As Jamie laid there on top of Mike, kissing his tits and rubbing his hands up and down the sides of Mike's body, Mike was returning the great feelings by hugging Jamie and giving his body major tight squeezes as he kissed his neck and his face.

"Oh Mike man, oh that feels so good when you squeeze me like that!

Oh that feels good to me!"

"Hey Babe, uhh- is it OK if I call you Babe? You feel so good to me too. Suck my cock man, suck my cock."

"Yea, you can call me Babe if you want to. This is feeling so damn good. Mike, I've got to admit, you sure are turning out to be a hell of a lot more fun and exciting than just some hot built guy that I found at a bus stop. Really man, this is one hell of a lot better than just getting to suck some stranger off, and that's all I was hopeing for at first!"

Having stated that comment of admiration, Jamie immediately moved down and took all of Mike's rod in his mouth and sucked on it with vim and vigor. As his mouth was completely involved in taking care of Mike's man-meat stick, his hands continued a body roaming of major proportions.

"Oh man, oh!" Mike groaned and moaned as he enjoyed the feeling of Jamie's strong masculine hands moving all around his body, and his realization that he was finally in the position that he had dreamed about for so long. On his back, a man laying on top of him, both being completely naked, and his 7 inch rod firmly placed into his playmate's mouth as far and as firmly as he could possibly place it. He was laying down, a hot hunk was on top, and he was getting sucked off! He was being taken care of, completely!

"Jamie, Jamie! Hey let's get on the floor so I can suck on you too. OK? I want to suck on you while you are sucking on me, OK?"

With that suggestion sounding quite nice to Jamie, he released Mike's pole from his mouth, and he helped Mike up from his prone position.

The two men immediately positioned themselves on the floor, and of course neatly placed themselves on the thick area rug, rather than on the bare hardwood surface. Mike faced north as Jamie laid down headed south.

With neither man really knowing for sure just who was expected to be on his back, and then of course having the other man laying on top, both men took a position of laying on his side. Neither man suggested which position he felt they should take. Actually neither man had his mouth empty long enough to make any suggestions. Immediately and as quickly as they were beside each other on the floor, they were both eating cock.

Jamie's enormous rod was still a problem for Mike to take completely, and especially now that it was harder and stiffer than even earlier, but he managed very successfully, and especially well for a mouth that had never tasted a man's meaty rod before this day.

Jamie swallowed all of Mike's stick and with the strong sucking action that he was giving it, Mike thought perhaps Jamie was now trying to stretch it longer than it actually was. As his hands were quickly floating the entire length of Mike's hot body, Jamie rolled his hot and anxious sex partner over onto his back so that he could force his mouth down and onto that beautiful piece of meat that he wanted swallowed down inside of his throat as far as possible, and as quickly as possible. Mike knew immediately that Jamie was forcing his mouth down onto his meat with as much force and energy as he could muster. And he was enjoying it. He was finally getting treated the way he wanted. This was not dark alley sex!

This was true male to male sex, and he was enjoying all of it. In-fact, he had more to enjoy, than he could get in his mouth!

Mike was totally engrossed with his own actions of just trying to take all of Jamie into his mouth when very unexpectedly he felt a new feeling down around the area of his body, where earlier he had admitted, that he had attempted to force that hammer handle some years ago.

He knew Jamie was feeling his ass. He could feel Jamie's fingers.

He could feel Jamie's hand feeling around down there. He had a big mouthful of Jamie's cock, and could not say anything. He froze in his actions and his movements. Jamie sensed that Mike had frozen. He sensed that Mike was starting to get scared, and he knew that having his hand, and his finger tips, right at Mike's asshole was making Mike very nervous.

"Hey man, everything is OK!" Jamie reassured Mike as he pulled off of Mike's steel rod, stiff dick, only long enough to let him know that nothing, nothing was going to happen that Mike did not approve of, or maybe even ask for.

"Lay back man! You are OK. I'm just kind of rubbing that sweet spot back there making sure it's OK, and nothing is going to go on, that you don't want. I'll just rub it and kind of love on it like I'm doing to your dick. I've just got my mouth on your dick, and my hand on your ass!

OK? OK?"

Mike attempted to kind of shake his head, "Yes," to indicate he heard what Jamie had said, and then both men went back to the

"cock-in-the-mouth" sucking that had been kind of, shortly, disrupted.

Slowly and carefully Jamie continued the ass rubbing and at the same time listening very carefully for any sounds of displeasure that Mike might make. He heard none. He forcefully, and rather roughly, sucked on Mike's rod, somewhat in an attempt to distract Mike's attention away from his ass area, so that he could maybe make a little more progress back there without Mike actually realizing what was really going on.

The progress was moving alone very well. Jamie sensed that his forceful action on Mike's dick was allowing him to do a little more, and again even a little more, in Mike's asshole area. One finger slid in, and Mike only made a very slight movement, as his most private and sensitive body part was slightly opened and entered. Jamie played with his one finger as if this was the first rectum that he had ever entered. He watched and listened for Mike to object.

Jamie then asked. "Hey man, you OK? I've got a finger in your ass, you know?"

"Yea I know. Yea, I felt it go in. I'm OK! Kind of wiggle it a little so I can feel it, OK?"

Jamie reacted to the request and he knew he was starting to be successful in getting Mike to relax and realize that his ass could be played with, and without any real pain.

"You like that? That feel good?"

"Yea, that feels pretty good. You just got one finger in there?"

"Yea, I do now. Want me to put another one in?"

"Yea I do, I think I do anyway! Yea Hon, yea I do. I know I do, but I'm afraid to admit it. I don't wnat it to hurt like it did that day in the garage. Try and see if I can take it."

As Jamie got up from his position on the floor, he told Mike, "Hey man. Lay still. I'll be right back. This is going good, and I'm going to get some lube so that I can get my fingers good and slippery before we go any farther. OK?"

Knowing that Jamie was now wanting to put his fingers up in his ass, he simply knew that pretty soon Jamie was going to want to put that damn big rod of his up in there, instead of just his fingers, and Mike just knew there was no way in hell that he could get that damn big dick of Jamie's up in his butt hole.

"Yea OK!" Mike replied as he laid there and watched Jamie head down the hallway toward the bedroom.

As Jamie departed, of course bare assed and showing all of his positive parts, Mike thought to himself. "Damn shit man! He has got one hell of a hot ass! I hadn't looked at that yet! Shit man! God man, that is nice! Fuck, I've never played with some other guy's ass before, but shit man, damn man, that one is fucking hot!"

As Jamie returned and started to lay back down, he coated his fingers with the KY that he brought back with him, and he heard Mike saying. "Damn man! You have got one hot fucking looking ass. Jamie, I hadn't looked at your ass real well until I watched you walking down the hall and your shinny bare butt was shining back at me! Shit man! With the fuckin dick you've got and an ass like that! Shit man! You are one hot stud, aren't you?"

Jamie looked at Mike, smiled widely and offered. "Hey thanks man!

Not as hot as yours, but thanks anyway. It likes to be fingered you know.

If you think it looks hot, you need to put a finger or two up in it and then see how hot it is. Here, put some KY on your fingers, and I'm going to let you finger fuck me, while I play with your ass. OK?"

"Oh shit yes man, hell yes! Oh Jamie! I never, and I do mean never, had the lust for looking at some other guy's ass or ever thought about wanting to play with one until I saw you walking down that hall.

Shit man! What in the hell is happening to me tonight? God man! I've never sucked on some guy's dick until tonight and now your ass, has got me all hot and bothered. Yea man, yea! I want to play with that ass! How many fingers can I shove up in there?"

"Well maybe shove, is the wrong phrase, but if you go slow, I'm sure you will find enough room to get at least four fingers up in there and if I'm in the right position, you could loose your whole damn hand up in there."

"Oh my God Jamie! Jamie, my whole hand? Oh shit man! Jamie, seriously, you've never had some guy's whole hand up in your ass before have you?"

"Hey what can I say? Some of us horny guys like to do funny things once in awhile. Well,--- kind of like maybe trying to put a hammer handle up our ass without any lube on it. Right?"

"Other words,----you are saying, yes---you have had a hand up in your ass. Right?"

Jamie rather grinned at Mike and replied. "Well, yea. A few times."

"Oh God Jamie!! God man! Didn't that hurt like hell? How many times have you done that?"

"Hey the hurt, well that's something you need to expect, so you've really got to want it done, or you of course, don't do it. For some reason guys, ---well guys like me, that get fisted, are for some reason the kind of a guy that likes to hit the limits. Mike, Hon, I really don't know why, but letting some guy put his hand up inside of my ass is a real mental turn on to me. Sure the ass is full and feels good, especially after he's got his fist up in there, but for some funny reason, it's the mental thing more than the ass thing. Letting some guy do me that way is a real fucking turn on! It's like giving my whole body to him, and letting him do to it whatever he wants. It's letting him completely take me and have total control over me. It's showing him what I can do for him. I think it has something to do with my childhood."

"What do you mean? Your childhood? Why do you say that?"

"Oh I don't know! I guess when I was a kid, I never felt like I was one of "the guys", so to say. I always felt left out. Never one of the kids that was always praised for doing good stuff. So anyway, I guess now I do stuff that I figure those guys can't do. Of course, what I do is pretty private, but I'd still like to have some of them walk in the room sometime when I'm getting fisted and just ask em, "Hey man-can you do this?'"

"Oh man! Wow! Well, I guess I can see what you mean. Childhood wasn't the greatest for you, I assume?"

"Assume? Hell man, there's no assuming about it! I was not the basketball jock, not the baseball jock, not the football jock and of course not the wrestling jock like you were, so I was not the prize of my school, I guess you could say!"

"Well man, oh man! Let me tell you something right here and right now! You might not have been the prize of your school, but you sure are the prize as far as I'm concerned! You are one fucking hot dude, and what in the hell those other guys turned out like, I don't know, but I will tell you that someday, and someday soon, I hope, I am going to be the latest guy to find my fist stuck up in that hot little ass of yours, and I'm with you when I say I'd love for some of those guys to walk in on us and watch you suck my hand right up in your butt!"

"Oh shit man, oh shit! You mean it Mike? I mean, ---you plan on fisting me? Really man, you'd do that? You'd fist me?"

"Hell yes I do, and I would! If you'll let me, I'd be happy as hell to do it. If that will show you how much of a man you are, sure I will. And besides, the whole idea of my hand up inside of you is a major, major, hot turn on! I never thought about doing that to some guy before, but now that the idea of, 'my hand up in your ass,' is talked about, damn man, hell yes I want to! Shit man! When I watched that butt of yours going down that hall, I wondered just why in the hell it was as hot as it is, and maybe that's the reason! If getting fisted, as you call it, is what makes an ass look that damn hot, then maybe I need to start that direction!"

"Oh shit man! Oh God Mike, I like they way things are headed here!

Let's go one step at a time, and see just where it leads. OK? I'm going to play with this ass back here, but I sure as the hell am not planning on fisting it tonight, so I guess that does mean tonight is not going to be our last night playing,-- right?"

"Shit no man! Jamie, when I headed out of the office today, I had no reason in hell to think that my life was going to change before I got home tonight. That one statement that you made at the bus stop, 'I want to suck your cock!' sure is changing a lot of things for me. I don't know man. If it happened to be some other guy, maybe things would not be turning out this way, but Jamie, with you, this is fucking heaven. Heaven man! Heaven! Come on, get your fingers in my ass, and let me get my fingers in your ass. But hey man, remember, my ass still needs some serious loving before you go ramming too much up in there. I'm still fucking nervous about putting stuff up in there, but Jamie, I completely trust you and even if I scream or something, I really do want you to finger me and maybe try to get all four fingers up in me tonight, if at all possible. OK?"

"Hell yes that's OK! Shit man, earlier I was pretty damn sure I wasn't even going to get to kiss that ass, the way you freaked out when I told you I wanted to fuck you. Hell man, now you are letting me finger it?

Shit man, this is unbelievable!"

"How many fingers do you want me to stick up in you?

"Hey, like that ole saying goes, 'Give till it hurts!' When you've got too much up in there, I'll let you know. OK?"

"Oh shit yea, and then I'll get to kiss it if it hurts, right?"

"Hell yes you can man! In fact, here! Spread your legs so I can get my face in there! Yea man, kiss my ass and I'll kiss yours too! Oh Mike, you'll like this! I'm sure you never imagined earlier today you'd have your face stuck up in some guy's ass, licking his butt, tonight, did you?"


Wade Wright

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