It was the perfect day. The sun was up in its full radiance. Birds were chirping their lovely songs, no doubt seeking after their future mates.

The wind blew a gentle and warming puff, elegantly swaying the curtains

above my window. I opened my eyes, reaching out for my pillow to shield

them from the agonizing light. I so desperately wanted to go back to my

dreamland. But the day had begun, and my body was telling me I had

enough sleep. On top of it all, someone lie in the bed next to me. Drew's golden blond hair glittered in the bright sun. Drew came to check on me last night and we ended up having sex. I finally realized someone like him could love someone like me. I looked over at the closed door and remembered that I now lived with my aunt. It had taken some getting used to,-considering she was rich, and throwing any gay guy in Florida at me.

But now I could take that chance. Me and Drew are done. He might have got my ass once, but NEVER again. I was using him like he used me. I cared for him but his tongue was in a whore's vagina. The crying, the sex was just a test to see if I couldn't feel remorse. Those moments in isolation made me see that I deserve more than bullshit. Now I had to clean up the loose ends, well at least before school is over.

"Drew!!", I yelled trying to wake him up.


I was woken by the sound of Kyle's voice. It brought a smile to my face. I was glad that we were floating together--on the same boat. Hell this time, I was in love.

"Drew, you need to go." Kyle said bluntly.

"Kiss goodbye?" I said jokingly.

"No." Kyle looked away. Wait. Was he serious?

"Kyle...?" "No, Drew." He was serious. Very. Why am I talking in fragmented sentences? Just got up and left.

He used me. I felt humiliated. Now I was going to get back at him. Time to call Tessa.


Today I was leaving for Europe. All I could do was cry. I hated what I did to Kyle, but I did it for the greater good. Drew accepting what he did is definitely going to Kyle to fall into his arms. Drew was still a straight guy at heart. I hated that son-of-Bitch. Oh, and he punched me like a girl. I stopped in the middle of my packing. Like a robot I picked up my keys, got in the car and headed towards Kyle's. I didn't think; I just did it. Thinking people are miserable.


I looked at my ringing phone. It was Tess. The text said, "We need to talk." Tess was never this serious. What could it be--this time?

When I moved in my aunt, she got me a car. So I hopped in my car, and headed to Starbucks. When I pulled up, I could see Tess, looking forward waiting. Pissed.

"Hi." I said half-heartedly.

"Hey." She said angrily.

"Did you and Drew have sex?" She said giving me direct eye contact.

"Yes. Twice." I said confidently.

"Did you drug him?" She said back. She was serious.

"NO!" I said flabbergasted. "Why would you think that?"

"Because, he told me you drugged him twice to get him to sleep with him." She said drinking her coffee.

"Do you think I would do that?" I said.

"Maybe. You are desperate." She said.

The old Kyle would have been hurt. Instead, I went into Starbucks, brought an Iced Hazelnut Macciatto and walked over to her causally, and dumped it on her ass.

"That's a low for you fucking bitch." I said walking away. I was no longer afraid. I am a Prima Donna, I can rule the world.


When I arrived at Kyle's he wasn't there. So I left a note on his bed, with one of my favorite shirts, that he liked. I inhaled. It made me smile. I looked at the time, 2 more hours....

I walked down the stairs. I said bye to Kyle's Aunt. "I like you better Dylan," She said, as I was leaving.

"You know?!?" I said surprised.

"Yes." "Now go! Before I cry." She said turning away. That made me smile too.

I opened the door and our eyes met. Kyle...


I got of my car and I saw him. Dylan. Walked to him blindly. Somehow it didn't take that long. Maybe he met me half way...

We both walked into a passionate hug. Everything felt different with Dylan. I was never mad at him, I was just confused. I melted on to him.

"Dylan. I-l love you." I said partially crying. This was that hard part.

"I never meant to hurt you. I want you to be happy, even if it's with Drew." He said, holding me up.

"Me, Drew, and Tess are done Dylan," I said looking into his eyes.

"Good." He said smiling. " I left your favorite shirt, and a note on your bed."

"Dylan, you have a couple of hours left, right?" I said optimistically.

"Yes" he said happily. "You were my last stop." "I guess I'm early."

"I grabbed his hand and headed towards,my uncle's lake.

Dylan sat down, and I was on his lap. I grabbed my uncle's 1975 Polaroid Camera. I took thousands of pictures of me and Dylan.

"Where did your uncle have the time to build this?" Dylan asked amazed.

"It took me and him 3 and a half years. He died soon after." I said staring off into the beautiful 100 Acres. "I miss my Uncle Alex." "If I even have a child, that's their name." I said smiling.

"What did he die from?" Dylan asked painfully.

"I don't know. One day he just got sick." I said puzzled. Looked over at my phone. It was time for Dylan to go. I put the pictures in a box, and helped him up.

"I love you Dylan Morales." I said hugging tightly.

"I love you Kyle Adrian." He said grabbing my head of his shoulder. Now I was staring into his gray eyes. His black hair swayed in the wind. His soft pink lips touched mine. The kiss was forever.

"Forever and Always.", We both said simultaneously.

I watched him walk away...

A New Beginning: Prologue:

Ten Years Later....


The alarm clock had was one annoying bitch. I had to get up for work. I had to make my way to the recording studio. I was a singer, which was one of my loving passions. Luckily I racked up some success at my young age with a handful of awards, and Hits. I was the highest paid openly gay entertainer on the planet. At 26, I was doing great.

My phone rang. It was my cousin.

"Hello?" I said akwardly.

"She's dead." Jessica said.

"Wh- no... Why..." I couldn't speak.

"She has had cancer for the last 10 or so years." Jessica said.

"Oh god when?"

"She passed today..."

I got silent. "I'll be there today." I said starting to pack my bags.

"K-" "Bye Jessi." I cut her off. I had moved to L.A. from Florida to further my horizons. Now, I was going back.


I got a call from Jessi, about Kyle's Aunt. Yeah. Kyle. I see him everywhere now. Billboards, magazines, and on the radio, but I never saw him in person. Truth be told: I miss him.

I ended up staying in london, backpacking my way through Europe, and even had time to study and learn in,the walls of the famous Oxford. I also had a son, but no family. I guess it was time to make one...


"Morning babe.", I said looking over at my boyfriend of 6 years Evan.

"Morning", Evan said groggy.

I had to eat breakfast and prepare for Shannon's funeral. It was sad, and tragic. Kyle was probably too busy for his aunt, which was good because I had to tell my family about me liking guys. That means,that I personally broken up Tess and Kyle's friendship. If she even considered believing him , without Dylan, she would never believe him, so I was in the clear about.

"You know you have to apologize." Evan said from behind me.

"Kyle deserves that. You ruined his friendship with Tessa." Somehow Evan knew what I was thinking. I told Evan everything that happened, so he knew how I felt.

"That was ten years ago Evan." I rebutted back.

"I wouldn't care if it was 50 years ago. What you did was wtong. "You don't deserve to get you way everytime. You and Kyle would have never worked."

"Why...?", I croaked.

"Kyle is selfless. He is a sweetheart. You can be an ass and sometimes his persona can be overwhelmed by yours."

"How can YOU tell me about Kyle?l, I replied angrily.

"Well me and Kyle are friends...remember?", Evan said laughing.

Kyle and Evan used to be friends. Good friends. I guess they lost contact.

I grabbed my keys, and made my way to Shannon's house...

=================== ===============

This Chapter to me was my fav. This was the last chapter in "Was It Meant To Be?, but a follow up, " A New Beginning" is soon to come. Kyle is now an adult, and balances fame, more love and even FAMILY. So tell what you think...

P.S: I know this chapter was short! Sorry about that, but I wanted to write it faster so you didn't have to wait forever!

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