That night I didn't even acknowledge Tess. She hurt me bad. The next morning They were gone. Only me and Drew were in this house. Alone. I walked downstairs to get some breakfast, and Drew was there, shirtless. It took everything I had not to jump him.

"Morning Kyle." Drew said still a little groggy.

"Morning Drew." I replied. Drew looked perfect. With his blond bed hair and sleepy blue eyes, I wanted to eat him. Then, as Drew was about to grab a box of cereal, I quickly slapped out of his hand.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!", Drew yelled.

"You are not eating that.", I said calmly.

"Why?", Drew said with confusion.

"I will cook something. There is no reason for you to eat that crap.", Then I pushed Drew out of the way, and began my task. Drew then sat down with bewilderment, and just stared at me.

Then, after I finished, I had two omelets, Bacon, and pancakes.

As We got finished, I got ready to grab the plates, it was Drew's turn to do the hand slapping.

"I'll get those, thats the least I could do.", Drew said bowing his head.

"Oh what a gentleman...", I said playing along with his game. Drew was a lot more relaxed, and less uptight without his famliy around, and I seemed to like it.

"You know Kyle, you would make an,amazing husband one day." , Drew said while disposing the food. It caught me off guard. Then he just turned around and smiled.

The rest of the day was fun time. Drew played practically every sport and he just practiced in the backyard. Once again, I got to appreciate his amazing looks. His tall frame looked so determined as he tried to perfect his swing. His amazing cut arms flexed under the intense workout...

"Hey Kyle! Come out here toss the ball with me!", Drew yelled interrupting my thoughts.

"Um... I don't know.. I-l...", I said hesitantly.

"Come on, Who cares! I can teach you!", Drew said reaching his wondrous arms out at me, with that homemade muscle top on. It made ne smile. But, just as I stepped on the grass, his goof troop shows up. I hated them (except Drew and Dylan).

"Heyy!", they all shouted in unison.

"What's up guys!", Drew said returning the favor.

I walked into the house, and plopped on the sofa. I hated them from ruining my time with Drew. Then, they came in the house.

"Hey Kyle!", they all said together.

"Dogs belong outside.", I murmured under my breath. (I'm glad they didn't hear me. )

Right in the middle of my thoughts, once again I was interrupted.

"Soo... Drew." "Do you wanna have a party we c-" "No.", Drew replied quickly while looking me dead in the eyes.

"My parents would kill me and plus I promised someone an amazing Spring Break." I guess that person was me.

After the "Total Bummer", as Brett would say, I retreated upstairs. I ended up falling asleep--for TWO HOURS! When I woke up, the house was dead silent and smelled of hunky teenage boys. I tiptoed around the house hoping to scare Drew, which he hated the most. Instead, I heard multiple voices expelling from Drew's room.

"So what do you think of Kyle?", Brett said.

"He seems easy.", Liam said. Then anger began to build in me.

"More like desperate!", Drew said with everyone bursting out with laughter. My eyes began to swell. Tears began to blur my sight, and my hurt carried me back to the Kitchen. I couldn't believe was I was hearing. It hurt my insides, it hurt my heart, it hurt my soul.

A voice interrupted my thoughts. I knew it was him and I wanted him to die.

"KYLE!", Drew yelled laughing.

"NOT IN THE MOOD DREW!" I yelled back at him with complete seriousness.

"Woah wha-" I cut him off.

"Just to let you know Andrew Alexander Worthington III, I -AM-NOT-DESPARATE."

Then I began to march away, and Drew grabbed my arm. His grip was frim but soft.

"I-I didn't mean what I said earlier I was jus-" "Save it. I'm going to go home tomorrow if that is okay with you." Drew just threw his head down.

I headed straight for my phone and for my bag. Just as I grabbed my phone, I heard


With my mouth open to assert, I spun around to face Drew. Then I found myself hauled up against a rock-hard body and kissed senseless. I was taken completely off guard and by the time my befuddled brain figured out who was

hounding me and what he was doing, l didn't want him to stop. As my senses filled with the overwhelming scent of Drew's cologne, my hands pushing against Drew's shoulders slipped around them instead. Fuck, he felt good. Drew's lips were warm, the insides of his mouth was soft. Drew's hands slipped

inside my pajamas, spreading on either side of my body and pulling me closer. When Drew's touch slipped lower to grab my ass, unbelievable touch caused heat flare between us.

"Don't," I whispered against Drew's mouth.

"," I warned him again, but he cut me off.

Growling softly in reply, Drew tilted his head and deepened his already drowning kiss. Drew tugged, taking my balance so that I tumbled into him. Taking the advantage, he pushed me towards the wall, jamming his lean hips intimately between my thighs. Our erections collided and drove me over the edge. A moan escaped my mouth. Instantly, the minute Drew touched me, he owned me. As much as hated Drew I still loved him. Honestly, since I had never really felt a man's touch, it was hard mentally and physically to resist. Soon I had given in to the constant waves of euphoria. I opened my mouth allowing his spicy, manly taste flow into mine.

I wanted him so bad, and he wanted me too. Drew then picked me up, and we traveled up the stairs. I was giving everything to him and he was giving me his all. Even in our lovemaking he was being gentle, as softly placed me down the bed maintainig our rhymthic connection. When he put me on the mattress, he just examined me. As his icy, blue eyes met mine, he whispered, "I think I love you." I pulled him in close. He began to tenderly kiss my neck, while invading the innards of my thighs. I began to moan loudly, and somehow he just knew where to go.

Then, he slowly removed my pants, and began with warm lips kissing my body. His hands explored me wherever his lip couldn't reach. Finally he reached my ever-wanting erection. "Wow...", He whispered, thinking I didn't hear him.

"Drew you don't have t-", Drew had swallowed me whole. Drew was bobbing and consuming me, and I couldn't take it. I began to squirm and shiver under his touch. I began to grow close, and trying to tell Drew was difficult. There was a lump in my throat hindering my specch.

"D-Drew...," was all I could utter. Somehow he understood me and stopped.

Then I grabbed him and climbed on top of him, and began to kiss him uncontrollably.

"Kyle." I stopped in my tracks. I looked at Drew. He stared me in the eyes. "It's okay if you don't know what to do, anything you do is fine.", he said smiling. Drew was so sweet. He made me feel safe. But, little did Drew know, I knew how to do everything. I slowed my pace. I touched every part of Drew's body. He was so muscular. This somehow seemed be a dream, although Drew's face made it real. Soon I worked towards my prize. It was now time for me to be speechless. Drew was much larger than me. It had to be at least 10 inches long, and 4 inches wide!

Drew must have saw the look on my face because he sat up and said, "Kyle, You don't have to, it's not that important." I stood up and pushed him down. "Shutup Drew. I got this." I said kneeling down. I placed my lips on Drew's cock. I consumed about 6 inches without gagging. I felt Drew inhale and shake. I could tell he was impressed with my skills. Hell, I was impressed with my skills!

Suddenly, Drew lifted me and placed me on the again. He lifted my tiny legs with his giant hands, and started to rim me. His warm tongue flicked at my craving hole. It felt amazing. Then I felt his finger probe me. Drew started slow but I was no stranger to this, but Drew's fingers were so large! Soon, He had 3 fingers inside of me, and I was entralled by the foreign feeling. Then it stopped. Drew stood up and we both nodded in agreement.

After I was lubed up, Drew reached for a condom and I stopped him. "Drew I'm a virgin.", he just stared at me. " You trust me like that?" I nodded. I did trust Drew completely. Drew leaned in and whispered in my ear, " This is going to hurt. So, I want you to kiss me every time it hurts. Okay?" I nodded. Drew leaned in,and we locked lips. Then he began to enter me. The intense pressure caused me to kiss Drew as hard as possible. Drew must have been all the way in because he stopped and looked at me. "Are you okay?", Drew asked me with worry on his face. " "I'm fine Drew.", I said with short breath. 10 inches was a lot to consume on my first time, but somehow it felt new, it felt-- great.

Drew began to thrust slowly, and increased his speed. Drew was skilled. Every movement, every touch intensified our pleasure, producing rhythmic moaning. Our skin created fire as our skin collided. Drew began to move faster, and the sex became rougher.

"Harder Drew P-Please...", I croaked.

"Wrap your legs around me," Drew said with urgency. He was close and so was I. I wrapped around him, and he lifted me. His swiftness made me gasp as I came. Before I knew it, I felt Drew releasing inside of me. I felt so taboo yet, exotic...

After our climax, Drew carried me to the bathroom. The amount of cum was terrifying. It was running down the side of my legs, it was everywhere! Drew tried to catch it but he couldn't.

Drew reached and turned on the shower. Drew spent most of his time bathing me and neglecting himself. We got out of the shower, and retreated to his bed. Then there was silence. So, I decide to break the ice. "Drew I accept your apology.", I looked at him, and he smiled.

"Kyle, I've always known you've had crush on me, if that makes it better." Little did he know somehow it made worst. It made me nervous, and..." "Kyle, stop thinking so much.", Drew said looking at me.,"How did you know?", I was so embarassed! "The way you look at me, how you face changes when I walk into the room, and when you stare at me in AP Calculus." ( OH GOD, HE KNEW!?!) " Oh god... You think I'm a freak!" I said hiding my face. "Nah... I think it's cute.", Drew said grabbing my hands. " And I'm actually amazed that I could make someone nervous!", Drew exclaimed, trying to make me feel better. Okay time for me to grill you. "What do you like about me Drew?" I said staring deeply at him. "Well... You're smart, strong and beatiful. You validate me when I need it. You make me feel like a man. You're one of a kind Kyle, unlike anyone else.", Drew's words flew off his tongue. Somehow, Drew gave me a purpose too. My family and most of my friends made me feel like nothing. I guess Drew needs me just like I need him. .



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