"I want to suck your cock!"

"What!? You want what!? What did you say!?"

"I want to suck your cock. You are so damn hot, you make me all hot and bothered, and I want to suck on you!"

"Holy shit man! What in the hell are you saying? I don't even know you! Who in the hell are you?"

Just as Mike, the potential receiver of this offered gift of, an un-requested and un-expected blow job, was expounding in a very shocked and profound manner the question of, "Who in the hell are you," the city bus pulled to a stop. The bus doors opened and the driver waited as the very shocked and shaken Mike, and his new, but unknown, "acquaintance" stood at the door of the bus.

In a state of shock and disbelief, Mike looked at the young man, the young man that had just made the very bold, very unexpected, and very shocking statement. Looking at him directly in the face, expressing some degree of a "state of shock," Mike then turned and silently stepped up, and into the bus. The young man quietly followed, without any additional words.

With the bus seats all being full, Mike grabbed for a wrist strap and planted his feet firmly to avoid any movement when the bus moved forward. The young man grabbed the strap immediately in front of Mike's.

He grabbed the strap, turned to face the front of the bus, and immediately fell backwards, and onto Mike, as the bus lurched forward and pulled away from the curb. He obviously and purposely, had not planted his feet on the floor, quite as solidly as Mike had done. His falling was accomplished with much skill and a great degree of correct aim. He landed just where he had planned.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" The young man immediately expressed to Mike, as if his fall had been a very bad mistake. "Oh sir, I'm sorry! I did not mean to do that!"

Re-positioning himself, Mike managed an, "Oh that's OK. Standing up in these busses, you've really got to be ready when the bus moves."

"Yea I guess so! Hope I didn't make you drop anything." The young man expressed, as he turned toward Mike, and looked down as it to see if anything had fallen to the floor.

Now being very suspicious and curious about this young man's profound statement at the bus stop, and his now rather obvious "faked stumble," Mike watched closely as the young man turned and looked down.

Mike immediately knew that it was not the floor that the young man was now looking at, and that his eyes certainly were not directed to the floor, but only down far enough to have his eye sight stop right at the level of his hidden manhood. Knowing that his crotch was now being rather, "checked out" by this young man, made Mike somewhat proud, but also slightly embarrassed to think that another man was actually wanting to see his dick.

Pulling his head back up from looking down, the young man then added, "Oh, --I guess everything is OK. Looks like everything is OK.

Everything looks OK."

Returning to his "normal" front facing position, the young man immediately took advantage of the action in front of him, with a lady getting up from her seat, stepping into the isle, and he reacting very appropriately by stepping back to give the lady sufficient room to stand.

His movement backwards, rather "un-expectedly" forced his body, and especially his hips to move up to a direct contact position with Mike.

Immediately Mike stepped back, but then rather quite quickly re-positioned himself directly under his wrist strap. The young man stood stoic. His position, although perhaps just slightly moved to the back was within a normal standing position to where it did not look abnormal. As Mike re-gained his footing and his "proper position", the two men were now in a much more full frontal and rather protruding hip "hugging" position. Mike did not move! For a very slight moment, he almost did, then immediately he decided to just stand his ground. True, they truly were making body contact, but with the passengers up toward the front getting up and rather forcing the standing passengers to move back a little, the contact was not going to be out of the ordinary, nor the normal, but for Mike it certainly was the very unusual. The very, very unusual as he mentally pondered everything that was happening since the moment just before the bus pulled up to the curb, to pick him and this rather "unusual acting" passenger up.

As Mike gripped the wrist strap with his left hand, and placed his right hand on the back rest of the seat to his right, and slightly forward one row, he noticed that although the street was not really quite "that rough" the young man standing in front of himself was creating a little more torso action than what was probably necessary. And, all of that action was being transferred directly to, and slightly below his belt line area. Mike knew that in this very public, and thankfully very crowded city bus, he was allowing this young man, ---a young man that looked like perhaps 10 years younger than he was, ---who's name he did not even know, ---nor as far as he knew, had he ever talked to before, to rub his ass up against his crotch area, and obviously experience some level of sexual enjoyment, right there on the city bus. As Mike stood there, holding his body firm against the unnecessary actions of being rubbed up against, and in the crotch area no less, Mike told himself, "This guy is gay! He is gay and looking for action! He's actually attempting to play with me right here on the bus. And God, I'm actually letting him do it! He's rubbing my dick with his butt!"

As Mike stood firm in his place, and of course as the young man did the same, the bus pulled over to the curb to load and unload some additional passengers. This created movement within the bus, and as a passenger from the back of the bus squeezed past to get off, everybody that was standing were forced to shift and move. The young man obviously was standing in-wait for this right moment to occur, as he was forced to move slightly to allow the other passenger to squeeze by, his right hand "just happened" to drop down, slightly to the rear, and then most conveniently, right onto the hidden crotch area that his ass had so very conveniently been sliding up against, only a moment before.

Shocked and rather confusingly, Mike realized that he was now, secretly, being groped by this young man, and right in middle of a city bus, full of people! In his shock, Mike did not react to the grope and the feel, but with it happening so suddenly and so fast, he really did not know how he should have reacted, or would have reacted, if he had known, beforehand, that he was actually going to get a hand in the crotch, and have his dick felt, right in the middle of a public bus. Realizing that it had now actually happened, he pondered at just why he was not furiously mad that this guy, --some gay guy, ---had felt him up, ---had touched his dick, and had actually done it there in an absolutely public place.

"You get off at 83rd Street, right?" The young man asked as he turned his head slightly toward Mike.

"UH, UH-yea, yea!" Mike managed to utter in complete shock and bewilderment. He was very confused, and bewildered in just how this young man, a young man that he did not know, already knew just which stop he got off at.

"Got time for a quick cup of coffee at Jessie's Cafe before you head for the house?" He asked Mike.

Really not knowing for sure just how that question should be replied to, Mike immediately decided that a quick cup of coffee was definitely necessary if, for no other reason, than to find out just who this guy was, and to make a very strong impression on him that he definitely was not the type of guy that gets his dick sucked off by other guys, and certainly does not have that type of a question asked of him in public.

Mike had decided that, whoever this guy was, he definitely needed to be put in his place and told not to come onto guys, telling them that he wants to suck on their dicks and also grope them in public places, unless he really wanted to be carried away in a city medic van.

"Yea, yea I can. You get off there too?"

"Yea, I live pretty close to 83rd and Miller Street, so I can get off there and walk the rest of the way."

That statement was the last of the verbal interchange, for the following eight or ten minutes that it took for the bus to get to the corner of 83rd Street. Verbal interchange! Just verbal! At each stop, of which there were three before they got to 83rd Street, the young man very successfully managed to re-enact the previous, ---step aside, ---move up closer, ---drop the hand, ---reach back, ---do a grope and feel, and then re-position himself for the next short drive. Mike learned quickly that as the bus made each stop, he could expect to feel the groping fingers cup around his crotch, and his dick, and each time the grip got just ever so much more forceful and strong. Not wishing to be the center of any major

"news item" of the day, Mike decided to let it all pass, especially since he was now fully convinced that nobody on the bus could see the actions, nor the groping, and that he would simply straighten this young man out, once they got off of the bus and were in a more private place. He also knew that having this young man standing close to him was now, definitely a good thing since he did realize that due to the, "hand on the crotch"

actions that had been happening, he knew he was starting to get an erection even though he did not approve of the actions, and did not wish to be fondled by some man. He knew it was some guy touching him, and even knowing that, he had started to get hard. Just the idea of any other person touching him down there was, in his mind, of course going to make any man get hard.

Pulling into the curb line at 83rd Street, the young man politely excused himself as he worked his way to the front of the bus, and Mike immediately followed. They were the only two passengers to exit at 83rd Street.

Being at the bus stop now, and all alone, as the bus pulled away the young man looked at Mike, smiled widely and then firmly stated, "I want you! Really man, I've been watching you for days now, and I want some of that!"

Quickly looking around to make sure nobody was within ear shot, Mike demanded, "Who in the hell are you? Just who in the hell are you?

What in the hell makes you think that I want to have you suck me off? I am not gay! I don't play with guys! I'm married!"

"Come on. Let's walk so nobody wonders why we are just standing here. I figured you were married. But man, you are so damn hot to me that I decided the other day that I just had to see if I had any chance with you at all. I waited until right when the bus was ready to stop at our stop, so that if I really pissed you off real bad, then I didn't think you'd hit me if the bus full of people was there. I've seen you there at the bus stop and on the bus for like two weeks now, and I've watched you get off and walk away from the bus every day. I've made fucking sure I was on that side of the bus so I could watch you and your ass, walk away from the bus.

I'm Jamie. My name is Jamie."

"Uh, Jamie, uh I'm Mike. Uh, Jamie, ---you can't just go up to guys and tell them that you want to suck on them. Jamie, you just can't do that!"

"Yea I know, but man, if I ever found out that you were a gay guy and not married, and I never told you that I wanted some of you, I'd have been really pissed at me. Man, I decided I just had to get real gutsy and just see what happened. Mike, I've never done this before, but with you, I had to take a chance. Mike, please don't report me to the police or anything, I just wanted to see if I could do it with you. Man, you just turn me on!"

"Jamie, I'm not going to report you to anybody. Nothing happened.

Well yea! You did keep grabbing me and feeling my dick, but I mean, I'm not mad at you. Maybe a little confused, but not mad. Jamie, what is it about me that makes you so excited? I'm just a normal guy."

"No Mike, no! To me you are no normal guy! I like the way you look. You are a real man! You look like you might be about 10 or 11 years older than I am, and I like older guys. I've never had any fun with guys my own age. I like guys that are more mature. I like the way you look. I like the way you're built! You're hot man! Hot! You used to be in athletics in school, right? You've got a hot body. I really do want to see it naked. Mike, I've already told you the ultimate of things I can tell you when I told you I wanted to suck on you, so if I tell you that I want to see you naked, I don't think that's much more than what I've already told you, right?"

"Jamie, how old are you?"

"I'm 24. How old are you Mike?"

"You were pretty good guessing. I'm 36. And yea, I used to be what they called a wrestling star when I was in high school. Not good enough to get college scholarships, but did OK in high school."

"Oh shit man! Oh shit. Mike do you wrestle anymore? Oh man!

I've love to be wrestling with you! Oh man! Oh just the idea of getting to grab hold of you and kind of throw you around! Oh Mike, oh man I'd love that! Oh man I'd get to have my hands all over you! Oh God that would be great!"

"Hey Jamie, here's Jessie's. Still want a cup of coffee, or was that just a ploy?"

"Well,--I don't know. If maybe things were a little different, but I guess I've found out what I need to know, so I guess there's not much need for taking your time now."

"Hey come on! I've got time. Just because maybe things aren't going the way you were hoping, that don't mean we can't be friends. Come on, I'll buy!"

"Oh, OK. Yea thanks! Yea, got to admit though, like you said, sure ain't going the way I was hoping for!"

"Hey guy, sometimes things go right and sometimes, they stumble!

Let's get to know each other anyway. OK? You seem to be a pretty good kind of guy, but you sure do have some strange ways of meeting people."

"Yea, thanks Mike. I mean, yea, ---you could have been a real nasty with me after what I did."

Mike and Jamie went into Jessie's and took a corner table. A table that was kind of out of the way. Mike offered to buy Jamie a sandwich, or whatever he wanted, since he personally had decided to just have an early supper there, since his wife, Jennifer and their daughter, Sara were at a Girl Scouts Mother and Daughter dinner, anyway.

After ordering, and sharing some rather useless conversation about nothing in particular, the waitress placed their suppers on the table, and as she walked away, Mike looked at Jamie, and rather quietly asked, "So Jamie, got a partner?"

"No, not anymore. Did for four years, then he, David, decided he wanted somebody that was richer than I am, and he took off with some old guy that could buy him any damn thing he ever wanted."

Then leaning over closer toward Mike, Jamie continued, "Guess sex is not very important to David anymore. Either that, or he sure is not standing true to their relationship. I guess he gets everything paid for from the old guy, and then gets his sex out on the street someplace."

"Well Jamie, if that's the kind of a guy he is, I'm sure you are better off without him."

"Yea, I know! But I don't like living alone. I'm lonely all the time. I guess that's why I told you what I did at the bus stop. I'm sorry Mike, but man oh man, you are what I've love to find out there someplace."

"Thank you Jamie! That makes me feel good! Let's face it. Once a guy gets married, he kind of finds out he's out of the "dating loop," and hardly ever does anybody tell him he's still "hot", as you call it. So I really do appreciate what you've said."

Between bites of his roast beef sandwich and chips that Jamie was enjoying with pleasure, he looked back up at Mike and replied, "Mike my man! Any damn time you don't now if you are hot looking or not, you just give me a call and I sure as the hell, will tell you how damn hot looking you are."

Then leaning over the table and very quietly stating it, Jamie continued, "And I still do want to see you naked. Your old wrestling buddies got to see it, and I want to see it too!"

"Yea but Jamie, I'm not build like I was when I was like 17, 18 or 19. I've gotten older you know."

"Yea, ---I know, but you let me decide! I've already told you I like guys older than me, so maybe, to me, you are build better today than you were then." Then, with a very big grin on his face, he looked directly at Mike and added. "You give me the chance, --and you let me decide! OK?"

"Jamie, eat your sandwich!"

Looking back again directly at Mike, Jamie picked up part of his sandwich, made a very big grin as if to say, "I'm winning, I'm winning", and he then took a big bite of the sandwich.

With additional patrons coming into the cafe and sitting a little too close to their table, Mike and Jamie drastically changed the tone of their conversation and for the remainder of the dinner they discussed Jamie's job at the photo supply store, and Mike's position with a large PR firm.

As they left the cafe, Jamie again thanked Mike for the sandwich and made a sour-full remark about his necessity of having to walk "all the way home by himself."

"OK OK!" Mike said. "Got any beer at your place?"

"No, I don't, but I sure can grab some on the way if you're coming over to visit for a while."

"Jamie you are a good guy! Jennifer and Sara aren't home for another hour or so anyway, so why not. I've got nothing else to do anyway.

Let's stop at Joe's Convenience Place, grab a six pac and then you can show me some of those shots you were telling me about that you took at the Grand Canyon last summer."

Taking off down the street, they only needed to go one block out of their way to stop at Joe's Convenience Place and get the Bud. As they approached Jamie's house, Mike expressed his surprise that it was a house, and not an apartment. Jamie explained that it was the old family residence and after his mother's death he inherited it and was in the process of attempting to remodel it, when the money allowed.

After grabbing two Buds, and placing the rest in the refrigerator, the two men went into the living room and rather continued their conversation that had been cut rather short in the cafe when other patrons sat a little too close to their table for that particular conversation.

"OK Mike, take your shirt off. I'm not going to rape you, but I want to see what that body looks like. You've shown your body to a lot of people when you hardly had anything on when you were wrestling, you sure as hell can show me what it looks like now."

Shaking his head and kind of grinning, Mike did stand up and pulled his dress shirt out of his waist band, unbuttoned the front, and the cuffs and slowly took it off. His removing it was done so slowly that Jamie started humming the song, "Let Me Entertain You" as he removed it.

"Oh shit man! Damn I knew you were hot! Oh my God Mike, that is so damn hot! Look at that chest and those pecs! Oh Mike, I knew the very first time I saw you that you were one hot built dude! I don't know what you looked like at age 18 or 19 but I know damn well you could not have been any hotter then, than you are now! Damn, you have got good biceps!

Damn man those are so hot!"

Mike acted rather embarrassed that he was being admired so completely, but internally he did have to admit that the attention and the praise, was very pleasant to hear.

"Hey Mike, let me take some shots of you please? Just your chest and arms, OK? I won't put your face in the shots if you don't want, but let me show you what you look like. Can I?"

Slowly, very slowly, Mike finally agreed.

Jamie got his digital camera, well actually one of them, turned some extra lights on is some appropriate places and aimed the camera at Mike.

After each shot, Jamie showed Mike the shot. Mike did have to admit that the shots were turning out rather well, and were looking rather impressive.

"Actually I didn't know I looked like that! I guess looking at yourself in the mirror just doesn't do it, does it?"

After quite a number of shots, and in different positions, Jamie was FINALLY successful in convincing Mike that he really did want some naked shots of him, and that he would show him every shot, just to prove that he was not taking pictures of him with his face showing.

"Never in my greatest imagination did I ever think I would ever be putting myself in a position of where I was taking my pants off and letting some guy take pictures of me naked. Jamie, I don't know about this!"

"Hey Mike, it's all just in fun. Seriously though man. You need to realize just how damn fucking hot of a guy you are! Seriously, you need to see some shots of yourself."

Jamie had worked with other nude men before, taking photo shots of them, ---the only difference was those men wanted their faces to show in the shots. With Mike, Jamie was being very careful to not show his face, for fear that if he did accidentally, Mike would stop the shoot.

"Hey come on man! Don't hide it! Come on Mike. I know it's getting hard, don't hide it! Hey man, on the bus it was getting hard then too, and I didn't do anything out of line did I? Each time I touched it I could tell it was a little more stiff than the time before. Come, on let it show! It's part of you man, it's part of you!"

"Oh Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! I can not believe you are getting me to do this! Oh shit man! I've never done this before! Shit man, just standing here all naked and having it stick out is enough to make it keep getting harder and harder. Jamie, I'm just not used to being looked at when I'm all undressed."

"Hey man, when you were wrestling, you and the other guys played around some, didn't you? I've always heard of what happens in the locker rooms. Mike, any guy ever grab you?"

"Yea Jamie, once."

"Well,--tell me! What happened?"

"It was after school one day. A group of us were in the locker room and everybody was making bets about what we would or wouldn't do.

Well somehow, somebody made a bet that I wouldn't let this guy by the name of Georgie grab my dick. I guess it was all a set up by some of my buddies. I did not know it but that Georgie guy liked to suck on dicks. I didn't know the guy, so I didn't know it. Being the smart ass that I was, I of course wanted to win the bet, so I told them that I'd let that Georgie guy grab me. What I didn't know was that as soon as he grabbed it, he was going to throw his mouth on it and about three other guys were all ready to grab me so that I couldn't pull away from him. Being forced by three guys to let another guy suck me off did kind of get me all excited and I shot off in his mouth. I admit, that at the time, I was kind of pissed, but after I thought about it a lot later, I think I was more pissed that four guys all played a trick on me, more than of what actually happened."

As Jamie listened to Mike talk about his high school experience, he definitely could tell that just the remembering that action was still very exciting to Mike. As Mike talked, and the longer it took for him to relate that experience, his dick kept getting harder and harder. Without actually realizing it, Mike kept moving it and rather playing with it. He kept pushing it down, feeling the strength of it pushing itself back up into an upright position.

"Is that they only time any guy has ever played with you?"

"Yea, really played with me like that, anyway. I mean, there's been a lot of times when I was wrestling when some guy grabbed my crotch and I really wondered, if the way he was playing with my dick, was really part of his way to wrestle, or was he just playing with me. I remember there were a couple of guys I wrestled with a number of times from another school that really played with it. Well anyway, it sure as hell felt like they were playing with it."

"So what did you do when that happened?"

"I think I usually kind of grabbed them back pretty good whenever I could do it, and get away with it. But I never kept playing with it in my hand like they did with mine. A couple of 'em really took their time letting loose of it. I could tell they were really rolling my balls around in their hands. There was one time though that I know damn well I grabbed that guy by the nuts and almost did not let go. He grabbed me and it hurt!

I know damn well he was into more that just the wrestling, and when it hurt, I really did not care who saw what in the hell was happening. I know by the time I took my hand off of his nuts, he was ready to call the match.

I squeezed the hell out of his nuts that day! He didn't act right after that, and I heard his coach ask him what was wrong, but he refused to tell the coach what had happened. I figured he had been caught doing that to other guys before and couldn't admit he did it again. I've always wondered just what kind of sex play that guy is into today! I'm sure he probably only has sex with guys, since I think he's probably too rough to have sex with a gal. I'll bet he is really rough with guys. I hope like hell they give it back to him too!"

"Oh shit man! Oh shit, that has got me so damn hot! Mike, can I get naked too? Do you mind if I get undressed?"

"Shit man. You might as well. Here I am, in your living room, bare assed naked, a raging hardon sticking out like it hasn't done for years, and me telling you about guys grabbing my dick and how I tried to bust that one guy's nuts in two one day, and also telling you about little Georgie that sucked me off in the locker room. Shit man! Can't get much more than this. Hell man! You've got me all naked, let's see what you look like!"

Jamie quickly shed his shirt, pulled his shoes and socks off, and immediately got rid of the pants. As soon as the pants were gone, it was very damn obvious that he was sexually excited. His stick was standing out a good 7 or 7 1/2 inches, and even Mike looked at it in amassment in how damn thick it was.

"Shit man! You are one fucking hung horse, aren't you?" Mike asked. "Come over here, let me feel that thing!"

Jamie was in complete shock when Mike told him to come over closer so that he could touch his dick. Jamie was in shock, but not so badly that he could not react to the instructions. Mike was laying back on the couch, and Jamie moved over closer so that Mike could grab his dick. Jamie breathed deeply in excitement. The man that had so very shortly earlier, told him he was not gay and did not play around with guys, was now the hunky guy, laying totally nude on his couch, supporting one very, very excited hardon, and was now reaching out to take his dick in his hand.

As Jamie moved closer, Mike reached out as if not being aware of what he was doing, and took a hold of Jamie's rod. He stroked it back and forth a few times, then pulled Jamie up even closer. Jamie cold see Mike admiring it and realized that his expression on his face was turning into something more deeply rooted that just thinking it was a big and good looking dick. His eyes were glazing at it. He facial expression was turning into to a very deep expression of admiration. Jamie could tell that Mike was looking at his dick as if it was the greatest thing he had ever seen, and his facial expression was an expression of total admiring lust!

Suddenly and without warning, Mike grabbed Jamie's leg, pulled him even closer, he raised his head up and immediately threw his mouth down onto Jamie's rod as far as he possibly could. He took as much of Jamie into his mouth as he possibly could manage. He choked and coughed, but even with that, he attempted to get more and more of Jamie's big rod down his throat!

"Oh shit man! Oh my God!" Jamie exclaimed as he saw part of his dick disappear into Mike's mouth. "Oh my God Mike! Mike I did not expect you to do that!"

Mike made no response nor attempted any reply except for taking advantage of having Jamie's rod in his mouth and using it for all his might. He kept attempting to take more dick down his throat than was even remotely possible.

"Oh! Oh my God man! Oh Mike, suck me, suck me, suck me! Oh yea man-OH YEA!!!!" Jamie did actually yell out! Jamie was in complete shock that he was being eaten alive by Mike and Mike's hungry mouth! After Mike had explained that he was a married straight guy, that the only time that he had ever done anything like this was that one time when Georgie had sucked him off, and rather by force, there was no way in hell, that Jamie ever thought this could happen.

Even for Jamie, a guy that was used to having guys suck on his big rod for as long as they could, even he was amazed at how much force and energy Mike was using on taking his dick and eating it as thoroughly as he could. Jamie was standing beside the couch and was being encouraged by Mike's actions, and his hands on Jamie's legs, to face fuck him as much, and as hard as he possibly could. Mike grabbed hold of Jamie's legs and indicated that he wanted him to get up on the couch, straddle his face and feed his dick down into his mouth, by being right on top, and sitting right on his face.

Jamie took the position, and as he pushed as much meat down into Mike's mouth as he possibly could, he continually wondered if Mike had been hiding the real truth and sucked on guys all of the time, or was he maybe finally getting the chance to do something that he had always wanted to do, ever since that day when he got sucked off in the locker room.

Nothing serious was said. Jamie could only says things like "Oh my God!! Oh God I can not believe this!" And of course, "Oh Mike eat me man!

Eat me!"

Mike couldn't say anything. Even if he had needed Jamie to get off of his face, he would have been unable to since Jamie had so much meat slammed and crammed down into Mike's mouth and into the depts of his throat, that he could not have uttered any words. Jamie just continued so straddle Mikes face and feed him as much of his man stick as he could get Mike to take. And Mike kept trying to take more and more, than what was even possible.

Jamie now realized that everything that was now happening, his sitting directly on Mike's face and strongly force feeding him as much of his thick dick as he could possibly force into Mike's mouth, was all at Mike's desire, and every bit of forcing and ramming that he could do, was completely and totally for Mike's pleasures. He knew he was getting quite rough, --very rough, on Mike's face, with the way he was sitting so squarely and firmly on it, and was force feeding his mouth. But he also knew that even without saying so, that was what Mike was now wanting and panting for. And, he was obviously wanting it very badly! Jamie was in such a state of shock that, such a very short time ago, this man, the same man that he was now force feeding his telephone pole dick to, claimed to be a straight man that never played with guys.

Jamie just wondered if Mike's remembering back to that day, when he got force sucked while being held by three other guys as he was sucked off, was what had made him become such a wild animal cock eater. Jamie wondered if, for all of these years, had Mike unknowingly, within him, had this raging desire to do this with some guy, and today finally became the day to let it all happen. Nothing that Jamie could think to do made Mike utter any type of disapproval. Every action and every force that Jamie could force on him, or even in him, was accepted as if Mike was trying to yell,

"More! Do More! Do More!"

As Jamie was sitting on Mike's face and force feeding him as much dick as he could manage to get into Mike's mouth, all of a sudden he started yelling, "Oh my God man, I've got to fuck you! Oh Mike I've got to fuck your ass! Oh my God, I've got to fuck you! Oh let me fuck you man!

Oh Mike, I want to fuck you! Let me fuck you!"

Mike pushed Jamie off to the side and immediately pulled his mouth off of Jamie's rod, and as if he had just become conscious and in a state of shock, he yelled, "You want what!? You want what!? NO! NO! No, you can't!!"

"Oh Mike, I've got to fuck your ass! Oh pull your legs up man! Oh let me fuck you man! Let me fuck your ass! I've got to fuck you! Oh God, I've got to fuck your ass!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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