't look too much fatter."

"No it's not much thicker. that skinny one I think is about four inches around and this on is only about five or five and half, so it's not that much bigger. Lay down and relax. I'm having fun back here. Here, here, tell you what. Flip over. Lay on your back and let me put this up in you and suck on your cock at the same time, OK?"

"Oh shit Jamie, God this is so fucking hot to me! I'm starting to relax some now that you've shown me I can take something up in my butt hole without it tearing me all apart. Yea, I guess I'm getting relaxed, I starting to get anxious for you to start that one up in me."

And so Jamie did. He had Mike put his knees up so that his ass was nicely exposed and after doing some good and ample lubing of the dildo and the ass area, once again accomplished with some finger foreplay, he placed the tip of the dildo right at Mike's hole. "Ready man? Ready?"

"Yea man, yea I am. Yea Jamie, let me feel that."

Mike opened the hole and pushed the tip in.

"Oh shit man! Oh man yea I can feel that! God man that feels hell of a lot thicker than it looks like. Oh Jamie, let me relax on it a minute."

Jamie let the dildo just sit there with about one inch up in Mike's ass, and he bent over and took Mike's stiff cock rod into his mouth. As he sucked and rather moved Mike's attention to his dick rather than his ass, Jamie slowly and very carefully slid another three, four, five and then six more inches of the dildo up into Mikes' ass.

Looking up at Mike, Jamie asked. "How you doing man, how you feeling?"

"Good, I'm feeling good! You've got more of that up in me now don't you? I can tell you've moved it up in me some haven't you?"

"Yea, yea. I've been slightly pushing on it as I sucked the sweet juices out of that rod of yours! Damn man, what a dick and what an ass and all of the rest of you. I hope like hell your wife appreciates this body as much as I do! Does she lick you like I do?"

"Hey man, remember, I'm married! The honeymoon is over! It's called living the married life now. An occasional fuck in the hay once in awhile, then flip over and go to sleep. Jamie, after a few years with the old wedding ring around your finger, nights like this just don't happen at home no more. This is the hottest sex I've experienced in years! Honest man, this is great. But Jamie, I don't know what time it is, but I know I had better be hitting the road or I am going to have to try and explain way too much if I get home after she and Shara does. Use that dildo on me for just a little longer, see how much of it I can easily take, then I've got to get out of here. We've got to make some plans for when I can come back over here an get the real thing."

"Yea I was wondering about that too!" Jamie replied. "Just lay there and relax, you've already got about seven inches of this up in you, let me see if I can slide some more up in there."

With Mike's encouragement, and some rather animated ass actions, Jamie slid another three inches of the dildo up into Mike's ass before Mike told him he thought maybe that was going to be as far as he could go.

"Yea man, I think that's the limit. I can feel it pushing on something up in there. Maybe the next time, we can see if I can do more, but for now, I think I've been fucked as much as I can do. It's OK if I come back another night and let you do the real fucking then, right?"

"Shit, hell yea man! Yea man, yea! I'm glad we made the progress tonight that we did. Lay back there a minute and let me finish sucking you off before I pull this dildo out of your ass and you jump up. You need to cum man, and I need the protein. If I don't blow you off before you get dressed, you'll probably have cum marks all over those dress slacks!"

With that statement, Mike laid back, Jamie once again got Mike's rod into this throat and within about one minute of fast and furious sucking, Mike was yelling. "Oh God Jamie! Oh Jamie I'm about ready to cum!

Oh man, oh man! Oh shit Jamie this feels fucking good! Suck me, suck me!!! Oh Jamie, I'm cummmmin man, I cummmin! Oh shit man! Oh man what a feeling!! Oh shit, it feels different when you cum and you've got something stuck up in your ass don't it? Oh man, I never felt that before!

Shit man, that was great!"

As Jamie licked his lips and wiped the cum, that was now dripping off of the end of his chin, he looked at Mike, smiled, and said. "Hey the young kid can show the older man some new stuff, I guess!"

"Oh God yes man, I guess so! Jamie this has been great! I sure did not know cummin could feel so good and so different just because you've got something stuffed up your butt! Man, thanks for that! Wow! Wow!"

Jamie slowly started pulling the dildo out, and as it snapped out, Mike asked Jamie to show him just how much of the "dick" he had taken up in his ass.

"Oh shit man, I took that much!? Wow! Man I never thought I'd ever do that, and on top of that, I'm shocked like hell right now that I want more. Jamie, you sure have proven to me tonight that getting my ass fucked and stuffed is the way to go. Shit man, I wish I had been doing this for years now, but hey,-- better later than never, so they say.

Jamie, when can I come back? I want to feel that rod of yours up in my ass! I need to get back over here just as soon as possible!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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